Grand Rampage (2017)
Tagline(s) "The Road Begins"
Theme song(s) "The Wolves" by Cyrus Reynolds, Gregg Lehrman, and Keeley Bumford
Promotion Elite Answers Wrestling
Brand(s) Dynasty
Date April 15th, 2017
Venue Camp Nou
City Barcelona, Spain
Pay-per-view chronology
Reckless Wiring (2017) Grand Rampage (2017) Resurrection V (2017)
EAW Grand Rampage (2017) chronology
Grand Rampage (2016) Grand Rampage (2017) Grand Rampage (2018)

Grand Rampage features the professional wrestling matches that involved wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds or storylines that play out on the EAW brands: DynastyShowdown, and Voltage. Wrestlers portray heroes or villains as they follow a series of events that build tension and culminate in a wrestling match or series of matches.

As it is an annual tradition, the 30-Man Grand Rampage match headlines each Grand Rampage event. Elitists enter in the match at a random interval in the order of the numbers they draw. The only way to be eliminated is still by being tossed over the top rope and both feet touching the floor. Some competitors are able to enter the match through qualifier matches and others are placed in by lottery or by management. At Reckless Wiring, Moongoose McQueen lost his match with TLA and was given the first entry in the Grand Rampage Match. On Showdown, Lars Grier, Tiberius IV, Rex McAllister, and The Pizza Boy were all announced to be a part of the Grand Rampage Match. On another episode of Dynasty, Sebastian Monroe would host a Grand Rampage Lottery to see who would be allowed to enter the match. While Ross Vegas and The Riddler were denied, Lucas Johnson, TLA, Kelly Hackenschmidt, Finnegan Wakefield, and El Ironico were all able to secure entry into the Grand Rampage Match. On the April 1st edition of Showdown, Damien Murrow would announce that Nobi, Stark, Ryan Marx and Matt Ryder would be inserted into the Grand Rampage Match. On the final episode of Dynasty before the event, Mark Michaels and Sheridan Müller were announced to be a part of the Grand Rampage Match. On the final episode of Showdown before Grand Rampage, Ryan Marx won a 7-man battle royal to determine the Number #30 spot in the Grand Rampage match, thus making him the Number #30 entrant. The rest of the participants were announced on the EAW website.

At Reckless Wiring, Jacob Senn retained his EAW World Heavyweight Championship against Xavier Williams, with interference from Jamie O'Hara playing a major role in the match, who on the same night earned himself a title opportunity defeating Lucian. On the following Dynasty, both men would share the ring together and setting the stage for their eventual match to happen at Grand Rampage. After their words were shared, Xavier Williams would surprise Jamie O'Hara and assault him, attempting to cause the same injury that made Xavier miss months of his career. Dynasty General Manager Sebastian Monroe would rush out in an attempt to try and prevent any further damage while Jacob Senn sat and watched the destruction of his opponent at Grand Rampage go down. The following week, this would cause an update to be made through the commentators to the fans, when it was announced that the doctors would have to put Jamie through certain test to confirm his validation into the EAW World Heavyweight Championship Match. With that said, Sebastian Monroe would make himself a deal with Xavier Williams to remove someone from the roster to be able to get himself the reward of having him stand behind his corner. With the deal struck, Xavier would assault and bring an end to Lucian once and for all, causing him to be removed from the Dynasty roster. In the main event of the night, Jacob Senn would defeat Kelly Hackenschmidt before grabbing a microphone and giving a speech to the fans, letting everyone know that no matter who would be named the number one contender, he would be ready for a fight, especially knowing the schemes that Monroe was able to create. The next show to broadcast, the main event would host a champion vs. champion match between the EAW World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Senn and EAW Interwire Champion Drake Jaeger (known as Edgelord at the time.) After the theme of Methuselah was played on the speakers to serve as a distraction, Jacob would take advantage of this to be able to pick up the victory against Drake. After the match, Sebastian Monroe would interrupt the end of the show to not only congratulate him, but make an announcement to state that he hadn't seen or heard from Jamie or his doctor at the time, resulting in him making an executive decision to gift someone a world title match. This person would be Xavier Williams, setting up a rematch between the two with Monroe making the reason due to the controversial ending of their first encounter, but he would be interrupted by the arrival of Jamie O'Hara. Standing on a crutch, he would tell Sebastian that he is contractually obligated to be in the championship match due to his Reckless Wiring victory, but Sebastian informs him that his injury is costing him that and Xavier threatens Jamie to walk away and allow him to have the match. However, Jamie reveals that his injury is no problem as he removes the boot from his leg and takes the crutch as a weapon to attack Xavier and when his attention is turned to Monroe, Sebastian would make the match at Reckless Wiring a triple threat match with all three men battling it out for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship.

On Showdown, the brand held the annual Gold Rush tournament to determine who was facing the Answers World Champion and Grand Rampage. In the first round, Matt Ryder eliminated Jackson Black, Nobi eliminated Rex McAllister, Chris Elite eliminated Ryan Marx, and Nico Borg eliminated Lars Grier. In the second round, Chris Elite eliminated Matt Ryder, and Nico Borg eliminated Nobi. At the Supershow, Showdown: Gold Mine, the finals of the Gold Rush tournament were held, in which Nico Borg beat Elite to win, thus making Nico Borg the next challenger for the EAW Answers World Championship. Later on in the night, Lannister beat Ryan Marx to retain his title, but not long before Nico would come out and have a staredown with Lannister. The next Showdown, Nico was invited to Lannister's retainment celebration of his championship. Lannister attempted to trick Borg, faking a handshake, but Nico had seen the trick before with Marx, and had attacked Lannister. He hit him with the Last Rites to close the night. On the following Showdown, Nico fought Danny Stone, with Lannister watching at ringside. After the match, Lannister attacked Borg with the microphone, then with a Feuer Frei.


No. Results Stipulations Times
1 RoViper (Robbie V & Brian Daniels) defeated The High Rollerz (Jack Ripley & David Davidson) (c) Extreme Rules match for the EAW Tag Team Championship 34:49
2 Aria Jaxon defeated Cameron Ella Ava Singles match 17:43
3 Lannister (c) defeated Nico Borg Singles match for the EAW Answers World Championship 44:38
4 Devan Dubian defeated The Heart Break Boy (c) Singles match for the EAW Hall of Fame Championship 03:31
5 Drastik defeated Eclipse Diemos (c) Singles match for the EAW Championship 32:47
6 Methuselah defeated Drake Jaeger (c) Ascension Ladder match for the EAW Interwire Championship 57:15
7 Cailin Dillon (c) defeated Alexis Diemos Singles match for the EAW Women's Championship 24:51
8 Cameron Ella Ava defeated Cailin Dillon (c) Singles match for the EAW Women's Championship 00:20
9 Ahren Fournier (c) defeated Keelan Cetinich Singles match for the EAW Hardcore Championship 18:19
10 Jamie O'Hara defeated Jacob Senn (c) and Xavier Williams Triple Threat match for the EAW World Heavyweight Championship 39:56
11 The Pizza Boy won by last eliminating TLA 30-Man Grand Rampage Match; Winner gets a world championship match at Pain for Pride X 2:06:26
(c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match

Grand Rampage Match

# Entrant Elimination Order Eliminated by
1 Moongoose McQueen 4 TLA
2 Mak 7 Nasir Moore
3 Sheridan Müller 1 Mak and Kelly Hackenschmidt
4 Kelly Hackenschmidt 6 The Pizza Boy
5 Stark 3 Mak
6 Solomon Caine 2 Moongoose McQueen
7 Nasir Moore 28 TLA and The Pizza Boy
8 Nobi 10 Finnegan Wakefield
9 Jon McAdams 9 TLA
10 TLA 29 The Pizza Boy
11 Mark Michaels 8 Nasir Moore
12 El Ironico 5 TLA*
13 The Pizza Boy - WINNER
14 Finnegan Wakefield 11 Nasir Moore
15 Prince of Phenomenal 14 Rex McAllister
16 Chris Elite 16 Nasir Moore
17 Elijah Stewart 15 Nasir Moore
18 Rex McAllister 27 TLA
19 Aren Mstislav 12 Nasir Moore
20 Matt Ryder 13 Rex McAllister
21 Diamond Cage 20 Scott Oasis
22 Lucas Johnson 17 Nasir Moore
23 Lars Grier 18 The Pizza Boy
24 Mike Showman 19 TLA and Nasir Moore
25 Heart Break Gal 22 Ryan Marx
26 Nathan Fiora 21 Nasir Moore
27 Tiberius IV 25 The Pizza Boy
28 Zack Crash 23 Scott Oasis
29 Scott Oasis 24 Nasir Moore
30 Ryan Marx 26 TLA
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