Colin Steele
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Ring Names Colin Steele
The Big Dawg
Height 6'9"
Weight 325
Date of birth 06/17/1969
Place of birth Chicago, IL
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides Chicago, IL
Billed from Chicago, IL
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Debut November 03


Colin "Big Dawg" Steele joined NAW at the age of 26. For four years he fought epic battles with various NcW wrestlers. He defeated Coun for the North American Title then held it for the last year that NAW existed, not losing it once. His record of 272-69 was one of the best ever displayed by any wrestler. He came to be known as the dominant force in NAW, and one of the main reasons it hung on when the management gave up. Known as a master of the mic, this arrogant man has cut promos that have left his opponents quivering in rage. Now he has FINALLY come to NcW to show the world that there is still some life left in the old "Big Dawg".

Since the formation of AWL, the Big Dawg has changed his ways. He has gone from being a fan favorite, to an all out villain. Joining the Dungeons of Simms he has shown an evil streak that is on par with some of the worst in the business. Now, with Diamond Diva at his side, he has shown that his rule breaking know no bounds.

The Dugeons of Simms faded into the past, and the Big Dawg took a Hiatus. Coming back though he, Diamond Diva and Alex Rose formed EIC, and have begun reclaiming what he believes is his rightful place. The Top

Colin & Diamond Diva

From the start, Diva and Colin hit it off, becoming the steamiest and hottest couple in the AWL.

Known for the trickery of Diva seducing, while Colin destroys, several have fallen to them.

Signature Matches

Dog Collar Match


North American Wrestling (NAW)Defunct
National Championship Wrestling (NcW) Defunct
Allied Wrestling League (AWL-NcW)[1]
Hardcore Wrestling Federation (HWF)


"OH HELL NO!!" Colin Steele
"If you can't run with the Big Dawg...Stay your @ss on the porch!!" Colin Steele

Finishing Moves

1. Steele Driver: Lifts his opponents over his shoulder, then drives their shoulders down once, then twice onto his knees. He lifts them up a third time, and powerslams them to the mat.

Favorite Moves

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Titles Held

NcW Television Title (3)
AWL North American Title (2)
AWL Anarchy Tag Titles (w/Diamond Diva & Untouchable)
AWL Television Title (2)
World Tag Titles w/ Alexi Harkind *A.S.S.* (2)

Tag Teams & Stables

Dungeons of Simms
Steele Diamonds (w/Diamond Diva)
SureShock & Colin Steele (w/SureShock)
All Star Studds (w/ Alexi Harkind)

Notable Feuds

Knights of Destruction
New Style Rebels
Jackson Payne
Krafty K
Dan "The Man" Hall
Coun, The Iron Dragon


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