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Dane Wilt will go down in history as one of the greats. Oh...No, not in the IWO. God, no! One of the greats I'm the realm of beastiality. Dane Wilt's well known fixation on attempting to contract feline aids has become stuff of legend. His pre-match ritual of forcing himself inside of a tabby or a Siamese has been documented through hours of video footage, and to many is a great source of shame in the wrestling world.

After losing ten thousand times to "The Legend" Phelen Kell (Phelen, of course, being spelled with one L only) and having fucked his way through the entire cast of the musical, Cats (which he failed to realize were humans dressed as cats) Dane Wilt retired to a small village in southern Romania where he now kidnaps children and sells them on the Eastern European sex trade.

He spends his free time drinking bleach and shredding thin layers of skin off of his low hanging, old man balls. Some day he hopes to simply have two tested hanging out on the open for the world to see, to once and for all prove that he is not a post-op tranny.

Though he will never be the great talent or champion that Phelen Kell was, and his mission to contract feline aids is a continued failure, "Genetic Perfection" Dane Wilt will undoubtedly go down in history as someone who at one point existed.