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CCW Thursday Night Retribution
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Show Name Thursday Night Retribution
Federation CCW
Frequency Every Thursday
Previous names Saturday Night Main Event,
Wednesday Night Retribution
Show debut April 1, 2006 (as Main Event),
June 20, 2006 (as Wednesday version),
January 24, 2008 (Current)
Show time 1 hour (04/01/06 to 05/06/06),
2 hours (05/13/06 to Current)
Owner(s) Jerry Seltzer
Based in United States
IC Controller Nelson Mandrell
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Christian Championship Wrestling begun searching for talent for their new show called Saturday Night Main Event. They found good quality talent by a nation wide talent search and ran with it. After completing the locker room, the CCW continued to look for more talent to use, and they found so much they had to expand the shows' 1 hour format to 2 hour format. CCW Thursday Night Retribution was split into 2 shows due to overcrowding and expanded all they could before ceasing the talent search. On June 20, 2006, they had to give up half of their top stars to CCW Sunday Night Salvation in a Brand Extension and had to create their own titles. Also, during this exchange, Retribution had to move to Wednesday nights. Everything calmed down until the 2007 CCW Draft Lottery came back on December 26, 2007 with a new tool called Trades. On January 20, 2008, it was discovered that Retribution moved from Wednesday to Thursday nights for unknown reasons by CCW management.

Show History

Retribution is the weekly show of the e-federation Christian Championship Wrestling, usually takes place every week on a Thursday nights, and is a show which consistently takes place on a regular basis. Retribution takes place around the United States, on both coasts, and usually goes into Canada. Retribution debuted on April 1, 2006 as Saturday Night Main Event and has taken place in every week since, with the exception of the shows scheduled on holidays, which had to be moved to an earlier or later time. On June 16, 2006, Nelson Mandrell wsa named the General Manager of Retribution. On June 18, 2006 edition of CCW Tuesday Night Titans show, the CCW split the roster into two separate, but, equal amount of athletes. Also on this brand, World Heavyweight Championship, X-Division Championship, and the World Tag Team Championship titles were awarded to the Salvations' Brand and leaving Nelson Mandrell, the General Manager and the rest of Retribution, without championship titles, thus making Retribution to establish their own brand exclusive titles entitled World Championship, United States Championship, and Tag Team Championship.

Special Show

Episode Name Date Notes
Independence Day Brawl July 5, 2006
Holiday Hijinx January 3, 2007
Valentine's Mayhem February 14, 2007 Special Gauntlet for the Gold Series
Independence Day Brawl July 4, 2007
Thanksgiving Brawl for All November 21, 2007
Holiday Hijinx December 26, 2007
Holiday Carnage January 2, 2008