Choi Jin Soon
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Real Name Choi Jin Soon
Date of Birth 23 October 1982
Place of Birth Seoul, Republic of South Korea
Profession Referee
Current federation(s) None
Previous federations Lights Out Wrestling (2003, planned to become referee but never did)
Handled by David Hedley
In-ring debut Never

Choi Jin Soon (born October 23, 1982 in Seoul, Republic of South Korea) was a referee planned to join the refereeing team at Lights Out Wrestling in 2003. Handled by David Hedley, his officialing debut was planned for sometime in the Autumn months, but never took place for unknown reasons.

Jin Soon was born to Lee James and Kim Soon Jin, and spent the first years of his life in between his father's native England, his mother's native Korea, and the United States of America. His mother died when he was 8, and due to his father's travelling work commitments, Jin Soon become minded by Brent Hughes for the rest of his younger years. He developed an interest in sports in these years, and his lack of intelligence made him want to commit to baseball. After he failed, he turned his attentions to martial arts and wrestling.

Jin Soon joined a fighting league in Korea once he become old enough, but after some time trying to become a wrestler, gave up. With a need to make money and no direction, his interest in wrestling meant that Hughes suggested that he become a staff member at a federation. Despite no refereeing experience, he would become an employee of Lights Out Wrestling, but after complications never appeared. The reasons for this are now known. Jin Soon's whereabouts and activities since are unknown.