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BackStream Championship Wrestling
[[Image:|px|Image of BackStream Championship Wrestling]]
Acronym BCW
Industry Professional eWrestling
Headquarters Flag of Canada.png Edmonton, Alberta
Theme music
Brands BCW WarFare
BCW Rebellion
CEO Commander D
Established june 3, 2006
Founder(s) Commander D
Key people Commander D,
Owner Commander D
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Backstream Championship Wrestling (BCW) is a wrestling fed based out of Edmonton, Alberta. BCW was founded is June 2006 after Extreme Amateur Wrestling closed its doors. BCW has two shows BCW WarFare and BCW Rebellion. WarFare is used most than Rebellion which is used ever so often.

When Extreme Amateur Wrestling closed down many superstars wanted to continue to wrestle. BCW was created to follow in the footsteps of Extreme Amateur Wrestling. Currently BCW holds interpromotional shows with such promotions as OCW,RCW and PWA. BCW sent five of its wrestlers to the Full Metal Invitational but pulled out due to conflicts with the company.


Single Wrestlers

  • Commander D
  • Ear-wax
  • K Stevens
  • Ryan Wilson
  • Killer K
  • StingRay
  • Fat Joe
  • Blaze
  • James Starr
  • King (BCW)
  • Xero
  • Crusher
  • Triple X
  • Khayn
  • Tempest
  • SafeCracker
  • Ace
  • Triple J
  • Kai
  • Eric Hinz
  • Adam Young
  • Sir Jacob
  • Alex Austin
  • Lan
  • Bossman
  • Fusion
  • John Varkin
  • Zakk Carolina
  • Crippler
  • Zamatros
  • Xander
  • Cobra
  • Danger Dave
  • Sanyo
  • Ryan Tonsi
  • Scott Tonsi
  • CJ Youkai
  • Victor Madson
  • Zane
  • Heilo


  • Oil City Machine Guns (Commander D, King)
  • Japanese Army (Zamatros,Kai,Lan and Master Kage)
  • Blaze and StingRay
  • Fat Joe and Zakk Carolina
  • Khayn and Tempest


BCW WareFare

BCW Rebellion

List of Monthly Events

Current Champions

Championship Current Champion(s) Date Won Event
BCW Triple Crown Championship Crusher November 24, 2008 BCW Survival Stand
BCW International Championship James Starr February 26, 2009 BCW WarFare
BCW Tag Team Championship Fat Joe and Zakk Carolina December 1, 2008 BCW WarFare
BCW Cruiserweight Championship Total Destruction March 14, 2009 BCW WarFare
BCW Hardcore Championship KamiKaze May 22, 2009 EAW One Night Stand

Defunct Championships

Championship Last Champion(s) Date Won Event
EAW World Championship Commander D April 1, 2007 BCW April Fools Mayhem
EAW Canadain Championship El Xero June 21, 2006 BCW vs. EAW:One More Time
EAW Tag Team Championship Commander D and Total Destruction September 25, 2005 BCW WarFare
EAW Light-Heavyweight Championship Zamatros July 1, 2006 EAW/BCW Great Canadain Bash
XWF World Heavyweight Championship Zakk Carolina May, 15th,2008 EAW One Night Stand

Authority Figures

  • Commander D - Owner
  • Ryan Tonsi - General Maqnager
  • Lepps - Vice-General Manager