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Policy is an important part of the eWrestling Encyclopedia. It should be followed as closely as possible, and serious violations could result in disciplinary action such as a complete block from editing.

This page sums up the behaviour expected on eWE, and any further questions should be directed to an administrator.

Point of view (Important)

All articles about characters, ‘fake’ or ‘real’, should be written as a biographical history of that character. Federation articles should also be written in this style. There should not be anything relating to handlers or out of character information on character pages, although is probably acceptable in a federation article, as long as it is put into a separate “OOC” section.

Handler articles are very informal, and can be written in a non-encyclopaedic way. They are from an OOC viewpoint. Following these points of view is important, as eWE wants to document characters as if they are 'real' as much as possible.

Unwanted Behavior

The following is Behavior which is completely forbidden on eWE. Ignoring this policy may result in a block, as all users are expected to read this page before editing regularly.

  1. Vandalizing articles for any reason is not allowed. If you need to experiment with the software, use the extra page for test edits, as that page is designed to allow users to try out things with the software. Blanking, defacing or adding deliberately inappropriate, hostile or malicious content to articles will result in a quick and long or permanent block from editing.
  2. Do not abuse the upload facility, and do not post material copyrighted elsewhere, including pictures of 'real' wrestlers. This includes texts which are under non-GFDL compatible copyright laws. Also, do not abuse the Maintenance facilities available to users, such as deletion, cleanup and stub-tagging.
  3. Do not abuse users by posting hostile, threatening comments on their talk page.
  4. Do not bring your personal vendettas to eWE. This is a key rule. The eWrestling Encyclopedia is not the place to tell people what you think of them, and is not the place to bring your arguments. Please keep those private. Applying to all users, it will result in a block.
  5. Similarly, this is not the place to advertise your federation or website. The only place you should be advertising your federations is on the forums section of eW. Advertising anywhere else will result in a block or deletion of articles. Also, eWE is not Roughkut, and should not be treated as a wrestler and federation directory.
  6. No foul language and/or sexual explict items (pictures, videos, and so forth) will not be tolerated. The article, picture, and video will be deleted and the user who uses it and the uploader will be block for undisclosed amount of time (note the time will be up to the staff member of his and/or her judgement)

Real wrestler federations

This Wiki now allows real wrestlers to be used. If you are using real, fictional, or both, you are now allowed to add yourself. Previous policy on this subject was out-dated. It was forced from July of 2005 to early to mid 2006 and now to nonexiesting. The users that want to use the picture or pictures of real wrestler will not be used and be enforced. The adopted administrator, Sundogs, never changed the policies until now.

Deletion policy

To nominate an article for deletion, add {{delete}} to the top of the article. At present, an administrator will then look at the article and decide whether the nomination is correct. Abusing the system is not allowed. The following is deletion criteria:

  1. The article is clear vandalism, a personal attack, or nonsense.
  2. The article is not relevant to the Wiki (for example, about cars or tennis).
  3. The article is too short to be kept (for example, "RTA is an e-fed" or more to come).
  4. The article has been on cleanup for a one month time, with no improvement.
  5. The article is an advertisement, or reads like one.
  6. The article is deemed to be too inappropriate to remain on the Wiki (by an administrator's judgement). Pictures may be tagged for a cleanup.
  7. The article does not fall into any of the categories on the browse categories pages (e.g. wrestling moves, etc.)

As eWE grows, this policy is subject to change.


  1. A user can be blocked for any reason deemed suitable by an administrator. Similarly, users can be unblocked for any reason deemed suitable. Users can appeal against a block, or quer it by contacting us.
  2. Pages can be protected from editing at any time for any reason deemed fit by the protecting administrator (normally all pages should be openly editable).
  3. The hosting of this Wiki is by Wikia, whose site can be found at
  4. For information on the copyright status of eWE content, see E-Wrestling:Copyrights.
  5. If you like to help to change the policy or policies, contact Sundogs with your request(s).

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