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AllyNicol97 AllyNicol97 13 September 2019

What Have I Missed

Hello people,

So going back around 6-7 years ago, I used to ‘efed’. Used Gfed until it closed and then fedwars for a tiny amount of time (just wasn’t the same as gfed). I must’ve been 14 at the time and either grew out of the hobby completely or just lost interest.

I’m now 21 and for absolutely no reason, I was in the gym and the thought of efedding popped back into my head. I never knew why gfed actually closed its doors, what was the reason for this? Also, what happened to fedwars? Is it a dying hobby? Has there been any similar websites since? Can someone give me a summary of what the scene has been like in the last 5-7 years and what the current situation is?


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PHFJeromeDubois PHFJeromeDubois 26 May 2019

6CW E-Fed

Hi There, 

Ever thought about getting into E-fedding and create your own character? Then come discover 6CW after an on going history of over 10 years 6CW is re-opening its doors this July and are looking for new characters. If you are interested just send a reply on here if not feel free to discover our page here:

Thanks for your time!

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SanadaGOAT SanadaGOAT 25 April 2019

Arata Asakura

Arata Asakura is a professional e-wrestler who currently competes for ALPHA Wrestling.

  • 1 Early Life
  • 2 Professional Wrestling Career 
    • 2.1 ALPHA Wrestling (2019)
  • 3 Personal Life
  • 4 In Wrestling
  • 5 Achievements
  • 6 Bibliography

Arata comes from a poor family. However, he had a loving home, so his financial situation wasn't something terrifying for him. His financial situation made him rather a loner. He didn't have almost any friends. People treated him like a freak. He had two friends: his brother and Io. He is very close with his brother. But Arata never understood why Io wanted to be his friend. She was from a wealthy family, she surrounded herself with beautiful things. She could have better friends, but for some reason she liked him. She made him intereste…

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Jessica Magica Jessica Magica 14 April 2019

Southern Style Championship Wrestling

Southern Style Championship Wrestling is my E-FED. We are angled drive E-FED. We are looking to have 16 members to start! Also looking for a graphic design artist to help with logos and match cards! Most fights will take place with hardcore/extreme type today!

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TheVaeVictisBD TheVaeVictisBD 15 March 2019

Template improvements.

Greetings and Salutations.

Just making this blog because I have a tendency to play around with codings for the templates I have made of the Wikia, sometimes estranged templates as well, and decided to make a forum to announce when certain changes have been made to a template so the community are aware of them. It is entirely to upkeep a consistency of quality across the board so hopefully, they are to the contributors liking. If there are any issues with a template, feel free to let me know in this thread.

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RRS RRS 7 November 2018

Featured Article Nominations (December 2018 - February 2019)

Hi all,

In order to maintain our transparency as well as promote community engagement, the EWE will begin posting monthly nomination threads on the Community Feedback Forum in order to select our Featured Article which will be promoted on the site's home page.

If you wish to nominate an article for consideration, please reply to this thread as a comment and link the article you wish to nominate. Please limit one (1) submission per user per month. Articles can be reconsidered for subsequent nominations only if they were not selected in any of the previous twelve (12) calendar months.

The following are the standards by which the EWE team will select an article for our Featured Article section:

Organization: Please ensure that your article is clea…

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RRS RRS 3 October 2018

Site Update (October 2018)

Hello all,

Just wanted to check in with the community briefly and point out that the administrative staff has worked hard to streamline the functionality of the site while also renovating some of the many outdated graphics and modules.

One of our major focuses moving forward is to allow for better transparency and communication between the staff and the user base. With this being said, I would like to allow this blog post to be an invitation for anyone who may have general suggestions to make their opinions known. Please consider giving us feedback as a comment to this blog post.

Topics of feedback can include but are not limited to:

  • Site Design
  • Site Navigation
  • General Organization
  • Community Engagement Ideas
  • Additional Features

Thank you all for you…

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Settle4Love Settle4Love 8 September 2018

Community vote to have BrentHarvanator removed as a bureaucrat on this wikia

UPDATE 9/9/18: As stated below, this thread has been closed due to pending agreement from both parties involved. Please refrain from voting on this topic, as votes will no longer be counted. We are working toward a resolution and will update the community when it is officially reached. Thank you for your continued patience.

Hello eWrestling fandom community. I am making this thread to poll the community on whether or not most of us agree that the current bureaucrat of our wikia, BrentHarvanator, should be stripped and removed of his title as bureaucrat. My reasoning for this is that it has been brought to my attention over the past several months, as a staff member in the biggest community that utilizes this wikia, several instances of abuse…

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OctaviaMelody1995 OctaviaMelody1995 4 February 2018

Southpaw Clash Championship Wrestling

Hello I'm OctaviaMelody1995 and I've just recently started a fed called Southpaw Clash Championship Wrestling. So far it only has three wrestlers (mine so to speak). And well I'm looking for people to join and give this place a little push of life. So can anybody join, please?

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TheVaeVictisBD TheVaeVictisBD 3 February 2018

eWrestling Wikia Adoption notice (2)

Hello fellow contributors to eWrestling Wikia!

This blog is just to inform everyone in active contribution that I have sent in a request to adopt this wikia and assign some new admins. Most of our admins are inactive, some for years and others for months. We have plenty of pages that are candidates for deletion that are just taking up space, and we have zero authority to prevent such things as vandalism and harassment. Due to myself sending in the request, I will be amongst the new Admins and be removing the cluster and stepping in when an issue is presented.

With that being said, I will need the opinions of some of our contributors to be posted below, be it positive or negative. If there are any concerns with this, feel free to post below.


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TheRevenantUser TheRevenantUser 21 December 2017


I'm @TheRevenantUsers, also known as 'The Revenant' on the 'Elite Answers Wrestling' E - Fed network. Basically I've got a collective of One page, my character's E - Wrestling Wikia Page. I update here for any new pages I might have to create, if I do really create any more for some - odd - reason. 

Also add me on Discord:

@ Bork Lazer #9850

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TheVaeVictisBD TheVaeVictisBD 30 September 2017

eWrestling Wikia Adoption notice

Hello fellow contributors to eWrestling Wikia!

This blog is just to inform everyone in active contribution that I have sent in a request to adopt this wikia and assign some new admins. Most of our admins are inactive, some for years and others for months. We have plenty of pages that are candidates for deletion that are just taking up space, and we have zero authority to prevent such things as vandalism and harassment. On October 7th this process should come into effect and admins will be assigned. Due to myself sending in the request, I will be amongst the new Admins and be removing the cluster and stepping in when an issue is presented. If there are any concerns with this, feel free to post below.

Thank you.

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Soq23cc Soq23cc 26 May 2015

Love This Thing

Truthfully, I love the fact that we have an e-wrestling wikipedia because to me, it has been a life saver. I swear to you that I would have never remembered 90% of the stuff I post here almost as soon as it happens to one of my characters. This is a solid thing for the game in general, tbh. Really dig it, how about you?

Soq23cc (talk) 04:31, May 26, 2015 (UTC)

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WrestleForSoup WrestleForSoup 22 February 2014


This is a blog. I don't really have anything to blog about, so that's it.

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Jlvw83 Jlvw83 25 October 2013


i have seral pictures of what i beleive to be from the first wrestle mania in columbus ohio they were taken in febuary 1982 and i wanted to know if they were of any value if so i would be interrested in their value i have the first couple matches of  aundrey the giant and i think kabooki and dusty rhodes senior and a few others  plz write me back or something if u know how to find out or if u know anything bout them thanks

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Daassh Daassh 3 May 2013

Self check list


GZWA Heavyweight Champion

GZWA Women's Champion

Amber Torres

Leon Torres

Dash Torres

GZWA Television Champion

Real Name: Zachery Keri Cruz

In-Ring Name: Keri Cruz

Date of Birth: June 6th, 1988

Height: 5'10

Weight: 187

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Personality: Gofy all around Cheerful guy, is known for his strong accent which

Physical Description: Keri is known for his stretched ears and multiple tattoos all over his body.

Ethnicity: Brazilian & Italian American 

Pic Base: T.Millz



Wrestling Style: Grounded Brawler

Strengths: Submissions

Weaknesses: Umm.

Entrance Theme: "Dead and Gone" By Jim Johnston [Corey Graves theme]

Entrance Description:


Manager's Pic Base:

Ring Attire:

Out Of Ring Attire:


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XxXBenihanaXxX XxXBenihanaXxX 19 March 2013

Too much love of CM Punk?

E-wrestling always goes through a cycle of trends that receive a lot more attention that others. Whether it be from its resources, the types of e-federations, and the hottest wrestling maneuver, there's always an aspect which is utilized more often than not because of its overall hype. This also pertains to pic bases/face claims to entrance themes of our e-wrestlers.

When I first joined the e-wrestling community back in 2004, I was in an e-fed which its members handled real wrestlers seen on television. It seemed like Sting, The Rock, and Triple H were pretty popular in that sector of e-fedding during that time period. Nowadays its John Cena, Randy Orton, and, of course, CM Punk.

Speaking of Punk, I'm seeing his popularity seethe into e-wr…

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JohnnyVagabond JohnnyVagabond 5 November 2012

Looking for people

We're looking for more players. We have a great core of guys and the site owners have been running efeds for over a decade. The match writing is superb. We have a weekly show at 2 rps per show. 3 for the ppv. Matches are judged on rps and the word count is 6k max. Come check us out.

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JDUDE JDUDE 22 October 2012

Would Like To Start

Hello, I am currently running a small e-fed named Meganonstopwrestling, and would like to start posting pages here about it, but two things

  1. My efed is small and just started
  2. I have no idea where to start posting about my efed

If anyone could help me out, giving me hints and tips on where to start, I would gladly appreciate it

Thank you

-JDUDE JDuDE (talk) 23:45, October 22, 2012 (UTC)

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BWN BWN 8 September 2012

Bebo Wrestling on EWE

As time goes by, events of the past in the game seem to get forgotten about forever. As of late, we've started making wiki pages for Bebo wrestling on the e-wrestling wikia.

If you create a page for your character and fill it with your history, at least everything you've done will be out there somewhere forever, and hopefully everything we've done here won't be forgotten.

Thus far we have several pages made featuring the BWN and current feds, while a number of superstars have made pages for themselves. Long term, the aim is to get as much as possible of OW's history on the e-wrestling wikia and we would appreciate it if anyone reading this could do a page for themselves, a page for any fed the currently or previously owned, pages for alter-e…

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ITNA Wrestling

Quick introduction:

iTNA - Irc Total Non-Stop Action, is an interactive IRC Federation that was founded in 2008 and has been providing quality irc-wrestling entertainment via your IRC client ever since. Utilising the original text-based 'iTNA-Ref' bot, unique to iTNA, players are able to partake in all kinds of pro-wrestling style bouts and events, and collect statistics, win/loss records and even championship title belts!

Sounds like fun? I thought so. Why not come check it out? Grab yourself and IRC client(We recommend mIRC), and connect to our friendly dedicated IRC server @

Once there, join the action in #iTNA channel.

It's all pretty self-explanitory from there, but do not hesitate to message our staff members for assi…

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Unscripted Unscripted 8 July 2012

World Elite Wrestling!

Hi all! I know I've been apart of this site for a very long time and I have never really done this, lol, but I just thought I'd say hi to everyone & give a cheap plug to my wrestling e-fed WEW (this will take you to the site). We also have an e-wikia here World Elite Wrestling (takes you to the ewikia). We are always expanding, always growing, and always doing something new and innovative that pushes the standards for efeds, so feel free to check it out and maybe join!

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Jim Logan Jim Logan 9 June 2012


Hello ladies and gentlemen, wrestling fans of all ages, I am Jim Logan, and I am here to ask you for assistance. You see on WWE_HCW,/HCW_Wiki I am short a GM of Monday Night Raw who can run matches, and I am pretty sure I am about to lose a Smackdown GM as well, if you would ever be so kind, is to assist me in runing this for a while, I would be ever so greatful.

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Deziray30 Deziray30 5 April 2012


Everything updated.

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Electrorae Electrorae 18 March 2012

Not Funny Anymore.

Okay, so this dude named Jamesborn has been editing my page that my sister requested I make for her CAW Aiden Reid. He wrote things like he died of a crack overdose, etc. I really think that's immature. He has no right to even edit my page. Please stop if you read this. Thanks.

- Rae

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Jamesborn Jamesborn 17 March 2012


i love wiki

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Dominaking Dominaking 16 March 2012

Editing privileges

So, I've noticed anyone can get on anyones page and edit anything they'd like. I find this to be rather rude and unfair to many because there are very petty people out there. Is there any way we could add a new feature that requires any edits made to the page to need verification/acceptance by the original author?

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IanThomas IanThomas 30 January 2012

Feeling Old

Just came across someone who said:

"I've been in the eWrestling world for five months and I'm about to hit my peak of number one."

Do you know how long I've been in this world? Too long. And a lot longer than five months. Definatly not something to brag about, I know that. I think my peak was around 2008, some of the best writing I had ever done.

The best part was this:

"My retirement is age is 31."

Well if thats mine, in four years come April, I'll be there.


- Ian

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Corner3side Corner3side 25 January 2012

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Corner3side Corner3side 23 January 2012

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Majakia1 Majakia1 20 January 2012

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Flatssalerohini Flatssalerohini 13 January 2012
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Rohinighar Rohinighar 5 January 2012

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Rohiniprop1 Rohiniprop1 2 January 2012

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Sundogs Sundogs 1 January 2012


Should we podcast? I think that more fans would be more intrigued about this.

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Sundogs Sundogs 1 December 2011

The Year End in Review

As we celebrate a new year later this month and be with our loved ones for the holidays; we, the entire staff of The e-Wrestling Encyclopedia Wikia, wants to bless you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Prosperious 2012. With this said, I, and some of the maintenance crew members, will periodically check in and post several things in the blog posts. We, the entire staff, will have a big meeting during the holidays and will make the FINAL changes to the site. The staff here at eWE are welcomed to new ideas, comments, feedbacks, suggestions and everything in between from YOU THE USERS. From now to the end of the year, I would love the users to post your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or whatever the case maybe, and we the staff will b…

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Thomas Pullen Thomas Pullen 29 October 2011

Cat on a Sofa

You may notice, as I do these blogs, I often post about really weird things. Like for example (true story) my black and white cat just tried to jump onto a rather low table, but failed horribly. She didn't see the glossy magazine on the table, and slipped, falling off. Getting irritated at this, she retreated to the sofa, and is now laying down.

Look forward to more from the marvellous mind of me.


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Capt abbott Capt abbott 27 September 2011

capt abbott

jesse abbott(capt abbott)[7][8] (born April 1, 1980)[[|[3]]] is an American professional wrestler and actor. He is signed to tcw wrestling on its payment brand.[[|[9]]] abbott is a 4th-generation professional wrestler; his grandfather fred mumford., father "ace smock, as well as his uncle fred whitbeck and his mom amy abbott, all competed in the professional wrestling industry.[[|[2]]][[|[10]]]

Before being promoted to the main (icw, now tcw) roster, abbott trained in and wrestled for hardcorr Wrestling impact for a month. He was then sent to (icw), where Orton held the icw Hardcore Championship on two separate occasions.[[|[11]]]

After signing with tcw, Orton became a member of the stable twisted famliy, which quickly led to a tcw Intercontinental C…

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Jessegabbott Jessegabbott 15 September 2011


abbott was born on October 30, 1973 in omaha, neb, to amy abbott, a single mother, who worked two jobs to support her son. To this day, he has never met his father, nor seen a picture of him. At a young age, he became interested in professional wrestling. His favorite wrestlers included Mr. Perfect, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Ricky Steamboat, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. When he was eighteen, abbott won an high school title match, with Sully's Gym offering free wrestling training to whoever could beat the champion, . As the result of his win, he was trained by hhh and hbk in new york. abbott put his wrestling aspirations aside, to help pay the bills. He held numerous jobs and decided to go to Humber College, where he graduated with a diploma in radio bro…

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ECamilla ECamilla 7 August 2011


  • Yay
  • I'm going to update my Camilla page as much as possible.
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TheGingerEnigma TheGingerEnigma 22 July 2011

LWF Suggestions

If anybody has any ideas for matches on La Guerra De Honor or a Super Card, post them here:

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Electrorae Electrorae 30 June 2011

Hi Everyone!

Helloooo! My name is Rae. I'm sixteen years old. I love e-fedding and writing in general. It's a passion of mine. I hope to make some friends here while I showcase my CAWs and my friends' CAWs. Please don't hesitate to say hello! I'm very friendly and outgoing. So please, stop by and say hello or ask to add me on msn. (:

- Rae

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SantinoRules2010 SantinoRules2010 26 June 2011

Second Blog - Update

I have been busy as of late which was why I haven't been on quite a lot as I finished my online class and am getting a job. I am currently ranked at #8 as of now. I am still efedding at XWA and UWF as I like to be heavily involve with my character Anthony Hawk. I am the longest reigning MV IC champ at WU (aka XWA). I'll update more soon as I just want to let those know where I was all these months.

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XxXBenihanaXxX XxXBenihanaXxX 2 June 2011

What Are Your Parameters?

I just had a discussion about the top five WWF/WWE Intercontinental Champions. But the thing was, I kept asking myself what and how I - and everyone else - was supposed to base my rankings. Was it about the most reigns? How about the longest reign? Perhaps it was about in-ring talent? Or maybe it had to deal with the total package? Then again, we were talking about their gimmicks at the time of their title victory? Or, were we speaking of how the title became a stepping stone for a certain individual's career?

If any of the answers were along the lines of "I don't know," we're the same wave length.

Then, the subject matter was still about naming our top five champions but it now shifted over to the WWWF/WWF/WWE Championship. And again, I asked myself w…

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Rustlers Rustlers 10 May 2011


What is up. I hope that we could be a better community when we worrk together.

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RiotSquad RiotSquad 10 May 2011

Wrestling Rocks

I don't know abouyt you but I like wrestling. Especially TNA and NWA wrestling companies. I miss the WCW when they were around. ANyone miss the old WCW?

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LoneThrasherWolf37 LoneThrasherWolf37 7 May 2011

Summer Time

Since the summer is coming up soon, I believe we need to clean up the site by updateing pages, redoing categories, downsize the templates, and recruite people. If you have any more ideas to share polease put them here.

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Sundogs Sundogs 6 May 2011

Conference Call Notes and Suggestions

Here soon at the eWE, the staff we have a Conference Call and we will take your suggestions, ideas, comments, and all other feedback to better this site. Here is some of the run down that the Maintenance ew has already suggested to the Administration Team and they are:

  1. Manual of Style (MoS) has to be reworked
  2. Rules and Punishments needs to be reworked,
  3. Achievements should be altered,
  4. Confirm or deny any and all administration requests (Maintenance Crew has already confirmed),
  5. Cease and Destroy the Maintenance Crew and revert them to Junior staff members,
  6. Task Forces memberships, and
  7. Overall clean up of the site.

With this said, is there anything else that we need to discuss on to have a better understanding on? If so, leave a comment here and we w…

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HotDice HotDice 5 May 2011

Conference Call for Staff?

Only speculation here but the staff has alot of work to iron out.

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CA Quakes CA Quakes 5 May 2011

Task Forces?

What does everyone think about a task forces department here? I hope this is coming out soon because it does do alot of good.

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