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Championship Wrestling Federation Genesis 2010 took place on Janruary 26th 2010 at the Palm Springs Convention center at Palm Springs, California. This was the first CWF PPV of 2010.


  • Kemsey Ramsey Def. Billy Anderson.
  • Ryan Storm Def. Franklin Frederickson by Submission in a Paramount title no.1 contenders match.
  • Street Shark Def. Dan Highlander (c), Chris Xtreme, Colton Mace, Abigail Starr and Mr.Re in a paramount championship gauntlet match.
  • Tag Team Championship Match: The Demons of Death (The Blue Scorpion and Anubis) Def. Andrelica (c) (Chris Andrews and Angelica)
  • Impact Championship Match: King Nothing Def. Angel (c)
  • Elijah Def Chaolin Sahn in a Barbed Wire Massacre Match
  • World Heavyweight Championship: Jarvis King Def. Cain (c) in an Iron Man Match (2-1)