Chris Waynes is an e-federation wrestler who is currently on the XWCWF roster.

Chris Waynes
[[Image:|px|Image of Chris Waynes]]
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Height 6'3"
Weight 175 lbs.
Born June 29
Hometown Syracuse, NY
Theme music Forever by As I Lay Dying
Federation(s) XWCWF
Previous federation(s) FWL, GWA
Wrestling information
Wrestling style
Professional career
Debut October 2008
Record 4-3-0


Early Career

Chris Waynes has appeared many efeds, it all started in Fatal Wrestling League were he started in 2002, In that fed he won the FWL Heavyweight Championship 3 times, Roleplayer of the year and Match of the year, Chris Waynes left the fed and went onto the Glory Wrestling Alliance were he went 22-0 before losing his first match, He was the First and Last GWA Champion. Chris Waynes has been away from efeds for about 2 years to play Starting Qb in the CFL were his team went 28-7 as a starter and broke a couple records. Chris Waynes was born and raised in Syracuse, NY and puts 100% in everything he does.

XWCWF (2008)

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves/Signature moves
  • The Reflex (TKO to the Knee)

Awards & Achievements

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