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Dean Major
Image of Dean Major
Real name Ron Majors
Ring Names Dean Major
Height 6"
Weight 239lbs.
Date of birth April 20, 1985
Place of birth Long Island, New York
Date of death n/a
Place of death n/a
Resides Yonkers, NY
Billed from Long Island, NY
Trainer Trained Himself
Free 4 All ★
Handled by n/a
Win/Loss Record 0-0-0
Debut 2011
Retired n/a

Dean Major is one of the most technical wrestlers in e-fed history and hopes to catch a World Heavyweight Championship while at it.

Free 4 All ★ (2011-Present)

Major became Free 4 All Star President with Storm Lighting to start the mega awesome E-fed called Free 4 All Star! (Storm Lighting is no longer apart of F4A★) Major is now searching for a vice president, co-booker and CEO of the company. On his own, he put Alberto Del Rio in a match against Rey Mysterio to find out who will face Free 4 All ★ Champion, Phantom.

In Wrestling

Finishing moves

  • Hangman's facebuster 2011-
  • Heat-Seeking Elbow (Diving elbow drop) 2011-
  • Laugh Riot (Lifting DDT) 2011-

Signature moves

  • Spinning spinebuster 2011-
  • Springboard crossbody 2011-
  • Taste of Pain (Twisting flipping leg hook belly to back suplex) 2011-
  • Upside Down Frown (Spinning delayed scoop slam) 2011-