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Drake King
Drake King in August 2020
Drake King in August 2020
Birth name Drake Torres
Born March 29th, 1992
Resides The Black Sea, Israel
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Drake King
Billed height 6'1
Billed weight 220 lbs
Billed from The Black Sea, Israel
Trained by
Debut July 2018

Drake Torres (born March 29, 1992) better known as Drake King, is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Elite Answers Wrestling where he competes on the Voltage brand. He is a former Unified Tag Team Champion, Interwire Champion, and World Heavyweight Champion.

Professional wrestling career

Elite Answers Wrestling (2018 - present)

EAW Debut/Ok Era (July 2018 - October 2018)

Drake signed with Elite Answers Wrestling in 2018 under the Showdown brand where he went under the name Drake King. Despite not having a very successful start in the company, he quickly became a fan favorite as he started the “Ok” chant, becoming his first gimmick within the company. Drake would soon compete for the New Breed Championship at Territorial Invasion that same year before coming up short, and then competing for it once again at No Regards, unfortunately suffering the same result.

"Not Ok" Phase (October 2018 - December 2018)

Later on that year after a loss to Xander Payne, a change happened that saw Drake slowly ditch both the Ok gimmick and his fanbase, with his change in attitude coming to fruition in early 2019, just before King of Elite where he’d compete against Myles and Xander Payne, where Myles would pick up the victory. Before that match though, Drake would compete in Showdown’s EAW Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption 2018, where he would eliminate and retire the Heartbreak Boy before being eliminated himself.

The Round Table/Interwire Championship (March 2018 - June 2018)

Soon after the loss at King of Elite, Drake King would find himself in a number one contendership match for the Interwire Championship against Damon Diesel and SOSA Henderson. He’d win the match, leading to him facing off with Malcolm Jones for the Interwire Championship. Drake King would win that match, but not without controversy, as he’d do so thanks to the Revolution (Jake Smith and Joshua Nicholls) distracting the referee, as well as Jax Walker attacking Malcolm, allowing Drake to hit the Guillotine and get the win. Drake would defend the title the next Showdown against Solomon, before defending it again at Wrath of the Dragon against Terry Chambers, where the Round Table would help him get the win. Soon after, with Jax Walker being taken out of action, Terry would get another opportunity at the title at Pain for Pride, and Drake King would lose the title to Terry at the biggest show of the year.

Season 13 Dynasty Beginnings (June 2019 - August 2019)

In Drake King’s first time being in the Draft in Season 13, he would be drafted to Dynasty. On the same show, Drake along with his partner Jake Smith would betray Round Table member Joshua Nicholls, leaving Jake and Drake as the final members of the stable. On the first Dynasty of the new season Drake would face the hall of famer Cage in a losing effort. After the match Cage would offer a handshake, but Drake would instead slap Cage, leading to a feud between the two. Drake would manage to defeat TLA the following week on Dynasty, and as the weeks went by tensions grew between Drake and Cage until finally Drake would take Cage out of action following Cage’s match against Vic Venom. Vic didn’t appreciate Drake getting in his business, so Vic would cost the two remaining Round Table members against Valkyrie (Darcy May Morgan and Remi Skyfire). This would lead to a street fight being set up between Drake and Vic at Operation: Doomsday, where Drake would defeat Vic in dominant fashion.

World Heavyweight Championship Chase (September 2019 - February 2020)

Leading up to Territorial Invasion, Drake King would challenge the World Heavyweight Champion Impact to a match for his title. Impact wouldn’t see Drake as deserving, but in the end Drake would still receive his shot against Impact. Not without controversy though, as Impact would use his Gawd Contract to make Drake face his own friend, Jake Smith. Drake would defeat Jake, but at Territorial Invasion Drake came up short against the World Heavyweight Champion. Only weeks later it’d appear that Drake still has unfinished business with a returning Cage, causing him to cost Cage his Battle of Egypt match against the Visual Prophet. Eventually at House of Glass Drake and Cage would face off in a Red Wallz match, and after Drake managed to defeat the Hall of Famer his chase for the World Heavyweight Championship would continue. Drake would defeat SOSA to qualify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption, but after TLA pinned Drake and the Visual Prophet- who Drake had been teaming with for the three weeks leading up to the show, it’d seem as if the chase was over. It wasn’t though, as at Christmas in Dubai Drake would attack TLA. TLA granted Drake another opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship, and at King of Elite Drake would dethrone TLA to win his first World Championship in EAW.

Drizzy & Vizzy/World Heavyweight Championship (February 2020 - May 2020)

In the few weeks before Road to Redemption that Drake and the Visual Prophet teamed up, they’d go undefeated. The 2020 King of Elite winner would address this with Drake wanting to become an actual team, and despite being a potential target for Viz Drake would reluctantly agree. The two would challenge Heavenly Hell for their Unified Tag Team Championships at Under Siege and they’d win, making Drake a double Champion. Just one week later Drake would defend the World Heavyweight Championship against TLA and Osamu Arcichida in the first ever Dome of Death match, and he’d successfully retain his Championship. At Grand Rampage Drake and Viz would face SASS (Sarah Price and Sierra Bradford) for the Unified Tag Team Championships, and this was all thanks to the Visual Prophet who inspired them to challenge for the titles. Drake was completely against the match as Sierra and him were in a relationship, and things would only get worse as after winning the match Viz would injure Sierra with his Vizlock. Viz would help Drake retain his World Heavyweight Championship against Lethal Consequences later in the show, but Drake wouldn’t be happy with this either as he told Viz to stay away. At Gateway to Glory Drake would defend his Championships in two matches once again, but the results were not similar. He’d successfully retain his World Heavyweight Championship against SOSA Henderson, but he and Viz would lose the Unified Tag Team Championships to Fire & Ice (Rex McAllister and Raven Roberts). This would mark the end of Drizzy & Vizzy, as Drake would betray the Visual Prophet right after the match.

Feud with Visual Prophet/Prophetic Visions (May 2020 - June 2020)

Leading up to Gateway to Glory, Drake King’s sister Jessica would be saved by the Visual Prophet from Lethal Consequences, and Jessica would reveal that she doesn’t think Drake even cared about what happened to her. This is because Drake refused to listen to her various times throughout their partnership, such as Drake signing a “peace treaty” with the Visual Prophet. This would come back to bite him, as Jessica would attack Drake and reveal that there was a special clause on the treaty. Drake wanted a challenge for his World Heavyweight Championship, and Jessica would announce that the Visual Prophet would be that challenge, facing him at Pain for Pride. Things wouldn’t stop there, as the Visual Prophet himself would announce that they would face each other in “Prophetic Visions”, a match never seen by EAW that ended up traumatizing and retiring the only other victim of this match in history. In the end they had this match, and it was more than just a match. Prophetic Visions was an experience that highlighted Drake’s own career, revealing all his flaws and insecurities that would end with a “Kiss to the Head” elbow strike, allowing the Visual Prophet to cover Drake and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

The Last Messiah (August 2020 - February 2021)

Drake King would become the number one overall draft pick in 2020, being drafted to Voltage, but at first he was nowhere to be seen. At Bloodsport over a month after Pain for Pride Drake would return, costing TLA a “unique opportunity” Exploding Barbed Wire Ladder match against Malcolm Jones. Malcolm would reveal that he didn’t like the help, but the opportunity would become captainship of team Voltage of Territorial Invasion, leading to Drake joining the team thanks to an agreement between Captain Charisma and Drake. Drake would reveal that he’s become “enlightened” after Pain for Pride, and now has a goal to change EAW and rid the company of “greedy” people like TLA. Darcy May Morgan would become the third member of team Voltage, and despite some setbacks, such as Drake’s apparent fear of the Visual Prophet’s name and for a while the sight of Sarah Price, team Voltage would find a way to get on the same page. That is, until Territorial Invasion where Drake would cost his team the match, saying that he needed to be the one to get the winning pinfall. This would lead to Malcolm Jones costing Drake King against TLA in a Barbed Wire Massacre match at Wicked Games, and after Drake and Darcy were eliminated from the Grand Prix Darcy would throw away her alliance with Drake as well. This would lead to Drake trying to take away Darcy’s Cash in the Vault briefcase at Road to Redemption, but he was unsuccessful. In the beginning of the new year, Drake would boycott the 2021 King of Elite tournament, costing Dynasty’s Jake Smith and attacking Showdown’s Consuela Rose Ava for being the reason Kassidy Heart could make it to the finals. This would lead to the creation of a triple threat between Drake, Jake and Consuela at King of Elite which Drake would win, but not without controversy.

New Eden (February 2021 - December 2021)

Leading up to King of Elite, Drake would have a talk with the duo of Myles and Minerva, who had been unfairly costing multiple Elitists in the King of Elite tournament solely so Minerva could succeed. Myles (who now shared a similar viewpoint to Drake) would then convince Drake that by helping Minerva succeed nobody else would be able to, and this would give Drake an idea. At King of Elite Drake King would suggest that the three Elitists team up to rid the company of Championships and greed by taking it all for themselves, and at first Minerva was against the idea while Myles wanted to give it more thought. During Drake’s triple threat match, Jake Smith’s group Insurgency would help Jake nearly get the victory, until Minerva and Myles ran out to even the odds. The following week on Voltage Drake, Myles, and Minerva would call themselves New Eden. Myles already being the National Elite Champion who just defeated Rex McAllister, and Minerva would soon find her own target, the EAW Champion Terry Chambers. Minerva would come extremely close to dethroning Terry for the Championship, but Raven Roberts would return to Voltage to cost her the match. In the end Minerva would be scheduled to face Raven in a Barbed Wire Massacre match at Shock Value, Myles would defend his National Elite Championship against TLA at the same event, and after a confrontation with Terry Chambers backstage Drake would be added to the already confirmed match between Terry Chambers and SOSA Henderson, creating a triple threat for the EAW Championship which would become a High Voltage match. Drake would lose this match thanks to the returning Malcolm Jones, but Drake would find his way back to the EAW World Championship picture, winning the Grand Rampage match with the help of Myles and Minerva. Initially Drake did not want to use the opportunity, but given no other option, he agreed to use it as long as Malcolm Jones put his career on the line, which Malcolm would agree to as long as Drake also put New Eden on the line. Leading up to Pain for Pride Drake would defeat the Visual Prophet at Battle of Egypt II, and at Pain for Pride Drake would end Malcolm Jones’ career, becoming the new EAW World Champion. Drake would successfully retain the Championship against Justin Windgate in a Chainsaw Deathmatch at Bloodsport, and also against Jake Smith at Clash of Kingdoms II, one week after Territorial Invasion, where New Eden would fail to win a Stadium Stampede match that’d grant them control over Voltage for a month. Myles and Minerva would get another chance to gain control of Voltage at Wicked Games, and at the same event Drake King and Ms. Extreme would team up in the Tag Team Turmoil Tournament finals against Jake Smith and Chris Elite, one week after defeating Justin Windgate in a third Championship defense. Drake and Ms. Extreme would win, but after Chris Elite restarts the match with his Gawd Contract, Donovan Duke and Justin Windgate interfere, allowing Jake Smith and Chris Elite to win the match. Despite this, New Eden would gain control of Voltage later on in the night with the help of Ms. Extreme, and throughout November Voltage would be New Eden’s. Rules would be put in place such as “no swearing” which would result in a $500 fine if broken, and Drake King would start the month cancelling the EAW Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber. Minerva did not think this was a good idea, and would eventually reinstate the match, which doesn’t sit well with Drake. Drake would take things a step further as he makes Minerva and himself start off the Chamber consisting of four of their enemies: Ryan Wilson, Justin Windgate, Chris Elite and Jake Smith. To their opponents’ surprise it’d look like they actually got on the same page, but that all changed at Road to Redemption. While Minerva’s plan seemed to work as she and Drake eliminated all of their opponents, Drake would blindside Minerva, angered after having to even take part in that match. Drake would attack Minerva and eliminate her to win the match, but there’d be no celebration as immediately after, Myles would attack Drake King and cash in his Cash in the Vault briefcase, ending Drake’s EAW Championship reign and solidifying the end of New Eden, as Myles leaves the Chamber not holding the title, but instead his girlfriend, Minerva.

Personal life

In wrestling


Championships & Accomplishments

Elite Answers Wrestling

  • EAW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)
  • EAW Interwire Championship (1 time)
  • EAW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • EAW Awards
    • Elitist of the Year 2020