Faction Name Dynasty
Abbreviation Dynasty
Status Active
Current members Joseph "The Main Event" Rios

"The One" Big Will
"The Reaper" Bryan Denney

Former members Titus


Dynasty is one of the two Stables in WZCW, with The DevilSpawns who are one of the top teams in WZCW, and top contender's for the Tag Titles when they become active, and Big Will being a former Elite X Champion, they are a formidable unit.

The Titus Era

Right after Unscripted, Titus was a member of Dynasty, until he accidentally hit Joseph "The Main Event" Rios with a chair, causing him to be kicked out, and beaten up by Disasterpiece and "The One" Big Will

DevilSpawns Era

After Disasterpiece joined, Reaper joined as well, and they formed one of the most successful teams in WZCW, also during this time, Rios is World Champion and Will is Elite X Champion.