Cecile Lecrux
Real name Unknown
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Height 5'6
Weight 111lbs.
Date of birth 7-27-83
Place of birth Astana, Kazakhstan
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Resides Siberia Wrestling Facilities
Billed from Astana, Kazakhstan
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Siberian Wrestling
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Win/Loss Record 11/4/0
Debut Sunday, February 3rd, 2008
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Cecile Lecrux, (born Svetlana Petrova), is a Russian professional wrestler signed with Phoenix Wrestling Revolution.

Gateway Wrestling Organization

Months following her WWN stint Cecile popped up as a newcomer in GWO under her own name. She competed in a few matches and was seen as a potential star in the making. She left GWO after being arrested for identity theft and was extradited to Russia.

Siberian Wrestling

Cecile was one of the first prisoners taken to Siberian Wrestling in 2009. She quickly became one of the prisons top performers, using tenacity and viciousness rarely seen by a female in a male dominated sport. She was sidelined after one very brutal match and suffered internal bleeding, which sidelined her for a few months. She returned in July and began quickly climbing the ranks of SW again, so much so that she defeated Sam X at the special event At Any Cost and won the vacated Siberian Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. Cecile would go on to become a two-time Champion Of Siberia before being released in 2010.

Phoenix Wrestling Revolution

Cecile Lecrux signed an official contract with Phoenix Wrestling Revolution in January 2010.

Wrestling Profile

Wrestler Name: Cecile Lecrux

Height: 5'6

Weight: 111 lbs

Age: 27

Hometown: Astana, Kazakhstan

Alignment: Face

Wrestling Style: Basically whatever it takes works.

Entrance Theme: "Ice Queen" by Within Temptation


  • "Megalomaniac Killer" ; A wild corkscrew body press

Trademark Moves:

  • "Tight Rope Act" ; Cecile hops up on the top turnbuckle and walks the ropes until she reaches her unsuspecting opponent. She then lunges forward and delivers a violent kick to the back of her victims head.

Frequently Used Moves:

  1. Spinning Heel Kick
    # Headbutt
    # Handspring Moonsault
    # Suicide Plancha
    # Side arm takedown
    # Flying Arm Scissors
    # Cross Face hold
    # Leg Sweep Kick
    # Jumping Knee Strike
    # DDT


  • WWN Women's Champion
  • Siberian Wrestling Heavyweight Championship (x2)
    • Won Black Alchemy Carnival Wrestling's 'Ultimate Champion' match.
    • Co-Winner of 2010 Experts Gauntlet Match
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