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Chris Austin
Image of Chris Austin
Billing information
Ring name(s) The Student of the Game
The Cartographer of the Tapout
Height 6 ft. 3 in.
Weight 235 lb.
Born May 15, 1986
Hometown Flag of the United States.png San Jose, California
Theme music "Premeditated Murder" by J. Cole
Affiliation(s) Alex O'Rion (Wayward Sons)
Federation(s) Full Metal Wrestling
Previous federation(s)
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style Technical/All-Around/Cerebral
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Trainer U.S. Armed Forces, Hostyle (Lucha Libre), Skyler Striker (Puroresu)
Professional career
Debut February 24, 2008 (Underground)
Record 33-13
Accomplishments • 2008 Hayabusa Cup
• FMW Alchemy Superstar of the Month (May 2009)
• FMW Superstar of the Month (June 2009)
FMW Tag Team Championship (w/Alex O'Rion)
• 2010 Hayabusa Cup
FMW C-4 Division Championship
• 2010 FMW Superstar of the Year
Full Metal Championship

Chris Austin (born Christopher Bradford Austin on May 15, 1986) is an American-born professional e-wrestler from San Jose, California now residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who is employed by Full Metal Wrestling. He is also known for his Athletic, MMA-influenced style of wrestling, thus leading some fellow e-wrestlers to see him as the best pure athlete in the history of FMW.



The early life of this man was just like a typical Cali kid, filled with surfing, skateboarding, and wrestling. The unknown about him, however is how his method of thinking and comprehension came about, as well as why he calls himself "the Radical". It is also rumored that Basic Training in the Armed Forces may have had a hand in it, but even though he acknowledges that he spent time in the army, he has yet to acknowledge whether or not this stint had anything to do with his methods.

Early Days

(He reveals this at his own discretion) All that we know about him at this point is that he did spend some time(Approx. 2+ years from age 17 to 19) in the Armed Forces before being discharged, either honorably or dishonorably, depending on who you ask. Popular opinion points to dishonorable as gathered from his strong opposing of the Iraq war. However most of his Mindset and In-ring Style are based on the training and teachings of the Military. He did reach the rank of Specialist, and according to an unnamed source, was promoted to Corporal before the events which led to his discharge happened. From there, Austin pursued a career in professional wrestling, hoping to expand on the Mixed Martial Arts training received in service. He first turned to Vendetta Championship Wrestling but due to an unforeseen shut-down of the brand as well as the presence of another wrestler billed as 'Chris Austin', things didn't work out. So Austin turned to Full Metal Wrestling.

Full Metal Wrestling/Anxiety

After being signed to the FMW Anxiety brand by GM cYnical, he made an impressive debut in his tryout match, defeating fellow newcomer Ciaran Kennedy at Underground 5.4. Fresh off of this, he was booked to open FMW's Death Row PPV pre-show against Blackwell. He won this match as well. His next match had him debuting on FMW Anxiety for the first time, as he teamed with newcomer Riley Scott to defeat Ciaran Kennedy and Becca Roberts. Sensing that it was time for Austin to be tested, he next faced a future Mount Vesuvius Match participant in Michael James, and opened a few eyes with what many considered at the time an upset over James. At Anxiety 6.3 however, Austin finally met his match in the Abandoned Champion TyranT, who defeated him in a hard-fought match to qualify for Mount Vesuvius II.

Austin did gain a consolation prize, as he discovered that his impressive efforts thus far in FMW Anxiety earned him a Full Metal Abandoned Championship match at the upcoming FMW Pay-Per-View Extravaganza, Supremacy. However, this was bittersweet for him, as he learned that he won't be the only one receiving a shot at the Abandoned Title TyranT holds. It will be TyranT defending against long time rivals Peter Saint and Skyler Striker as well as Michael James, Chris Austin, and at the time Original Sin stablemate Adrian inside an Elimination Chamber match which stole the show at FMW Supremacy.

Even though Austin eliminated Peter Saint almost instantaneously after entering the match, he was unsuccessful in his effort and was eliminated by the eventual winner TyranT. Visibly upset at himself, and considering him discovering that his mentor suffered an attack at TyranT's hands, he went into a short depression, one which turned to jealousy after discovering that he would open Lethal Injection with Michael James to take on Calvin Xavier and Trey Spruance. Austin felt that his efforts at Supremacy had him on track to bigger and better things, and chose to take his feelings on this slight out on his opponents. He did so after gaining the pinfall against Trey via the San Jose Smackdown.

Move to Anarchy

Recently, FMW held a roster draft after the Resistance's ultimate triumph over Original sin. With the 23th overall pick(HavOc was selected as a group), Anarchy selected Chris Austin, a selection that has Austin eager to mesh his unique offense to Ultraviolence, and begin a new chapter to his already impressive start in FMW. Upon reaching Anarchy, he rechristened himself as "The People's Champion" and has made it his purpose to give the 'little guys' a voice through him. This re-invention of sorts saw Austin make his offense a lot more Ground and Pound based, among other things. He refers to it as a fresh start and 'going back to his roots.'

This start would have become even more impressive if he had managed to defeat Hostyle for the C-4 Division Championship at Anarchy 7.1. The match was expected to steal the show and that's exactly what it did. After a valiant effort, Austin was eventually defeated by Hostyle following a 'Hostyle Hysteria'. HavOc, who were ringside for this match as new member Hannibal Frost made his intentions known to attempt to reclaim the C-4 title then jumped on Austin after Hostyle's successful defense. Austin came back out to ringside later seeking revenge on Frost, yet he misfired an enzuigiri, inadvertently striking Hostyle's new protege, Chris Kelson and costing him a Mt. Vesuvius spot against Frost. Hostyle, Kelson and Austin were left in the ring at odds with each other, and Austin himself has written off the incident as minor.

It was here that Austin not only entered the Hayabusa Cup Tournament, he also found himself in Mount Vesuvius two. As the number 16 entrant, he made a significant impact and was well on his way to cementing his status as a main-eventer until X, who had been mysteriously removed from the match itself interfered and powerbombed Austin off the second cage, causing him to fall 35 to the ash below and become the sixth to last man standing in the match, which was eventually won by TyranT.

However, all was not lost as Austin went on to become the 2nd ever winner of the Hayabusa Cup, defeating Drew Michaels, Bobino and Harlequin in the final. The finish saw Austin pin Harlequin after a RCA Driver II while Bobino was unsuccessful in pinning Drew Michaels after Darwinism. As a result of winning, Austin received the opportunity to book FMW's next pay-per-view, FMW Catalyst anyway he saw fit. Being a man of the people, he basically gave fans the chance to vote on what they wanted to see. In addition to that, he added himself to the Full Metal Ultraviolent Championship match on Catalyst, which was scheduled to take place under 15 Minute Massacre rules.

However, Catalyst went down as the worst night in Austin's professional career, as he narrowly avoided being run down by a car only to be attacked by X and buried under heavy machinery. Despite the injuries suffered from this, Austin chose to compete later, entering the 15 Minute Massacre at around the halfway point and then proceeded to dominate the match, eventually pinning interim champion Hannibal Frost to claim possession of the Ultraviolent title. But with a minute left and Austin as the last man standing still in possession of the title, fans were shocked when Romeo Vizzini attacked Austin, laying him out while revealing himself as the man behind the wheel earlier and leaving him easy prey for Harlequin who managed to cover Austin as time ran out to reclaim possession and ultimately retain the Ultraviolent championship. In response to Catalyst's events, Austin requested and was granted a trade to Alchemy to pursue his rivalry with Romeo, which ended with two pinfall wins over the former Abandoned Champion, the last one on Ultimatum 2 in a Street Fight.

Currently, Austin finds himself fighting for the FMW C-4 Championship, which was stripped from Drew Michaels due to injuries suffered at Ultimatum 2. Austin unfortunately fell short Eric Scorpio in a tournament final at Ammunition 9.2 to crown the new champion. This set off a slump of sorts for Austin, but with three decisive losses coupled with a personal out of ring trauma, Austin's increasingly fragile mindset cracked under the pressure and in its place was born a man seemingly hell-bent on garnering validations to his claims of being the best to ever grace FMW and doing so by taking a decidedly more cerebral approach to opponents and wrestling itself, hence currently being referred to as "The Student of the Game". This began with a career win over Christian G. Smitten at Death Row, and continued with a violent 'retirement' of former stablemate Hostyle and a statement victory over then number one contender to the FMW title Romeo, albeit via disqualification. Austin then teamed with upstart Kaoru Hanayama to defeat fellow upstart and the man seen by many as the next great superstar, Abel Steele and Nikko Nulthy Nathans at Supremacy. Nathans was gravely injured at the hands of Kaoru and Austin.

Wrestling Style

Austin's Wrestling style is of a relentless borderline frenzied nature that is based on impact, strategy, ingenuity and rhythm. Austin uses refined striking/brawling and submission holds (as taught and learned by/from the Armed Forces) to set up the rest of his offense, which flows from one thing into the next. He prides himself on outstanding conditioning, preparation and athleticism. When the opponent is worn down, Austin then goes to implement his most impactful moves, which are mostly self-innovated or modified in a way. He is lean, extremely fast and sudden as well as quite strong and is seen as one of the smoothest/most fluid in-ring competitors in FMW today. However, he has recently been spending time on trying to become more of a 'sure handed' and overall good in-ring worker.

Austin's strength is usually seen as a weapon that tends to go unaccounted for by an opponent. Austin will also resort to Dirty tactics whenever the opportunity presents itself, even though he doesn't prefer to cheat. He tends not to waste motion and speeds up his next move with kip-ups after all high impact moves and a lot of his moves can be transitioned into something else, a quality he tends to take advantage of more often than not. He seems to always be thinking ahead and for a less experienced wrestler he is exceptionally sound in the ring and rarely does he make mistakes. However, his up-tempo, daredevil nature has cost him matches because due to his frenzied style and if he does make mistakes he is hard pressed to stop them before he pays a small price. Therefore, Austin has begun to develop more of a psychological approach in the ring. While he prefers a faster pace, he can seem very calculating at times. He is also an avid scouter, always watching his peers to try and pick up on anything they do to make himself better.

FMW Info

FMW Accomplishments

  • 2008 Hayabusa Cup Champion
  • FMW Alchemy Wrestler of the Month (May 2009)
  • FMW Superstar of the Month (June 2009)
  • FMW Tag Team Champion (w/Alex O'Rion)
  • 2010 Hayabusa Cup Champion (King of FMW)
  • FMW C-4 Champion
  • FMW World Champion
  • FMW Triple Crown Champion (First and only man to accomplish this feat to date)

FMW Championship Opportunities

  • FMW Abandoned Championship - Peter Saint v. Skyler Striker v. Chris Austin v. Michael James v. Adrian v. TyranT(c)(Loss)
  • FMW C-4 Championship - Chris Austin v. Hostyle(c)(Loss)
  • FMW 2008 Hayabusa Cup Championship - Chris Austin v. Bobino [a.k.a Butters] v. Drew Michaels v. Harlequin(WIN)
  • FMW Ultraviolent Championship - Chris Austin v. Harlequin(c) v. The Celt v. Guiomar the Barbaric v. Jack Boice v. Bobino[a.k.a Butters] v. Hannibal Frost v. War Machine (Loss)
  • FMW C-4 Championship - Chris Austin v. Eric Scorpio (Loss)
  • FMW Tag Team Championship - Chris Austin and Alex O'Rion v. Skyler Striker(c) and Leon Caprice(c) (WIN)
  • FMW 2010 Hayabusa Cup Championship - Chris Austin v. Bobino [a.k.a Butters] v. David GS v. Seth Omega(WIN)
  • FMW C-4 Championship - Chris Austin v. Drew Michaels (c)(WIN)
  • FMW World Championship - Chris Austin v. Apostasy (Tournament Final; WIN)

FMW Matches (36-13) and Promo Scores

Result Record Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Notes Score
z Win 36-13 Chris Austin (c) Seth Rotunda FMW Catalyst 2012 6 November 2012 Retained Full Metal Championship 4.33
z Win 35-13 Chris Austin, Apostasy Jeff Whitt, Santana Braxton FMW Ammunition 16.3 24 September 2012 Tag Team Match 4.05
z Win 34-13 Chris Austin (c) Apostasy FMW Ammunition 16.2 6 July 2012 Retained Full Metal Championship 4.23
z Win 33-13 Chris Austin Apostasy FMW Lethal Injection 23 March 2012 Finals of Full Metal Championship Tournament; Won vacant Full Metal Championship; With FMC win, Austin became first-ever FMW Triple Crown Champion 4.37
z Win 32-13 Chris Austin Abel Steele FMW Lethal Injection 23 March 2012 Semifinal match in Full Metal Championship Tournament 4.37
z Win 31-13 Chris Austin Hannibal Frost FMW Lethal Injection 23 March 2012 Quarterfinal match in Full Metal Championship Tournament 4.37
z Win 30-13 Chris Austin Abel Steele FMW Ammunition 15.2 21 January 2012 Qualifying match for Full Metal Championship Tournament 4.24
z Win 29-13 Chris Austin Butters FMW Ammunition 15.1 17 December 2011 Singles match 4.23
z Loss 28-13 Christian G. Smitten Chris Austin and Harlequin FMW Death Row 4 22 November 2011 Triple Threat match; Smitten pinned Harlequin. Smitten took a hiatus effective Ammunition 15.1. 4.15
z Win 28-12 Chris Austin Christian G. Smitten FMW Ammunition 14.3 28 October 2011 Singles match; Austin won via DQ when Harlequin interfered 4.5
z Win 27-12 Chris Austin Mr. E FMW Ammunition 14.2 5 October 2011 Singles match; Mr. E's first and last FMW match 4.4
z Win 26-12 Chris Austin and Abel Steele Drew Michaels and Faith FMW Ammunition 14.1 1 September 2011 Tag Team match; Austin pinned Faith 4.18
z Win 25-12 Chris Austin David GS FMW Ultimatum III 26 July 2011 Ladders are Legal match 4.45
z Loss 24-12 Christian G. Smitten Chris Austin (c) FMW No Holds Barred 17 June 2011 Lost FMW C-4 Division Championship 4.26
z Win 24-11 Chris Austin Alex O'Rion FMW Ammunition 13.2 26 April 2011 Last Man Standing match; Austin vacated FMW Tag Team Championships on behalf of Wayward Sons at FMW Ammunition 13.1 4.25
z 3rd 23-11 Nick Bryson 29 other FMW Superstars FMW Mount Vesuvius 9 March 2011 Mount Vesuvius match 4.37
z Win 23-11 Chris Austin (c) Alex O'Rion FMW Mount Vesuvius 9 March 2011 Retained FMW C-4 Division Championship 4.37
z Win 22-11 The Wayward Sons (Chris Austin and Alex O'Rion) (c) The Comeback Kids (Butters and Slegnadamus) FMW Ammunition 12.2 28 December 2010 Austin pinned Slegnadamus; Retained FMW Tag Team Championship 4.35
z Win 21-11 Chris Austin Drew Michaels (c) FMW Ammunition 12.1 27 November 2010 Won C-4 Championship 8.4
z Loss 20-11 Team Distortion Team Ammunition, Team Corruption FMW Catalyst 11 October 2010 War Games Match 8.8
z Loss 20-10 Matt P. Dunn and Cactus Sam Chris Austin and Alex O'Rion FMW Ammunition 11.3 13 August 2010 C-4 Rules Non-Title Match; Dunn rendered O'Rion unconscious to win 8.41
z Win 20-9 Chris Austin and Alex O'Rion Skyler Striker and Leon Caprice (c) FMW Ammunition 11.2 1 July 2010 Austin pinned Caprice; Won FMW Tag Team Championship 8.59
z Win 19-9 Chris Austin and Alex O'Rion Mark Johansson and Seth Omega FMW Ammunition 11.1 31 May 2010 Tag Team Match. O'Rion pinned Omega 8.39
z Win 18-9 Chris Austin Abel Steele FMW Lethal Injection 3 2 May 2010 Grudge Match 8.52
z Win 17-9 Chris Austin and Kaoru Hanayama Abel Steele and Nikko Nulthy Nathans FMW Supremacy 2010 29 March 2010 Tag Team Match. Kaoru pinned Nathans 8.41
z Win 16-9 Chris Austin Romeo FMW Ammunition 10.2 24 February 2010 Singles match; Austin won via disqualification 8.32
z Loss 15-9 Faith Harlequin, Seth Omega, Chris Austin Hayabusa Cup Special 10 January 2010 Hayabusa Cup Match 8.35
z Win 15-8 Chris Austin Christian G. Smitten, Black Marcus, Damien Inferno, Gabriel Crow Hayabusa Cup Special 10 January 2010 Ring of Valor 8.35
z Win 14-8 Chris Austin Christian G. Smitten FMW Death Row (2009) 5 January 2010 Singles match; Austin was counted out while placing Smitten inside the ring but Smitten ordered the match be restarted. After the restart, Austin went on to pin Smitten. 8.75
z Loss 13-8 Eric Scorpio, Harlequin, Christian G. Smitten Drew Michaels, Chris Austin, Chris Kelson Ammunition 9.4 29 November 2009 Elimination 6-man tag; Austin eliminated Smitten and was eliminated by Harlequin 8.44
z Loss 13-7 Harlequin Chris Austin Ammunition 9.3 28 October 2009 No Holds Barred match 8.25
z Loss 13-6 Eric Scorpio Chris Austin Ammunition 9.2 30 September 2009 Finals of C-4 Championship Tournament 8.62
z Win 13-5 Chris Austin Leon Caprice Ammunition 9.1 19 August 2009 Semi-final Match in C-4 Championship Tournament 8.45
z Win 12-5 Chris Austin Romeo Ultimatum II 26 July 2009 Street Fight 8.8
z Win 11-5 Chris Austin, Hostyle, Chris Kelson, Flare, Alex O'Rion Leon Caprice, Nick Bryson, John Derrick, Eric Scorpio, Matt Ford No Holds Barred 16 June 2009 10-man Elimination Tag. RCA and Hostyle survived after RCA pinned Leon Caprice following a S.J.S Post-match, Alex was beaten down by RCA, Hostyle, Chris Kelson and Flare. RCA and Flare then joined the Innovative Initiative. 9.03
z Win 10-5 Chris Austin, Leon Caprice, Mark Johansson Romeo Vizzini, Silver Pistols Alchemy 8.3 14 May 2009 Six Man Tag. Austin pinned Romeo after the Pistols walked out on the match 8.4
z Loss 9-5 Alex O'Rion Chris Austin, Skyler Striker, TyranT, Christian G. Smitten Alchemy 8.2 20 April 2009 Tournament for the Torch final; 5 way TLC match. O'Rion pinned Striker following an O'Rion Pride. Romeo Vizzini interfered and assaulted Austin, costing him the match 8.4
z Win 9-4 Chris Austin Romeo Vizzini Alchemy 8.1 18 March 2009 Tournament for the Torch Quarterfinal; RAMPAGE! won Mt. Vesuivus Torch from Tyrant in a Winner Takes All match at Catalyst. As his final act as Alchemy GM before resigning, RAMPAGE! placed the torch up for grabs in a tournament due to his brother Infinity's death; Austin's Alchemy debut. Vizzini was counted out. 8.35
zLoss 8-4 Harlequin (c) Chris Austin, Hannibal Frost, The Celt, War Machine, Butters, Jack Boice, Guiomar the Barbaric FMW Catalyst 9 February 2009 15 Minute Massacre for Full Metal Ultraviolent Championship, Romeo Vizzini interfered and assaulted Chris Austin 8.7
zWin 8-3 Chris Austin Bobino, Drew Michaels, Harlequin Hayabusa Cup Special (Broadcasted on Alchemy 7.4) 6 January 2009 (date aired); 25 September, 2008 (date happened) Hayabusa Cup Final; Austin pinned Harlequin after a RCA Driver II as Bobino went for an unsuccessful stereo pin on Drew Michaels 8.43
zWin 7-3 Chris Austin Romeo Vizzini, MASS Caesar, T. Ekstreme, Hannibal Frost Hayabusa Cup Special (Broadcasted on Alchemy 7.3) 27 November 2008 (date aired); 25 September, 2008 (date happened) Ring of Valor match; Austin last eliminated T. Ekstreme to win and advance to the Hayabusa Cup Final. 8.43
zWin 6-3 Chris Austin and Hannibal Frost Hostyle and Chris Kelson Anarchy 7.3 26 November 2008 Tag Team Match; Frost Pinned Kelson after a Freezer Burn. X attacked Austin post-match and Hostyle and Kelson saved Austin. 8.22
z6th 5-3 TyranT 29 FMW Superstars Circus Maximus 16 October 2008 Mount Vesuvius II Match won by TyranT; Austin entered 17th and finished in 6th place after X, who was not a match participant, interfered and powerbombed Austin off of the second cage, eliminating him. 8.33
zLoss 5-3 Hostyle(c) Chris Austin Anarchy 7.1 22 September 2008 Full Metal C-4 Division Championship Match; HavOc[Hannibal Frost/Harlequin] attacked Austin post-match 8.18
zWin 5-2 Chris Austin and Michael James Trey Spruance and Calvin Xavier Lethal Injection 10 August 2008 Tag team match 7.96
zLoss 4-2 TyranT (c) Chris Austin, Skyler Striker, Adrian, Michael James, and Peter Saint Supremacy 21 July 2008 FMW Abandoned Championship Elimination Chamber match; Eliminated Peter Saint, eliminated by eventual winner TyranT 8.30
zLoss 4-1 TyranT Chris Austin Anxiety 6.3 14 June 2008 Mount Vesuvius qualifying match 7.66
z2nd 4-0 Syanide Chris Austin, Janus Flare, Harlequin, Chris Black, Mercutio, Buck Shelby, Mortus, Bobino, Westley McGreggor, Q, and Travis McCart Anarchy 6.2 30 May 2008 Battle Royal for FMW Television Championship match. Austin eliminated four men (Q, Chris Black, Mortus, and Janus Flare) before being the match's final elimination at the hands of Syanide. 7.73
zWin 4-0 Chris Austin Michael James Anxiety 6.2 25 May 2008 Singles match 7.38
zWin 3-0 Chris Austin and Riley Scott Ciaran Kennedy and Becca Roberts Anxiety 6.1 21 April 2008 Tag team match 7.25
zWin 2-0 Chris Austin Blackwell Death Row pre-show 19 March 2008 Singles match 6.63
zWin 1-0 Chris Austin Ciaran Kennedy Underground 5.2 24 February 2008 Singles match 7.25
Promo score is a rating which ranges from 0.0 to 10.0, the latter being the highest. Promos are judged to determine the better promo. Effective 12.2, Promo Score Range changed from 0.0-10.0 to 0.0-5.0, 5.0 being the highest. between e-wrestling competitors.


  • Finishing Moves
  • Occam's Razor [Modified Low Angle Big Boot to opponent's face]
  • SJS (San Jose Smackdown) [Inverted Snapmare into Cutter] - Innovated
  • Moment of Clarity [Rope Hung DDT]
  • The Affliction [Grounded side Armtrap Can Opener] - Innovated

  • Signature Moves

    • Autumn Bridge - Stepover Toehold Inverted Cravate
    • Cerebral Assassination - Feint Neckbreaker into a NASTY Discus Elbow to the back of the head
    • RCA Effect - Floatover DDT
    • Broken Dreams - Step-up High Knee to the face of kneeling opponent
    • Wave of Mutilation- Chaos Theory Suplex
    • Cloud of Sparrows - Standing Double Underhook Whiplash
    • RCA-Plex - Half-Nelson Flipping Release Regal-Plex
    • The After School Special - Double Leg Slam into Turnbuckle
    • The Learning Tree - Tree of Woe modified Frog Splash
  • Signature Weapons
  • Baton
  • Battering Ram