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Cameron Ella Ava
Ava on Showdown in late 2019.
Ava on Showdown in late 2019.
Birth name Cameron Ella Fernandez-Ava
Born January 5, 1989 (age 31)
Los Angeles, CA
Resides Los Angeles, CA
Spouse(s) Jamie O'Hara (m. 2018)
Children 1
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Cameron Hart
Cameron Ella Ava
Billed height 5 ft. 6 in. (1.71 m)
Billed weight 130 lbs. (59 kg)
Billed from Los Angeles, CA
Trained by EAW Performance Center
Los Angeles Wrestling Club
Debut 2010

Cameron Ella Ava-O'Hara (nee Fernandez-Ava; born January 5, 1989) is a retired American professional wrestler, model, reality television personality, and actress known for her time in Elite Answers Wrestling under the name Cameron Ella Ava. She is the first person in EAW, man or woman, to hold the EAW Openweight Championship and EAW Unified Tag Team Championship concurrently.

Also, Ava is a former two-time EAW Vixens Champion, one-time EAW Women's World Champion, two-time EAW Hall of Fame Champion, one-time EAW Answers World Champion, one-time EAW Interwire Champion, one-time EAW Openweight Champion, and one-time holder of the Empire Cup (also known as Vixens and Iconic Cup). Ava is known as the first female to hold a male singles championship, be a full-time member of a male-dominated EAW brand, and compete in a one-on-one match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Early Life

Ava was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Carmen Estefania Mercedes Ava and Henrique Fernandez. She is the oldest of the Ava sisters. Ava has a twin sister, Consuela Rose, and two younger sisters, Camille Jane and Candice Blair. She had a great relationship with her mother; however, it was a different story with her father. During high school, Ava excelled in cheerleading and eventually, began training during her Senior Year of High School.

Professional Wrestling Career

Elite Answers Wrestling

Debut (September 2010- September 2011)

In September 2010, Ava had an EAW try-out match, under the name Cameron Hart on Turbo. She lost her debut match against an unknown talent. Despite her loss, she managed to impress EAW Officials and was granted an EAW Contract to join EAW Developmental. After six months in the developmental system, Ava joined the Vixens Division under the name Cameron Ella Ava. During her short time on the main roster, she made a fantastic impression on EAW Management as she was improving at a tremendous rate.

Ava in her first EAW photoshoot.

During Grand Rampage 2011, Ava managed to make it to the final three in a Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the EAW Vixens Championship. Unfortunately, Ava got eliminated, and Medusa won the match. Eventually, she got taken under the wing of Christy Cruise, who thought that Ava reminded her a lot of herself when she was starting in the business. Eventually, Cameron turned on Cruise and aligned herself with SG1, turning heel in the process. By showing her allegiance to SG1, SG1 gave Cameron her spot in the Vixens Championship Scramble Match at Pain 4 Pride, in which the event was won by the Heart Break Gal. Over the next couple of months, she feuded with Cruise and won the feud.

Rise to the Top (October 2011 - June 2013)

Then, she set her sights on the Vixens Championship and the current titleholder, Kendra Shamez. Meanwhile, she began to form an on-screen relationship with Hurricane Hawk as he would train her. At House of Glass 2011, Cameron gained her first Vixens Championship by defeating Kendra Shamez in a Taipei Deathmatch. The title reign lasted seven months. She faced women such as Kendra, The Heart Break Gal, and Sasha Fierce for the championship. Through, the title reign, she suffered which would be one out of two heartbreaks in her EAW career. Thinking that Hurricane Hawk would propose to her in a segment, he leaves Cameron on the ramp. Not a single word was said, and she was in complete tears. Backstage, she cried and got met by a man who would become a huge factor in her career, Dark Demon. Eventually, these two would begin a relationship, and Cameron turned face again. As fast as their relationship began, their relationship was soon to crumble as Demon did not believe Ava was able to hold her own against the Extremists in EAW. In a Handicap Match against Superior Quality 85, Demon and Ava were victorious, but Ava turned heel by kicking Demon in the groin. She claimed that she used him and that she no longer needed him anymore. 

Cameron’s most notable feud happened to be with Cleopatra, who was in Project EGO at the time. Cleopatra was a force to be reckoned with. Despite what Cameron did, she was not able to get the job done, and at Pain for Pride 6, she got her Pain for Pride moment when she finally defeated Cleopatra for the Vixens Championship. Her title reign lasted about three months as Cassandra Lyndivia, who was part of the Lyndivias defeated Ava at House of Glass in a Taipei Deathmatch to gain the Vixens Championship. Ava’s feud with Lyndivia gained the attention of the EAW Universe. For the first time, these two would face in a series of five matches. The series, which was won by Cassandra. Eventually, The Lyndivias left EAW, which left Ava as the last remaining Vixen in the Division. For that, the title was vacant.

Hall of Fame Championship (September 2014 - June 2015)

Eventually, Cameron found herself teaming with the Heart Break Boy. The two of them called themselves The American Dream They made it their mission to be the first intergender tag team to hold the Tag Team Championship. Quickly, Cameron found herself in the middle of a feud with the Heart Break Boy and Jaywalker. As the Heart Break Boy got put out of commission, Jaywalker focused his attention on Cameron. The more notable match was their Branding Match at Dia Del Diablo where Jaywalker branded Ava in her lower back. At Midnight Summer Massacre, Ava made history by becoming the first woman to hold the Hall of Fame Championship. Through her reign, she faced Kendra Shamez and an up starter by the name of Tarah Nova. Sadly, her seven-month title reign came to an end when at Reckless Wiring 2015, she faced Scott Diamond in an “I Quit” Match. During the match, she got mauled. Despite trying not to quit, she passed out, and Scott got crowned as the Hall of Fame Champion. During Triple Threat, Ava regained the Hall of Fame Championship due to interference by the returning Dark Demon. In reward, she would have to give him a shot at the title. At Pain for Pride 8, she lost her title to Dark Demon in a Triple Threat Match against him and the Heart Break Boy.

Rapid Decline (November 2015 - June 2016)

After Pain for Pride, she got placed back in the Vixens Division. She was very devastated by her loss. She was even more devastated to go back to the Vixens Division, claiming she was above all the Vixens in the Division. To redeem herself, she participated in the Empress of Elite. In the tournament, which was won by Aria Jaxon. she was taken out of the Vixens Division and placed on the Showdown brand. She answered Chuck Scene’s open challenge for the Interwire Championship. Over the past few weeks, she had gotten the best out of Chuck. At Showdown: Redemption, she gained the Interwire Championship. She became the first woman in EAW history to hold a single male title. During her reign, she would feud with Elitists like Jason Cage and Brayden Cruise. Eventually, Ava lost the title to TLA after a returning Chuck Scene attacked her during the match and caused her the title. At Reasonable Doubt, Ava and Scene faced in a No Hold Barred Match in which Ava won in dominating fashion.

After the match, Ava turned heel by claiming to be the best on Showdown. She thought no one was able to defeat her and she welcomed an open challenge. Aria Jaxon answered the call, which led to an impromptu match, in which Aria rolled her up with the victory. This lead to a feud between the two Vixens. Ava took part in the Vixens Cup Tournament. She eliminated Jaxon in the first round and made it to the finals. She lost to Sheridan Muller.

Ava facing Jaxon in the main event of Showdown.

For the first time in seven years, Ava and Jaxon main event an episode of Showdown.

The winner would get a shot at the Vixens Championship at Triple Threat. Jaxon made Ava tap out. Thanks to James Shields, Cameron faced Lioncross in a match where the winner could challenge anyone they pleased at Pain for Pride 9. Cameron won the match. At Triple Threat, Ava took place in a Brand Warfare Match, where she eliminated Jamie O'Hara. Thus, this sparked a feud between the two of them. As Ava suffered a loss against Jaxon, O’Hara suffered a loss against Aren Mstislav. Both competitors were looking to redeem themselves from that loss. The two Elitists faced each other at Pain for Pride IX, where O’Hara was victorious in the match.

Empire (September 2016 - June 2017)

After Pain for Pride, Ava was placed back in the Vixens Division and participated in Empress of Elite in which was won by Cailin Dillon. With the launch of the Empire brand, Ava faced Jaxon in the main event. Ava won the match after a distraction from her sister, Consuela. A week later, Ava announced that she was a member of an all-Vixens stabled called the OG Vixens. It consisted of Kendra Shamez and the Heart Break Gal. Quickly, they found themselves clashing with The Sirens (Cailin Dillon, Tarah Nova, and Aria Jaxon). At Shock Value, Team OGs (Ava, Shamez, HBG, Veena, and Stephanie Matsuda) defeated Team Sirens (Jaxon, Nova, Dillon, Haruna Sakazaki, and Sheridan Muller). Ava was the sole survivor of the match along with the Heart Break Gal. At Road to Redemption X, Ava took place in the first Specialists Chamber Match. She made it to the final three but was eliminated by Jaxon. Eventually, Brody Sparks won the match.

Ava as Women's World Champion on an episode of Empire.

At the first all-woman Supershow, Malicious Intentions, Ava took part in a twenty-five women's Grand Rampage Match and won. The winner received the Empire Cup, which replaced the Vixens Cup. Ava had the opportunity to cash it in whenever she pleased. Two weeks later, Shamez got injured during a live show, leaving Ava and Dillon to take charge of The OG Vixens. For costing her the match at Malicious Intentions, Aria Jaxon had problems with Ava, and the two women faced each other at Grand Rampage in which Ava lost. Later in the night, she saved Dillon from The Coven. As Cailin wanted to connect with an Eyes of Texas, Cameron connected with Knock Bitches Out and cashed in her Empire Cup to become the second-ever Women's World Champion.

At Pain for Pride X, Ava will face Jaxon and Dillon for the Women's World Championship on the line. At Pain for Pride X, Ava lost the Women's Championship in a Triple Threat Match consisting of Jaxon and Dillon when Jaxon pinned Ava.

On Path to History (July 2017 - January 2018)

During the Post EAW Draft show, Ava was the first one announced to get traded to Voltage. The week after, she found herself in the main event scene with Aren Mstislav, TLA, and World Heavyweight Champion, Jamie O'Hara. A week later, she and O'Hara showed to be united as ever as they defeated Mstislav and TLA in a tag team match. As O'Hara had to worry about whether he would have to face one out of his two rivals at Territorial Invasion, Kenny Drake would announce that he would fight  Ava for the World Championship. Due to the competitive nature of the couple, this complicated their relationship as business and personal became intertwined with each other. Both vowed that they were willing to sacrifice their relationship if it meant being the champion. At Territorial Invasion, their match proved to be personal and gruesome as O'Hara was able to retain the title. The title match marked the first time a female competed for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, the first time a couple would face each other in a competitive match. By the match, O'Hara and Ava's relationship seemed to decline as a result of the match. At Ground Zero, Ava would act as a special guest referee for O'Hara's title match against TLA. Ava would cost TLA the title and help O'Hara retain. Ava defeated TLA in a Street Fight due to interference by O'Hara, thus cementing the status of their relationship.

Di Consentes (October 2017 - April 2018)

For the Tag Team Grand Prix, Ava is teaming with former OG Vixen and rival, The Heart Break Gal as Di Consentes. They are scheduled to face We are the Bollocks (Finnegan Wakefield and El Ironico) at Road to Redemption. At Road to Redemption, Di Consentes became the first female Tag Team to Win the Grand Prix. The date for their Tag Team Championship Match is unknown. During the next few weeks, Ava got in the middle of the rivalry between O'Hara and Chris Elite. At Shock Value, she accompanied O'Hara in his World Heavyweight Championship defense. Thus, she helped to play a role in him retaining. On an episode of Showdown, it was revealed the Cameron was the person in the hoodie, who has been costing The High Rollerz (Jack Ripley and David Davidson) wins in their matches. Meanwhile, Ava won the opportunity to represent Voltage in the Openweight Championship Match at King of Elite after the title was vacant by Cody Marshall. At King of Elite, it was announced that Ava would face Stark (Dynasty) and Sheridan Muller (Empire) for the Openweight Championship. Also, Di Consentes would face The High Rollerz for the Unified Tag Team Championships. At King of Elite, Ava defeated Stark to become Openweight Champion while Di Consentes would lose to The High Rollerz after Ava was pinned.

Double Champion (January 2018 - May 2018)

Due to the EAW Shakeup, Ava was traded to Showdown. Due to Ava winning the Openweight Championship as a Voltage Elitist, this gave Voltage the first shot of the title. Keelan was chosen as Voltage representative after coming from a loss at the King of Elite. After The Heart Break Gal asked Showdown General Manager, Brian Daniels for a rematch for the Unified Tag Team Championships, Ava would be placed in two different title matches of the night.

Ava as Openweight Champion on an episode of Showdown.

At Reasonable Doubt, Ava retained against Keelan and Di Consentes won the Unified Tag Team Championships, becoming the first female Tag Team to do so. At Reckless Wiring, Ava will take on Dynasty representative, Scott Oasis for the Openweight Championship and along with The Heart Break Gal, they will take on The Dragon Slayers for the Unified Tag Team Championships. At Reckless Wiring, Di Consentes retained the Unified Tag Team Championships. Ava also defeated Oasis for the Openweight Championship. On the Empire after the Iconic Cup, it was announced that Sydney St. Clair would be Ava's next challenger for the Openweight Championship. Ava did everything to show her dominance in the upcoming match. Even showing former rival and St. Clair's mentor, Tarah Nova being the third member of Di Consentes. At Grand Rampage, Ava retained the Openweight Championship as well as guaranteeing her shot at the EAW Championship. However, the state of her Unified Tag Team Championship remains in question as The Heart Break Gal went on hiatus and Nova leaving the company before Grand Rampage. On the next episode of Showdown, it was revealed that Scott Diamond would be her new Tag Team partner after Diamond beat up David Davidson. It was a week after that it was announced that she would cash in her Openweight Championship at Wrath of the Dragon on a newly crowned EAW Champion, Rex McAllister. It was announced on that same show that Ava and Diamond would take on Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley for the Unified Tag Team Championships at that same supershow. At Wrath of the Dragon, Diamond was replaced by Chairman of EAW, Mr. DEDEDE as they went on to retain the Unified Tag Team Championships. Also at the same event, Ava failed at capturing the EAW Championship. At Pain for Pride, it was announced that Ava would be competing in two matches. One against Empire's Zakkii in her last match. Another defending the Unified Tag Team Championships against The Dragon Slayers and Daryl Kinkade and Charlie Marr. At Pain for Pride, Ava would lose to Zakkii but ended up retaining the Unified Tag Team Championships. In the EAW Draft Show, she would find herself a victim of betrayal from Mr. DEDEDE as he, along with Theron Nikolas and Jack Ripley would go to assault Ava, solidifying the alliance with the three men. On the July 14 episode of Showdown, Ava and Mr. DEDEDE would lose the Unified Tag Team Championships to Drillmatic (Astraea Jordan and Malcolm Jones) when Astraea pinned Mr. DEDEDE.

Dynasty (July 2018)

On the July 29 episode of Dynasty, Ava defeated Impact and Andrei Sokolova to advance and face Jack Ripley in a number one contenders match for an opportunity to face Darkane for the Answers World Championship at Revolution thanks to interference from Theron Nikolas. On the August 3 episode of Dynasty, Ava lost to Ripley due to interference by Impact. Meanwhile dealing with her situation on Dynasty, it was announced that same week that Ava would face Stephanie Matsuda for the Women's World Championship at Manifest Destiny. On the August 9 episode of Empire, Ava was in a press conference for the Women's World Championship match at Manifest Destiny. On the August 10 episode of Dynasty, Ava was in a segment to get answers from Impact for attacking her last week. On the August 17 episode of Dynasty, Ava was backstage intending to get her revenge on Impact but was stopped by StarrStan, who didn't want her to get hurt before her Women's World Championship Match. At Manifest Destiny, Ava lost due to fading from Matsuda's submission move, Blasian Sunrise. At Revolution, Ava defeated Impact via disqualification, but Impact continued to attack her after the match. On the August 31 episode of Dynasty, Ava attacked Impact in a segment with a steel chair after he announced his intentions to go after the Answers World Championship. After the beatdown, Ava announced those same intentions of being Answers World Champion. At Territorial Invasion, Ava was close to winning the Answers World Championship, but took a Devil May Cry and threw her out of the ring as he was able to pin Impact and retain his championship.

Feud with Mr. DEDEDE (August 2018- December 2018)

After Territorial Invasion, Ava reignited her feud with Mr. DEDEDE. This lead to a match between the two of them on the October 5 episode of Dynasty. In the match, Mr. DEDEDE took it within his control to expose and humiliate Ava by stripping her almost naked. The match ended in disqualification as Impact got involved in the match and beaten down Ava. Mr. DEDEDE was ready to hit her with The Equalizer before Ms. Extreme, her sister came and rescued Ava from the assault. She managed to attack both Impact and Mr. DEDEDE with a kendo stick as the duo known as The Liquid Swords escaped up the ramp. On the October 12 episode of Dynasty, Ava and Ms. Extreme were in a segment with Liquid Swords. A Steel Cage between Liquid Swords and The Ava Sisters was to take place at Operation: Doomsday. The biggest take away from the segment came from Mr. DEDEDE as he wished "death, destruction and rape" on the Ava Sisters. At Operation: Doomsday, besides the effort from the two sisters, Ms. Extreme was a victim of an Evisceration from Impact and a Spear from Mr. DEDEDE, while Ava watched from outside the cage, unable to help.

Ava on Dynasty in 2018.

On the October 26 episode of Dynasty, Ava faced Jack Ripley. During the match, Mr. DEDEDE appeared on the Jumbotron and happened to be outside her mother, Carmen Ava's home. Carmen opens the door as eventually, Mr. DEDEDE and Carmen were making out with Ava disgusted over everything. Ripley tried to use that as a distraction, but Ava managed to get a roll-up victory. On the November 2 episode of Dynasty, Ava appeared in a segment with Carmen and Mr. DEDEDE, angry about Mr. DEDEDE bringing her mother into this mess. Ava and Mr. DEDEDE had a war of words, before being stopped by Carmen and assuring Ava to trust her as Cameron leaves the run unhappy. On the November 9 episode of Dynasty, Ava and Ripley had their match for the PURE Championship. Mr. DEDEDE ended up costing her the match by attacking her and then Ripley pinning her to retain his title. Later in the night, Ava got herself involved in the Mr. DEDEDE vs. Erebus Jennings match. Ava attacked Ripley and prevented him from getting more involved in the match. Ava hit him with the PURE Championship and knocked him out. However, Mr. DEDEDE managed to get the victory over Jennings via the distraction ringside. On the November 16 episode of Dynasty, Ava teamed with Devan Dubian to take on Mr. DEDEDE and Answers World Champion, Theron Nikolas. Ava was almost attacked by The Equalizer, but Ava moved out of the way and connected with In Excelsis on Mr. DEDEDE gets the victory for her team. At Wicked Games, Mr. DEDEDE attacked Ava with the official down and managed to defeat Ava with an MK Driver. This was before Carmen took a spear from Mr. DEDEDE, which was meant for Ava.

On the November 30 episode of Dynasty, Ava defeated Kevin Hunter. Later in the night, a segment consisting of the four Ava Sisters was shown. The segment showed how divided the sisters were with the engagement of Mr. DEDEDE and her mother. On the December 7 episode of Empire, Ava was featured in the wedding between Mr. DEDEDE and her mother. As Ava tried to get herself involve and help her mother get assaulted by Mr. DEDEDE and her father, Henrique Fernandez, she was held back by security as she had no choice, but to watch her mother get beat up. On the December 14 episode of Dynasty, Ava, who looked broken and destroyed, was featured in a segment with Mr. DEDEDE. She stated that he won and that he took away her passion and love for wrestling. She is willing to leave the company if she loses the "I Quit" Match in which she would throw at Mr. DEDEDE. At Road to Redemption, Ava, with the help of Camille, defeated Mr. DEDEDE. Thus, ending their feud.

Various Feuds (January 2019 - June 2019)

On the January 4 episode of Dynasty, Ava defeated Devan Dubian in the first round of the King of Elite Tournament; however, after the match, Dubian turned heel by connecting with a Bleeding Edge and a Propel to Paradise on Ava. Before he could connect with another Bleeding Edge, Camille came in to rescue Ava and scare away Dubian. On the January 11 episode of Dynasty, it was announced that Ava would be pulled out of the King of Elite Tournament and be replaced with Camille. On the February 8 episode of Dynasty, Ava returned as she, along with O'Hara, helped out Camille, who was becoming a victim of the 2-on-1 assault by Dubian and Bowie Gray. On the February 16 episode of Dynasty, Ava and O'Hara teamed up to face APOCALYPSE and Donovan Cross in a tag team match. Dubian and Gray were on commentary for the match as the married couple managed to get a count-out victory. However, after the match, Dubian and Gray attacked Ava and O'Hara. Dubian delivered a Propel to Paradise to O'Hara. On the February 23 episode of Dynasty, The Ava Sisters face Dubian and Gray in a No Disqualification Tag Team Match. The match resulted in a victory after Camille connected with A Blind Fury on Dubian. On the March 8 episode of Dynasty, Ava was in a segment to cut a promo but ended up being a victim of a 2-on-1 assault before O'Hara saved her from Dubian connecting with a Propel to Paradise. At Ides of March, Ava and O'Hara defeated Dubian and Gray in a tag team match with O'Hara connecting with In Excelsis on Dubian. Later in the night, Ava saved Cross from an assault by the One Percent but was cut in half with a Spear by an old rival, Mr. DEDEDE, and thrown out of the ring.

On the March 22 episode of Dynasty, it was announced that Ava will face Theron Nikolas for the Answers World Championship at Grand Rampage. On the April 12 episode of Dynasty, Ava and Nikolas had a contract signing for their Answers World Championship Match at the Grand Rampage event. The segment ended in a brawl with Ava raising the Answers World Championship high in the air. At Grand Rampage, Ava failed at capturing the title after Nikolas spat a red mist on her and connected with the King's Requiem afterward. Ava had not been seen on television since Grand Rampage, but her next appearance happened to be on the May 10 episode of Dynasty, where she faced Mark Michaels. O'Hara would interference in the match to attack Michaels and causing a No Disqualification. She wasn't seen again until the May 24 episode of Dynasty in a backstage interview. Ava explained that this was one of the first times where her direction for Pain for Pride was unclear and that she would be looking for a match anywhere. On the June 2 episode of Voltage, Ava arrived on Voltage to accept Xavier Williams in his challenge to face her at Pain for Pride. On the June 9 episode of Voltage, Ava had a backstage interview with Sofia Clarke about her season. On the June 16 episode of Voltage, Ava faced Voltage co-commissioner Veena Adams, making her submit instantly to the Ava Lock. After the match, Williams connected with an End of Heartache to Ava. At Pain for Pride XII, Ava defeated Williams by making him submit to the Ava Lock.

Showdown (July 2019 - April 2020)

On the season premiere of Showdown, Ava was traded to Showdown. Before her match with Chris Elite, Ava was seen in a backstage segment with The Wildcards (Xander Payne and Myles). Along with O'Hara, Ava found herself in a bit of a confrontation over Payne and his thoughts about the women on the show. Payne judged Ava on her being a woman and not claiming that she was a real threat at all. He stated that she was in the main event because of a "dumbass equality movement". On the July 13 episode of Showdown, Ava faced Payne. Payne managed to defeat Ava after hitting her with a roll of quarters and stealing the victory. Later on the show, Ava came to O'Hara's aid after he found himself being outnumbered. On the July 21 episode of Showdown, Ava defeated Constance Blevins. Later in the night, she rushed to O'Hara's aid after finding himself in a two-on-one situation with The Wildcards. With the four teams staring down one another, it was announced that Ava and O'Hara would take on The Wildcards at Midsummer Massacre. At Midsummer Massacre, Ava and O'Hara defeated The Wildcards after O'Hara struck Payne with two In Excelesis before being blasted by a third one thanks to Ava.

Ava on Showdown in 2019.

On the August 3 episode of Showdown, Ava opened the show and revealed her intentions to go after the EAW Universal Women's Championship and it didn't matter who won the Kassidy Heart and Serena Bennett match. She was getting her title shot next. On the August 24 episode of Showdown, Ava defeated Io Ishimori, and afterward, Heart made an appearance and accepted Ava's challenge. On the August 31 episode of Showdown, Ava and Heart had a segment. Ava had comments about the marriage between her and former rival Mr. DEDEDE. Ava claimed that Heart was going to end up bitter and heartbroken. On the September 7 episode of Showdown, Ava cut a promo, cutting the parallels between Ava and Heart's relationships and called out Heart. Not much was said before Ava cut to footage, highlighting all the harm that DEDEDE has done to her and her family. On the September 14 episode of Showdown, Ava and Heart confronted each other one last time before Territorial Invasion, where the focus was back on their title defense. Ava stated if she can't help Heart, then Ava will just help herself by taking the Universal Women's Championship. At EAW Territorial Invasion (2019), Heart managed to defeat Ava by knocking her out to her submission move, "Thank U, Next", straining Ava's right arm in the process and keeping her out of action for about a month. On the October 19 episode of Showdown, Ava made her return, making the save towards O'Hara from The ILLIONAIRES (Chris Elite and Ahren Fournier), ending with The ILLIONAIRES being thrown into the sea. On the October 26 episode of Showdown, Ava face Fournier in a winning effort, but the win was a bit controversial due to Fournier having his foot underneath the bottom rope, but the official never seeing that. At the same show, it was announced that Ava and O'Hara would face Fournier and Elite at EAW Reasonable Doubt (2019). A Reasonable Doubt, The ILLIONAIRES defeated the husband and wife duo after Fournier connected with Protect Ya Neck on Ava.

Answers World Champion (November 2019 - April 2020)

On the November 17 episode of Showdown, Ava and O'Hara was featured in a segment, where both of them expressed their intentions to become EAW Answers World Championship and for their own respective reasons. On the November 14 episode of Showdown, Ava and O'Hara teamed up to face Heavenly Hell (Constance Blevins and Minerva) in a winning effort after Elite inserted himself as the special guest referee via the Gawd Contract and cost Heavenly Hell the opportunity to qualify for the Extreme Elimination Chamber. At EAW Road to Redemption (2019), Ava captured the Answers World Championship by last eliminating O'Hara. On the first Showdown of 2020, Ava cut a promo in the ring, reflecting on her huge win, but it was interrupted by Xander Payne, who believed that he was the reason for Ava's victory at Road to Redemption. He states that it doesn't matter who wins between her and Mr. DEDEDE, he will be getting his title shot at EAW King of Elite (2020). Later in the night, Ava managed to retain the title against DEDEDE, also advancing to the next round of the King of Elite Tournament. After the match, Payne attacks DEDEDE and drives his head through cinderblocks. On the January 11 episode of Showdown, Payne calls out Ava to the ring and challenges her to a match at King of Elite. Ava declines the offer, but after an off the cuff comment by Payne, she attacks him and accepts his challenge at King of Elite. On the January 18 episode of Showdown, Ava defeats Lance Blackfyre to advance to the semi-finals. After the match, O'Hara, who will meet her in the semi-finals, decides to up the ante by having Ava put the Answers World Championship on the line. Ava accepts the challenge. On the January 25 episode of Showdown, O'Hara manages to defeat Ava by disqualification after Payne attacks him. O'Hara manages to make it to the finals, but Ava manages to retain her title. On the go-home show before King of Elite, Ava and Payne have a contract signing before Payne puts her through a table. At King of Elite, Ava retains the title against Payne.

On the February 22 episode of Showdown, it was announced that Ava would be defending the Answers World Championship against Ahren Fournier and Chris Elite in a Triple Threat Match at EAW Under Siege (2020). On the go-home show, Fournier, Elite, and Ava get a few words in before The ILLIONAIRES nail her with Put It On Ice and leave the champion laid out. At Under Siege, Ava retains the title by pinning both of them at the same time. On the March 20 and 28 editions of Showdown, it was announced that DEDEDE and Payne would face Ava for the Answers World Championship at EAW Grand Rampage (2020). On the April 4 episode of Showdown, Ava had a segment with DEDEDE and Payne where it ended in the chaos of her being on the receiving end of a beating by DEDEDE; however, she would go on to win her match later in the night against Shaker Jones. On the go-home show before Grand Rampage, Ava would team with DEDEDE and Payne in a losing effort to Jones, TNT and Jordan Payne after Payne's son, Ameer would hit DEDEDE with a Louisville Slugger. At Grand Rampage, Ava would lose the title to DEDEDE after he hit her with a flaming Equalizer. On the April 25 episode of Showdown, O'Hara would provide a medical update on Ava, stating that her career is over and that the couple is expecting their first child together.

Other Media

Ava is a cast member of True Vixens and True Avas which premiered in 2018. Ava and her twin sister appeared on the cover of the October 2016 issue of Muscle & Fitness. In July 2017, she became one of several female Elitists who had a Barbie doll modeled after her through a joint partnership between EAW and Mattel. In August 2017, Ava was confirmed to participate in the 25th Season of Dancing with the Stars. Her partner was Artem Chigvintsev. She was eliminated on October 30, 2017. On May 23, 2018, Ava appeared in a celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior.


Year Title Role Notes
2016 -


True Vixens Herself Main Cast

(Season 1 - Present)

2017 Cruise Control Guest Star

(Season 1, Episode 1)

2017 Dancing With The Stars Season 25
2018 -


True Avas Main Cast

(Season 1 - present)

2018 Celebrity Ninja Warrior The special celebrity edition of American Ninja Warrior to raise money for Red Nose Day

Personal Life

Ava was in an on and off relationship with Stephen Fox, who went by the name, Dark Demon in EAW for five years before calling it off in October 2016. Around Christmas Eve 2016, rumors begin to swirl linking her and fellow Elitist, Jamie O'Hara being in a relationship. When asked about it, both kept quiet on the matter. Ava confirmed the relationship in February 2017 on Twitter. On December 27th, 2017, Ava confirmed on Instagram that O'Hara had proposed to her on Christmas Day, a day after their kayfabe proposal on Voltage. It is strongly rumored that their wedding will happen between February and July in Germany.

Ava is agonistic which goes against her mother's Christian views. When it comes to the topic of religion, these two will often clash. During an interview that her mother almost kicked her out of the house after a huge argument about Ava's stance on Christianity. Ava is a Feminist and believes in the equality of women.

On July 14, 2018, Ava married O'Hara in the Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany. The wedding consisted of over 200 friends and family members. On the April 25, 2020 edition of Showdown, O'Hara announced that he and Ava are expecting their first child together in December.

On December 5, 2020, Ava gave birth to a baby boy named Hathaway Avery Ava-O'Hara.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Ava Lock (Modified Inverted STF)
    • Breaking Barriers (Argentine Backbreaker Drop)
    • Goddess' Touch (Running Enzuigiri)
    • In Excelsis (Bicycle Knee Strike) -- adopted from Jamie O'Hara
    • Stardust Breaker (Double Wrist-Lock [Straightjacket Suplex Position] Ripcord into a Straight Knee Strike to the jaw) -- adopted from Jamie O'Hara
  • Signature Moves
    • Alabama Slam
    • Bitch Camp (Snapmare Facebuster)
    • Double Axe Handle
    • Double Knee Strike
    • Elbow Smash
    • Glass Ceiling (Top Rope Stunner)
    • Knee Drop
    • Wonder Woman Punch (Forearm Smash)
    • Moonsault
    • Multiple Kick Variations
      • Backflip
      • Bicycle
      • Calf
      • Drop
      • Heel
      • Pele
      • Rolling Wheel
      • Roundhouse
      • Springboard Roundhouse
    • Multiple Suplex Variations
      • Double Underhook
      • Dragon
      • Fisherman's
      • German
      • Northern Lights
      • Slingshot
      • Snap
    • Suicide Dive
    • Tope Con Hilo
    • Snapback (Snapmare Facebreaker)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Goddess"
    • "The Centerpiece"
    • "Killa Cam"
    • "Queen Cam"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Rumors" by Lindsay Lohan (2012 - 2015)
    • "Sellouts" by Breathe Carolina (2015 - 2016)
    • "ULTRAnumb" by Blue Stahli (2016 - present)
    • "ULTRAnumb (Exterminated Remix)" by Blue Stahli (2017 - present; FPVs only)
    • "Sugar and Spice" by Icon For Hire (2016 - 2017; used while teaming with Consuela Rose Ava)
    • "My Name Is Human" by Highly Suspect (2017 - 2018; used as a member of Di Consentes)

Championships and Accomplishments

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