Brooke Milton
Real name Ana Christina Solis
Ring Names Brooke Milton
Ana Christajen (Modeling)
Height 5’7"
Weight 128 lbs
Date of birth June 3, 1983
Place of birth Alexandria, Virginia
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Resides Ocean City, Maryland
Billed from Alexandria, Virginia
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Debut 2005
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Brooke Milton (Born Ana Christina Solis) Is a Hispanic-American Glamour Model, TV Personality and Professional Wrestler and Valet. Currently a free agent.

She gain national exposure through her modeling work, appearing in several magazines such as Maxim, FHM, and Vogue (this being her hardest Modeling shoot).

A year later she was hired by WWA, The first wrestling Fed to form in IMVU, after its demise she worked for several promotions. most notably UFL, WWH for a short time and XDF (short for Xtreme Dynasty Federation), where she was the company's final Divas Champion, only until 2010 when it reopened.

Early life

Ana was born to a lower-middle-class family, where her mother (who was born poor during her childhood) raised her as a single parent after a nasty divorce for many years, but has since remarried since 2008. Ana was always interested in the fashion business and one day, wanted to become a world renowned supermodel when she was growing up, looking up to models such as Cindy Crawford and Gia Carangi.

During her childhood, Ana competed in child beauty pageants, where on two occasions she was a semi finalist. Finding it quite frustrating she moved on to other hobbies, such as gymnnastics, dance and furthering her education. She is the first in her family to graduate from high school. After graduating, Ana attented collage in California, while training to be a model at the same time, but it was not easy as her mother struggled to pay for her collage, along with ana, who had to keep two jobs to pay for the bills. In the end, she has made it work and stated in the interview that it is "the hardest thing to keep up with since wrestling"

Modeling and Outside wreslting Career

Ana Working under stage name Ana Christajen has modeled for several Mens magazines...her regular appearances in Maxium were responsible for the magazine having the highest sales in Barnes and Nobles. Perhaps her most famous issue was in 2002 where she modeled in lavish lingerie. Ana has commented on this as being the breakout of her modeling career. since that issue she became a regular model making apperences in Maxiums issues of 2004-2007. Ana has also modeled for FHM Magazine where she wore mostly Victoria Secret products, because of that she was also a one time Victoria Secret Angel.

Ana has collaborated with Brad Pinkert on several occasions with the 2 appearing in some magazines including some in Men's Fitness. In Muscles and Fitness, Ana was interviewed and was asked questions on how a guy can improve his sex life.

Ana has also worked on Television appearing as a special guest in the show 30 Rock, and in The Office, in which she said was the best experience in her life. She also made an apperence in Saturday Night Live and in The Man Show where she was one of the juggy girls along with Christy Hemme and Tyra Breckford.

Playboy has contacted Ana in doing a photoshoot with them and may also land a Centerfold issue, but she turned it down for personal reasons:

"I was intrested at first but then something told me that its the imagination that should count. I think this body is best to see on a boyfriends eyes only mostly becasue it makes your overall apperence sacred and desired even more"

Ana Continues to model even when she is on a Wrestling schedule

Tiana & Co Modeling Agency

After UFL shut down, Brooke has started a modeling agency known as Tiana & Co where most of the top designers has hired its models. The agency has gotten high reviews since its upstart. It is currently in a partnership with Lalia Burke, to where she had Tiana Models hired for a photoshoot promoting her Fashion Line Closet Freak. In the Summer of 2010 it has announced its partnerships with Lands End and Dolce & Gabbana

The Agency is responsible for having a few models become successful professional wrestlers in the independents and mainstream circuit. Popular model turned wrestlers famously include Sayge Jemson and Giselle Stratten

Professional Wrestling Career

Ana has entered into the world of Pro wrestling when she watched Luna Vachon and Sensational Sherri feud when she saw her fathers wrestling tapes around the age of 7. She also saw most of Madusas career during her run in WCW in the 1990s Beliving she can do it, Brooke sought to find a wrestling school to where she found Killer Kowalski's school. She also discovered she has a family tie to Professional Wrestling.

WWA (2005)

Anas first wreslting appearance was with the first wreslting federation formed on imvu, World Wreslting Alliance or WWA for short under her most well known stage name Brooke Milton. She became famous for running WWA while Miss Hancock the CEO and founder was absent. Becoming somewhat of a Tweener, Brooke (kayfabe) fired most of the heels in the company gaining the ire of most of them. As Miss Hancock came back, Brooke was on the verge of getting fired but was brought back by Mike a wreslter working there as well. Brooke gained popularity for having several Catfights with most of the women there including Miss Hancock, Jessica, Joy, Toxun and Soverit

Her most memorable moment is where she and Hancock were at the top of their feud and Hancock tore off Brookes Bra rendering her topless. She gained many cheers from this.

UFL (2006-Early 2008)

After WWA was closed, Brooke sought to find another wrestling federation to work for. Thankfully, her and Soverit kept in contact after WWA to where she recommended Brooke to join her upstart company UFL

Brooke gained notoriety for her Gimmick being much more than it was in WWA. While Soverit and Kimber Chelle focused on the wrestling aspect of the division it was Brooke who brought pure sexuality to it.

Brookes first appearance is where she was announcing she wanted to become someones manager, and offer that was first pursued by Phoenix Rising a UFL original. Phoenix became enamored with her and began to stalk her even when after she accepted to manage The Jester.

Brooke was seen to some as "Maria" Character at the time she managed The Jester and before she got the Championship. This is because of her being over with the crowd, it became difficult to book her as a Heel, which was her original alignment. She was once kidnapped by Benny Boy and was stalked by Phoenix yet again during her work at Queens of Chaos. Also on November 3, 2007, she Special Refereed a match between NickJakcy and OX with the UFL Lightweight Championship Match being on the line. She did, however fought in a few matches but most of them were cat fights.

Brookes first notable feud, and also her most Physical one as well, was with top Femme Fatale heel Kimber Chelle. Off-screen Ana mentioned this is being one of her Favorite feuds and the 2 feuding got high viewership in UFL. Brooke sometimes aggravated Kimber Chelle by comparing the 2's looks and always said hers was at the top. During this time the 2 heightened the Femme Fatale Division when their first match, in which Brooke was victorious, was a success. Their second match was for the already vacated Femme Fatale Championship. this particular match was sometimes compared to WWF's Sable and Jacqueline feud that happened when the WWE (back then was WWF) Women's Championship was contested as well. Brooke captured the Femme Fatale title after winning against Kimber Chelle in their second match on December 24, 2007 at the Winter Warzone PPV. While the feud was considered over, Brooke and Kimber Chelle did face each other for the third time on February 29, 2008 in which Kimber Chelle became victorious

Since winning the UFL Femme Fatale Championship, Brooke wrestled frequently throughout early 2008. She entered in a brief with new Femme Fatale Delilah, where things got ugly and tensions were rising. Brooke and Delilah later managed The Jester and Vile respectively at the February pay per view Fatale Attraction, where Viles Heavyweight championship was on the line. Brooke attacked Delilah with a steel chair later in the match, and tried to help Jester in the match despite getting on the losing side. It is here where she terminated her services with Jester, thinking its best she rides solo.

Brooke continued her rivalry with Kya throughout March with the two having numerous matches both in and outside of UFL. Kya eventually won a number one contenders match against Roxxi C for a chance to face Brooke Milton. Brooke and Kya fought at the Retribution pay per view, where the two wrestled intensely, in the end Kya defeated Brooke to become the new Femme Fatales Champion, at the end of the match the two in a backstage segment showed professionalism by embracing each other for a great match. Brooke then mentioned she will take a break from in ring action. Plans were set up for Brooke and Kya to have a rematch and for Brooke with a tag partner to face Kya and Soverit in her last match but later in March it was unexpectedly announced that Brooke was released from her UFL contract

Departure and Indies Scene

It was announced on the UFL website that Brooke Milton was released from her contract on April 16, 2008, which was confirmed by Kya in an interview on April 21 however Brooke retracted the websites announcement by stating that she in fact left the company on her own free will due to personal issues with Management and particularly her heated issues with Femme Fatale Jelique, who rubbed Brooke the wrong way. Brooke's sudden departure caused controversy with in the wrestling community, as Brooke was seen as one of the top and most popular Femme Fatales on the roster. Brooke explained the situation on her blog:

"Well, it went like this, apparently Jelique started to give me attitude on how I do things even though she should know that all of this is just in character, but she treated it as if I was talking about her in a personal level, she didn't understand. Next thing you know she started to scold me on not doing this or that anymore like I am some kind of newcomer at this and I didn't take it to lightly, so I basically "went off" on her defending myself and the rest is practically history. What sucks more is that I got heat from it, (most of it from Vile, which was unnecessary because I was TRYING to defend myself) even though she was the one that was being rude and nasty, well to me that is, but I guess no one believed me at the time and that sucks, I treated some of the people there like my family and no one even backed me up, except for a few others, whom I will always appreciate in my life as my true friends."

Several Angry fans, which a few of them know of the situation, sent hate mail to UFL, thinking that Brooke leaving UFL was unfair to her and to the people who are her fans. It was said that ratings began to drop due to her departure and some have vowed to never watch UFL again. Some Dirt Sheet sites have been pro-Brooke over the controversy

It was rumored that several UFL Wrestlers have either requested their release from UFL and/or have left the company all together due to the heated situation over Brooke and Jelique and the "release" of Brooke at the end, which was the last straw for some of the wrestlers. Brooke has been interviewed over the situation with Management and the number of people who were angered by their decision to let her go:

"I've heard from close friends of mine that the people who have defended me have started to leave the company out of frustration with my decision to leave, they were mostly angered with the fact that management let it happen rather than convince me to stay. I guess thats karma for you I suppose but let me assure you that none of that drama after I was gone was not my fault."

Brooke made her way known into the independent circuit throughout April and May, starting with joining Universal Wrestling Alliance, as the company's official Backstage Interviewer. In her first job she interviewed the team of Jonathan Hardy and Infinite Darkness. Brooke left the company when it was in a financial crisis and pay was lowered for staff. Brooke was then seen at New Age Wrestling, managing WWA alumni, Mike on several occasions. She stayed in the company throughout April and May until she was personally asked by Soverit to come back to UFL.

Return to UFL, Short Heel Turn (2008-early 2009)

After speaking with close friend Soverit, Brooke signed a new contract with UFL. Her fans expressed both joy and disdain, the disdain is because of the belief that UFL Management did not treat her right during the backstage controversy with Jelique, but eventually Jelique was on the verge of being released due to inactivity so Brooke has decided to return stating she missed the promotion and some of the people in it.

Brooke made her return official by attacking the Femme Fatale Champion at the time. Kya at the Crossroads pay per view on June 24, 2008, stating that she will get the Femme Fatale Championship back reigniting a feud between the two. It is here where she had her early (yet unsuccessful) heel turn, and named herself the Hardcore Princess. Brooke faced and defeated Katie Lea Burchill in a Femme Fatale Street fight on the June 29th edition of Psychosis in which both Kya and Brooke trash talked each other after their respective matches. After weeks of other matches, and trash talking, the two finally went head to head on the summer pay per view, Heatwave in a falls count anywhere match. Before the match, Brooke confronted Kya, telling her that she will win the Championship. The match involved referee Amber, who has a (kayfabe) bad reputation. Despite the twos feelings on her, they wrestled each other to their limit, sometimes taking it out of the ring. Kya won via disqualification in a controversial fashion where Amber decided to attack both competitors with a kendo stick and has Kya laying on top of Brooke with a fast three count. This had started a feud between Amber and Brooke, where Amber avoided the Femme Fatale for weeks only to have the General Manager Harry Balsonya book a match between the two, however the feud was cut short due to the negative reception the feud has received plus, Brooke legitimately felt that her Heel turn has ran its course and was getting bland. Brooke disappeared for a while after this

Face Turn, Various Feuds and Singles Competition

Brooke returned to UFL on October 20, 2008. It is here where she nicknamed herself as The Submission Queen due to adding the Muta Lock as her official finisher along with adding a few back breaking submissions to her repertoire of wrestling moves. She challenged Casarah to a match, explaining that the match with the sadistic Femme Fatale did not impress Brooke, and also did not appreciate how she picked on good friend Ashley Sturn. Casarah responded by calling Brooke trash, thinking she is envious of Casarah, and challenged her to a Looks Can Kill match (formerly called Beauty vs. Beauty) where it is similar to a First Blood match with the added stipulation that the winner gets to write on a parchment in the losers blood and the parchment will be a suspension slip for two weeks. Brooke accepted the terms in a later segment, making this the first ever hardcore match Brooke has participated in. The two faced each other on the 27th of October. During the match, Brooke was hit with barbed wire and a kendo stick, taking the hits well but was very painful still. Brooke came out victorious by hitting Casarah with swinging DDT on the chair, giving her a small crimson mask. On the same day, the girls along with the rest of the women participated in the first ever Femme Fatale Halloween Contest, hosted by Dominick Starr. Brooke's costume was that of a sexy, risque wearing succubus demon, in which the audience was very over with, but the contest was won by new Femme Fatale Allyson Letherlund, despite not getting a pop bigger than the one Brooke had. During the contest, Brooke noticed that Samantha was giving her a cold stare, in which she did not take lightly so at the end of the show, Brooke called out Samantha on it igniting a brief feud with her. Brooke participated on the Halloween X pay per view, which was on October 30, 2008 where she and Samantha confronted each other during the Lightweight Championship match, which involved Kenneth, CharlieDoll and Spider, Brooke and Samantha fought around the ring and outside of it, but when the match was over when CharlieDoll got the pin, Brooke managed to give Samantha a blow with a steel chair, telling her not to mess with her. She celebrated with Charlie on his victorious capture of the UFL Lightweight Championship later on the show.

During the second week of November, Brooke participated in a bikini contest alongside Femme Fatales Ashley Sturn, Kiara, Casarah, Kara and Carol. Ashley Sturn came out victorious. Brooke was booked in a Gravy Match on November 23 at the Shattered Dreams pay per view facing Jesikah Maximus, Hoshi, Ashley Sturn, Misa and Allyson Letherlund, which was won by Allyson. Brooke faced and defeated Velvet Sky on the November 29th Psychosis show, later on she was seen backstage with Brandon Robinson, who back then was known as TKO. Later, during the final minutes of Psychosis, she was attacked by Samantha as pay back for Brooke's attack on Halloween X, warning her to watch her back. This event caused Brooke and Samantha to be booked for a hardcore match to end this once and for all. Brooke readied herself as shown in a backstage segment where she got acquired a few weapons along with notable unusual ones like a Mace and a Whip. Brooke and Samantha wrestled as the mid-main event on the December 10th Psychosis. Brooke utilized almost every weapon she had, along with Samantha, with the two going back and forth using both their fists and their weaponry, Brooke got the upper hand when she used the handcuffs on Samantha, then proceeded to use the whip several time only to have Samantha getting free from the cuffs. The match was hard hitting back and forth but came to an end when Samantha using a mirror and smashing it upon Brooke, knocking her out and getting her bloodied. Samantha won the match by pin fall. The feud would have continued but it was reported that Brooke had a medium injury from the bump she took from the mirror and had to stay out of action for the rest of December, later on it was reported that Samantha was released from her UFL Contract on December 28.

Brooke participated in the UFL End of the Year awards special on the 30th of December, presenting Jerk of The Year award to her former clientele and flame The Jester. Brooke returned to the ring on the New Years Day special of UFL Psychosis on January 2, facing Kya for the UFL Femme Fatale Championship the third time in their UFL career, only to come off short but the two showed respect towards each other, calming that this match was the best one they had for the new year since their Heatwave and Retribution matches last year. After taking 2 weeks off, Brooke returned on January 16, 2009 facing Viscera in a loss. The match aggravated her injury from the hardcore match with Samantha so she stayed out of in-ring action but made non wrestling appearances during the month. Getting better by early February She confirmed that she will return to the ring in a segment interview on 2/15/2009, while catching up with the happenings on UFL, giving her opinions on events such as KT Flash's Title win, Ashley and Lindsey in Playboy and such. Brooke sided and teamed with the Playboy Playmates Ashley and Lindsey Marie Corvon to take on the team of Selena and The Ying Yang Twins, Blackarachnia and Viper, accompanied by Jesikah Maximus who were the Anti Playboy girls at the Fatale Attraction pay per view on March 1. After Jesikahs interference to take herself out of the match, Brooke and The Playmates team got the upper hand during the match and in the end, Brooke got the pin on Selena and won the match, after wards the two celebrated their win in a Limo road trip

Brooke and a returning CharlieDoll faced off and won against Matt Reid and Miss Angela Lively in an intergender Pillow fight on March 23, 2009. The two Femme Fatales sported Lingerie in this match. Brooke was seen congratulating Blade Ortega's win against Sage in a flirtatious on the April 6 show, speculating that she will manage him. She participated later on in a segment at the ring with Makayla Valencia, where The Sinner Twins interfered and almost attacked them but were saved by 2 Live Krew, Brandon Robinson and Michael Robinson. The girls were at their corner when they defeated the twins and walked out of the ring together. At The Retribution pay per view, which was on April 17, Brooke was seen with Blade Ortega once again, making the manager deal official as the two were later walking in Blade's locker room. Brooke managed Blade in his match on April 20 where he faced and defeated Mike Mitchell, the two have celebrated Blades win, with Brooke giving him a victory kiss. Later, Blade and Brooke got involved in Kenneth and Bishops match where Spider, who came out first, attacked Kenneth giving him the DQ win. Blade came out first to fend off both Spider and Bishop, Ashley, Kenneth's Valet was getting into it with Stefani, making Brooke come out to help her, but as soon as the two femme fatales were about to gang up on Stefani, Bishop came to save her and the two along with leader Spider, ran off backstage as Kenneth, Blade Ortega, Ashley and Brooke checked to see if everyone was ok and celebrated their survival. Blades and Brooke's partnership storyline came to a halting stop when UFL announced that due to financial issues UFL will close down in May, releasing all of its superstars and other contracted employees

Feud with Allyson Leatherlund

Perhaps one of Brooke's more memorable feuds alongside the ones with Kimber Chelle and Kya was with new Femme Fatale Allyson Letherlund. The rivalry between the two predates back to the Halloween contest the two have had on October 27, 2008, where in a segment, Brooke expressed her anger about Allyson being chosen the winner instead of Brooke, who had major pop from the audience. The two confronted each other at the Shattered Dreams ppv in the Gravy Match they had with four other bombshells, most of the match the two let their hatred of each other out as they brawled in and out of the pool of gravy, eventually Allyson won the match, but showed disdain as after the match, she talked with Dominick Starr, bashing about Brooke. It is interesting to note that she fought with Hoshi in the match when she pinned Brooke, perhaps this is where the mind games started, even though it wasn't clear at the time on her true intentions

On the 2/15/2009 show, the two had reignited their feud when Allyson bumped into Brooke in a backstage segment where Allyson aggravated Brooke by rudely demanding that Brooke hands her purse to her, this sets off Brooke as she smacked Allyson with the purse, resulting in a cat fight with the two Femme Fatales, they were eventually separated by Dominick Starr and UFL security. Brooke responded about the situation in an interview on the 22nd, telling Allyson that she is nobody's maid and is ready for her in their match, which did not happen due to Allyson not showing up. Few weeks after Allyson showed signs of melancholy due to her being distant towards Dominick Starr and his family and here she stated that she didn't feel like herself lately, claiming that she wasn't 100% and won't wrestle as it may get someone hurt as a result, referencing Brooke, she then stated that it would be just cruel if she hurt Brooke in their first match together when she is not 100% ready for it. This particular statement has offended Brooke so on March 30 before facing Lydia, she responded by interview that Allyson will never beat her and acknowledging her strange behavior, she states that she does not trust her. Brooke's issues with Allyson heated further when during her match against Lydia, Allyson cames down on the ramp looking onto Brooke then stops midway when both girls looked at her in confusion, which cause Brooke to get the win from a distracted Lydia. Allyson applauded Brooke on her victory, further confusing Brooke, she was about to go after her but she was gone before she reached her. At the April 6 show, Bryanna Lesko interviewed Brooke about Allyson's strange attitude only to shoot it down, not wanting anything to do with her. Things got stranger between Allyson and Brooke as on April 29 Allyson faced Angela Lively in a match, later on Brooke came out to the ring looking onto her rival and has decided to interfere by getting into a war of words with Angela, giving Allyson the upper hand for the win. After the match, Brooke came in the ring, demanding Allyson to explain her actions from Brooke's match with Lydia, but Allyson was cryptic in her answer, which confused Brooke even further, Allyson then left the ring and Brooke and went backstage, while Brooke demanded that she returns to the ring stating that she is not done with her. The feud between Brooke and Allyson was to be continued in the next month but UFL announced its closure in May.

Independents and World Wrestling Headquarters (2009)

Since the closing of UFL, Brooke returned to the independents scene.

She was signed with ICW during its buildup helping out fellow UFL Alumni, who were also involved as well, however right after the day of the shows first PPV ICW closed due to personal reasons with the owner.

Brooke was also working for TIW, which was owned by former UFL Femme Fatale Champion Jessie Goldburg, however despite its good pace in buildup there were financial problems ending up on the back end. TIW is now on hiatus, when it will return it is unknown. After those two companies failed to start, Brooke toured around Mexico working for AAA for a short time. Brooke was legitimately injured on an TNA Indies show by Trenesha Biggers AKA Rhaka Khan where she was crushed on the neck for a period amount of time

Later on June, Brooke joined Adrian Hart's World Wrestling Headquarters, where she took a non-wrestling role. During the month of July, she was Simultaneously working with both WWH and XDF, where in both she was never involved in-ring. During her tenure in WWH, she was working as an intern Backstage Interviewer, hoping to get the job in the returned Inner Circle Brand, but did not succeed. She was a Special Guest Referee in a Bombshells match which involved Jessie Goldburg going against Cameron Michaels. She was also seen in a short UFL reunion which involved, Jessie Goldburg, The Jester, Whiskey Rebel, Dominick Starr, Jesikah Maximus and (kayfabe) frenemy Allyson Letherlund. Her stay in WWH was short however as she was not active in WWH besides debuting the Click List segment but after that she wasn't seen for a while and was released on Aug 14, 2009 due to inactivity

Xtreme Dynasty Federation (2009-2010)

On July 6, 2009, Brooke signed with Xtreme Dynasty Federation. She has after a few months recovered from injuries sustained from her last indies show. Brooke debuted on-screen in July 9 greeting the owner Lauren Winters. Throughout early July she was mostly backstage chatting with other superstars of XDF until she made her debut in a house show on July 17, defeating Faith Nicholson. Her in-ring (and on screen) debut was on August 8, 2009, where she won a triple threat match involving Harlow Styles and XDF veteran Maria Angel. She was involved in a storyline where she overhead the issues between Lauren and then-current XDF Divas Champion Sandy Jo and also had a brief feud with Harlow Styles who was talking trash about her. She had 3 matches against Sandy Jo, 2 of them with Sandy gaining victory. One of the matches against Sandy which happened on August 17 involved a cheating referee who was working on getting Brooke to win, however Brooke was in no way involved in a deal with the referee, despite what most would say. Around this time Brooke and Sandy Jo has formed a mutual respect to one another. Her third match against Sandy Jo, which was also for the XDF Divas Championship was on the Beach Blast PPV on August 25 where Brooke was victorious in capturing the Divas Championship. She was the federations Final Divas Champion when it was announced that XDF will close.

Reopening, Heel turn and Affiliation with Dynasty

XDF has Reopened on January 4, 2010 as a house show. Brooke participated in its reopening by defeating Sandy Jo. It was also the last Lockdown before it changed it's name to Full Throttle. Brooke was not in action on the January 12th show as she was seen on the commentators table during the Juelz Vs. Anastasia match, scouting for opponents. She returned to action on the 18th show fighting Juelz to a draw. Off-Camera, she expressed joy in this particular match on an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. On the Resurrection PPV, she teamed with Manabu Fujiwara to take on the team of Philip Joseph and Juelz, which quickly became a handicap match after Philip was fired by David Shane. The team has lost to Juelz however and Brooke began to attack both Juelz out of anger and Manabu after she turned on him in the process, thus becoming a complete Heel for the first time in her career (her last Heel run before XDF did not count as it was panned by critics for being bland).

Her feud with Juelz had Lauren Winters involved to an extent as she forced Brooke Milton to team with Juelz against Lola Heart (who was later replaced by Stacy Love due to a situation beyond control off camera) and Miss Puppies on a March 22 an episode of Full Throttle along with stipulations placed where Brooke cannot harm her nor abandon her if she wants to risk losing her rematch. The two were victorious, but Juelz had the last laugh as she then attacked Brooke after. The Divas title was finally defended at the Annihilation PPV on March 28 in which Brooke defeated Juelz (with some help from War) to capture her second reign on the Championship. Around that time, she was recognized as a member of Dynasty and she made her membership known by involving herself in David Shane's match at Annihilation where she held Lauren Winters down, forcing her to watch the demise of Mickie Showery as he lost his championship to Shane.

As time with Dynasty passed by, Brooke was frequently seen with War (Aaron Warrick) who she was in a (kayfabe) relationship with. Few weeks later, her run with Dynasty also involved her with the feud the group had with Mickey Showery, whom was planning a coup against the stable involving Lauren Winters...Brooke's next rival. Brooke kept on stating that she was not liking how she's being controlled by the boss, so on April 4, 2010, Showery puts his career on the hands of Lauren Winters as he made a deal with Dynasty where if Lauren lost against Brooke, he will leave XDF for good. Brooke was inducted as the 2009 XDF Diva of the Year in the 2010 Hall of Fame. On April 12 Brooke left some threatening words to Lauren as she confronted her in her office, stating that she will get her revenge. on April 25, the day of Slamfest, Brooke managed to defeat Lauren Winters and per stipulations of the match, Mickey Showery must leave XDF, succeeding the mission Dynasty has planned. On May 3, Juelz was appointed as the special General Manager of Full Throttle and as she made it clear, she placed Brooke in a gauntlet match where in the following week, she will face the Diva who pinned her first. Brooke was handling it well when she faced Sayge Jemson and Maria Angel...but was pinned by both Veronica Lewis and Aprille Showers, however it was Veronica Lewis who will face her for the Divas Championship as she defeated Brooke in the fastest time.

Eventually, Veronica Lewis lost to Brooke on the May fifth edition of Full Throttle. After she had won her match, Lauren made an appearance and forced Brooke Milton to face Aprille Showers the following week in an Title vs. Career match. This is because off-camera, Brooke has requested for her release on May 6. Per the storyline/stipulations, Brooke Milton lost the title to Aprille Showers on May 17...mean her release was granted as Brooke left the Company a week later..still on good terms with XDF as the owner has left the doors open for her to come back.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling Alliance (2009)

Ana has recently signed a contract with UCWA under an agreement made with the XDF. The federation does not have a women's division but she will be under contract as a Valet. A women's division was to be formed and Brooke was to be its star with her first match to be against the owners wife, Cassidy Haven-Daniels, however due to disagreements with the owner and Aprille Showers the CEO/President of XDF the match was not to happen after all. Brooke was released a few weeks later when the agreement was nullified.

Brooke then mentioned in a Shoot Interview that she did now like how things went way to fast there and she also said how she did not like to wrestle in their company, she only wanted to be a Valet to one of its wrestlers. Brooke felt that she was used too roughly when she was under contract with UCWA.

Ring of Beauty (2009)

Ana has signed with all women's federation Ring of Beauty. Her first match was to be a dark match, with her teaming up with clientele Monica Rinehart-Shae going up against the team of Danielle Lopez and Autumn Winters, It however, did not happen for reasons unknown. On the 10/04/2009 show she participated in the 5 minute Battle Royal where the survivor(s) will get a Television Championship shot at the PPV Created equal 3 in which she was eliminated early on.

On the same day, Brooke entered into a feud with Brittany Knox. The two had some history in XDF, in where they were employed. The feud was made apparent when Brooke distracted Brittney in her match against Giselle Anderson. The two was then booked into a match at the 10/18/2009 Created Equal 3 PPV in which Brittney was victorious after a hard fought match. The feud was cut short due to Brooke being inactive for the past months, till she gave ROB offices her notice on her release. She maintains a good relationship with ROB and she will return, when she is not overbooked in the future.

Total Wrestling Entertainment (2011)

After taking a 7 month hiatus for the remainder of 2010, Brooke has announced that she will return to the ring. Also, announced on March 23, 2011, Brooke signed with Total Wrestling Entertainment. She made her debut as a Heel on the April 4th edition of Monday Night Enigma defeating Karolina Graf. She participated in the companies major pay per view Slam-Mania on April 11, pulling double duty. She was one of the lumberjills in Trinity's and Kori Argentiums match, where the Divine Divas Championship was on the line. Trinity has defeated Kori and captured the title. Brooke was one of 5 participants in the divas battle royal to determine the number one contender for the Divine Championship. In the match, Brooke and Alexis Terry worked together to fight off Destiny Lagos Knight and Amber Stevens, Brooke eventually eliminated Destiny from the match by back body drop, which sent her flying outside of the ring. Brooke made it to the final three of the match, but was eliminated by Amber Stevens, who also eliminated Alexis Terry later in the match, making Amber the number one contender.

Managing Jayden Ryder and Feud with Trinity

Brooke faced and defeated Karolina Graf for the second time on the April 18th edition of Monday Night Enigma. On the same night, she involved herself in the main event which included Jayden Ryder and Brian Stryker facing off against the "Xtreme Messiah" Frost and Aaron Drake who was accompanied by Trinity. During the match, she tried to get involved on Jayden and Brian's behalf only to get interrupted by Trinity. A fight broke out between the two but was separated by the tag partners. Brooke stopped Trinity from interfering the match and made herself known as Jayden Ryder's official valet. She managed Jayden to his tag team match where his partner is Brooke's main enemy, Trinity. The two faced Amber Stevens and Randy Fields to a loss on April 24. Brooke blamed Trinity for the loss and swore that she will make her pay for her losing the tag team match. At Forever Immortal 3, Brooke defeated Alexis Terry for number one contendership for the TWE Divas Championship, after the hard fought match, Brooke sent a message to Trinity, stating that their beef with each other is far from over. On the 5/9 episode of Monday Night Enigma, Brooke teamed with Jayden Ryder to take on the teams of Alexis Terry & Shad Moss, Mr S & Amber Stevens and Frost & Trinity for the main event of the night. The two latter teams were eliminated earlier on, with only Jayden/Brooke and Shad/Alexis still standing, Ryder got the pin for the team. Brooke participated in another tag match, this time teaming with Chantelle to face the team of Natalie Kane and Trinity on 5/16. Chantelle and Brooke won via Chantelle hitting the "Beautiful Inclination" on Natalie and getting the pin. Brooke finally faced Trinity for the TWE Divas Championship at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, which happened on 5/22. The two women fought back and forth in all three matches, with it ending in a steel cage match. Trinity was victorious after she hit her finisher on Brooke, retaining the belt. This signaled the end of the Brooke/Trinity feud as Trinity moved down to the newly revived Showdown Brand

Alliance with Chantelle Hilton, Fatal Attraction

Brooke was frequently seen with Chantelle Hilton backstage before her debut. The two shared mutual agreement and respect towards each other and has decided to team up, forming Fatal Attraction. The girls alliance made their first debut successfully on 5/16/2011 defeating Trinity and Natalie Kane. Chantelle was suddenly released on June 5, but the stable did not end as Alexis Terry was added on the stable, however due to the rumors of Brooke leaving TWE, the stable is assumed to be finished.

Feud(s) with Lyara Jayde Storm, Adora Belle and Departure

Brooke then started her next feud with Trinity's friend, Lyara Jayde Storm. She explained to Lyara, that she did not like the stuff that she said about her, so she warned Lyara to watch her back because Brooke is coming for her. The "Twitter Feud" also involved Sayge Jemson and Giselle Stratten, who frequently berated both Lyara and Trinity. Lyara and Brooke faced each other in a fatal four way on June 5, 2011 edition of Enigma, which also involved Natalie Kane and Adora Belle. Throughout the match, Brooke was dominating the entire thing, but was also having a rough time with Natalie. Eventually, she pinned Natalie for the three count. On the 6/15 Enigma show, Brooke involved herself in Adora Belle's match against Kristal Lashley, attacking Adora for unknown reasons. She was saved by The Mercenary, only to have Big J attack him afterwards. Brooke faced Lyara one on one this time in a hard fought match, with the two close on skill and determined to win. Lyara won the match this time, ending the short feud. On the 6/20 show, Brooke teamed up with Big J to take on the team of Adora Belle and "The Mercenary" Shawn Insayne, early in the match, Adora got her revenge on Brooke almost dominating her but towards the end, Brooke got the last laugh. After the two brawled outside of the ring, she slammed Adora against one of the turnbuckles, knocking her out. Big J got the pin for the team, winning the match for the both of them. It was announced on June 22 at Brooke's official fan site that she left the company for personal reasons.

Kickboxing career

Around 2006 till 2009 Brooke was a member of Team Kya IMVU Kickboxing League. It is here she started a rivalry with Kya, who was also the person who defeated her for the Femme Fatale Championship. Team Kya and UFL had some sort of Talent Exchange with its females. Brooke and fellow Femme Fatale Soverit occasionally boxing while Kya and wife "Tuff" Tina wrestled for UFL, though Tina had a shorter stint compared to Kya.

Brooke's record is 5-11. She admitted that she is not the best of all boxers but had fun boxing with the likes of Kya, Lucifina, Tina and Hailey. Team Kya had a cross brand event with then active company wXw, which was owned by Brooke, it however was a failure as most of its members simply had no passion. In mid 2009, Brooke was announced as Team Kyas Novice Division manager, however Brooke had to relinquish her duties as a Manager due to computer problems.

Personal life

Her cousin, Daniella Castillo was training to be a wrestler in the now-defunct StarrKut Academy, along with additional training from Ana herself, going under the ring name Nellie Quirina. She is a former interviewer for World Elite Wrestling from 2011 till early 2012, where her contract expired. Although she was training for the rest of the years that past, Daniella announced that she parted ways with the industry, now uninterested in it

Ana was romantically linked to a few UFL wrestlers, only for both parties to deny such relationships as most of these were mostly written up rumors by poorly organized dirt-sheets. She is currently engaged to Jorge Rivera, who attended the same high school she graduated from. She was dating Jorge since 2007 and is engaged to him on November 3, 2011. The couple did plan on marrying on Valentine's Day 2012, but it has since been pushed back to April

Ana is close friends with several members of the UFL Roster, whom she worked with for four years. She is also close friends with Sayge Jemson and Giselle Stratten, who were models for Tiana & Co as well as with Jayden Ryder, Sean Mendez, Thiatan and Chantelle Hilton, her tag partner from TWE.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Femme Fatality (Asai DDT)
    • Curse of Curves (Muta Lock)
  • Signature moves
    • Bronco Buster
    • Springboard roundhouse kick
    • Hurricanrana
    • Missile Dropkick
    • Backbrecker
    • Top rope neck scissors choke
    • Camel clutch
    • Foot Choke on Turnbuckle
    • Overhead Takedown
    • Hair Pull Slam
    • Suplex
    • Tarantula
    • Surfboard Strech
  • Wrestlers Managed
    • The Jester
    • Blade Ortega
    • Manabu Fujiwara
    • Monica Rinehart-Shae
    • War (Dynasty)
    • David Shane (Dynasty)
    • Jayden Ryder
  • Nicknames
    • "Hardcore Princess"
    • "Submission Queen"
    • "Glamorous Fighter"
    • "The (self-proclaimed) Princess of XDF"
    • "The Spanish Rose"
    • "The Original Femme Fatale"
  • Entrance themes
    • "I Wanna be Bad" by Willa Ford (UFL)
    • "All Eyes on Me" by LeToya Luckett (UFL, XDF and Indies)
    • "Curse of Curves" by Cute is What We Aim For (Indies)
    • "Keep on Liftin" by DJ Nagureo (WWH)
    • "Turn You On" by Paris Hilton (XDF)
    • "Piece of Me" by Britney Spears (TWE)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • UFL
    • UFL Femme Fatale Championship (1 Time)
    • Inducted into the UFL! Hall of Fame class (2010)
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