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Chase Vedder
Vedder in 2020.
Birth name Chase Edward Vedder
Resides Cape Town, South Africa
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Chase Vedder
Height 6 ft. 1 in. (1.9 m)
Weight 221 lbs. (100.2 kg)
Billed from Cape Town, South Africa
Trained By Jaywalker
Debut March 2018

Chase Edward Vedder (born June 7, 1995) is an American professional wrestler, and former amateur wrestler. He has performed under his real name for both Strong Style Wrestling, where he was a member of the Tres Comas Club faction, and Omega Wrestling Alliance.

Early Life

Chase Vedder was born in Cape Town, South Africa. At the age of seven his parents moved to South Bend, Indiana, where he spent the rest of his childhood. Vedder has stated that his parents would still take him on trips to what was officially his home country until he was eighteen.

Vedder was taught at Career Academy High School, and was the captain of the school's amateur wrestling team.

Professional Wrestling Career

Strong Style Wrestling (2018)

Vedder made his debut for SSW at their returning show in a match for the Freebird Tag Team Championships against Ronin's Piero and Tarah Nova with Racer Smiles as members of Tres Comas Club. The two of them would lose after Racer was eaten by Piero and Vedder was low-blowed, allowing Tarah Nova to get the victory. After a dispute between the two men they would both be entered into the Heaven's Arena Cup Tournament where the winner would earn an opportunity at the Puroresu Heavyweight Championship. Vedder would go on to the quarter-finals before losing to Gronk and departed shortly after.

Omega Wrestling Alliance (2018, 2020 - Present)

Vedder competed at the first ever OWA Pay-Per-View, Hardcore Havoc, after defeating CM Nas in the main event of the first ever episode of Kingdom.

Vedder returned after an extended hiatus with a refreshed character, now hailing from his original home country of South Africa and re-debuting as a militant purveyor of heel propaganda, aligning himself with the aforementioned CM Nas, Nero Darkbringer, Cyrus Raines and Rick Walton. He is scheduled to make his return match against Mark Michaels in the first round of a tournament to crown the first OWA Hybrid Champion.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Lethal Weapon (Northern Lights Bomb)
    • Moonage Daydream (Double Springboard Phoenix Splash) – 2018
    • Nuclear Weapon (Avalanche Northern Lights Bomb) – 2018
    • On Vulture's Wings (Lifting Single Underhook Gutbuster) – 2020-Present
    • South Bend (Kneeling Cloverleaf) – 2020-Present
  • Signature Moves
    • Midwestern Lariat (Lariat to the back of the head) – 2018
    • Cash Landing (Fall Forward Suplex) – 2018
    • Brain Trauma (Inverted Snapmare Driver) – 2018
    • Rewind Elbow (Spinning Back Elbow) – 2018
    • Karoo Kick (Running Big Boot to a cornered opponent) – 2020-Present
    • Mandela Effect (Feint into a DDT) – 2020-Present
    • Decapitator (Spinning Headlock Lariat into a Backbreaker) – 2020-Present
    • Shot & Chaser (Deadlift Powerbomb followed by a Bicycle Knee) – 2020-Present
    • Picking the Bones (Multiple stomps to the opponent’s limbs/extremities) – 2020-Present
  • Nicknames
    • "The (God damn) man"
    • “The (Cape) Vulture"
    • “The Homelander”
    • “The South African Sage”
  • Entrance Music
    • "The Man" by The Killers – 2018
    • "Close to the Ledge' by Saliva – 2020-Present