Year articles on the eWrestling Encyclopedia help to summarise key events which took place during the given yearly cycle. This help page quickly summarises what should, and shouldn't be included in a year article.

The basic year article

Year articles will have four headings:

  • Major happenings in e-wrestling - A list of important events which took place in that year, which are directly related to e-wrestling (see below)
  • Notable births - A list of births of notable characters (not handlers), which are given for easy viewing (with the birth day and month)
  • Notable deaths - Any notable character deaths are given here
  • Notable handler births/deaths - As handlers cannot be included in birth/death categories, any handler birth dates are included in a list on the year article

Some year articles don't have headings that are clearly not needed. For example, 1979 has no "Major happenings in e-wrestling" heading, as e-wrestling didn't exist at the time. 2005 has no "Notable births" heading, as no characters of note would be born at that point.

As time progresses, omitted headings should be added as needed.

Major happenings in e-wrestling

Certain events should and should not be included here. Examples of inclusions/exclusions are:

  • A major federation's heavyweight title belt changing hands should be included.
  • Major interfederation tournaments should be included.
  • The formation of important federations, and closure of them, should be included
  • Wrestler debuts should be included.

Use your head to decide what to include and what to not, but any stupid inclusions will be promptly removed.

Major births/deaths

Not all character births and deaths are notable. Little-known characters should not be included, and neither should referees of little significance. Well-known, highly-over characters such as Skyler Striker, Reckless Jack and Danny Vice should, however, be included.

Major handler births/deaths

All handler births and deaths may be included.

See also

  • 1972, 1981 and 2005 - Three random examples of year articles
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