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EAW World Championship
The EAW World Championship belt
Promotion(s) EAW
Brand Voltage
Date established June 13, 2007
Current champion(s) Minerva
Date won December 12, 2021

The EAW World Championship is a professional e-wrestling world championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is currently part of the Voltage brand and is one of the three major championships, complimenting the EAW World Heavyweight Championship on the Dynasty brand and the EAW Answers World Championship on the Showdown brand. It was first established in June 2007 when EAW was introduced as a brand within Answers Championship Wrestling when AWF crowned CM Banks as the EAW World Champion after defeating Jaywalker at EAW: Debut. The AWF EAW World Championship became the EAW World Championship when the Answers Wrestling Federation disbanded and EAW became its own e-federation. Since then, the EAW World Championship has been held by many notable competitors including Hall of Famers and other notorious extremists.



The EAW World Championship was first introduced as part of a handful of championships as a result of Answer Wrestling Federation's (AWF) brand extension in the summer of 2007.

EAW's promotional poster for Pain For Pride (2007)

On the debut show, CM Ronn was set to take on Jaywalker in a ladder match for the newly-created EAW World Championship. The championship was subsequently won by CM Ronn after he was able to retrieve the championship. In the following months, CM Ronn and MaK developed a feud with each other that ran through AWF Dia Del Diablo, where MaK was able to defeat CM Ronn in an elimination chamber for the EAW World Championship. With the successful championship victory and a developing rivalry, it was decided that MaK and CM Ronn would face each other in an EAW World Championship singles match at EAW's second brand-exclusive free-per-view, Pain For Pride. However, the match would never happen due to the closing of Answers Wrestling Federation under the chairmanship of WWEFan.


After Answers Wrestling Federation had closed, EAW broke off of the former e-federation and became its own company, gathering several members of Answers Wrestling Federation and cultivating a new wave of extremists. With the birth of the brand-turned-federation came the revival of the AWF EAW World Championship. Since MaK was relatively inactive at the time of the creation of Extreme Answers Wrestling, the AWF EAW World Championship (Now simply called the "EAW World Championship" was vacated so that a new champion could be crowned in the upcoming Extreme Answers Wrestling events.

WWEFan during his reign as the EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion (2008)

The EAW World Championship was first won by Tyler A although he is not officially recognized as the original champion due to backstage discrepancy. Tyler A lost his second EAW World Championship against Masters at the first successful EAW Pain For Pride event. As a result, Extreme Answers Wrestling officially recognizes Masters as the original EAW World Champion under independent Extreme Answers Wrestling.

The EAW World Championship arguably got its biggest jump-start when it was merged with the EAW Hardcore Championship to create the EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion as a result of the events that took place at Midsummer Massacre in 2008. After Mr. DEDEDE had interfered in a triple threat EAW World Championship, he won the EAW World Championship from Masters, pinned Captain Charisma for the EAW Hardcore Championship, and combined the two to make him the EAW Undisputed Hardcore Champion. Under this name, Extreme Answers Wrestling saw four new champions and revamped the top world championship at the time.

When Voltage was scrapped and Kawajai was the drafted over to the Showdown roster, there were two world champions on the brand and EAW decided for there only to be one. At No Regards 2012, Kawajai was pitted against then-EAW World Heavyweight Champion Dark Demon for in a match to determine what title remains: the EAW World Championship or the EAW World Heavyweight Championship. Dark Demon would be victorious against Kawajai, retiring the EAW World Championship in the process.

When Voltage made it's grand return on July 5, 2014, the EAW World Championship was resurrected and would have a new champion for it at the upcoming Midsummer Massacre FPV. Jacob Senn would face Brian Daniels for the championship in the match and Jacob Senn would be the first champion to hold the championship after the title's two-year hiatus.


Although Extreme Answers Wrestling generally keeps all history accessible to the EAW community, the EAW World Championship has had three reigns erased from the history of EAW. This is the only case in Extreme Answers Wrestling where championship reigns were not included in the championship history due to problems surrounding the extremists who held the EAW World Championship at the time. The three reigns happened consecutively between two extremists at the beginning of Extreme Answers Wrestling's independence from Answers Wrestling Federation.

With the dawn of Extreme Answers Wrestling came the crowning of a new EAW World Champion. Tyler A was given the vacant EAW World Championship during the first several episodes of Showdown in early 2008. The move had mixed reactions due to the fact that Tyler A had a very split fan-base at the time.

Tyler A with his EAW Championship, a reign that has since been deleted from EAW's History. (2008)

However, it was Tyler's decision to resign from Extreme Answers Wrestling as the EAW World Champion in the following weeks that made him hated by many people in EAW. With the departure, Extreme Answers Wrestling decided to have King Kjors pin him to become the new EAW World Champion. King Kjors being a very recognizable character between Extreme Answers Wrestling and the rivaling Answers Championship Wrestling, not to mention several other Yahoo!Answers-Based e-federations made Kjors a desirable EAW World Champion for the sake of gaining attention in the e-federation world. Despite the decision, the plan proved to have backfired on Extreme Answers Wrestling because of King Kjors' initiative to have the EAW World Championship burned during an Answers Championship Wrestling show. In response, Extreme Answers Wrestling had Tyler A, who had rejoined and apparently made amends with the staff, defeat King Kjors for the EAW World Championship, ultimately firing King Kjors from Extreme Answers Wrestling. The championship troubles did not stop there. Although King Kjors was out of Extreme Answers Wrestling, Tyler A showed a slight bias for Answers Championship Wrestling along with a slight disdain for Extreme Answers Wrestling, hinting that Tyler A had no true desire to be in EAW let alone hold a World Championship in the federation.

At Pain For Pride, Extreme Answers Wrestling put then-champion, Tyler A, against the Grand Rampage winner, Masters, for the EAW World Championship. Masters was successful in winning the EAW World Championship and ending the string of poor EAW World Champions.


The EAW World Championship was the first World Championship introduced into Extreme Answers Wrestling in 2007, and again re-introduced in 2008. The inaugural champion was CM Ronn which is recognized despite having been won as a part of the Answers Wrestling Federation. Masters is recognized as the first Extremist to hold the EAW World Championship under the independent e-federation, EAW. There have been 26 different official champions, with Mr. DEDEDE, Captain Charisma, Extreme Enigma, Cyclone, and MaK, StarrStan, and Xavier Williams all having the most reigns at two each. The longest reigning EAW World Champion was Kawajai who held the championship for 225 days, between King of Extreme and No Regards. The shortest reigning EAW World Champion was Captain Charisma who held the championship for 3 minutes. The current champion is [[Myles]] who defeated Drake King at EAW Road To Redemption 15, cashing in after a gruesome Extreme Elimination Chamber match.


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
AWF EAW World Championship EAW: Debut (June 13, 2007)–Showdown (January 1, 2008)
EAW World Championship Showdown (January 19, 2008)–Midsummer Massacre (August 23, 2008)
EAW Undisputed Hardcore Championship Midsummer Massacre (August 23, 2008)–Showdown (March 2009)
EAW World Championship Showdown (March 2009)–present


indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Elitist Reign Event Date Days
1 CM Banks 1 EAW: Debut (AWF) TBD TBD Defeated Jaywalker to become inaugual AWF EAW World Champion
2 MaK 1 Dia Del Diablo (AWF) TBD TBD MaK was the final AWF EAW World Champion
Vacated The EAW World Championship was vacated due to the closing of Answers Wrestling Federation
Tyler A 1† Showdown TBD TBD Tyler A was crowned EAW World Champion by EAW Management by defeating King Kjors; the reign is not officially recognized by EAW due to Tyler A's actions off-screen
King Kjors 1† Showdown TBD TBD The reign is not officially recognized by EAW due to King Kjors' actions off-screen
Tyler A 2† Showdown TBD TBD The reign is not officially recognized by EAW due to Tyler A's actions off-screen
3 Masters 1 Pain For Pride June 29, 2008 55 The reign is officially recognized as the first EAW World Championship reign
4 Mr. DEDEDE 1 Midsummer Massacre August 23, 2008 154 Mr. DEDEDE interfered in an EAW World Championship match, stealing the championship and then winning the Hardcore Championship to merge the belts, creating the EAW Undisputed Hardcore Championship
5 Captain Charisma 1 Road to Redemption January 24, 2009 0
6 WWEFan 1 Road to Redemption January 24, 2009 TBD Successfully cashed-in his Cash in the Vault contract
7 Lethal Consequences 1 Showdown TBD TBD
Vacated Title vacated due to the inactivity of Lethal Consequences
8 StarrStan 1 Showdown TBD TBD StarrStan was awarded the EAW World Championship by EAW Management
9 MaK 2 Grand Rampage June 20, 2009 61 Mak won the title by cashing in his King of Extreme Crown
10 Captain Charisma 2 Pain For Pride August 23, 2009 TBD Defeated Mak and Mister K in a Triple Threat match
11 Extreme Enigma 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
12 Montell Smooth 1 Dynasty TBD TBD
13 Extreme Enigma 2 Grand Rampage April 17, 2010 98 This was contested in a Ladder match
14 Cyclone 1 Pain For Pride July 24, 2010 15 Defeated Extreme Enigma and Kevin Devastation in a Triple Threat match
15 Kevin Devastation 1 Midsummer Massacre August 8, 2010 69
16 Mr. DEDEDE 2 Road to Redemption October 16, 2010 98 Won the EAW World Championship as a result of cashing in his "contract for anything" which allowed him to participate in the Extreme Elimination Chamber
17 Cyclone 2 King of Extreme January 22, 2011 TBD
18 Alexander Da Vinci 1 Showdown TBD TBD Won a Best-of-Five series against then-champion, Cyclone which ended in a score of 3-1
19 Heart Break Boy 1 Grand Rampage April 16, 2011 98
20 John Alloy 1 Midsummer Massacre July 23, 2011 24
Vacated Due to the attack from StarrStan, Alloy had to vacate the championship due to injury
21 StarrStan 2 Territorial Invasion September 24, 2011 TBD StarrStan won the title by defeating Devan Dubian, who replace John Alloy due to Alloy getting injured earlier in the night
22 Superior Quality 85 1 Voltage TBD TBD Superior Quality 85 won by cashing in his Cash in the Vault contract
23 Kawajai 1 King of Extreme January 21, 2012 225
Retired The championship was retired after Kawajai was defeated by Dark Demon to have a sole world champion
24 Jacob Senn 1 Midsummer Massacre August 16, 2014 126 The championship was resurrected as part of the Voltage brand after two years
25 Diamond Cage 1 Road to Redemption December 20, 2014 90
26 Xavier Williams 1 Reckless Wiring March 21, 2015 78 Williams won the championship by cashing in his Cash in the Vault Contract during the match between Diamond Cage and Heart Break Boy
Vacated The championship was stripped from Xavier Williams by Zack Crash due to their personal issues
27 Zack Crash 1 Voltage June 7, 2015 20 Crash awarded himself the championship after stripping Xavier Williams of the championship
28 Xavier Williams 2 Pain for Pride June 27, 2015 133
29 Jamie O'Hara 1 Redemption November 7, 2015 84
30 Das Lannister 1 King of Elite January 30, 2016 TBD This match was a Last Man Standing match
Vacated The championship was stripped from Lannister after being assaulted by Kevin Devastation and unable to defend his title
31 Vic Vendetta 1 Reasonable Doubt February 27, 2016 84 This match was a Falls Count Anywhere match
32 Aren Mstislav 1 Showdown May 21, 2016 182
33 Y2Impact 1 Shock Value November 19, 2016 92 This match was a High Voltage match
34 Eclipse Diemos 1† Voltage February 19, 2017 55 The reign is not officially recognized by EAW due to Eclipse Diemos' actions off-screen
35 Drastik 1 Grand Rampage April 15, 2017 70
36 Tiberius Jones 1 Pain For Pride June 24, 2017 162
37 Heart Break Gal 1 Kingsroad December 3, 2017 118 Defeated Tiberius IV and Ryan Marx in a Triple Threat match to become the first ever female EAW World Champion
38 Rex McAllister 1 Grand Rampage March 31, 2018 85 Defeated Heart Break Gal and Diamond Cage in a Triple Threat match
39 Diamond Cage 2 Pain for Pride Festival June 24, 2018 181 This was a two out of three falls match
40 Ahren Fournier 1 Road To Redemption December 22, 2018 119 This was a 6-man Extreme Elimination Chamber also featuring Diamond Cage, Drake King, Chris Elite, Cody Marshall, and Heart Break Boy
41 Malcolm Jones 1 Grand Rampage April 20, 2019 112 Defeated Ahren Fournier, TLA & Chris Elite in a fatal four way match.
42 Charlie Marr 1 Bloodsport August 10, 2019 126 Defeated Malcolm Jones in an Electrified Steel Cage of Death Match.
43 Andrea Valentine 1 EAW Road to Redemption (2019) December 14, 2019 127 Second ever female EAW World Champion.
44 Rex McAllister 2 Pain for Pride XIII June 27, 2020 92
45 SOSA Henderson 1 Territorial Invasion September 26, 2020 142
46 Terry Chambers 1 King of Elite February 14, 2021 76 This was a Four Corners Chain Match.
47 Malcolm Jones 2 EAW Grand Rampage (2021) May, 1, 2021 57
48 Drake King 1 Pain for Pride XIV June 27, 2021 168 This was a New Eden versus Career Match.
49 Myles 1 Road To Redemption 15 December 12, 2021 194 This was a Cash in the Vault cash-in.
50 Minerva 1 Pain for Pride XV June 24, 2022 51 Defeated Drake King and Myles in Barbed Wire Massacre XVIII
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