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The brand extension is to change up the locker rooms of the CCW. In 2006 brand extension, it was called the draft and also was called the draft lottery. On June 21, 2006, Jerry Seltzer revamped the shows, Titans is Salvation on Sunday nights while Main Event is Retribution on Wednesday nights, now Thursday nights, starting the next night on June 22nd and first live edition of the CCW Retribution!. The entire CCW roster would be split into two separate brands, each with their own exclusive show and champions. Proponents of the brand extension claimed that this would allow mid-card talents more opportunity to move up the card, while critics claim that the roster split would lock most wrestlers to one show, which may be the one they do not watch regularly and it was set up like a normal sports draft, in that each brand would take turns selecting one wrestler from the CCW roster at a time (with exceptions made for tag teams and multiple-member factions). The Salvation brand was represented by General Manager Chae Baggio while Retribution was represented by the General Manager, Nelson Mandrell. The CCW World Heavyweight Championship, CCW X-Division Heavyweight Championship, and CCW World Tag Team heavyweight Championship titles will be represented on Sunday Night Salvation brand. On November 26, 2007 edition of Salvation, CCW announced that the 2007 Draft was held on December 30, 2007 with new feature called Trades. On April 16, 2008, CCW Officials announced the 3rd Annual Draft Lottery with a twist. The 2008 Draft will be hosted on June 11, 2008 with a supplemental draft to be held on June 14, 2008. Also in the 2008 draft, the American Wrestling Alliance and the Global Wrestling Alliance will be added to the draft. The Salvation brand will have the 1st pick, then Retribution brand, followed by American Wrestling Alliance, and finally Global Wrestling Alliance will have the last pick. 85 wrestlers will be selected in the draft. Trades will be used in the 2008's draft, but, anything can happen in the draft.

Draft Results


Draft: Brand Extension

(Nelson Mandrell)
(Chae Baggio)
Atlas Blaze
Brock Bronco
Glacier Cyclone
Gold Dallas
Hawk Diamond
Hunter Elektra
Invader Gemini
Jazz Houston
Lace Hunter Jackson
Laser Ice
Malibu Panther
Nitro Rage
Rebel Siren
Sabre Storm
Skye Thunder
Steel Tower
Sunny Turbo
Tank Viper
Titan Zap


Draft: Tradition Continues With Trades


(Nelson Mandrell)
(Chae Baggio)
Ace Astron
Amazon Cheetah
Falcon Diesel
Flash Fox
Hurricane Kahn
Jet Nightshade
Lynx Phoenix
Raider Rhino
Rio Rocket
Thor Shadow
Vulcon Vogue


(Nelson Mandrell)
(Chae Baggio)
Cyclone Brock
Dallas Gold
Elektra Hawk
Gemini Lace
Houston Laser
Ice Sabre
Siren Skye
Storm Steel
Zap Tank


Draft: Brand Extension Continues
Will take place June 12, 2008 with a supplemental draft to be held on June 14, 2008. The Retribution Brand will be selecting first, then the Salvation Brand will follow, and then the TNA Brand will be selecting last.

(Nelson Mandrell)
(Chae Baggio)
(Giovanni brothers)
Diamond Jazz Jet
Michael O'Dell Fury Hellraiser
Flame Beast Ace
Cheetah Clark Giovanni Don Giovanni
Ice Hunter Jackson Raven
Blaze Glacier Tank
Dallas Siren Justice
Houston Viper Skye
Steel Elektra Toa
Titan Hunter Amazon
Cyclone Atlas Bronco
Gemini Falcon Hurricane
Flash Invader Lynx
Nitro Malibu Raider
Storm Rebel Rio
Zap Sunny Thor
Vulcon Astron Brock
Phoenix Diesel Hawk
Gold Fox Kahn
Lace Panther Tower
Laser Thunder Turbo
Rocket Rhino Rage
Sabre Nightshade Vogue
The Commander Shadow Blast
Crush Bullet Bubba King
Militia D.O.A. Apache
T-Money Cuda Tug Boat
Cobra Hammer Jade
Lightning Payne Mayhem
Stealth Snake Quake
Nelson Mandrell Chae Baggio Tigra
Venom Trojan Typhoon
Wolf Warrior Zodiac
Zen Sacaren Vixon

Supplemental Draft

(Nelson Mandrell)
(Chae Baggio)
(Giovanni brothers)
Jet Vixon Clark Giovanni
Raven Wolf Stealth
Hurricane Sabre Diesel
Elektra Crush Warrior
Viper Zodiac Zen
Skye Quake Snake
Siren Justice Glacier
Hunter Jackson Typhoon Trojan