Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal. Here at eWe, we have prioritized transparency as we work with the community to better connect users and allow them to immortalize their various creations and accomplishments. Below you will find brief introductions to our current staff, including our bureaucrats and administrators. Each of us have an open door policy and encourage anyone interested to submit their ideas, recommendations, or concerns as we continue to do our best to make this community a better place. Thank you for stopping by, and we appreciate all of your contributions to the site.

Meet the Bureaucrats

Brent Harvanator

Brent Harvanator is currently a Bureaucrat and has been a member of the community since October 2010.

A message from Brent Harvanator:

"Greetings and salutations. My name is Brent and I have been an active contributor for quite a while, though only took my stance in the eWrestling community more seriously since the end of 2016. In early 2018, I adopted the wikia when staff management was at a low, noticing a lot of work needed to be done in their absence and chose to step up to the plate. I had managed wikias before but this was for an entirely different community and found it to be a trial by fire for the most part. I like to think I have done good thus far. My mission statement is simple; make this a leading platform for creativity and enjoyment in the eWrestling community. Let's work together to accomplish that."


RRS is currently a Bureaucrat and has been a member of the community since November 2008.

A message from RRS:

"I have worked under the psuedonym RRS both in this community and a variety of other diverse and successful federations. As a long-time member of this site, I have a keen understanding of what makes this community thrive. Our goal as an administrative team is to deliver excellence in the form of transparency, organization, and accountability. We are always looking for ways to improve; so join in our effort to catalog a vast array of original characters, federations, championships, and other stories. (e)WE are stronger with you."

Meet the Administrators


Impact, known on the site as Y2Impact, is currently an Administrator and has been a member of the community since January 2011.

A message from Y2Impact:

"Greetings, subjects. I'm Impact and I've been an enduring member of the e-wrestling Wikia since 2009, first gaining the position of Administrator in 2011 and never looking back. I pride myself on maintaining the wikia mostly through a process of observation, which I do in abundance even when not editing. I have also introduced, or helped introduce, several current productive, active members of the e-wrestling Wikia to the website. My philosophy can be summed up in a simple maxim: It takes a village. When everybody contributes to the best of their ability and works toward the common goal of further growing a website I've treasured for over a decade, (E)we all win."

Second City Son

Senn, known on the site as Second City Son, is currently a Content Moderator and has been a member of the community since July 2014.

A message from Second City Son:

"Hello everyone, my name is Jacob and I have been an active member of the e-wrestling wiki since July of 2014. I came into my role here from my experience throughout various different areas of the e-wrestling community since 2008 and being able to offer my services to assist and help where they were needed. My current role has been to assist where I have been needed from general questions, creating pages for federations, updating information for record-keeping, and more. If there are any questions or just want to say hi, don't be shy and send a message my way!"


Aria, known on the site as Krystynakills, is currently a Content Moderator and has been a member of the community since August 2015.

A message from Krystynakills:

"Hello, beautiful people! I’m Aria. I’ve been efedding since 2012 and have been actively contributing to this wiki since 2015. I’ve worn a lot of hats in my time as an efedder, but working on wikis has always been something I’ve particularly enjoyed. I love world-building and being able to add another dimension to characters. I’ll make myself as available as possible to anyone who might have any questions or may want help keeping all of their stuff up to date. All of us at the helm are going to try our best to make this place the absolute best it can be. Thank you all for coming along for the ride. I think you’ll like where we’re going!"


Keelan, known on the site as AnInflamedNinja, is currently a Content Moderator and has been a member of the community since November 2016.

A message from AnInflamedNinja:

"G'day. I'm Keelan and I'm a content moderator for e-wikia. I've been in the e-fedding game on and off since 2010, and I am currently a part of Omega Wrestling Alliance, and have been a valued asset to the ewrestling wikia since late 2016. I specialize mostly in creating character profiles as well as event articles for efed pay-per-views, but do delve into writing and assisting in other miscellaneous things. My main focus for the e-wrestling wikia is to continue to improve the quality and content in articles, remain up-to-date in concerns in relation to the federation I'm currently in, and hopefully help out wherever I can when needed. I'm always open to a chat so feel free to hit me up for any questions about anything! Cheers!"

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming an administrator, please contact Brent Harvanator to apply. Vacancies in the administrative team are not guaranteed.