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Cage Stryker
Image of Cage Stryker
Real name Johnathan C. Kurtis
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Height 6'2"
Weight 240 lbs.
Date of birth July 2nd, 1984 (age 24)
Place of birth Brooklyn, NY
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Resides Hollywood, CA
Billed from Hollywood, CA
Trainer TJ Hix & Matt Covey
Handled by TJ Hicks
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Debut May 07, 2008
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Born Johnathan C. Kurtis in Brooklyn, New York to Frederick and Rena Kurtis, the superstar known as Cage Stryker to fans everywhere lived a normal life. His parents were huge conglomerates of a Pharmaceutical company so they lived a bit of the high life. Johnathan was always too modest. He never allowed money to influence him. He treated everyone equally. It was on a cold autumn night he found himself walking home, lugging a huge bag of books for the holiday weekend when he had a run in with one of the local gangs of Brooklyn. Swifty McVay...head of the gang decided to have his lackeys mug Johnathan on his way home. The Kurtis Pharmaceuticals was a well known business and they knew John was the son of the multi-millionaire family. However...what Swifty wasn't expecting was for a rival gang to be in the neighborhood. Childhood friends of John's...(more commonly known as TJ Hicks and Matt Covey today) were also in the neighborhood that night. Lucky for Johnathan too, otherwise Swifty would have left him for dead. A gang war broke out as Johnathan lay in his own blood slipping out of consciousness. Hix and Covey made quick work out of Swifty and his gang and helped Johnathan home that night. That was also the night they chose to take him under their wing and toughen him up. That night Cage Stryker was born.

Welcome to The Family

Johnathan owed Matt and TJ his life. They had snatched him up from death's embrace. Swifty and his gang would have not left him alive. TJ and Matt took John under their wing. Swifty was not one to give up easy. He failed the first time, he would not fail a second, next time Johnathan would be lucky if Swifty didn't just shoot him on the spot. They winded their way through the alleyways of Brooklyn. Until they reached a specific back alley, they didn't stop. Johnathan didn't know what to think as he noticed a neon sign. It read Hell's Handbasket. TJ nodded to Johnathan as he went down the stair into the door. A couple of large men stopped him, but then stepped aside as he waved for Matt and Johnathan to come on in. Johnathan could feel the cold glares from the larger men as they passed through and entered the door.

Almost immediately, Johnathan was about knocked off his feet from the scent of marijuana and alcohol in the air. Matt kinda chuckled seeing the dazed look on his face. Stupid kid was all Matt muttered. Matt lead Johnathan to a back room and then allowed him to go in it. TJ was sitting at a red oak desk with his feet propped up on it. Johnathan was welcomed in and told to take a seat. Several people sat around in the office with him. TJ seemed to be the leader here. Johnathan was quickly introduced to everyone. Jesse 'The Shadow', Alonzo 'The Playa', Daniel 'Diablo', Al 'Jigga Man', Ian 'Blitzkrieg', Peter 'Pimper', Jason 'Stryfe', Brockzilla 'Decimator', and Brett 'Mastermind'.

No one really seemed to pay Johnathan much mind. Instead they listened intently to TJ's briefing explaining that the streets they've owned for so long are threatened. Recruiting needed to be started again. Only the bravest and the bold would be allowed in the ranks. He referred to his latest find as a man named Cage. More recruits would be needed to crush Swifty where he stood. Again TJ spoke of Cage, but Johnathan still had not realized TJ was referring to him.

As TJ's briefings continued a few ladies dressed as cocktail waitresses entered into the office carrying drinks for the guys. One particular one made Johnathan lose all focus. A beautiful blonde bombshell, whao was also quite busty walked over to him and offered him a drink. The sparkle in her eyes and the smile enraptured Johnathan. TJ seemed to notice that, and he whispered to his right hand man Matt. Matt kinda grinned. Johnathan took a glass still locked in her gaze. She smiled again and walked over to Matt and TJ and offered them a drink as well. She leaned over and whispered somethin to TJ. TJ took a moment to introduce the ladies as Kalkayla, Sirena, and Serena. It would turn out that Sirena and Serena were sisters...and yes, their names always confused the heck out of the gang, but their parents were odd.

TJ finally got up from his chair and walked over to Johnathan. He smacked him across the face. Johnathan was dumbstruck but TJ and Matt left the room and shut the door behind them leaving Cage with the rest, who all had murderous intent in their eyes. Johnathan ran to the door, realizing it had been locked from the outside. Brockzilla grabbed Johnathan and threw him across the room splintering the desk. Jesse picked up Johnathan as Al and Daniel started trading licks across the face of Johnathan. Jesse pushed Johnathan forward into Ian who jumped up with a spinning kick knocking him backwards into Brett who also just thew him into the wall. Alonzo took a picture from the wall and shattered it across Johnathan's head. The fight continued, Johnathan was defenseless. Every man continued pummeling Johnathan.

It seemed like forever, each man continuously dismantling Johnathan. Finally the assault stopped. Cage remained beaten and bloodied. Laughter began filling his ears. He couldn't believe his childhood friends would betray him like that. He couldn't believe they'd do something like that to him. The laughter became maddening. Johnathan couldn't take it anymore. He was tired of always being picked on due to his passive aggressive nature. And the lughter kept on...burning in his mind. Finally, Johnathan could take no more...the lughter had to stop.

Johnathan jumped startling all his assailants. A fire raged in his eyes. Ian charged him, but Johnathan delivered a right cross across his jaw stumbling Ian backwards. Jason and Alonzo flanked him, grabbing his arms. Johnathan just slammed the two men's heads together. Al ran at him, but Johnathan just tossed him over his back. Johnathan opened up hiws own full on assault. Johnathan no longer knew where he was...nor did he care...all that mattered was silencing the laughter. After a while, fatigue over took Johnathan, and he collapsed. No one was left standing. The door unlocked and Sirena ran over to Johnathan. She kneeled beside him with a smile as TJ and Matt followed after her. Matt was surprised at the assault that had insued, his only words were damn. TJ stood over Johnathan, and with a smile,

"Welcome to the family, Cage Stryker."


The tension had finally calmed down after that one fateful night. Cage was treated as an individual, and given his rightful respect. TJ and Matt seemed proud of him for finally standing up for himself, but they had not really showed one way or another. Cage wished they had another way of recruiting, but he had guessed nothing would quite show like a fatal beating.

He must have been accepted though, cause soon after, TJ gave him and Sirena an official introduction. Perhaps that was TJ's way of showing his pride of Cage.

Cage and Sirena grew strong feelings for one another. They began spending a lot more time together, learning a lot about one another. They were inseparable. Eventually Cage would even propose to Sirena, who accepted without hesitation.

Though that relationship remains strong, unfortunately, during his tenure in CzW, Cage would get news of his parent's passing. Inside sources say that that also helped in Cage's decision to take a hiatus. His family was always tight knit. It was when he finally got his TV Title shot that he received the news. Interim GM Alan Fiscus and Shawn Waters understood what he was going through and allowed the match to be postponed where Cage would go on to capture it.

As time went on, even Cage and the gang would part ways. Not on bad terms however. They all just decided to aspire for their future goals, but not till after Brooklyn was cleansed of Swifty and his gang.

Life Before Wrestling

Time went on and TJ's gang all moved on to bigger and better things. Some would move on to have families of their own while others broke into the wrestling scene.

Cage on the other hand, with his new found love, realized that the gang life was not a great life. Though he had done it for the majority of his teenage years, Cage would soon realize, that wasn't the way to be.

It wasn't until he witnessed a street crime first hand, that he knew what he needed to do. During the last days of Swifty's gang, Cage, TJ, Matt, Sirena, and a couple of other members of the gang were hangin out at mall. Guns began blazing as Swifty came to end them once and for all. Cage took a shot to the shoulder (which would later attribute to Cage's hiatus), as he dove in front of Sirena, saving her from possible death. Matt was hit in the leg and TJ took one full on to the chest. Though the others also got hit, the only true casualties were TJ and two 12 year old girls and one 6 year old boy. And an elderly man of 65. Swifty had gotten away. Due to the fast response of the EMTs, TJ would be saved. However, for the next several years, he would be in a coma. Matt never left his side.

Cage decided then, the gang life had to end. He would then embark upon a new career...a career to right all his wrongs...and hopefully avenge his fallen friends and the innocents that had suffered because of his choices. Cage would become, NYPD.

Due to his past history, it was a struggle at first, but soon, he would graduate top of his class Sergeant Johnathan Kurtis NYPD. Sirena supported him all the way. She would break in to the modeling scene. Johnathan became infamous. Everyone knew him. He was the best NYPD had to offer. However, he had a reputation, every gang and criminal in the Brooklyn area was gunnin for him. Each one he would easily lock up.

His new career was bright. His old life was finally shedding, and he was heading forward. Then one day, his past caught up to him. He received a dispatch call. Just another day on the force...or at least he thought so. The call took him to a church. Johnathan turned pale. He recognized that church. It was the home of the Swifty McVay gang.

He pulled up by another police car and got out. SWAT had already been called in. Bodies littered the surrounding area. Some dead, but most just brutally beaten.

Another officer told him that they had cornered someone inside. It was believed to be some kind of gang war, however, it was only one man against an entire gang. Cage suited up and went into the church by himself.

To his greatest fear...he was right. In the main room of the church lay a broken and bloodied Swifty McVay. And standing immediately over him was one of Cage's many ghosts of the past...Matt Covey. Matt turned to face him.

Matt: It's done kid.

Johnathan: What do you mean?

Matt: Just that. It's done. This bastard could have killed TJ...but he won't hurt anyone anymore.

Johnathan: Matt...I hate to do this...but it's my job.

Matt: You fuckin pig!

Johnathan: I'm sorry Matt. You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. Anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish. If you decide to answer questions now without an attorney present you will still have the right to stop answering at any time until you talk to an attorney. Knowing and understanding your rights as I have explained them to you, are you willing to answer my questions without an attorney present?

Matt: Fuck off Cage fuckin Stryker!

One of the hardest things Johnathan had ever had to do was arrest someone who was like a brother to him. Johnathan's name went all over the tabloids.

The Commissioner of NYPD called Johnathan to his office one day and told him that he could no longer remain in NYPD. He had too much of a reputation...and too many people now knew him. As long as he remained in New York, he was an endangermeant to not only himself, but everyone around him...and it would be best for him to turn his badge in. Johnathan knew he was right and without question handed the Commissioner his badge. He turned around to exit, but the Commissioner stopped him and told him to come back a moment.

Johnathan obeyed and went back over. The Commissioner tossed Johnathan another badge. Johnathan caught it and read the shiled. Lieutenant of LAPD. His addition to the force was too much of a risk to lose, but the Commissioner took the liberty of getting him a transfer to somewhere else to where he could start new. He'd just need another name.

"Just call me Lieutenant Cage Stryker...LAPD."

He was transferred to the LA division where his influence would remain strongly intact. Sirena easily landed another modeling even better one.

Cage remained on the LAPD. He was a very important aspect to the force. And again, he would quickly make a name for himself.

Combat Zone Wrestling

LAPD treated Cage well. He couldn't think of a better career. Sirena was doing great with her career as well.

Cage always felt empty though. He felt as though...even though it was for his own good...leaving New York...a piece of him was left behind. Many times he also found himself wondering what had become of everyone.

A few years down the road, on his 20th Birthday, Cage saw a spirit lifting sight. As he flipped through the channels one night, he stumbled across EWC on channel 69 Sports. It was a federation ran by David Dubois. He watched as a guy he recognized from his past showed a golden object up the rear end of Dubois.

The commentators on the show were going off about it.





Cage couldn't help but snicker a little bit. So it was true. Bad Ass Matt Covey had served his time...and The FN Boss TJ Hix must have came out of his coma. Cage couldn't help but call over to Sirena. The happiest day he could have imagined had finally happened. His two old friends were finally back on the prowl, and they did something that they had always only dreamed of. They broke into the wrestling scene, just as they had always promised.

It was a dream the entire gang had shared. They were all going to become big time wrestling Superstars. Jesse had done it. Alonzo had done it. Brock had done it. As had Al and Jason. And apparently so had TJ and Matt. Not only had they made it...they took it over. Sirena smiled at Cage and told him he ought to try. Might even get to meet up with his old friends...if they'd forgive him of course.

Cage agreed. He had been doing the police thing for several years why not try something new. Sirena even said she'd follow him and try as well.

They went to EWC first, but unfortunately, it was about to close its doors. The story remained the same with several others they tried. Eventually word had it that TJ and MAtt had retired from the wrestling scene, so Cage put his dreams of grandeur on hold and went back to the LAPD...slightly defeated.

A couple of years passed and while Cage was surfing the internet, he stumbled across a help wanted advertisement for a place called CzW. Cage decided to check into it. Though TJ and Matt had retired, it didn't mean he still couldn't make a break out in another Wrestling Federation. He got Sirena and both of them filled out a resume online and sent it to President Jesse Montana. It wasn't but a week later they received a call and was told that their applications were pending approval. They were asked to come to a show and watch the CzW live. They were promised a decision would be rendered upon the close of the show.

It was the May 1st edition of Warzone. Many great superstars came out and Cage knew he was hooked. The highlights of his night was the X Title Tack Match and getting to see another old friend in Ed Covey compete. After the match Ed came and chatted with Cage and Sirena, but eventually headed on to the back. After the show they went to Nibs and Twisters, Special Ed's Bar and Grill where they woulf later be approached by one Ryan Lewis, who would make their dreams come true. They would both sign their official CzW Contract. That following Warzone, Cage was put into action against the Phoenix Mike King. It was an explosive debut that definitely made an impact in CzW.

May 8th: Warzone


Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker.

Though he came off an amazing debut, for the next couple of weeks...CzW Management began questioning the ability of Cage Stryker. He may have made an impact, but was it going to be enough to keep him without a pink slip. For 3 weeks straight, Cage kept coming up short.

May 15th: Warzone

Gregory "The Graduate" Grantham -VS- Cage Stryker

Winner By Pinfall: Gregory Grantham

May 22: Assault

Sammy Giovanni -VS- Eric Collum -VS- Cage Stryker

Winner By Pinfall: Eric Collum

Two weeks Cage lost. It started getting to him. He wasn't sure he had what it took to truly make it big in the CzW. He wound up packing up and leaving CzW, without intent to return. By this point...TJ Hicks had appeared on the CzW scene, and seemed to have forgiven Cage for what he had done to Matt years prior. He even helped Sirena seek out Cage...just in time for May Massacre 2008 where he would return in the corner of Alan Fiscus's Riot Squad. Cage would also be saved by a mystery man who would later turn out to be the returning Bad Ass Matt Covey...who would debut in CzW a couple of weeks later.

During the May Massacre Combat Zone Team Warfare Match, Cage did not initially come out with his team, leaving it as a 4 on 5 on 5. It was believed Cage was definitely gone from CzW. Much to CzW's delight, Cage Stryker would make an explosive entrance. He took his place beside Alan Fiscus, Old Friend Special Ed Covey, Mike Monroe The All American Nightmare, and the already eliminated Krimzon Blaze. Cage would go on to Eliminate The Outlaw Buck Evans and Mr. TV Shawn Waters. His fire was shortly extinguished as Maynard O Toole would eliminate him. Though the team lost the match, this would be the beginning of Cage's climb to the TV Title Status.

May 29: May Massacre

The Upstarts (Montana/Beaudin/Waters/Timmons/M. King) -VS- Team Nasty (Nasty/Damage/O'Toole/Wright/Evans) -VS- The Riot Squad (Fiscus/Covey/Nightmare/K-Blaze/Stryker)

Winners By Pinfall: The Upstarts

Expecting Cage to tuck his tail between his legs and run off again, CzW Board of Directors decided to put him in a match against his Friend Special Ed Covey and a newcomer by the name of Leo Crow. They figure if he was going to leave, they might as well embarrass him by letting his friend defeat him in front of the millions of CzW fans. However, Cage would surprise the world by not only winning that match, thanks to Ed's misunderstanding of the rules, but he would begin an Undefeated Streak for 7 straight weeks. Most of which were survival matches. He would outlast several opponents. The likes of Leo Crow, Special Ed Covey, Bryan McNally, Dusty Davis, The All American Nightmare, Rob Wright, and Jordan Bryant.

June 5: Warzone

Cage Stryker -VS- Leo Crow -VS- Special Ed Covey

Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

June 12: Warzone


Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

His first big opportunity came on the June 19th edition of Warzone. Once again, he was locked into a battle of survival against 6 other opponents. Except this time, the coveted #1 Contendership to Mr. TV Shawn Water's title was on the line. Cage would eliminate both Leo Crow and Ed Covey for the match, capturing his shot at the TV Title.

June 19: Warzone


Winner By Last Man Remaining: Cage Stryker

One more match stood between Cage and his shot at the gold. It would be at Summer Showdown. Not happy that Cage had proven him wrong, Jesse signed a Street Fight between Cage Stryker and his old friend Matt Covey who was brought in as Jesse's Bodyguard. Jesse was wanting Cage destroyed, but as luck would have it, Bad Ass had a different plan, and that was against Christian Aleksander. He had avoided Bad Ass till Badd Ass made it his mission to take the fight to Christian Aleksander. Cage won by default.

June 27: Summer Showdown

"Bad Ass" Matt Covey -VS- Cage Stryker

Winner By Default: Cage Stryker

The time finally came. The most highly anticipated match was coming up. Shawn Waters versus Cage Stryker for the CzW TV Title. Cage lost his parents before his first shot at the TV Title, but thanks to interim Commissioner Alan Fiscus and Shawn was agreed to postpone the TV Title match to the next week.

July 10: Warzone


TOWERS: "This next match is the re-scheduled WORLD TELEVISION TITLE match scheduled for one fall!"

Crowd cheers

TOWERS: "Introducing first.. the challenger.. being led to the ring by Sirena Starr and hailing from Hollywood... CAGE STRYKER!"

Cage and Sirena come out to a large pop. They play up to the crowd as they make their way down to the ring. Sirena gives Cage a kiss for good luck as she stays on the outside and he enters the ring.

TOWERS: "And his opponent... he has been the CZW World Television Champion since April 17th and hailing from Sydney, Australia... "MR. TV" SHAWN WATERS!"

The crowd gives a surprisingly loud cheer as the reigning TV champ comes out. He has a surprised look on his face from the reaction, and bows his head with respect to the crowd. He runs down to the ring, and slides in. The ref takes the TV title from him, and Shawn and Cage momentarily shake hands as the ref quickly goes over the rules.

DANIELS: "A sign of respect there, this should be one heck of a match."

MASTERS: "Shawn is an idiot for turning on the Upstarts, I have NO respect for him now."

DANIELS: "I doubt it's YOUR respect he's after, William."


The bell rings and the men being to circle each other, feeling each other out. They lock up, and seem at a stand still as both men are very equally matched in terms of skill and stature. Shawn pushes Cage back into a corner, and the ref calls for the break. Shawn lets go and backs off, giving it to him cleanly.

DANIELS: "Shawn's really done a 180 in terms of his ring presence, I am impressed!"

MASTERS: "He is a pansy, just look at him!"

Cage nods to Shawn and they lock up again. This time, Cage grabs Shawn's head and holds him in a headlock. Shawn pushes Cage off of the ropes and sends him running. Shawn falls down to his belly and Cage leaps over him. On the rebound, Shawn jumps up, leap frogging over Cage. Third time around, and Shawn nails a perfectly placed standing dropkick. The crowd cheers as Cage is on his ass, checking his mouth for blood.

DANIELS: "And Shawn is the first to strike!"

Shawn smiles at Cage, as Cage stands up. They lock up again, and Cage nails a knee to Shawn's ribs. He then brings down a forearm across Shawn's back. He then kicks him in the gut and grabs him.. lifts up and spins... NAILING a spin-out Powerbomb. He holds it for the cover.




Cage picks Shawn up and tosses him to the ropes. Shawn ducks a clotheslines. Shawn with the rebound, nails a flying forearm. He grabs Cage and hits him with a Fame Asser-like move. He goes for the pin.



DANIELS: "Both men hungry tonight, one wants the gold.. the other wants to keep it."

MASTERS: "The TV title is getting more and more prestigious over the last few weeks, becoming a staple of the War Zone experience."

Shawn picks up Cage and chops him hard.


Shawn then Irish whips Cage into a turnbuckle. Shawn follows immediately behind, and nails a lariat to the back of Cage's neck as soon as he hits the corner. He then grabs Cage and rolls him over with a school boy out of the corner.



kick out

Shawn is up quickly, and as soon as Cage is up as well Shawn nails a hurricanrana. He holds it for the pin.




DANIELS: "Water is trying to put him away methodically. Smart thinking by the TV champ."

MASTERS: "It's because he knows, the longer the match goes, the more it is in Cage's favor to win."


MASTERS: "... Because I just said so, Jarred!"

Shawn is up and grabs Cage again. He tosses him to the ropes, but Cage reverses. On the rebound, and Cage nails Shawn with a blistering spinning heel kick. He then grabs Shawn, and locks in a Triangle Choke.

MASTERS: "Stryker going for the submission victory here, I love it!"

DANIELS: "You just want to see Shawn Waters in pain!"

Cage has it locked in, but the champ refuses to give up. The ref is on top of it. Shawn repeatedly yelling out no when he is asked though. They are fairly close to the ropes, and Shawn manages to maneuvar them around and grab the bottom one. Cage immediately lets go, standing back up. He kicks at Shawn a few times before picking him up. He Irish whips him into a corner and Shawn nails it hard. Cage then picks up Shawn and places him on the top turnbuckle, with Shawn facing outward. He grabs Shawn's neck and ...


DANIELS: "Cage with the top-rope neckbreaker! Shawn landed hard on the back of his neck, and he's now holding it!"

Cage pauses for a moment and then grabs Shawn in a lateral press.




DANIELS: "Shawn's not done yet!"

MASTERS: "Well he should be, dammit!"

Cage picks Shawn back up and nails him with a fallaway slam. He doesn't go for the pin again, however, as he picks Shawn back up. He throws Shawn to the ropes. On the rebound, Cage lifts him up and --


MASTERS: "Cage with an AWESOME spinning spine buster!"




DANIELS: "Shawn kicked out at the very last moment!"

The crowd gasp as Cage is surprised. Cage picks Shawn back up and locks in a sleeperhold as they are standing. Shawn struggles, and after a few moments grabs Cage's head and comes down, nailing a jawbreaker. Both men are laid out in the ring.

DANIELS: "Both men pulling out all the stops in this magnificent World Television title match!"

MASTERS: "Don't get your panties in a twist there, Jarred, but yes.. these guys are rocking the house."

Cage is up first. with Shawn right behind. They begin throwing punches at each other, tiredly. Shawn kicks Cage in the gut and nails a tigerbomb backbreaker. He goes for the cover.




Shawn then grabs Cage's legs, and locks in the Waterboard!!

MASTERS: "Oh no, this might be it!"

DANIELS: "Cage might find himself ship wrecked if he can't get out of this one!"

Cage inches to and reaches the lowest rope in 45 seconds time. Shawn then sluggishly drags Cage into the middle of the ring and goes for the cover.




Shawn slams the mat in frustration and picks up Cage, who is dazed. Shawn measures him up and runs to the ropes. He saults over, nailing the Saulty Waters to a standing Cage... but wait! Cage seems to grabs Shawn in midair! Shawn has a surprised look on his face, as Cage turns around... positions Shawn... and....




Cage goes for the cover!











TOWERS: "Your winner and NEWWWWW CZW World Television Champion.... CAGE STRYKER!!!!"

Cage rolls out of the ring and walks over to the timekeeper. He asks for a mic and then rolls back in the ring stopping Shawn from leaving.

"Hey yo Shawn. Before you leave I have a surprise for you."

The crowd cheers.

"Man, we had one hell of a match didn't we. We beat the holy shit out of one another, but unfortunately...there could only be one winner. Now, that's not what I'm here to do. I honestly do have a surprise for you. I'm not Jesse Montana, so no worries about me superkickin' you or anything."

The crowd roars more.

"Now, I see you've been havin a lot of issues lately...leavin the Upstarts...Ash dumpin you for that piece of crap Davis."

The crowd boos the name.

"Yeah...yeah, I know. But again, I'm not here to rub that in your face either Shawn. No, I like you Shawn, you are probably one of the most talented superstars I have ever had the pleasure of facing since joining CzW. It was an honor. Now, you and I...we are nice guys. We deserve a break every now and then too. So here it is Shawn, the answer to all your prayers."

Cage points to the tron with a smile.

The crowd explodes as they lay eyes on the fiery red head on the screen. She seems to be in Shawn's dressing roomwearing a school girl outfit.

"Shawn allow me to introduce you to my future sister-in-law...and the lovely sister of my beloved...yet psycho fiance...she just recently guest stared in my debut episode of LA Stryker. Granted she was dead...but we can't hold that against her. She played the roll flawlessly. After the show she told me she just had to meet you Mr. Waters and I was the guy to make that happen. Allow me to introduce you to Serena Starr."

The crowd erupts into Shawn chants.

"Hiya Shawn. I've been a huge fan of yours for a while now...and I never missed an episode of 'Testing The Waters.' And I won't lie...I've got them all recorded and catalogued. And the hair cut...magnifice...that made you that much more sexy. The only thing I didn't like about you...was Ashley. I always knew she'd be a two timin whore. You deserved better...and that's why I'm here."

She smiled at the camera as the crowd applauded. Cage looked back at Shawn.

"The ball is in your court now buddy. Sirena and I are goin out tonight...and the two of you are more than welcomed to join us."

Cage shook Waters hand and rolled out of the ring.

"She's waitin for you man."

Shawn seems to have a slight smile on his face. Cage heads to the back as Shawn rolls out of the ring.

Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

Cage had done it. He had climbed the ladder and became the new CzW TV Champion, dethroning former Mr. TV Shawn Waters after his 4 moth reign as TV Champion. Serena, Sirena's sister was brought in to CzW after that match up. Jesse Montana was furious, no matter how hard he tried to end Cage and his career, Cage would still come out victorious and would hold the TV Title for almost 2 months. Cage was taken of TV for a few weeks after winning the Title. Jesse believed it would help destroy his character, but Cage would still make his presence felt.

CzW TV Champion

After he ended the reign of Shawn Waters, it wouldn't be till the next Pay Per View that Cage would find himself back in action...back in survival matches. He held the TV title only two months, but not before he earned himself a moniker. Cage began doing movie style skits before all his match ups. The first one debuted right before his match against Shawn Waters. It was titled 'Still Waters.' He would dub these HD TV. Then he debuted another before his first title defense at And Justice For All. In a Triple Threat, he would come out successfully against two long time rivals Dusty Davis and Jordan Bryant.

August 2: And Justice For All

Dusty Davis -VS- Jordan Bryant -VS- Cage Stryker (c)

Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

After that hard fought triple threat, Cage would concrete his name among the CzW Elites. And High Definition was born.

High Definition

Cage had one more awesome battle in him before things seemed to start turning grim for him. His final days as TV Champion were about to come to an end. Things didn't seem as clear in High Definition as all had anticipated. On the August 14th edition of Warzone, Jordan Bryant, a man Cage had defeated numerous times decided he wanted another shot. He came out and called Cage out toward the beginning of the show. He demanded a TV Title shot...but Cage was unable to come out and respond because he had a mega Ladder Main Event to prepare for. Once again, Cage would be against 4 other men. This time in a ladder match for the TV Title. Once again, Cage was victorious, taking the TV Title to all new heigths as he conquered Ronnie McNeil, El Pablo, Matt Covey, and Leo Crow. Matt derailed EP early on in the match.

August 14: Warzone


Winner By Climbing The Ladder: Cage Stryker

That was it. Jordan Bryant was given his shot at getting the shot, and thanks to Michael Meyers interference he would go on to Hatewave to take the title from Cage.

August 21: Warzone


Winner By Pinfall: Jordan Bryant

August 30: Hatewave

"The Baller" JORDAN BRYANT -vs- "High Definition" CAGE STRYKER (c)

Winner By Pinfall: Jordan Bryant

Times had gotten bad for Cage. It was the birth and death of High Definition. Cage found himself trying to figure out who he was. It destroyed him. A man who he had defeated so many times before...came out in the end and downed the great Cage Stryker. Cage would keep soul searching until finally he turned his self doubt into fuel for a new fire. Cage would face Ronnie shortly after his loss to Jordan. Once again, it seemed as though Cage was on a roll. He defeated Ronnie one on one.

September 4: Warzone


Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

The next week however, Cage chose not to compete. Inside sources say that his injury from years prior had been reaggravated during his 5 months of nonstop action in CzW since his debut. Ronnie and Eric seemed to be at each others throat during the time anyway, so Cage felt it only right to allow the two men to settle their differences without the third wheel aspect. Ronnie would silence Eric.

September 11: Warzone


Winner By Pinfall: Ronnie McNeil.

Cage was not involved, he instead sat out in the crowd. September 18th, he stepped back in the ring against Eric Collum, the second man to have ever defeated Cage. Cage would get his payback and would take the win.

September 18: Warzone

"The Human Highlight Reel" ERIC COLLUM -vs- CAGE STRYKER

Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

Cage's last PPV had finally came. Rivals were thrown together in a Warzone vs Assault survivor match. Krimzon Blaze would be the man to eliminate Cage Stryker from the match, but Eddie Rowan would win it for the team.

September 23: Extreme Intervention


Winners By Elimination: Team Warzone thanks to Eddie Rowan.

Cage would disappear from CzW shortly after the PPV went off the air.


As much as it pained him to do so...Cage would eventually have to resign from the CZW. For months he had been nursing an injury that he had received much earlier in his life. It was shortly after Extreme Intervention went off the air that Cage was pulled into the office by Derek Damage and Jesse Montana.

Cage explained his situation and they understood. They both shook his hand and told him that he would always be welcomed back in the CZW whenever he wanted.

Working almost 6 months straight had slowly began tearing away at Cage. He had been through various ladder matches and various other kinds of matches till finally...he just couldn't take anymore. The doctors had already warned him that if he didn't take it wwould probably render his arm useless. He had been shot many years prior...he had never once thought such as that could still come back and haunt him. However, after multiple shows of having to go back to the staff doctor after his match wound up letting him know otherwise.

During his hiatus, he still made his presence known. He went to several CZW gatherings with his right arm heavily bandaged. He went to several autograph signings. Cage wanted to let CZW know, his hiatus would not be permanent. He had told Sirena to stay around while he was gone, but eventually, she couldn't take being away from him. She would relinquish her title in November to go be with Cage and start taking some night classes.

The day Cage had been waiting for finally came. His judgement day. Cage would return to the doctor once more, this time...his career hung in a balance. Would the doctor clear him to return to wrestling, or would he have to return to LAPD and take some stuffy desk job.

Sirena and him both waited...and waited. More tests were run on him. October 25, Cage was finally given his answer. He would be able to return to the ring in a year.

Cage was crushed...Sirena supported him. He didn't want to be away that long. The doctor apologized, but told Cage there was nothing he could do. Cage exited the hospital feeling utterly lost. Sirena took his hand and kissed him before telling him that she would support whatever choice he made.

Cage was not going to be beat, started tripling his rehabilitation. He would not stop till he was ready to return to that which he loved...the CZW. And at a record breaking 3 months, Cage was ready to return. The doctors were astonished at how quickly he recovered...though he would also be unaware of the fatigue he had placed into himself. Cage didn't care though...he was going to return.


All throughout January 2009, Cage started making his presence known at CZW Overdrive. He had done several interviews and vignettes leading up to his in ring return.

Mike Monroe, a good friend Cage had made while in CZW, approached him one night and asked him to be an enforcer for his match. Cage happily agreed. The fans exploded when it wasn't a member of XTC or Beautiful Agony who walked out on Mike's side as a Lumberjack. Cage had returned to the main stage...and the fans loved it. Mike would go on to win.

Daniels: Its time now for the X title lumberjack match, pitting Mike Monroe and team BA/XTC against Eddie Rowan and the Whole Damn Show.

Victim by Eighteen Visions hit’s the speakers and the crowd go wild for Mike Monroe, coming to the ring with Jacob Havok, and CZW Heavyweight Champion El Pablo

Daniels: I thought there was to be three lumberjacks? Wait, Mike is grabbing a mic, look I made a funny

Masters: Yeah, you’re about as funny as a bullet wound

Monroe rolls back into the ring and starts addressing the audience

Monroe: Now I know everyone is expecting another of our team to come out and support me in this match, but instead we got approached by another favourite, he is not a member of BA/XTC, but he is definitely still going to be an asset, even in his current state, so I want everyone to give it up for…

Ladies and gentleman by Saliva plays as the crowd raise to their feet screaming their approval, Monroe smiles and hands the mic back down as Cage Stryker comes through the curtain, he is rotating his hurt arm while with the other hi fiving fans down the ramp, he rolls into the ring as his music winds down and shakes hands with the three men in the ring, then he, Jacob Havok and El Pablo make their way outside as outside as Fear Factory’s New Breed starts to play. Matt Covey, Alan Fiscus and Big Nasty lead Eddie Rowan to the ring, Eddie holding his belt high as he jumps to the ring, the other three taking their places on the opposite side to BA/XTC.

That wasn't enough for Cage though. He may not have returned to in ring action yet...but he had to find a way to get more involved. Cage would go and take the test for his referee license. He easily passed it. While he was on light duty, he would special ref a couple of matches. January 16 however, Cage finally made his point known.

Ding Ding Ding!!!!

Mountain Man rolls out of the ring and Mike celebrates.

'Ladies and Gentlemen' hit the PA and Cage Stryker steps out onto the stage without a sling. The fans roar in approval as Cage smirks and takes a moment to evaluate his millions of fans. Then, with ease, he lifts the mic to his lips as the crowd begins to chant "HD, HD."


Cage smiles.

Cage: "That's see it yourself...the sling is off...I'm cleared for action...and I've just resigned my contract. I still may not be active in the ring...but damn it...your hero is back. Now may wonder why I chose now to come out...well, it's quite my contract I signed up for a possible title shot at some point. I just wanted to let you know...I do have my eye on that X-Title. Which, in case I haven't already said it. Congrats man, I'm proud of ya. No worries though...I may also go to reclaim what was stolen from me in the TV Title now held by Collum. Heh, I keep my options open. Either way, I will wear gold again...and this damn masked freak is gonna ruin it for me."

Cage throws his arms in the air in an 'X' toward Mike Monroe.

Cage: "I have mad respect for you guys in Beautiful Agony and XtC...I don't want you all thinkin I'm just huntin you guys. It just appears to me that you all are the future of CzW...and I'm gonna love watchin you all rise to the heights you're all meant to. Till then...I'm out...but soon folks...soon the California Dream will rise from its ashes and regain it's lost matter what."

Cage smiles again as his fans cheer. He gives a thumbs up to Monroe before he turns and returns to the back.

So the plan was laid before Mike Monroe and Eric Collum. Cage had come back on a mission...and that was to hold gold again...rather it was a claim to the TV Title...or to the X-Title. He didn't make it clear. Things started becoming more apparent as of January 23. Cage was seen several times throughout the night. He seemd to be...exploring his options. He started with the Hardcore title match.

Daniels: Polish Hammer to Mountain Mans head! That barbed wire ripping both Mountain Mans gash and Brian’s hands as he tries to remove it, This has to be over soon, Mountain Man must be near collapse from blood loss, it hasn’t stopped from the beginning of the match, he’s down, but he just missed the glass, but Kirkland doesn’t pause after he removes that wire, his hands are bleeding as he drags his worn opponent back to his feet, Mountain Man’s in such a mess I don’t think he’s any idea where he is, and this crowd, I have to stay, haven’t stopped cheering for this match since the beginning. WAIT WHO IS THIS?!

Masters: Looks like another appearance from Cage Stryker, I mean we saw him backstage arriving a few minutes ago, maybe he is lost Jarred, maybe he needs to find his way to his locker room?

Daniels: Nice thought William but he seems to know exactly where he is. Anyway these fans seem to be enjoying a rare sighting of our former TV Champion, and is it just me or does he seem to be writing in some kind of note book?

Masters: Possibly sketching a picture of the Mountain Man…nah he is not much of a model, not sure Cage is much of an artist either.

Daniels: Whatever he is doing, he seems interested in this match, and now he is leaving, I don’t even think Brian or Mountain man saw him, but we’ll have to find out later what that was all about!

Cage would again return during the X-Division #1 Contendership Fatal Four Way.

DANIELS: Tim nailed Kimo with a Canadian driver right through the table, from the announcer’s table. Well atleast he spare our table on that move but I think Ross has just lost his equalizer. Meanwhile, Havok and Blaze are double teaming Ross now. Havok throws Ross into the ropes, Ross rebounds and ducks said double clothes line attempt, he rebounds off the other side, comes back and nails both Havok and Blaze with a clothesline.

All of a sudden the crowd goes nuts as they look on to the entrance ramp. Cage Stryker makes his way out to the entrance ramp with a note pad in hand.

DANIELS: THAT’S…..THAT’S CAGE STRYKER BUT WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING OUT HERE? It looks as if he is taking notes but why?

The match continued. Havok would go on to win it.

MASTERS: WAIT….WHAT IS CAGE DOING NOW? He gets in the ring as Havok looks on in confusion. Cage grabs Havok’s right arm and raises it in the air as he acknowledges the crowd to cheer for Havok.

DANIELS: What a show of respect on the part of Cage Stryker. I don’t know what this is all about but whatever the reason, Jacob Havok is now the number one contender to the X Title.

The pieces were beginning to fit. He made it even clearer at Evil Intentions II on January 31. Mike Monroe and fellow stable mate Jacob Havok were set to go one on one for the X-Division Title.

DANIELS: Ladies and gentlemen we are just about ready for the X Title match so let's go to Jessica Towers in the ring.

TOWERS: This next match is set for one fall and is for the CZW X Championship.

"Nothing To Lose" by Billy Talent Then blasts throughout the arena as Jacob Havok makes his way through the curtains.

TOWERS: Introducing the challenger, weighing in at one hundred, seventy two pounds, he hails from Washington, D.C., he is THE EMO PRINCE, JACOB HAVOK!!!!

Havok gets in the ring and poses for the cheering fans.

"Bullet with Buttetfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins blares over the speakers as Mike Monroe makes his way out from the back, accompanied by Tatum Regan, to a huge pop from the crowd.

TOWERS: Introducing the X Champion, he weighs in at two hundred, one pounds. He hails from Tiffin, Ohio, he is FAITHLESS MIKE MONROE!!!!!!

Mike gets in the ring and poses for the fans. The two men shake hands, but Jessica hasn't left the ring yet for some reason.

TOWERS: Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed that this match will have a SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE!

DANIELS: Oh wow, what a huge announcement! I wonder who it's going to be!

After a few minutes of waiting, the anticipation killing the Puerto Rican crowd, Jarred's questions are answered as the eponymous words “This broadcast is now available in HIGH DEFINITION are said over the P.A. system, and a short time later, "Ladies and Gentlemen" begins to play. The crowd explodes as Cage Stryker makes his way out to the entrance ramp, pyro exploding all around Cage, who is wearing a CZW referee shirt.

TOWERS: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE FROM Hollywood, California! HE IS Mr. HIGH DEFINITION CAGE STRYKER!!! Stryker makes his way down to the ring, slapping hands with fans on his way down to the ring. Mike and Jacob appear to be somewhat confused as to why exactly Cage is down there. Nevertheless, Cage pumps the crowd up once more before making the signal to the bell attendant at ringside to ring the bell to officially start the match.

DANIELS: Well here we go, Masters, this match will be interesting seeing as it is between two members of Beautiful Agony. Monroe locks up with Havok now, Havok throws Monroe into the ropes and Monroe comes running back but Havok jumps over the top of Monroe and comes back with a drop kick, sending Havok to the mat.

MASTERS: Monroe picks Havok up nails a snap suplex on Havok. MONROE GOES FOR THE PIN!!!




DANIELS: That was close, Monroe almost had this match won right there. Monroe picks up Havok but Havok reverses it and begins punching Monroe in the mid section. Havok goes for the D.I.F.H. twist of fate but Monroe reverses it into a reverse DDT.

MASTERS: Monroe climbs the turnbuckle, what is he doing now? Monroe sets up and leaps off. SHOOTING STAR PRESS!!!!!!

DANIELS: OH AND HAVOK SLIDES OUT OF THE WAY JUST IN TIME! Monroe just hit the mat hard right there. Monroe staggers back to his feet as Havok runs up on him but Monroe ducks out of the way and Havok goes flying through the ropes and on to the outside.

MASTERS: Monroe walks out on the apron and sets up. ASAI MOONSAULT!!! Monroe drags Havok over and drapes his lifeless body over the security railing. Monroe climbs up on the security railing and nails a leg drop. BAH GOD THAT HAD TO HURT!!!


DANIELS: Monroe drags Havok to the ring apron and throws him into the ring. Stryker appears to be merely observing the events of the match as Monroe slides in the ring, picks up Havok and sets him on top of the turnbuckle. Monroe climbs up with him and executes a top rope hurricanrana.

MASTERS: Mike Monroe seems to be in control of this match so far. Monroe walks over to Havok and reaches down, Havok grabs Monroe. SMALL PACKAGE PIN!!!!



KICK OUT!!!!!!

DANIELS: Havok looks frustrated at this point, he picks up Monroe and nails him with a DDT. Again, Cage is staying out of the way and allowing them to fight it out. Havok then climbs the ropes and signals to the crowd, this could mean he is going to attempt the agony moonsault. HE HIT IT!!! HAVOK GOES FOR THE COVER!!!




MASTERS: Havok is arguing with Cage now, but Mr. High Definition just tries to tell him to continue fighting the match in a nonchalant manner. Havok turns around and gets nailed with a shining wizard. Monroe runs at the ropes and bounces off, here he comes….SHOCK TRAUMA!!!!!

DANIELS: Mike Monroe with the 720 DDT on Havok. Havok is down again. Monroe sees his opportunity and locks in the BURN NOTICE!!!!! CAGE STRYKER IS IN PLACE NOW!!!! HAVOK IS FIGHTING FOR DEAR LIFE!!!! CAGE HOLDS HIS HAND IN THE AIR..








MASTERS: Monroe is livid now as he slams his fists on the mat is great frustration. Monroe turns around.


DANIELS: SUPERKICK!!!! Stryker jumps at the pure impact of the kick, and Monroe is out on the mat now. Havok nails a standing moonsault on Monroe. Havok picks him up and attempts the twist of fate but Monroe reverses it into a reverse DDT. Havok is out again, Monroe sets up for the finish now, just waiting for Havok to get back up.

MASTERS: Havok staggers to his feet, Monroe bounces of the ropes and runs at Havok for that Shock Trauma 720 DDT but Havok counters it!


DANIELS: Havok goes for the cover!




DANIELS: Havok wins!!! Havok is the new X Champion!!!


DANIELS: What a jam packed match and we have a new X Champion. The special guest referee Cage Stryker is leading the fans in a "BA! BA! BA!" chant as both men get back to their feet, Mike looks at Jacob and they embrace with a hug. Havok holds Monroe's hand in the air, what a display of sportsmanship here tonight and we have much more to come."

Then finally...February was finally set into motion.

HD TV Rated X

HD had risen from the ashes and began his climb back to CZW Glory.

Backstage camera's find one Sirena Starr standing outside the referee's locker room. Ruthann is seen exiting wearing her referee outfit. She shoots a smile over to Sirena who stands holding a mic. After Ruth leaves Sirena raises her mic.

Sirena: Good evening CzW. I am Sirena Starr...the new interviewer for the new CzW High Definition TV. The star of this segment awaits me inside.

Sirena smiles as she enters into the room Ruth just left. In the corner sits a man that is no stranger to any of the true CzW Fans. The one...the only....Cage Stryker. He appears to be holding a notebook from a couple of weeks ago. Once he sees Sirena, he smiles and waves her in.

Sirena: Good evening Cage. How are you this fine night in Belo Horizonte.

Cheap know the drill.

Cage: Hello my beloved Sirena. I'm doin much better now that you're in here..

Sirena: Oh behave Cage. Are you excited about this first edition of HD TV?

Cage: You damn right I am. I am the star.

Sirena: You're always my star, but enough of this. So you've asked for them to allow you this show till your return right?

Cage: Yes ma'am.

Sirena: Alright, lets get right down to it then.

Cage: Whoa now. This is rated PG-13.

Sirena: You know what I mean. Anyway, so Cage, how does it feel to be this close to returning?

Cage: You know Sirena, it feels great. I've been gone far too long. If it wasn't for that damned injury, I would have never left. CzW is my home. Nothing brightens my day more then walkin through those curtains...lookin out at the sold out crowd and hearign the roar of cheers...everyone calling my name, knowig I'm about to deliver one of the best damned shows they'll ever see. Well, other than comin home to you every night of course. That's why, even though I'm not active wrestling yet, I just had to come out and ref at the PPV. I needed to hear those cheers and see all those smiling faces.

Sirena: I know the feeling. Tell me though, why that match?

Cage: Why the X-Title match?

Sirena: Yes.

Cage: Simple. As everyone saw a couple of weeks ago...I seemed to be quite active for several title matches. Each time I was carrying this notebook. The thing is...though I know I'll have to re-earn that status I once had here...I do hope to hold gold again. Right now, I have three titles I'm considering.

Sirena: Which three?

Cage: Well, for one, I've heard the TV Title has been vacated...I'd love to hold that again. After all, that's what made the HD Cage Stryker. Now, the other two I believe are about to be unified. X-Title and Hardcore. Now, I've watched and researched all the X-Title matches...and I came to realize, the X-Title is what can make...or break a superstar. I've seen more heart and determination in the faces of all those who have vyed for that title than I ever have in World Title contenders. It's been one of the most unique titles I have ever seen. I took notes on all this...and then I got my ref license and decided I wanted to get right in the middle of an X-Title defense.. I wanted to make sure I wasn't just seeing things with the sheer intensity those matches brought...and I was not disappointed. So I guess I still have some thinking to do. We'll see soon enough...I guarantee it.

Sirena: Well, thank you for your time Cage...and until next time...this is Sirena Starr for HD TV, signing out.

He had his eyes on 3 titles...but one specifically stood out for him. February 21...he finally let it be known.

Jarred: And we're back. Thanks everyone for sellin out the arena. It's been an amazing night thus far. And best of all, there's still more to come.

William: If that's what you call it. We have had an excellent night thus far, but the best part is still to come. We still have a contract signing...and my experience with those two thus far...Jackal and Bad's not goin to be your friendly sit down shake hands signing. Somethin is going to go down. We also get to see the Whole Damn Show in tag action...somethin they excel at. But the match I'm lookin forward to, is my hero...Jesse Montana....he's gonna send that British Wanker on a one way trip on the Montana Express.

Jarred: Don't count Pablo out just yet, both those men are former Heavyweight champs...

William: Yeh, but who's reign was the longest?

Jarred: It' because he cheated his way through all his matches and didn't defend it half the time.

William: Bullshit, Montana was fighting champion.

All of a sudden the lights in the arena go out.

Jarred: What's going on?

William: Did they forget to pay the electric bill here again?

On the tron a countdown appears.









1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Keep you in the dark You know they all pretend Keep you in the dark And so it all began

Send in your skeletons Sing as their bones go marching in... again The need you buried deep The secrets that you keep are at the ready Are you ready?

I'm finished making sense Done pleading ignorance That whole defense

Spinning infinity, boy The wheel is spinning me It's never-ending, never-ending Same old story

What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

Blue and yellow lights begin strobing as a blue fog begins to form.

Jarred: When did she get in the ring?

William: Who?

Jarred: Sirena.

William: Really no idea...but we know what that means. Where there's Sirena....there's always...


A man wearing a black and white hoodie with the hood up. At first he has his back to the roaring crowd. Sirena Starr stands in the ring all smiles.

What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

In time or so i'm told I'm just another soul for sale... oh, well The page is out of print We are not permanent We're temporary, temporary Same old story

What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

The man spins around and faces the crowd and the fans erupt. He smirks and points out to the crowd. He throws off his hood indeed reveling himself to be none other than High Definition, Cage Stryker. He makes his way down the ramp, slapping high fives and shaking hands and hugging the youth in the crowd trying to get his attention.

What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

'I'm the voice inside your head You refuse to hear I'm the face that you have to face Mirrored in your stare I'm what's left, I'm what's right I'm the enemy I'm the hand that will take you down Bring you to your knees

So who are you? Yeah, who are you? Yeah, who are you? Yeah, who are you?

Keep you in the dark You know they all pretend

Cage slides into the ring as Sirena applauds for him. He climbs up on a turnbuckle and throws off his hoodie out into the crowd. He flexes and looks out into the crowd pointing. He smirks again and then hops off the turnbuckle. He walks over to Sirena and gives her a kiss. Then he stands in the center of the ring and appeals to the crowd.


*cheap pop. crowd roars. *

Sirena: And welcome to episode 2 of HD TV. Not the first and definitely not the last! And here he is...the man of the hour...livin the California Dream. He comes to you every night in HD...and he is the One Man Legacy...HIGH DEFINITION CAGE STRYKER!!

Sirena kisses Cage and hands him the mic before going and leaning in the corner. Cage smile and looks out through the crowd one more time before bringing the mic to his lips.

Cage: I told you I was comin back. I promised to bring the entertainment back to the CzW. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was unfortunately forced to allow my contract to expire a while back. I got injured and was forced to step out of the limelight. But I fought and worked hard to get myself back up to par. And Ladies and Gentlemen...I'M BACK!! I've refed a couple of matches, I've done a few interviews...I've done a few commercials...I've signed some autographs and made some guest appearances. All this time...I've tried and tried...but the doctors only cleared me for light work...but now boys and girls...I'm cleared to re enter this ring...I'm cleared to fight...and best of all, I'm cleared to jump back on the championship path. However....the question is...which path do I want to get on? Where do I see my career goin?

Chants of TV flow throughout the arena.

Cage: Heh, glad you all think I was a damn good champion. Much better than The Balla ever was. But I was thinking...I wanted to add a little more depth to what I'm capable of...a little more variety. There's only one title that would allow me to do that...especially now that it has been unified...and that is the X-TITLE!

Holy shit...holy shit rings throughout the crowd.

Cage: That's right...I could see myself as a future X Division Champion. Obviously, I'm not demanding a shot at it just yet...I'll start wherever I have to and show each and everyone of you and the CzW roster...I can...and will back my words and challenges that I dish out. But don't fret, I can and will hold that TV Title again...I can guarantee that. And it seems as though the competition has greatly improved. With that being said though, I do have one challenge I'd like to throw out there. And that's to you Mr. Entertainment Brian Blaze. I'm the original entertainment in CzW, but I hear you've made quite a name for yourself here, so I would like to face you one on one and see if the stories are true. It's good to hear that someone else was able to pick up where I left off here in the CzW and keepin the entertainment alive. It's what the fans deserve. Thank you all, and have a good night. It's good to be back."

Cage lays the mic down and walks over to Sirena. They share another kiss before rolling out of the ring together.

What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

What if I say I'm not like the others? What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

What if I say I'm not like the others? (Keep you in the dark) What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? (You know they all... pretend) You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

What if I say I'm not like the others? (Keep you in the dark) What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays? (You know they all... pretend) You're the pretender What if I say that I'll never surrender?

So who are you? Yeah, who are you? Yeah, who are you?

Jarred: Hooray, the people's champ has finally returned. I've been hearing the rumor of his return for a bit now...and finally, here it is.

William: Yeah, but who's he think he is. Comin in and demandin stuff like he's the boss or somethin. I bet you Jesse will have somethin to say about that.

Jarred: He didn't demand anything. He just offered some friendly challenges.. I'm pretty sure that rather he gets what he's asked or not, it won't phase him one way or another. I think he's just glad to be back in action.

William: I don't know, it soundin like demands to me.

Downhill Slump

Cage would not be released fully till after Volatile Day...but he still manged to get his last words in as he shocked the fans by coming out to guest referee the X Title Four Way.

During times of war…many men risked body and limb to defend their country… Many of these same men, spilt blood upon the soil of foreign lands…just to protect us. Tonight, at Volatile Day… Not one man is safe….from this battlefield. Four warriors, soldiers of the ring…will do battle… In Combat X…

Two cables, connected to metal structures rising from the four corners of the ring, cross 15 feet above the middle of the ring….in the center…the prize… The CZW X-Division Championship … But there is one catch…these cables, that holds that coveted championship above you… Are covered with almost 100 feet of barbed wire…

Are you willing to go the distance? All Four Men In Unison: I’m willing to do… Brian Kirkland: Whatever it takes…to make my mark… Mr. Killjoy: To seize the opportunity… Mike Monroe: To win my title back… Jacob Havok: To be…. All Four Men In Unison: CHAMPION….


“The Prenteder” by The Foo Fighters plays over the P.A. system, of the soldout crowd of 16,755 strong, are on their feet… a fog of blue emerges the arenas set-up…and the flights flicker a golden color. Making his way onto the stage, is “High Definition” Cage Stryker…but he is in referee’s gear…black slacks, and a striped shirt, bearing the CZW logo upon it. He points towards the logo, and then out towards his followers….Stryker bears a smile upon his face, as he slides into the ring. He asks for the microphone, from our ring announcer, Jenny Jacobs…as he lifts the object to his mouth to speak…

“High Definition” Cage Stryker: Now you see here…since I’ve staked my claim for the X Title, I have asked CZW management to be the official for this match up, that way, I can scout my competition, up close…That’s how I roll, and if you don’t know…


“Live Forever” by Soulidium plays now, over the P.A., as “The Ripper” Bryan McNally, the number one contender for the belt, makes his way to ringside, his Feast Or Famine briefcase, in hand…he eyes Stryker, and takes a seat next to William Masters, at the commentators table.

William Masters: Well, in another surprise here, before this match even starts…we have Bryan McNally out here, right after Cage Stryker announces himself special ref for this match...How are you doing, Ripper?

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: I’m doing great, William…Hey Jarred…I heard your little “psycho” comment, last week…needless to say…I’m not amused.

Jarred Daniels: Well, I’m sorry to have offended you, Bryan…

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Just keep your mouth shut, and you’ll be fine…

Bryan places the briefcase upon the desk, as him and Stryker lock eyes… Stryker hands the microphone back to Jenny, as “Becoming The Bull" by Atreyu plays now, over the P.A…. Brian Kirkland, the former, last, and longest reigning Hardcore Champion in CZW’s history makes his way to the ring…

Jenny Jacobs: The following match, is the debut of COMBAT X! Introducing first…from Dallas, North Carolina..weighing in at 228 lbs… He is, “THE HARDCORE REAPER” BRIAN KIRKLAND!

Kirkland, makes his way to the ring, in a barrage of mixed cheers…as “"Sweet Dreams" by Marilyn Manson plays a purplish haze, envelops the arena… Mr. Killjoy, walks slowly, his head askew, eyeing the ring…more overly…the CZW X-Title hanging above it…

Jenny Jacobs: Introducing next…weighing in at 220 lbs… This is, MR. KILLJOY!

Killjoy smiles, madly, wildly…as he looks Kirkland up and down…Kirkland isn’t sure how to take to this newcomer, so he simply looks back up towards the belt..only 15 feet away…yet such a daunting task…to battle through barbed wire…

"Bullet with Buttetfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins plays now, as “The American Nightmare” Mike Monroe, another former champion in this match…makes his appearance known. He smiles, to an array of cheers from this capacity crowd. Mike, makes his way down the ramp…

Jenny Jacobs: Next… from Tiffin, Ohio..weighing in at 201 lbs… He is, “THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE!” MIKE MONROE!

Jarred Daniels: The puzzle is almost complete…

"Nothing To Lose" by Billy Talent plays loudly…as Jacob Havok makes his way to the ring…his eyes are focused on his possession, nothing more…

William Masters: Here comes the champ…look at the fire in his eyes…

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: It’s a fire I’m going to put out, personally… if he survives this…

Jenny Jacobs: And finally… from Washington, D.C...weighing in at 172 lbs… He is, the current, reigning, and defending CZW X-Division Champion of the world… “THE EMO PRINCE” JACOB HAVOK!

Havok slides into the ring now, as all four men are ready…the lights regain their normal state. Cage Stryker, is at the ready…He signals for the bell…


Jarred Daniels: AND HERE’S THE BELL! The first ever COMBAT X MATCH, is underway…look at the speed in the ring…

William Masters: All of these guys, with the exception of Killjoy, are former champions…they’re fast, deadly…and we know they can go.

Jarred Daniels: Stiff kick there by Kirkland, on Killjoy…side headlock…

As Kirkland takes advantage of Killjoy in the center of the ring, our attention focuses on the champ, Jacob Havok and Mike Monroe…the two men, are having a war of words…as Monroe yells towards the champion, “Hit me, you emo bitch!”

Havok swings as Monroe ducks, countering with a solid chop to the chest of Jacob..

Jarred Daniels: …and another! Those chops, ECHOING, throughout this sold out, live audience!

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Those are some stiff chops, no doubt…but anything that these guys throw at nothing compared to the hurt I’ll put them through…

William Masters: There’s an Irish Whip by Monroe…Havok leapfrogs…Monroe drops…


Kirkland and Killjoy exchange punches here, as Kirkland then tosses Mr. Killjoy into the turnubuckles. Kirkland charges, and delivers a clothesline in the corner…ouch…Killjoy, slumps to the bottom turnbuckle, as Kirkland rebounds, and goes for the facewash…

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Smart move there, by Killjoy…

Jarred Daniels: Smart move indeed, as Kirkland was going for that facewash, Killjoy pulled in the leg...causing “The Reaper”, to crash face first into the second turnbuckle…

Mr. Killjoy now steps on Kirkland’s back, laughing to himself…as he ascends to the top rope…HE LEAPS FOR THE CABLES!

William Masters: Looks like we have our first attempt at scaling this thing…

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: The sick bastard enjoys it! Look at him smiling!

Jarred Daniels: That’s got to be ripping his hands apart…the flesh, sticking to that razor wire...

Killjoy scales the cables As he is about three feet away from the gold… Kirkland is to his feet, as Mike and Jacob look up at Killjoy…he releases the cables…


“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: That was a stupid move on his part…he should have grabbed the gold.

Jarred Daniels: Brian Kirkland grabs Mr. Killjoy up by the hair…forearm shot…and another…a third…

William Masters: Kirkland running towards the ropes….



William Masters: The champ, is back up to his feet…Here we go Jarred…

Havok smiles at Kirkland, as the too stand nose to nose…

Kirkland throws the first shot, a slap to the face of Havok…Havok then delivers a slap to the mush of Kirkland, in return. Another slap from Kirkland, this time…even harder. Havok counters with a harder one himself..both men now, exchanging slaps in the center of the ring.

Jarred Daniels: You can hear those slaps in the cheap seats…this is real action at its fin---OH MY GOD! MIKE MONROE WITH A SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE DROPKICK!

Havok hits the mat first, holding his wrist, as he rolls out of the ring. Kirkland is on all fours, as Monroe, stomps upon the head… He rolls out on the other side, and looks under the apron….

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Could it be time to get the tables?

Sure enough…Monroe pulls out a table from under the ring, sliding it in… He goes back under the apron, as he pulls out a tank of gasoline, and a box of matches…..

William Masters: There are some sick thoughts going on inside his head…

Killjoy is back up on his feet, but a swift elbow drops him back on his knees. Mike begins to set up the table…Kirkland is to his feet…Elbow to the point of the jaw… Monroe lays Kirkland down on the table…

Jarred Daniels: What the hell is he going for here?

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: He’s got that gas tank in his hands… What the f**k? He’s dousing Kirkland in it…can’t say he doesn’t deserve it though…

Jarred Daniels: What human being deserves this?

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: We’re not human beings, we’re CZW…

Monroe, tosses the empty gas container aside now, as he steps into a puddle he created…he smirks as he takes climbs the turnbuckles…Mike holds the box of matches in his hands, as he stands on the top rope…Mike lights two matches….and places them under his feet…





Mr. Killjoy hits a rolling senton on Kirkland’s abdomen, effectively putting out the fire…but the damage may have already been done… Monroe holds his feet in agony…as he crawls over to the corner. Mr. Killjoy comes after Monroe!


“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: He’s got a glazed look in his eye after that…

Mr. Killjoy, turns his head to the side, as he slowly back away, looking at Mike’s limp body… From behind, is Jacob Havok… SLEEPER HOLD!

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Well, look at that! HAVOK HAS THE BARBED WIRE WRAPPED AROUND HIS ARM! I knew that bastard had something sick inside of him….

Havok now slams Mr. Killjoy down to the mat, with a sleeper slam.

Kirkland is back up to his feet…




Havok runs towards Monroe, still laid out in the corner, as he pummels him with his forearm, grating that unforgiving wire against the facial features of “The American Nightmare”.

William Masters: Mike Monroe is seeing red, boys!

As sure enough, Monroe is bleeding profusely from the temple…Havok stands in the center of the ring now, screaming like a madman, as he slams his own forearm to his face….and again…

Jarred Daniels: What is he doing?!?!

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Call it motivation, call it sick…Havok is fired up, this is why he is the X Division Champion….for now.

Jacob Havok has busted himself open…our cameras zoom out, revealing a nasty flesh wound upon the abdomen of Brian Kirkland… blood shows, upon the finely put together purple vest of Mr. Killjoy…and Mike Monroe, lies a helpless heap in the corner. Jacob Havok looks up at his belt, hanging fifteen feet above him. He turns towards the nearest turnbuckle, and ascends. He grabs the cables…letting go with one, hand…as we see a puncture wound on his right palm...he grabs with both hands again…as he begins to scale…

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Ten feet away from ending this match…climb you emo punk….

Jarred Daniels: Are you cheering for Havok?

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: I don’t care who wins…it’s going to be my belt…what are you not getting, Daniels?

Cage Stryker looks up, watching Havok inch closer to the belt, through the tortuous hell that is Combat X…Havok, sees an opporitunity, letting go of the ropes…and corkscrewing through the air, aiming towards Killjoy…



Kirkland is up to his feet, as he lifts Killjoy up as well…Pumphandle….PILEDRIVER!

Jarred Daniels: Kirkland is holding those ribs…I can still smell his flesh burning…it’s sickening…Kirkland is going to the top!

A female runs down the ramp, as she slides onto the apron…


Cage tries to restrain her, as she climbs into the ring…she ascends the turnbuckles as well, as Kirkland looks at the female…Leah blows a kiss towards Brian, as she leaps up….

Jarred Daniels: HURRI-KIMARA!

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Did you just make that up by yourself?

Jarred Daniels: Yes…

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Don’t do it again…

William Masters: Leah Kimara, just hurricanrana’d Brian Kirkland off the top turnbuckle! She screwed Kirkland!

Kimara rolls out of the ring, with a vicious smirk upon her lips…As Stryker is distracted with Kimara… into the ring rolls, Jeran Hudson…

Jarred Daniels: Business is about to pick up…

Kirkland is to his feet…Jeran spins him around…

All The Commentators In Unison: EYE OF RA!


Mike Monroe, is out of the corner now, as he is on all fours… Hudson sees this…and delivers a huge Re_boot to the skull! Kimara walks away now, throwing her arms up…as Hudson slides out of the ring, viper-like, and hides by the steel steps… Mr. Killjoy is the first to his feet…He seizes the opportunity…as he climbs the turnbuckles, and begins to scale the cables…

Jarred Daniels: And after all of this…Killjoy still has the energy to climb those ropes…

William Masters: We could have a new champion here! Killjoy hooks his legs around the barbed cables…he’s unhooking the belt…. NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION!


Jarred Daniels: For the third pay-per-view in a row, we have a NEW CZW X-Division Champion!

Jenny Jacobs: Ladies and gentlemen, the survivor of Combat X, and NEW CZW X-DIVISION CHAMPION, MISTER KILLJOY! Killjoy falls to the mat, as Cage Stryker raises him to his feet, raising his arm in victory…Cage then pulls him in, and drapes him over his shoulder… STRYKER DRIVER!

“The Ripper” Bryan McNally: Excuse me…

Jarred Daniels: Where are you going?!!?

McNally gets up from his seat, grabbing his briefcase, as Stryker’s back was turned to the announcers. McNally slides into the ring, ready to swing… Stryker turns around, as Bryan prepares to lay out Cage…but he stops short, with a smirk…

William Masters: Why didn’t he blast him?!?!

Stryker turns around, to leave the ring, as Jeran Hudson is now back in the ring…a confident look upon his face. Killjoy, the new champion is laid out…as Jeran, grabs the X strap, and holds it above his head…

Jarred Daniels: Hudson, making it known that he wants that belt…

Bryan McNally now, flashes a smirk of his own, as that grin becomes deadly serious…as he lifts his Feast Of Famine X-Division Title Shot, into the air, screaming…

William Masters: And there’s the true number one contender…

Cage Stryker looks at both men, and shakes his head…motioning that the belt will be around his waist, soon…as Stryker rolls out of the ring… “The Pretender” by The Foo Fighters playing him off…Hudson and McNally turn to each other, as Jeran drops the belt upon Mr. Killjoy’s chest…the newly crowned champion twitches, as Hudson leaves the ring now…

That would be Cage's first up close and personal dealings with the other contenders to the X Title that he too sought. Cage's first match would team him with The Ripper against J-Ra and Grantham. It was an expected fail from the beginning. He knew he couldn't trust Brian. He didn't even try to kid himself that he could. Cage would find himself on the receiving end of the feared bicycle kick of McNally. March 9 Overdrive


Winners By Pinfall: Team 2-8_1

The next week Cage's luck didn't change as him and Sirena were tagged up in an intergender tag match against the team of J-Ra and Leah Kimara.

March 14 Overdrive


Winners by Pinfall: Jeran and Leah

Sirena started getting worried about Cage. Times like this before, Cage would always up and disappear. She was afraid he'd do it again. Cage did indeed start doubting himself. He wasn't feeling like a contender. He was almost embarrassed at the fact he even considered himself a contender to a title like the X. However, unbeknownst to him...plans were already in the works. Cage would find himself against his traitorous partner from the two weeks prior...also the #1 Contender to the X Title.

The New Era

March 21 Overdrive

"The Ripper" BRYAN McNALLY vs. "High Definition" CAGE STRYKER

Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

Cage would get his revenge and take home the win. However, he wasn't ready for the announcement the following week. That one win over the Contender gave him the shot over McNally. Cage was also unaware that this one win would wind up propelling him into his hottest streak thus far in the CZW. 11 strong and still going. The time he had been waiting for finally came. He would meet Mr. Killjoy at Road 2 Glory for the X Division Title.

March 28 Road 2 Glory

"High Definition" CAGE STRYKER vs. MR. KILJOY (c)

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the following match-up is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the CZW X-DIVISION TITLE!!”

“The Pretender” rocks out over the PA system and the fans burst out in a chorus of cheers as Cage Stryker heads out onto the stage with his ring gear and hoodie. He confidently makes his way down to ringside, occasionally slapping a fan’s outstretched hand.

Towers: “Introducing first, the challenger, hailing from Hollywood, California, ‘High Definition,’ CAGE STRYKER!!”

Cage rolls into the ring. Before removing his hoodie, he pulls a mic out of it.

"What up OMAHA NEBRASKA? This is Cage Stryker comin' to you in High Definition. As you've all seen over these last couple of weeks, I've been on a quest. A quest to fight for the X-Title. Though it started out rocky...soon it all came into fruition. I stepped into the ring with a man who betrayed me as his partner...and also the man who, at the time, was #1 Contender to the X-Division Title. I found myself victorious in that match...and soon after, I was announced the new #1 contender. So here I am...the future of the X-Division. However, I'm not just stepping into the ring for no...I'm stepping in the ring to represent all those who have been wronged by you Mr. Kiljoy...and to finally put you in your place."

Cage throws of his hoodie wearing a Beautiful Agony muscle shirt. The crowd erupts.

"That's right; this match is in Mike Monroe, Havok, Tatum, and Lauren's honor. Kiljoy, it's time for a new era without you as the X-Champ."

Cage smiles before removing his shirt and tossing it out to the crowd. He walks over to the corner and leans against it, awaiting the arrival of Mr. Kiljoy. “Sweet Dreams” plays and the fans boo loudly as the house lights go out, a heavy strobe flaring on the stage.

Towers: “And introducing his opponent, fro-AAAGH!”

Towers screams out as Kiljoy appears in the ring out of NOWHERE, bashing Cage across the back with some sort of blunt object! The houselights come back on and Kiljoy stands over Cage with a sick smile.

Daniels: “Jessica getting out of the ring in a hurry and nobody can blame her! Kiljoy just appeared out of thin air and nailed Cage with a…what IS that?”

Masters: “Looks to me like a Louisville Slugger wrapped in barbed-wire! I love it!”

Daniels: “Cage trying to collect himself and push himself to his feet, but Kiljoy with another shot to the back with that bat! Kiljoy now stomping the bat, rolling it underneath his foot, GRINDING the wire into the back of Stryker!!”

Masters: “This Kiljoy is a sick man, no doubt! He pulls Cage up and whips him into the turnbuckle. He retrieves the bat and charges across, but, no! Cage dives out of the way!”

Daniels: “Stryker with a front-dropkick, kicking the bat back into Kiljoy’s face! The clown is down!”

Masters: “Oh, very clever, douche. Look at the blood on Cage’s back, courtesy of that barbed-wire beat down!”

Daniels: “It’s definitely keeping him slow to recover. Both men to their feet now and Cage takes charge with a series of strikes, rocking Kiljoy to the ropes. He whips him to the far side, but Kiljoy reverses! Cage off the ropes and Kiljoy tosses him HIGH into the air with a backdrop! ‘High Definition’ crashes hard to the mat, and so far this match is almost all Kiljoy!”

Masters: “Kiljoy now heading outside. He reaches under the ring and slides out…a table! The fans here are going crazy as the psycho clown brings in some more toys to play with!”

Daniels: “Kiljoy into the ring, but Cage is up! DDT onto the collapsed table! The fans are firmly behind ‘High Definition’ here as he gets to his feet, pressing the attack, stomping away on the X Division Champion! Stryker pulls Kiljoy to his feet and whips him into the ropes…spinebuster!!”

Masters: “Now Cage going after the table, setting it up here in the middle of the ring. He moves back over to Kiljoy and-OW! The Clown with a shot right to the yam-bag!”

Daniels: “Low-blow by Kiljoy and suddenly all of Cage’s momentum just went flying out the window! He picks him up in a fireman’s carry and DRIVES Cage to the mat with a Death Valley Driver!! Kiljoy with the cover!!”



3-NO! Kick-out by Cage!!

Daniels: “Kiljoy back to his feet and he drops a quick legdrop over the challenger…NOW where’s he going?”

Masters: “Looks like he’s got a bottle of some sort from under the ring. I don’t know what to make of this as…oh, man…Kiljoy is dousing the top of the table with what appears to be some sort of lighter fluid!!”

Daniels: “He’s got some wicked intentions for sure and now he reaches into his pocket, looks like he’s got a match of some sort! He strikes it on his teeth, and you can see the flames jumping off the table’s surface immediately! Kiljoy now turning to Cage with a wicked grin as Stryker struggles to make it to his feet. Kiljoy now with Stryker…it looks like he’s going for a powerbomb!!”

Masters: “This is going to be it for Cage, if he hits this! He lifts him but…Cage rolls over! SUNSET FLIP!!”




Daniels: “Cage almost stole that one; both men up quick but Kiljoy with a spinning wheel kick, taking the challenger down! He’s definitely not smiling now and he heads up to the turnbuckle. Cage moving to his feet as Kiljoy measures him and he leaps off…CAGE DIVES INTO HIM WITH A SPEAR!! Kiljoy practically got knocked out of his boots with that one! Stryker pulls Kiljoy to his feet and nails him with an inverted backbreaker!”

Masters: “Cage grabs the bat! He measures the clown and rushes in with a swing! Kiljoy ducks!!”

Daniels: “Kick to the gut by Kiljoy and he sets Cage up for a suplex…Cage slips out the back! He whirls Kiljoy around and drives a kick home to the abdomen. He lifts him up for a…cross powerbomb! OH, MY!! CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB INTO THE FLAMING TABLE!! The fans are absolutely going nuts after that horrible crash!”

Masters: “You call it horrible, they call it entertainment! Stryker now to the outside and he’s grabbed a chair, tossing it over the ropes into the ring! He rolls in and drags Kiljoy up from the smoldering wreckage…”

Daniels: “Stryker lifts Kiljoy up…Stryker Driver! ONTO THE CHAIR!! The fans are on their feet as Cage goes for the cover!!”





Daniels: “New champion! AGAIN!”

Towers: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match and NEW CZW X-Division Champion, ‘High Definition,’ CAGE STRYKER!!”

The referee brings Cage the X-Division title which he grins widely at before raising high to the cheering fans in attendance. He poses with his belt a bit before heading to the outside. Suddenly, the lights flicker a bit and a countdown appears on the tron. His eyes fixed on the screen, Cage just stands awestruck. After it counts down to 0...bloody words drip on the screen...


Daniels: “What could that possibly mean? And what does it have to do with the new champ??”

Masters: “From the looks of it, he doesn’t even know!”

The music dies out, replaced by Cage’s theme and he immediately heads to the back, a look of confusion on his face.

And thus another victim fell to the curse. Cage would throw an Open Invitational to all the victims of the curse shortly after winning the title from Killjoy. Unfortuantley, Monroe was unable to compete during this time, so it wound up being a 3-Way.Again, Cage would come out on top only to be challenged by a newcomer named Vlad Valo. The countdown, not much else was said.

April 11 Overdrive


Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

April 18 Overdrive


Winner By Pinfall: Cage Stryker

Four wins went under his belt, but after this one...Cage's celebration was ended early as an unexpected face stormed the ring leaving Cage staring into the skylights...Tim Timmons...Canada's Finest.

Epic Fail

Of all the guys in the back...Cage would have never expected Tim of all people to be the man to fire the first shot into Cage's reign. For several weeks, Tim kept interfering in Cage's matches. Cage kept making the mistake of not doing anything in retaliation. Cage had figured it was only an isolated incident and that it would end at No Remorse II when he would step into an X-Division specialty match...The Greenhouse Match.

April 25 No Remorse II


*Tim Timmons steps out onto the stage, and stares intently at the two stars already in the ring. Suddenly, he charges forwards and slides under the ropes into the ring. Towers gets the hell out of dodge as Timmons dives across the mat and takes Chadwick down, pounding him in the face with a series of stiff right hands.*

DANIELS: Bah Gawd! Timmons wasting no time in getting this thing underway, and the champion's not even out here yet!

MASTERS: That's my boy! I told you Timmons had this thing!

Valo just watches on as Timmons hauls a reeling Chadwick to his feet. Timmons whips him against the ropes, and hits him with a powerslam. Timmons goes for the cover, but Valo steps in and hauls him off.

DANIELS: Timmons looking to end this thing early!

Suddenly, "The Pretender" hits the soundsystem, and the crowd explodes as Cage Stryker charges down the ramp and into the ring, just as Valo levels Timmons with a big clothesline.

DANIELS: And here's our champion!

Cage leaps to his feet, and starts laying into Valo with fists to the face, forcing the big man into the corner. Timmons gets to his feet, and spins Cage around. He goes to strike him in the face, but Cage blocks it, and strikes him a couple of times himself. Cage then tosses Timmons into the corner, into Valo, then steps away into the centre of the ring. He turns, and charges forward, hitting Timmons with a dropkick, at the same time sandwiching Valo. Timmons and Valo collapse face-first to the mat, Cage quickly rolling Timmons over for a cover.



MASTERS: Not even close!

Cage picks Timmons up, and leads him into the centre of the ring. He scoops him up onto his shoulders, and pauses for a few seconds, before falling backwards into a Samoan Drop. Cage gets back to his feet, only to have Valo knee him hard in the stomach. Valo tucks Cage's head under one shoulder, then hits him with a huge vertical suplex, Cage hitting the mat hard. Valo gets up, and notices Timmons staggering back to his feet. Valo punches Timmons a couple of times in the head, then leads him over to one corner. Valo pauses for a second, before whipping Timmons corner-to-corner, across the ring, Timmons' back ricocheting off the turnbuckle. Valo steps menacingly towards Timmons, but suddenly gets distracted by something out of the corner of his eye. He turns to the side.. and gets caught right in the face with a steel chair, weilded by Ian Chadwick.

DANIELS: Good God, what impact! And Valo hits the mat like a ton of bricks!

MASTERS: What's that drunk doing!? This isn't a chairs match!

DANIELS: It's an X-Title match, William, anything and everything is legal here!

MASTERS: Well it ain't right, I tells ya!

Chadwick drops the chair, then turns his attentions to Cage Stryker. He grabs the champion by the head, and drops him onto the chair with a DDT, Cage's head bouncing off the steel. Chadwick gets back to his feet, and steps towards the just-moving Tim Timmons, a sinister smile forming on his face. He grabs Timmons by the hair, and starts to drag him towards the chair, when he suddenly stops himself.

DANIELS: Chadwick must be thinking of something here..

MASTERS: Nah, he's probably about to throw up.

Chadwick looks up at the fans, then slowly raises his arm, pointing towards one of the glass tables just outside the ring. The crowd explodes in support of this idea, and Chadwick steps through the ropes onto the apron, dragging Timmons behind him by the hair.

DANIELS: Uh ohhhhh!

MASTERS: NO! Watch out Tim!

Chadwick hauls Timmons through the ropes, and puts him in a front facelock, the crowd now at fever pitch. Chadwick drapes Timmons' arm over his shoulder, and attempts to lift him up. Timmons fights it, however, forcing his feet back down onto the apron. Chadwick tries again, but again Timmons fights out of it. As Chadwick prepares to make a third attempt..


Valo has got back to his feet, and charges against the ropes, knocking both Chadwick AND Timmons off the apron.. and crashing through the first table of the match!




Chadwick lies writhing in pain on the floor, broken shards of glass digging into his back, blood running down his arm and shoulder. Tim Timmons, however, has not moved, and as the scene cuts to a replay, it shows that due to the position Chadwick had him in, he landed very awkwardly on his head and neck.

DANIELS: That did NOT look good for Tim Timmons, folks.

MASTERS: How could falling through a glass table POSSIBLY look good, Jarred!?

DANIELS: You know what I mean, ass! Tim Timmons - YOUR pick for this match, I might add - could be seriously hurt here! The EMTs are out here right now taking a look, but I.. Oh man, they're calling for a stretcher.. this could be serious, folks.

As the EMTs tend to Timmons and Chadwick, the action is continuing in the ring, where Valo is slamming Cage's head against the turnbuckle. He then pulls Cage out of the corner, and whips him off the ropes, catching him in the face with a big boot. Valo looks out of the ring, where the EMTs are wheeling Timmons up the ramp on a stretcher, Chadwick still picking pieces of blood-covered glass out of his skin. Valo smiles, and turns back to Cage, dropping to his knees for a cover.

DANIELS: Cover, this could be all!




Valo slams the mat, a little frustrated. He pulls Cage back to his feet, but Cage catches him off-guard with a shot to the face. He hits him again, and again, and kicks him in the stomach, then steps back into the ropes. He bounces off, and steps forward, but Valo grabs him, hoisting him high above his head in a military press. Valo screams out, then turns and steps towards the side of the ring.


Valo shapes to throw Cage over the ring and into another table, but Cage somehow fights free, dropping to his feet in the ring behind Valo. Valo snarls, and turns back into the ring, charging towards Cage. As he approaches, Cage leaps to his feet and spears Valo down to the mat. However, still suffering from Valo's attacks, it takes Cage a while to get back to his feet, and by the time he does so, Valo is also getting up. Valo charges again, and looks for a clothesline, but Cage ducks. Valo hits the ropes, but Cage stops himself, and catches Valo with a superkick. Cage makes the cover..



DANIELS: Oh, but wait a minute, Chadwick's up top!




MASTERS: Did I actually just SEE that!? THAT WAS INSANE!

All three men are writhing on the floor in agony, Chadwick clutching the back of his leg, Cage holding the side of his face, and Valo with his hands over his face.

DANIELS: The ring looks like a goddamn car wreck!

MASTERS: I see blood!

The camera shows brief close-ups of all three men, confirming that Cage and Valo are indeed bleeding from the head and face, and quite profusely so. Chadwick hauls himself back to his feet, using the ropes for assistance, and picks up the chair that he introduced to the match earlier on. He places it over the torso of Valo, then grabs Cage, lifting him up to his feet. He tucks Cage's head under one arm, and hits a snap suplex, bringing Cage down on the chair, on top of Valo. Chadwick rolls off to the side, as the referee drops to the mat, counting Cage's position as a pin on Valo.



Chadwick shoves Cage off, and shouts at the referee, who just shrugs. Chadwick shakes his head, and goes for a cover himself.




All three men remain on the floor for a few moments, before Chadwick and Cage slowly get back to their feet. They lock up, and Chadwick forces Cage against the ropes. He chops Cage in the chest, a customary "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" ringing out from the fans. Chadwick laughs, and does it again, with the same effect.

MASTERS: Dammit, I hate that! I HATE IT!!!

Chadwick then ducks down, and lifts Cage up onto the turnbuckle. The excitement of the fans builds once more as Chadwick follows him up, both men perched a few feet above one of the other tables outside the ring. Chadwick grabs Cage, but Cage desperately throws a fist, catching Chadwick in the face. Chadwick retaliates in kind, and the two trade punches, swaying back and forth on top of the turnbuckle.

DANIELS: What a potentially dangerous situation this is, folks!

MASTERS: Hell yeah! If either of these guys falls, it ain't gonna be pretty!

Eventually, Cage looks to get the upper hand, hammering Chadwick repeatedly in the head. Just as he shapes for the final devastating blow, Valo reappears below them, catching Cage with a fist to the stomach. Valo climbs up to the second rope, and bashes the two men's skulls together. The crowd yells out as the two men tip backwards.. but somehow manage to grab the ropes, keeping themselves on the apron, one either side of the turnbuckle.

DANIELS: Oh man, that was close!

Valo lunges at Cage, but the champ catches him in the face. Valo staggers to the side, and Chadwick hits him with a fist of his own. Valo staggers back over towards Cage, receiving another fist, then another from Chadwick.

MASTERS: What is this, a tennis match!?

Cage kicks Valo in the gut, and sets him up for a suplex, the glass table shimmering in the lights below. Cage tries to lift, but Valo resists. However, Chadwick steps round, and wraps an arm round Valo's neck as well. They lift Valo up..




All three men go flying through the table, which literally explodes upon impact. Valo writhes about on the floor, as Cage and Chadwick stagger back to their feet, their backs swiftly turning a nice shade of CZW crimson. Suddenly, Chadwick hops up onto the apron. He checks back, then jumps onto the second rope.


Cage dives out of the way, however, and Chadwick crashes down on top of Valo.

DANIELS: Smart move by the champion, who avoids the contact!

Cage leans on the apron, attempting to get his breath back, grimacing at the pain shooting through his back and head. Suddenly, a huge chorus of boos begins to ring around the arena, as attentions turn.. to the Combattron.

DANIELS: No way..


DANIELS: You have got to be kidding me!


The cameras charge over to the ramp way, where Tim Timmons is making his way back towards the ring. Blood is dripping down his arm, and his face and head are stained red, but other than the occasional grab of the neck, he appears to show no serious ill-effects of his fall.

DANIELS: How the hell is he still standing!? Bah Gawd, that fall looked like it damn near killed him!

MASTERS: Because he's the next CZW X-Champion, that's why!

Timmons walks round the ring to where the other three men are. He stops for a second, almost stunned at the carnage before him, then grabs an unwitting Cage by the head, and bounces his face off the apron. Cage spins round, and Timmons begins laying into him with right hands. Cage slumps down onto his ass, and Timmons starts stomping a mudhole in the champion, his eyes almost popping out of his head.


Timmons finishes his assault on Cage, then turns his attention to Chadwick. He hauls the "Irish"man up onto his feet, and rolls him into the ring. Timmons then looks under the ring, and pulls out a pane of glass, similar to the one Chadwick himself used earlier. He slides that into the ring, then heads over to the timekeeper. He shoves him out of the way, and takes his chair, rolling into the ring with it.

MASTERS: This is genius!

DANIELS: Do you know what he's planning here?

MASTERS: Well.. no. But it's Tim Timmons! It's bound to be great!

Timmons sets the chair up in the centre of the ring, then heads over to the one left behind by Chadwick earlier in the match. He sets that up just alongside, then lays the pane of glass over the two, forming a small make-shift table.

DANIELS: Well, whatever he's planning.. I don't think Ian Chadwick wants any part of it!

Apparantly not willing to give him that choice, Timmons stomps down on the head of Chadwick, then hauls him up to his knees. Timmons tucks Chadwick's head between his legs, as an audible gasp reverberates around the arena. Timmons smirks, then hoists Chadwick up onto his shoulders.

DANIELS: Oh my god!

Timmons turns, and powerbombs Chadwick through the glass!


Timmons throws the chairs off to the side, and looks down at the body of Chadwick. He kicks him cockily in the leg, then turns and exits the ring.

MASTERS: What's he doing? PIN HIM, TIM!

Timmons heads over to the barricade, where one fan is stood with a tray full of a newly-bought fast food meal. The fan starts to berate Tim, who just stares at him in silence, his face a bloody mess. Suddenly, Timmons spits at the man, a mixture of blood and phlegm hitting him right in the face. The man recoils in horror, and Timmons snatches the food tray off him. Timmons takes a bite of the burger, grimacing in disgust at the taste. He throws the burger at the man, followed by the fries, and then throws the drink over half the front row, much to his own amusement.

DANIELS: Oh COME ON! Those people are FANS! Paying fans!


DANIELS: It's one thing to act like an asshole to your fellow professionals, but to the general public? Timmons is way out of line here!

MASTERS: Oh shush, the guy deserved it! He shouldn't be eating that crap anyway, look at him! Dude needs a diet, and fast! Timmons is just trying to get that message across and help him. What an upstanding citizen he is.

DANIELS: My ASS, Masters!

MASTERS: Dammit Jarred, I told you, no! I don't swing that way!

Timmons slides the tray into the ring, then kneels down beside the motionless Ian Chadwick. The camera zooms in on the tray, revealing several little blue packets still piled on it. One by one, Timmons tears the packets open, pouring the white, grainy substance out into another pile on the other side of the tray.

DANIELS: Is that..

MASTERS: Oh man..

DANIELS: He wouldn't.. surely he wouldn't..

Timmons gets to his feet, and carefully lifts the tray up. He stares down at Chadwick, who slowly rolls over onto his stomach. Timmons grins a sick grin, then raises the tray up.


An audible gasp fills the room, as Timmons suddenly slams the tray down onto Chadwick's back, causing the "Irish"man to scream out in agony.


MASTERS: That's gotta sting like a BITCH!

Chadwick is now thrashing about on the canvas, each move he makes forcing either more salt or more glass into his skin. Timmons, now showing no emotion whatsoever, gets back to his feet, pulling Chadwick with him. Timmons scoops his opponent up, suspending him head first over the glass.

DANIELS: This is too much!

BAM! Timmons nails Chadwick with the T-Crusher, broken shards of glass connecting with human skull.

MASTERS: T-CRUSHER! It's over! Again!

Timmons covers..




DANIELS: BAH GAWD! Where the hell did he come from!?


Indeed, Cage had dived across the ring, catching Timmons in the head with an elbow. He staggers back to his feet, but Timmons is up already, and hits him with a knee to the midsection. Timmons whips Cage, who hits the ropes. Timmons drops his head, which proves to be a mistake, as Cage kicks him in the chin. Timmons stumbles backwards, as Cage hits the ropes again, then catches him with a spear, Timmons landing back-first in the mixture of salt and glass beside Ian Chadwick. Cage hops up, and grabs Timmons' legs, quickly rolling him over into a Boston Crab.

DANIELS: Oh my GOD! A Boston Crab! Right on top of all that debris!

MASTERS: Surely that's illegal!?

DANIELS: THAT!? What about.. oh, never mind!

Timmons screams out in pain, trying desperately to fight his way out. Cage has it locked in tight, though, and the referee drops to his knees, asking Timmons if he plans to give up. Timmons refuses, and instead starts crawling towards the ropes, literally dragging his own body through the broken glass.

MASTERS: Look at that! The dedication, the commitment!

DANIELS: I won't deny that, Timmons putting himself through an extraordinary amount of pain here, just to survive and stay in with a chance of winning that belt!

Finally, mercifully, Timmons makes it to the ropes, grabbing hold of them for dear life. Cage releases the hold, and Timmons slowly, VERY slowly drags himself back to his feet, his chest and stomach cut to ribbons. As he turns, Cage charges forward, and clotheslines Timmons over the top rope and down to the outside, right into another load of broken glass from one of the previously shattered tables. Timmons gets back up again, as Cage hits the ropes, and leaps in a suicide dive, taking Timmons down once more.

DANIELS: Beautiful!

MASTERS: Stupid..

Cage grabs hold of the barricade, and hauls himself back to his feet. He exchanges a few high-fives with members of the audience, although he is rather less pleased when the man who had his food stolen by Timmons earlier pats him on his cut shoulder. A few words are exchanged, and Cage then bends down and lifts Timmons up, tucking his head between his legs. The crowd cheers as Cage wraps his arms around Timmons' waist, but as he goes to lift him..


The cheers turn to cries of despair as another pane of glass shatters over the back of "High Definition".


Cage drops to one knee, his body contorted once more in pain. He turns round, and Valo hoists him up onto his shoulders.


Valo flips Cage over, dropping him onto the glass-covered floor with a Death Valley Driver.

MASTERS: That's gotta be game over for the champion now!

As Cage lies motionless on the floor, Valo turns his attentions to Timmons. He lifts him to his feet, then drags him round the corner, before drawing him in and hitting an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, Timmons crashing in another mess of broken glass. Valo gets up, and approaches Timmons again, lifting "Canada's Finest" to his feet once more. Valo whips Timmons, but Timmons reverses, sending Valo crashing into the barricade on the other side of the ring. Valo slumps to the floor, and Timmons steadies himself, before charging forward. He shapes to crush Valo's head with his knee, but as he approaches, Valo springs up, grabbing Timmons by the throat. The crowd once again cheers expectantly as Valo hoists Timmons into the air, growing even more excited as he turns towards the third glass table.

DANIELS: NO NO NO! No more! Please!


However, something inside Valo makes him stop himself, lowering Timmons back to his feet, much to the disappointment and displeasure of the crowd. Valo kicks Timmons in the gut, then drives an elbow into the back of his head. Timmons' legs give way, but Valo keeps hold of his head, and scoops him up, before laying him on the table.

On the other side of the ring, Cage has staggered back to his feet, leaning against the guardrail. He steps backwards towards the apron.. right into the clutches of Ian Chadwick, who grabs the champion by the hair. Chadwick hauls Cage up onto the apron, then back body drops him into the ring, Cage's head bouncing off the mat.

DANIELS: That could do it.. but look at Valo!

Valo now has Timmons set on the table, and climbs up onto the apron, oblivious to what is going on in the ring behind him. He steps across, leveling himself up with Timmons, then briefly turns round..



Chadwick catches Valo right in the face with a vicious left hook. Valo teeters briefly.. then topples backwards, landing on Timmons and crashing right through the table.

DANIELS: BAH GAWD! Timmons just got turned into a pancake!


Chadwick gazes down at the carnage below him, then turns back into the ring.

DANIELS: Wait a minute! Stryker is up! Stryker is up!

Chadwick turns right into the champion, who drapes him over his shoulders. Cage steps into the center of the ring, and..



Cage, utterly spent, flops over Chadwick.




DANIELS: BAH GAWD! THE CURSE IS LIFTED! Cage Stryker will head into a SECOND month as CZW X-Champion, the first man since Eddie Rowan to manage such a thing!

MASTERS: But at what cost, Jarred? He may have won the match, and retained the title, but just look at him!

"The Pretender" blares out of the speakers as the crowd rises to their feet in a standing ovation. The referee rolls a bloody Cage onto his back, and raises his arm in the air, before handing him his title belt.

TOWERS: The winner of this match.. and STILL CZW X-Champion.. CAAAAAAAGE STRYYYKERRRRR!!!

Various medical personnel head out to the ring in order to check on the various competitors, primarily Timmons and Valo, who are yet to move following their fall through the table. Cage rolls over the side of the ring, propping himself in a sitting position against the ring ropes. He glances around at the chaos he and his three opponents have caused, his eyes shining out amidst the sea of redness that surrounds them, his title belt clutched tightly to his chest.

DANIELS: How many careers may have been adversely affected by what we've just witnessed? Cage is a bloody mess, Chadwick is a bloody mess, Timmons and Valo.. well, I shudder to think what sort of condition they're in, we can't really see them from this position.

The crowd cheers once more as Cage hauls himself to his feet, and lifts the X-Title high above his head.

DANIELS: But that right there is the only thing that matters to that man! Cage Stryker.. STILL the CZW X-Champion!

Outside Wrestling


Stryker Driver: A variation of the emerald fusion where opponent is draped over Cage's back where he just drops down with their head implanted first.

Cage Implant DDT: Opponent is placed upon the top turnbuckle where Cage goes up top with them and pulls them off with the implant DDT

Signature Moves

Entrance Music

"Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva


"The Pretender" by The Foo Fighters


1x TV Champion July 10, 2008 to August 30, 2008

1x X Title Champion March 28, 2009 to Current

The man to break the X-Title Curse

Move Set

Dangerous DDT

Spine Buster


Diving Spear


Spin-out Powerbomb

Russian Legsweep

Super Kick

Front Dropkick

Missile Dropkick

Boston Crab

Inverted Backbreaker

Snap DDT

Crucifix Bomb

Fallaway Slam

Triangle Choke

Samoan Drop

Reverse DDT

Bronco Buster

Suicide Dive