Charlie Extreme
Real name Charles Lickman
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Height 5'9” (175 cm)
Weight 207 pounds (94 kg)
Date of birth April 4, 1975 (Age 33)
Place of birth Cincinnati, OH Flag of the United States
Date of death
Place of death Cincinnati, OH Flag of the United States
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Debut May 2006
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Charlie Extreme is an American professional wrestler currently working for Velocity Championship Wrestling.

Charlie made his debut in May 2006 in AJPW, All Japan Pro Wrestling, during this run he is best known for finishing in the semi-finals of the World Championship, losing out to Hiroshui Inoki and for winning the AJPW Tag Team Championship. He would later join his Canadian Wrestling Entertainment, where he has yet to debut.

Charlie currently competes in Velocity Championship Wrestling, where he yet to officially debut as there weekly show is not on the air yet..

Canadian Wrestling Entertainment

During early-December 2008, it had emerged that Charlie had signed with the recently formed Canadian Wrestling Entertainment, which also had former NGW personalities Brandon Rivera and Stephanie Rivera amidst their ranks. Charlie has not commented on this move, although he is present on CWE's website, as well as CWE being present on his website. After winning his first two matches for CWE.

World Octane Wrestling

In September 2010 it was announced that Charlie Extreme had signed with World Octane Wrestling where he joins Daniel Carpenter a man who he has a history with. Charlie has yet to debut in a match.

Velocity Championship Wrestling

After being rumoured to have been dead since 2010 it was announce that Charlie Extreme is very much alive as he had recently returned from his hiding place and signed with brand new company Velocity Championship Wrestling.


In the past, Charlie has had his problems with MANV (Mothers Against Needless Violence), with the group constantly berating Charlie for being a bad influence on children. This has happened to the extent that Charlie has adopted the nickname “The World’s Most Dangerous Bad Influence” and his status as a bad role model appears as a consistent topic in many Charlie Extreme promos and interviews.

There was also an alleged incident during an AJPW show in which Charlie is said to have purposely injured a heckler after a show, although Charlie has since denied this.

Personal life

Due to his renowned secrecy, little is known of Charlie’s actual personal life, other than his real name being Charlie Lickman and his billed bodily statistics being roughly accurate.

Wrestling information

  • The 859 (Crucifix Powerbomb)
  • Horrorhouse Guillotine (Diving Legdrop)
  • The Extreme Suplex (Release Northern Lights Suplex)
  • Pure Rage (Running Big Boot)
  • Cincinnati Straightjacket (Straightjacket Choke)
  • Def Extreme Driver (DED) (Death Valley Driver)
  • Various weapon shots

Charlie the Bloody’s current VCW theme song is 'The Coffin Ships' By Primordial.

Titles and Accomplishments

  • AJPW Tag Team Champion
  • AJPW World Champion
  • NGWA Extreme Champion
  • NJPW Hardcore Champion
  • NJPW International Champion

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