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Jack Brown
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Real name Sean Dailey
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Height 6'6
Weight 275 lbs.
Date of birth October 30 1980
Place of birth Hayward California
Date of death None
Place of death None
Resides Oakland California
Billed from Oakland California
Trainer APW
GFW, HCW, 13 Honor
Handled by
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Debut 2004
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Sean Dailey (born October 30, 1980) is a retired American professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Jack Brown. He is best known for his multiple stints in Killer Forever Wrestling Federation (KFWF).

Personal Info

Early Life

Jack Brown, was born Sean Dailey in Hayward, California. As a child he moved to San Leandro, California, a place just outside of Oakland, due to financial problems.

The area Jack grew up in was drug infested along. He was fascinated by all the drug dealers, making money getting everything they wanted, everything he wanted. Soon he got involved in drug dealing and starting making money and at the age of thirteen he was arrested on drug charges after selling an once of cocaine to an under cover police officer.

While incarcerated he spent most of his time watching professional wrestling and he becamse fascinated with the sport. When he was released at age 16, he looked for a training federation and immediately began training at the APW boot camp.

After his training was complete Jack came across many small time, independent federations before being signed with KFWF in 2004 at the age of 25.

Wrestling Career

He is still young but in just 3 years he has done a lot for the wrestling community. He made a big impact in KFWF especially in the Hardcore division and is considered Hardcore Legend, pioneering many brutal matches. Those matches include Barbed Wire Cage, Glass House Match, and a Final Sinn Match.

King of the Death Match

Jack Brown hosted the first KFWF King of the Death Match (KOTDM) which he won, revealing at the end that the prize was a KFWF heavyweight title match, he went on to win the heavyweight title from LJF. He retired shortly after winning the title.

Title History

  • x1 Heavyweight Champion
  • x2 Hardcore Champion

Tag Teams

  • KFWF Stables:
PrimeTime Mafia


  • KFWF Great
  • Best Newcomer 2005
  • Best Feud 2006
  • Best Match 2007