Corran Tavers

Handler: Jyrm

Name: Corran Tavers

Nicknames: The Jedi

Height/Weight: 5'10"/214lbs.

Poser: Obi-Wan Kenobi (circa Episode II)

Hometown: Mos Eisley, Tatooine

Signature Move: 'Jedicanrana' (a handstand hurricanrana from the top rope)

Finisher: 'Jedi Driver' (a springboard moonsault body-press into a belly to belly piledriver - a standing 'Lionsault' into a 'Tombstone')

Promotion: Pro Organized Wrestling

Titles and Accolades: WWA HaRdCoRe Champion (x3), OWA Cruiserweight Champion, Renegade Cup GEHENNA Champion, POW International Champion


Corran Tavers' starship - The Wyld Renegade - crashed to Earth about six years ago near the Wyldstorm Wrestling Alliance's primary venue during one of their weekly shows. Tavers entered the building to see two men taking on one man. Immediately jumping into the fray, Corran evened the odds and managed to come away with his first of three WWA HaRdCoRe Championships.

Upon the dissolution of the WWA, Tavers joined with the Omni Wrestling Alliance and managed to capture their Cruiserweight Championship before it, too, closed down.

In the 2005 Renegade Cup Tournament, Tavers and Seamus O'Malley were the final two competitors, O'Malley having won the APOCALYPSE Championship in those brackets and Tavers capturing the GEHENNA Championship from that bracket. In the end, O'Malley (with an assist from *The Starseed*) came out on top, winning the Renegade Cup Tournament itself.

Very soon after the tournament, Tavers was lured into a trap from his nemesis Darth Vile and frozen in carbonite. Recently, astronauts on the space shuttle found Tavers orbitting the moon and pulled him in. One of the astronauts was playing around with the settings on Corran's carbonite prison and inadvertently released him. He is now en route back to Earth where he will once more seek to bring peace to the world of professional wrestling until such a time as he can repair the Wyld Renegade and head back to a galaxy far, far away...

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