The eWrestling Encyclopedia
Ring Names Dominator, Dom
Height 6 Foot 2
Weight 220 Pounds
Birthdate November 21, 1984
Hometown Rosemead, California
Manager Maria Valdez
Entrance Music The Dolphins Cry-Live

Prelude 12/21-AFI

Do You Wanna Touch-Joan Jett

Mea Cuelpa-Enigma

Lollipop Porn- Crazy Town

Current Companies


Wrestling 4 Lyf


Josh Madrid(born November 21, 1984 in the city of Rosemead, Ca) is better known by his ring name Dominator.

Dominator is best known for his time spent at Hell International Wrestling Federation now known as High Impact Wrestling Federation Wrestling 4 Lyf, and EWC. Dominator and his wife Maria enjoyed a run as Co-General Managers of Chance before it closed it's doors. Dominator was institutionalized for two months as a result of Maria Valdez being kidnapped. On February 21st, 2008 Dominator lost the right to use his name in EWC in a match against "The Dominator" Mike Howard as a result of that loss he reverted to his old Lucha Libre name of El Fuego Del Norte.

Title History

Former EWC No Limits Champion

Former FWF Hardcore Champion

First and only Chance World Champion

First and only Chance Tag team champion with Maria Valdez

Last EXC World Champ

Last NLW World Champ

Undefeated in NLW

Former and last EXC Tag champ 2X

Last New Age Tag champ

Last New Age Hardcore Champion

Former 2X EXC Hardcore Champion

Last Respect Hardcore Champion

Former HIWF Deathmatch Champion

Former HIWF North American

WWH Primestar champion

WWH Tag Team Champion

EFC World Heavyweight Champion

EFC Intercontinental Champion 2 x

EFC X Division Champion 2 x

EFC Heavyweight Champion 2 X

EFC Tag Team Champion

UAW Heavyweight Champion

UAW Tag Team Champion

UAW X Division Champion

UAW Hardcore Champion

XZW Barbed Wire Champion

XZW Tag Team Champion

JSH X Division Champion 2 x

JSH Crusierweight Champion

JSH Hardcore Champion 2 x

JSH Tag Team Champion

SCW Heavyweight Champion

SCW Hardcore Champion 2 x

SCW Tag Team Champion

Aggravation Hardcore Champion 2 x

Aggravation Tag Team Champion

Aggravation Cruiserweight Champion 2 x