Cody White
Cody White
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Height 6 ft 2 in
Weight 210 lb
Born November 8, 1978
Hometown Flag of the United States Palm Springs, Florida
Theme music "Here Comes The Money" by Naughty by Nature
Affiliation(s) Million Dollar Corporation
Federation(s) Wrestling Society X
Brand(s) Smackdown
Previous federations
Wrestling information
Role {{{role}}}
Gimmick Millionaire
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style
Finisher(s) Dream Street
Million Dollar Dream

Wrestling details

  • Primary Finisher
    • Dream Street (Backflip three-quarter facelock falling reverse DDT)
  • Secondary Finisher
    • Million Dollar Dream (Cobra clutch)
  • Signature Moveset
    • Belly to back suplex
    • Delayed falling fist drop
    • Diving double foot stomp
    • Rope hung stunner
    • Running clothesline
    • Vertical suplex
  • Stables
  • Theme Music


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