[[Image:|px|Image of Crash]]
Billing information
Ring name(s) Crash Martin
The Insane One
Master Of Insanity
Height 179 cm
Weight 85 kg
Born Flag of Poland Poland
Hometown Chaos City
Theme music ""I don’t wanna stop"" by Ozzy Osbourne
Federation(s) Extreme Wrestling Federation
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Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style
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Professional career
Debut August 30, 2009
EWF HD Ekskomunika
Record 7-0-5
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Crash is a Polish professional wrestler, currently working for Extreme Wrestling Federation in Poland.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Totally Crashed 450 Splash (450 splash)
    • Head-On Collision (Straight jacket piledriver)
    • Shining wizard
    • One-Armed Bandit (Fujiwara armbar)
    • Hard Way (Leaping reverse STO)
    • Insane Driver (Sitting Death Valley Driver)
    • Insane Driver II (Michinoku Driver II)
    • Insane Driver III (Fisherman driver into single knee neckbreaker)
    • Chaos Cutter (Flipping release leg hook belly to back suplex into cutter)
    • Chaos City Clutch (Double underhook lock with bodyscissors)
    • Superkick/jumping twisting enzuigiri
    • Flipping leg hook single knee gutbuster
    • Springboard tornado DDT
    • Straight jacket double knee backbreaker
    • Snapmare obrócony w reverse DDT
    • Cross-legged fisherman suplex
    • Roundhouse kick
    • Bridging exploder suplex
    • Straight jacket suplex
    • Bridging dragon suplex
    • 540 corkscrew senton
    • Cloverleaf
    • Springboard moonsault

Championship and accomplishments

Match History (7-0-5)

Result Opponent(s) Event 'Notes
zWin The Great Barri, Karl Daniels, SeBa EWF HD Ekskomunika Dark Match
zWin Flying Man, Ruslan Smirnow, Thornpike EWF Wrestlepalooza 100 Puchar Szczesciarza Match
zLoss Vegard Jacobsen & Ieshige EWF Wrestlepalooza CI teaming with Curtis Woods
zWin Curtis Woods EWF Wrestlepalooza CI No DQ Match
zLoss Richard Nixon EWF Wrestlepalooza CII Single Match
zWin Ieshige & Gabriel Iwanow EWF Wrestlepalooza CIII teaming with Wasylij Gromow
zWin Wasylij Gromow EWF Wrestlepalooza CIII EWF Evolution Championship Contendership
zLoss Nas Jazzowski EWF Wrestlepalooza CIV No DQ Match
zWin Nas Jazzowski & Vaclav EWF Wrestlepalooza CIV teaming with Jacobsen in EWF Tag Championship Match
zWin Vegard Jacobsen EWF Kwietniowa Anarchia V EWF Evolution Championship Match
zLoss SR-Crazy & Yoshihito Nabeshima EWF Wrestlepalooza CV teaming with Vaclav in EWF Tag Championship Match
zLoss SR-Crazy & Yoshihito Nabeshima EWF Wrestlepalooza CVI teaming with Hernandez in EWF Tag Championship Match
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