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Aria Jaxon
Jaxon on Kingdom in mid-2019.
Jaxon on Kingdom in mid-2019.
Birth name Aria Marie Jackson-LeBeau
Born January 28, 1995 (age 25)
Hawthorne, California,
United States
Resides Los Angeles, California,
United States
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Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) AJ Marie
Aria Jaxon
Billed height 5 ft. 4 in. (1.65 m)
Billed weight 114 lbs. (52 kg)
Billed from Los Angeles, California
Trained by Hollywood Fight Club
Miss Manami
Brian Daniels
Debut July 19, 2015

Aria Marie Mstislav (nee Jackson-LeBeau; born January 28, 1995), better known by her ring name Aria Jaxon, is an American professional wrestler, model, actress, and television producer currently signed to Strong Style Wrestling and Omega Wrestling Alliance, where she appears on the promotion's Kingdom brand as the current 24/7 Champion in her first reign. Additionally, she also serves as the company's Chief Brand Officer of OWA and showrunner of Odyssey

Early Life

Jackson-LeBeau was born in Hawthorne, California, and grew up in Los Angeles' Harvard Heights neighborhood after her family moved there when she was a child. Her parents are Melanie Rivers (nee Jackson), a nurse practitioner, and Marcus LeBeau, a high school counselor; they separated and eventually divorced in the late 2000s. She has one older brother, Los Angeles Rams cornerback Andre Jackson-LeBeau (born 1991). Her mother is African-American, and her father is Louisiana Creole (of mixed African-American, French, Cajun, Spanish, and Native American ancestry). Jackson-LeBeau's mother remarried pediatric doctor David Rivers in 2017. She was a dancer, cheerleader, and sprinter prior to graduating from West Adams Preparatory High School and planned to study nursing at California State University, Dominguez Hills before foregoing it to continue pursuing wrestling.

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Career (2011 - 2015)

Under the name AJ Marie, Jackson-LeBeau got her start in professional wrestling by working as a ring announcer for Los Angeles-based So Cal Pro. Around the same time,

AJ Marie in NEO in late 2013.

she also began training at Hollywood Fight Club and worked extensively in San Diego Wrestling (SDW). While working on the Southern California independent circuit, Marie met future EAW coworkers Mia Matsuda (Stephanie Matsuda) and Vendetta Vaughan (Brody Sparks). She signed an EAW developmental contract in August 2013 and reported to the Performance Center in Newark, New Jersey the following month. She remained in NEO from the latter part of 2013 until her main roster call-up in the summer of 2015.

Elite Answers Wrestling (2015 - 2018)

Empress of Elite (2015 - 2016)

Jackson-LeBeau, now using the ring name Aria Jaxon, debuted as a face on July 19, defeating Ashlynne Black on the Voltage Pre-Show. On the July 26 episode of Voltage, Jaxon won a Triple Threat match over Starshine and then-Vixens Champion Tarah Nova. On the August 3 episode of Battleground, Jaxon and Ariana Lopez lost a tag team match to Madison Kaline and Raven Lee. On the August 9 edition of Voltage, Jaxon teamed with Lee to defeat Alexis Diemos and Hatsukyo Gin. After accumulating six wins and one loss, Jaxon advanced to the finals of the first-ever Empress of Elite tournament. In the main event of the September 22 episode of Battleground, Jaxon pinned Madison Kaline to become the first-ever Empress of Elite. By virtue of her victory, she also became number one contender to the Vixens Championship. On the October 4 Voltage, Jaxon's team defeated Kaline's in a Territorial Invasion-style tag team match. The following week on Dynasty, Jaxon and Cailin Dillon defeated Kaline and Gonzales. It was also announced that the title match at House of Glass would be a 10,000 Shards of Glass match. Kaline would go on to retain at House of Glass.

Jaxon teamed with then-boyfriend Brett Kennedy in the main event of the November 2 episode of Battleground, defeating then-Tag Team Champions The Mercenaries (Y2Impact and HBG) when Jaxon pinned HBG. On the November 15 episode of Showdown, she competed in a Fatal Four-Way for the right to challenge for the Specialists Championship; Cailin Dillon would go on to win the match. On November 16, it was announced that Jaxon and Kennedy would compete in the inaugural Tag Team Championship Grand Prix.  

Jaxon in the ring at Road to Redemption 9.

On the November 23 episode of Voltage, Jaxon, Stephanie Matsuda and Serena Ji defeated Madison Kaline, Lumen Gray, and Ariana Lopez. On the December 14 episode of Battleground, Jaxon and then-Specialists Champion Cailin Dillon defeated Sexy Curry. Meanwhile, Jaxon and Kennedy would win three straight qualifying matches, advancing to the tournament finals. At Road to Redemption, Drake and Jones defeated Jaxon and Kennedy via referee stoppage.

Jaxon returned to action on the January 3 episode of Voltage, losing to Tarah Nova. On the January 10 edition of Voltage, she defeated Azumi Goto. On the January 15 edition of Dynasty, Jaxon defeated Alexis Diemos. Jaxon's issues with Kennedy continued on the January 16 edition of Showdown, where she initially rebuffed his attempts at making up. After he lost to rival Lioncross, Kennedy attacked her. The January 18 episode of Battleground saw the Specialists Championship Number One Contender's match between Jaxon and Veena Adams end in a no contest. In the Triple Threat Steel Cage match between Jaxon, Cailin Dillon, and Veena Adams on the January 25 edition of Battleground, Dillon would retain. In a backstage segment on the February 6 episode of Showdown, Jaxon issued a challenge to Kennedy for Reasonable Doubt. Jaxon then teamed with Maxwell Dachs on the February 13 episode of Showdown to face Lioncross and Carlos Rosso, losing after Lioncross pinned Dachs. The February 15 episode of Battleground saw Jaxon, Azumi Goto, and Erica Ford defeat Veena Adams, Silence, and Raven Lee, while Kennedy was on commentary. By the February 20 episode of Showdown, Kennedy still hadn't accepted Jaxon's challenge, so she enlisted the help of rival Y2Impact to attack him. At Reasonable Doubt, after Cameron Ella Ava defeated Chuck Scene, Jaxon interrupted Ava's post-match promo and challenged her to a match, which she would go on to win.

On the February 28 edition of Voltage, Jaxon replaced Clark Duncan on the team assembled by Voltage General Manager Ashten Cross for Tag Team Warfare against Hexa-Gun at Fighting Spirit II. The stipulation dictated that, if Team Cross (Starr Stan, Carson Ramsay, then-Specialists Champion Cailin Dillon, and Ryan Savage) won, Hexa-Gun was to disband; if Hexa-Gun won, they would be given control of Voltage. Hexa-Gun would go on to win the match. On day one of the Vixens Cup supershow, Jaxon was defeated by Cameron Ella Ava.

Alliances; Vixens Champion & Young Lions Cup holder (2016)

After the Vixens Cup, Jaxon joined with Stephanie Matsuda and Cailin Dillon to form Formation. Jaxon and Matsuda defeated Ava and Haruna Sakazaki on the March 18 episode of Dynasty. On the April 3 edition of Battleground, Jaxon and Dillon defeated Veena Adams and Silence. Jaxon defeated Ava in the main event of the April 9 episode of Showdown to earn a Vixens Championship match, also marking the first time a women's match had headlined the show in eight years. At Grand Rampage 9, it was announced that Jaxon would receive her Vixens Championship match at Triple Threat and that the match would headline the free-per-view, a first-time occurrence for a women's match. Jaxon and Matsuda lost a tag team match to then-Vixens Champion

Jaxon as Vixens Champion in June 2016.

Eris LeCava and the Heart Break Gal on the May 7 episode of Showdown when HBG pinned Matsuda. Jaxon, Matsuda, and Eclipse Diemos were co-winners of a six-way Street Fight on the May 16 edition of Battleground, and both were then attacked by Diemos after the match. She appeared on the May 21 episode of Showdown celebrating with Aren Mstislav after his EAW Championship win. On the May 23 episode of Battleground, Formation and Tarah Nova were defeated by The Sanatorium and Haruna Sakazaki. Jaxon would go on to win the Vixens Championship at Triple Threat, pinning Heart Break Gal after LeCava was deemed unfit to compete during the match. On the June 4 episode of Showdown, Jaxon and Dillon won a Triple Threat Elimination Tag Team match. On the June 6 episode of Battleground, Jaxon defeated then-Interwire Champion Mexican Samurai. On the June 12 edition of Voltage, Formation defeated The Sanatorium in Tag Team Warfare. On the June 19 episode of Voltage, she lost to rival HBG. On the June 26 edition of Voltage, Jaxon agreed to a Vixens Championship match against HBG at Pain for Pride 9, after which the two began fighting and had to be separated by officials. Jaxon appeared on day two of Pain for Pride 9, celebrating with Aren Mstislav after his win in the EAW and CWF Championship match. Earlier that night, Matsuda betrayed the Specialists team during Divide and Conquer, effectively ending Formation. Jaxon would drop the title on day three of Pain for Pride. On the final episode of Battleground on July 9 (which was also the 2016 EAW Draft Show), Jaxon defeated Lucas Johnson to win the Young Lions Cup, becoming the first woman to hold it. She successfully defended the Cup on the July 24 episode of Voltage against Phoenix Winterborn. Jaxon's second defense against BB Vita on the July 31 episode of Voltage ended in a no contest when Haruna Sakazaki attacked both women. Her match with Dillon and Nova against the Sanatorium on the August 3 episode of Turbo also ended in a no contest when Madison Kaline returned and attacked Stephanie Matsuda. On the August 7 episode of Voltage, Jaxon confronted Sakazaki over the attack, agreeing to a future Young Lions Cup match. Sakazaki was on commentary for Jaxon's match on the August 14 episode of Voltage, and Jaxon defeated Andrew Stirling despite her attempts to interfere. Jaxon would defeat Sakazaki in their eventual match on the August 28 episode of Voltage. She then finished the Empress of Elite preliminaries with three wins, one loss, and one draw. On the September 11 episode of Voltage, Jaxon, Tarah

Jaxon cutting a promo on Empire in September 2016.

Nova, Consuela Rose Ava, and Autumn Raven won an eight-woman tag team match. On the first episode of Empire on September 23, Jaxon lost in the main event to Cameron Ella Ava after interference from Consuela Rose Ava. The following week on Empire, Jaxon aligned with Cailin Dillon and Tarah Nova to form The Sirens, immediately clashing with The OG Vixens (Cameron Ella Ava, Kendra Shamez, and HBG). On the October 2 episode of Voltage, she again successfully defended the Young Lions Cup against Marco Fedor. She then defeated BB Vita in General Manager Cleopatra's "evaluation" of the latter on the October 6 episode of Empire. On the October 9 episode of Voltage, Jaxon was attacked by Kenny Drake when he demanded a Young Lions Cup match. During their match the following week, Carson Ramsay ran out to attack long-time rival Drake, ending the match prematurely. Jaxon defeated Consuela on the October 21 episode of Empire by disqualification when Cameron got involved. On the November 3 episode of Empire, Jaxon defeated Veena Adams. Later in the night, she accompanied Nicole Fyre in her Extreme Rules match against Cameron Ella Ava, which would end in a no contest. On the November 10 episode of Empire, Jaxon and Nova lost a tag team match to Madison Kaline and Alexis Diemos. At Shock Value, Team Sirens would lose to Team OGs after Dillon double-crossed Sheridan Muller. On the November 25 episode of Empire, Jaxon remarked in a segment that The Sirens were virtually over.

On the December 1 episode of Empire, she defeated Dillon in the main event to qualify for the Specialists Championship Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption. On the December 8 episode of Empire, Jaxon teamed with then-Specialists Champion Kendra Shamez against Brody Sparks and Madison Kaline, which they lost when Shamez abandoned Jaxon. On the December 11 episode of Voltage, Jaxon defended the Young Lions Cup successfully for the fifth time against Elijah Stewart.

Various Feuds; Hardcore Championship Chase (2017)

At the 2016 Awards Show, Jaxon won the award for Vixen of the Year. Later in the evening, she defeated Sheridan Muller by submission and became number one contender for the championship of her choosing. On the January 5 episode of Empire, Jaxon defeated Alexis Diemos. That same night, she confronted Cailin Dillon and announced her intentions to challenge her for the Women's Championship. Jaxon defeated Tarah Nova by disqualification on the January 12 episode of Empire, after interference from Dillon. On the January 19 episode of Empire, Jaxon and Dillon got into a confrontation during their contract signing. In that night's

Jaxon in the ring at King of Elite 2017.

main event, Jaxon and Nova defeated Dillon and Kendra Shamez. At King of Elite, her match against Dillon ended in a no contest when Stephanie Matsuda and Mao Ichimichi attacked both women. On the February 3 edition of Empire, General Manager Cleopatra announced that Jaxon and Matsuda would compete in a ladder match to determine who would face Dillon for the Women's Championship next. Their match the following week ended in a no contest, and Cleopatra declared that the title match at Malicious Intentions would be a triple threat. Matsuda then served as guest referee for a tag team match on the February 16 episode of Empire pitting Jaxon and Tarah Nova against Dillon and Brody Sparks. At Malicious Intentions, Dillon retained and pinned Matsuda after interference from Cameron Ella Ava and Kendra Shamez. Jaxon defeated Autumn Raven on the March 16 episode of Empire. Post-match, she rejected Cleopatra's suggestion that she should compete in the Specialists Contender Tournament. She then demanded to face Cameron Ella Ava, with the stipulation dictating that she'd be back in the Women's title picture if she won; if she lost, she wouldn't be allowed to challenge for the title for the rest of 2017. Jaxon confronted Ava and Dillon on the March 23 episode of Empire, where she revealed that she and Ava's scheduled match would take place at Grand Rampage. On the April 6 episode of Empire, she defeated Alexis Diemos. Jaxon would then go on to defeat Ava at Grand Rampage. She confronted Ava on the April 20 episode of Empire near the end of the show to demand a Women's Championship match, but the confrontation drew out Cailin Dillon as well.

On the April 23 episode of Voltage, Jaxon interrupted then-Hardcore Champion Ahren Fournier's in-ring segment to announce that she was cashing in the Young Lions Cup and intended to face him at Fighting Spirit: London. This would also make her the first woman to compete for the title. The following week, she acted as Aren Mstislav andNasir Escobar's valet during their tag team match against People With Class (Jon McAdams and Mike Showman). Later in the night, she exchanged words with Fournier in a backstage segment before eventually mocking him following his loss to Solomon Caine. On the May 7 episode of Voltage, Fournier attacked Jaxon in a backstage segment in an effort to get her to pull out of their match. Jaxon got a measure of revenge on the May 14 episode of Voltage, when she attacked Fournier during his match against Eclipse Diemos and cost him a victory. Jaxon then appeared on the May 18 episode of Empire, coming to the aid of Stephanie Matsuda and Serenity Hunter when the two were being attacked by The Coven. Afterward, Jaxon slapped Matsuda and berated her for allowing her personal issues with The Coven to put Serenity in danger. At Fighting Spirit: London, Fournier would go on to retain.

Women's World Champion (2017 - 2018)

Jaxon officially returned to Empire on the May 25 episode, reaffirming her intentions to challenge for the Women's Championship. This drew out Cameron Ella Ava and Cailin Dillon. Cleopatra announced that Cameron would defend

Jaxon as Women's World Champion in July 2017.

the championship in a Triple Threat match at Pain for Pride X against both Jaxon and Dillon. Dillon would also serve as special guest referee for a tag team match at Terminus pitting Jaxon and Consuela Rose Ava against Cameron and Brody Sparks. At Terminus, Jaxon and Consuela won when Jaxon pinned Sparks. Afterward, both Jaxon and Cameron were attacked by Dillon. In the main event of the June 9 episode of Empire, she defeated Tarah Nova. At Pain for Pride, Jaxon went on to pin Cameron to win the Women's Championship for the first time. After the match, she looked on as an exhausted Dillon was carried off by The Coven.

At the 2017 Draft Show on July 1, Jaxon defeated then-Specialists Champion Consuela Rose Ava by submission. On the July 6 episode of Empire, she closed out the show in an in-ring segment that devolved into a confrontation between Jaxon and the new number one contender for the Women's Championship, Madison Kaline. The July 13 edition of Empire saw Jaxon defeat April Song in the main event. On the July 20 episode of Empire, Jaxon defeated Haruna Sakazaki. On the July 27 episode, Jaxon defeated Kaline in the main event to successfully defend her title for the first time. Afterward, she was attacked by Cailin Dillon, who destroyed the Women's World Championship and revealed herself to be a member of The Sanatorium. On the August 3 edition of Empire, Jaxon (with a new title belt) and Kaline defeated Dillon and Alexis Diemos in a tag team match. On the August 10 edition of Empire, Jaxon and Dillon got into a confrontation in a backstage segment where they found out they would be captaining opposing teams at Territorial Invasion. Jaxon fought Diemos to a no-contest in the main event of the August 17 episode of Empire. Jaxon wound up as the sole survivor for her team, winning the match after last eliminating Dillon and suffering an arm injury in the process. On the August 31 episode of Empire, Jaxon and then-Specialists Champion April Song provided commentary for the first round of the 2017 Empress of Elite tournament. On the September 7 edition of Empire, Jaxon found out that Azumi Goto was cashing in her Control in the Vault briefcase and would be facing her in a title match at Manifest Destiny. Jaxon would go on to retain her title against Goto, successfully defending it for the second time.

In the main event of the September 28 episode of Empire, Jaxon defeated Savannah Sunshine by submission. The October 5 episode of Empire was meant to feature Jaxon and Goto taking on Sunshine and Goto's wife, Haruna Sakazaki, in a tag team match. Instead, Goto and Sakazaki, who had allegedly had marital troubles, secretly made up and ambushed Jaxon and Sunshine before the match ever began. One week later, on October 12, General Manager Tarah Nova revealed that the final three spots in the Extreme Elimination Chamber at Road to Redemption for Jaxon's title would be filled by Sunshine, Goto, and Sakazaki. Later in the night, Jaxon interrupted Goto and Sakazaki's in-ring segment before Sunshine, who had previously been reported as concussed, ran out to aid her in getting a measure of revenge. On the October 19 episode of Empire, Jaxon accompanied Sunshine to ringside for her match against Goto. Later in the night, she defeated Sakazaki in the main event. Afterward, Jaxon, Sunshine, and the match's two guest commentators, Brody Sparks and Revy, were attacked by Sakazaki and Goto. On October 22, Jaxon broke the record previously held by Cailin Dillon to become the longest-reigning Women's World Champion.

Jaxon after retaining the Women's World Championship at Bloodletter 2017.

At Road to Redemption, Jaxon notched three eliminations prior to retaining. With the win, she set a new record for the most successful Women's World Championship retentions, with three. On the November 9 episode of Empire, Jaxon fought Chelsea Crowe to a no contest, with the match ending prematurely when Jaxon missed a diving headbutt. On the November 16 episode of Empire, it was revealed that Jaxon had suffered a concussion. Later in the night, she accompanied Matsuda to ringside for her tag team match with April Song against Haruna Sakazaki and Azumi Goto, during which she was shoved into a ring post by Goto. On the November 24 episode of Empire, Jaxon got into a heated discussion with Matsuda concerning their upcoming match. On the December 1 episode of Empire, Jaxon's match against then-Specialists Champion Consuela Rose Ava ended in a no contest. Afterward, she narrowly escaped being suplexed by Matsuda. At Bloodletter, Jaxon defeated Matsuda to retain for the fourth time. After the match, Matsuda was reluctant to embrace her. On the December 14 episode of Empire, Jaxon and Astraea Jordan, her challenger at King of Elite, met in the ring for the first time during the opening segment of the show. At the 2017 Awards Show on December 16, Jaxon won Female Elitist of the Year, [Female Elitist] Promoer of the Year, Match of the Year [Female Elitist], and Women's Champion of the Year. Later in the night, she, Tarah Nova, and Stephanie Matsuda were defeated by The Axis (Sheridan Muller, Haruna Sakazaki, and Azumi Goto) after Matsuda turned on their team. On the December 21 episode of Empire, Jordan and Megan Raine won a tag match over Jaxon and then-Specialists Champion Consuela Rose Ava when Jordan pinned Ava. On December 30, at EAW's special year-end show held at The Shrine, Jaxon teamed with Nasir Escobar, Mr. DEDEDE, Chris Elite, and Jordan to defeat Jacob Senn and The Zaibatsu (Matsuda, Carlos Rosso, and The Wild Boys). At King of Elite, Jaxon went on to defeat Jordan to successfully defend her title for the fifth time. On the January 18 episode of Empire, she lost a match to Andrea Valentine when Chelsea Crowe and April Song interfered and placed Valentine's feet on the ropes. On the January 25 episode of Empire, Jaxon confronted Crowe in the show's opening segment, where the other woman revealed that she would be challenging for the Women's World Championship at The Iconic Cup. Immediately afterward, Crowe's tag team partner, April Song, blindsided Jaxon. On the February 1 episode of Empire, Jaxon defeated Song with Crowe at ringside. After the match, she was initially attacked by their new ally, Jael Arcana-Rosario, before Nicole Fyre ran out and allied herself with Jaxon by chasing them off. On the February 3 episode of Showdown, Jaxon teamed with Drake Jaeger to face Di Consentes (HBG and Cameron Ella Ava). On the February 8 episode of Empire, Jaxon was at ringside for Fyre and Valentine's tag team loss to Song and Arcana-Rosario. In the closing moments of the match, she was again attacked by Crowe. On the February 15 episode of Empire, Jaxon and Crowe's in-ring segment devolved into a fight, at which point General Manager Flannery McCoy announced that their match at The Iconic Cup would be a Brooklyn Street Fight. The following week, during a press conference meant to hype up their match, the two got into a physical confrontation. At The Iconic Cup, Jaxon defeated Crowe to retain for the sixth time. On the March 8 episode of Empire, Jaxon appeared via phone in a call with Flannery McCoy giving an update on her condition. Later that night, after attacking Megan Raine following losing to her, April Song challenged Jaxon to a submission match with her title on the line and demanded that she show herself the following week. On the March 15 episode of Empire, McCoy stated that the title match would take place at Grand Rampage under Final Submission (i.e., "submissions count anywhere") rules. Jaxon appeared later on in the night to officially accept Song's challenge. However, after a public and sudden dispute with management, Jaxon made her controversial exit from the company on March 24.

Strong Style Wrestling (2018; 2019 - present)

Puroresu Heavyweight Champion (2018)

After her EAW departure, Jaxon made headlines by immediately signing with Tokyo-based Strong Style Wrestling. It was announced that she would be placed into The Phantom Troupe faction. At Exodus, she made her SSW debut as a heel when she defeated Jaydayne Pendragon and fellow Phantom Troupe member CM Nas to become the first-ever SSW Puroresu Heavyweight Champion after interference from John Doe and Saul Omen. In the closing segment of the April 14 Heaven's Arena Tour show, Jaxon and her bodyguard, fellow Phantom Troupe member Gronk, were confronted by Tres Comas Club member Matias Navarro, who wanted a title shot. Jaxon feigned brushing him off before having Gronk attack Navarro. On the April 28 Heaven's Arena Tour show, Jaxon teamed with John Doe to defeat Navarro and then-Jr. Heavyweight Champion and Tres Comas Club leader Andre Virgo. Toward the end of the match, Virgo was attacked by fellow Tres Comas Club member GREED. On the May 12 Heaven's Arena Tour broadcast, in the closing segment, Jaxon was called out by Navarro once again. He would attack her before Gronk was able to come out. At Supremacy, Jaxon defeated Navarro to retain her championship. Afterward, she was confronted by the debuting Drake Jaeger. In the main event of the June 9 Strong Survive Tour show, Jaxon defeated Masanori Kawada. Post-match, she and Jaeger exchanged words again, ultimately setting the stage for a championship match at Budokai Tenkaichi. Jaxon and Jaeger interacted again in another in-ring segment on during the June 24 Strong Survive Tour show. In the main event of Budokai Tenkaichi night two, Jaxon defeated Jaeger by submission after interference from Nas and Omen. After the match, she was confronted by Heaven's Arena Cup winner Jaydayne Pendragon, who announced his intention to face Jaxon at Domination.

On the July 7 Strong Survive Tour show, pre-recorded messages from John Doe stated that his appearance at Budokai Tenkaichi would be his last. He left "gifts" for the remaining members of The Phantom Troupe, including naming Jaxon as his successor. In that night's main event, Jaxon and Khmaoch Sangkat's tag team match against Pendragon and Masanori Kawada ended in a no contest when Tarah Nova attacked Sangkat. Jaxon would go on to drop the title to Pendragon in the main event of Domination, ending her reign at 122 days.

Leading The Phantom Troupe (2018)

On the August 4 episode of The Best in the World Series Tour, Jaxon defeated Masanori Kawada. On the August 11 episode of The Best in the World Series Tour, Kawada attacked Jaxon backstage before ultimately being overwhelmed by she and Gronk. On the August 18 episode of The Best in the World Series Tour, Jacob Senn informed Jaxon that she would be facing April Song at Event Horizon. Later in the night, she defeated Kai Stevens. On the September 1 episode of The Best in the World Series Tour, Jaxon defeated Kikyo Himura. On the September 16 episode of The Best in the World Series Tour, Jaxon defeated Shinati Mizarki. At Event Horizon, Jaxon went on to defeat Song. On the October 13 episode of The Best in the World Series Tour, Jaxon defeated Steven Cassidy. SSW would go on to cease operations on October 31.

Revival (2019 - present)

In November 2019, SSW resumed operations. At the To The Grand Line event that same month, Jaxon returned to the promotion as a heel and defeated Jaydayne Pendragon to advance in the tournament to crown the new SSW Heavyweight Champion. She would go on to face Jacob Senn and Kai Stevens in the final match, where Senn would pin her to win.

Jaxon resumed leadership of The Phantom Troupe, and the stable came into conflict with heroic stables and wrestlers. At Blood Moon, she and stablemate Darkane defeated Nasir Moore and Masanori Kawada; Darkane pinned Moore after interference from a returning John Doe.

Omega Wrestling Alliance (2018 - present)

Early Feuds (2018)

Jaxon signed with Philadelphia-based OWA in March 2018. She made her debut as a heel on Kingdom I on April 15th, appearing first in the show's opening segment before losing to Savannah Sunshine in the first round of the OWA Women's Championship Tournament. Sunshine was able to pin Jaxon when she refused to release her submission hold. On Kingdom II on April 22, Jaxon confronted Kingdom General Manager Vernon Tressler and demanded that she replace Sunshine in the tournament. In the process, she revealed that she was a financial backer for the company. On Kingdom III on April 29, Jaxon was on commentary for Sunshine's match against HENDRIX. Toward the end of the match, Jaxon attacked Sunshine, setting the win up for HENDRIX before attacking Sunshine again post-match and announcing that the two would face each other once again at Hardcore Havoc in a Falls Count Anywhere match. At Kingdom IV on May 6, Jaxon defeated Diantha Moreau. After the match, she was attacked by Sunshine with a giant candy cane. At Hardcore Havoc, Jaxon defeated Sunshine.

At Kingdom V on May 20, Jaxon attempted to goad HENDRIX into a Women's Championship match at Game Over, but was interrupted when V&V Royale (Mia Marie Vega and Sweet Roxy) came out and attacked HENDRIX. She later got into a confrontation with the debuting Goddesses' division commissioner, Viola DeMarco. At Kingdom VI on May 27, Jaxon once again butted heads with DeMarco and Vernon Tressler, and DeMarco informed her that she would be competing at Game Over. At Kingdom VII on June 3, Jaxon defeated Dulce Torres by submission, and her post-match attack on Torres caused DeMarco to rescind the decision to have Jaxon compete at Game Over. She incurred a suspension in the process. Jaxon showed up at Game Over anyway, and after cutting a promo, was arrested for trespassing. She returned later that night, attacking then-Women's Champion Sweet Roxy and costing V&V Royale their tag team match against HENDRIX and Megan Harper. At the Draft Show on June 17, footage from Game Over was shown of Jaxon being bailed out of jail by her fiancee Aren Mstislav and a mysterious woman in a hoodie (who Jaxon clearly knew, but whose face wasn't visible to the viewers). The same night, Sweet Roxy challenged Jaxon to a Women's Championship match at Budokai Tenkaichi. Their title match would ultimately end in a no contest as Roxy's parents, Robbie V and HBG, attacked Jaxon. In an in-ring segment on the July 6 episode of Olympus, Jaxon warned both of them that she would get revenge. On the July 13 episode of Olympus, Jaxon called The Vendettas out to the ring, and Mstislav made his surprise OWA debut to help her fight them off. The following week, in the closing segment of Olympus, Jaxon and Mstislav and the Vendettas got into a physical, violent brawl that required the intervention of security. At Boiling Point, Jaxon and Mstislav defeated the Vendettas.

Phantom Troupe invasion; Various Storylines (2018)

On July 30, it was announced that Jaxon had been acquired by the Kingdom brand. She then appeared on the August 5 episode of Kingdom in an in-ring interview segment conducted by Cori Simmons. In the main event of the August 12 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon defeated CASPIAN. On the August 19 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon defeated Jon McAdams. On the September 2 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon defeated Jeff X. Immediately afterward, she was attacked by Isaac Thornton; later in the night, however, she attacked Thornton, costing him a match against McAdams. On the September 10 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon confronted Thornton in an in-ring segment and challenged him to a match at Vindication, which he accepted. On the September 16 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon provided guest commentary during Thornton's match against J.D. Damon. Jaxon went on to defeat Thornton at Vindication. On the September 30 episode of Kingdom, Vernon Tressler attempted to persuade Jaxon to remain on the side of OWA ahead of Civil War. On the October 7 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon revealed that she would be competing on behalf of SSW. On the October 14 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon defeated Scotty Adams. At Civil War, Jaxon pinned Hades to secure the victory for Team SSW; John Doe also returned during the course of the match as the final entrant. On the November 12 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon lost to Nate Cage, and was addressed by Vernon Tressler afterward. On the November 19 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon lost to then-Spartan Champion Layne Kurobane after further interference from Tressler. On the December 9 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon confronted a shifty Tressler about his actions, and the two appeared to strike a shaky truce. On the December 16 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon defeated Jake Copeland. At Revelations, Jaxon went on to defeat Carlos Rosso, though The Phantom Troupe would go on to lose the overall best of seven series to Olympus wrestlers.

OWA World Champion; Clash of the Titans winner (2019 - present)

The January 13 episode of Kingdom saw Jaxon team with Reginald Dampshaw III, who was pinned by Moongoose McQueen, who teamed with rival Scott Oasis. On the January 20 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon took part in a Clash of the Titans press conference, that ended in a brawl with the likes of Nate Cage and Jeff X. On the January 27 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon cut a show-opening promo that showed signs of furthering her turn. Her face turn was completed at Clash of the Titans, when she reintroduced her previous hot pink hair color and entrance theme. Jaxon went on to win the namesake battle royal by last eliminating Gareth Cason. The February 10 episode of Kingdom saw Jaxon, who was giving her first remarks since winning the Clash of the Titans, have a tense exchange with Vernon Tressler. On the February 17 edition of Kingdom, Jaxon defeated Kevin Maverick, only to be attacked by Jon McAdams after the match concluded. On the February 24 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon confronted McAdams, who was now receiving preferential treatment from Tressler due to his attack on her. The two were slated to face at Divine Retribution, with their common goal being that Jaxon did not make it to Final Destination. Jaxon went on to defeat McAdams. On April 19, at the first annual Omega Awards, Jaxon was nominated for Alpha of the Year and Writer of the Year. She and Nate Cage were also credited as the event's producers. In the main event of day one of Final Destination I, Jaxon defeated Scott Oasis to win the OWA World Championship for the first time, becoming the first woman in OWA to hold a gender-neutral world championship.

At the Draft Show on May 3, Jaxon was the first pick of the Kingdom brand, and would remain on the show. On the May 20 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon's promo at the top of the show was cut short when she was attacked by Carlos Rosso. Later in the broadcast, she would go on to defeat him in quick fashion. On the June 2 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon revealed that she believed she knew who had intentions of challenging her for the title at Boiling Point, and it was revealed to be Stephanie Matsuda. On the June 16 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon was a guest commentator during Matsuda's main event victory over Udy, after which the two exchanged words. On the June 30 edition of Kingdom, Jaxon successfully defended the OWA World Championship against Nasir Moore, after interference from Keelan Callihan. At Boiling Point, Jaxon and Matsuda fought to a draw in the main event of day two. After the conclusion of the match, Matsuda's Zaibatsu stablemates Callihan and The Wild Boys were shown stealing the OWA World Championship. On the August 11 episode of Kingdom, Jaxon closed the show in a segment where she said she was "done" with Matsuda. This drew out Callihan and The Wild Boys, which led to a confrontation where Jaxon battered The Wild Boys. Matsuda then came out and took the title from Callihan, giving it back to Jaxon and telling Callihan to drop the matter. At Game Over, Jaxon successfully defended the title against Christopher Sabertooth. At Civil War, Jaxon was victorious in the main event match, which pitted all three world champions against each other; she pinned then-Omega Heavyweight Champion Bull Connors in a contest that also included then-Women's World Champion Natalie Cage. Jaxon would go on to drop the title to Kenny Drake at Hardcore Havoc in a Barbed Wire Massacre match.

Lethal Angels of Wrestling (2018 - present)

Sporadic Appearances (2018 - present)

Jaxon made her first appearance for the revival of the all-female LAW at the promotion's Alliance Supershow, where she teamed with Cameron Ella Ava in a main event loss to Haruna Sakazaki and her partner. She didn't appear again until Thunderstruck on August 12, attacking April Song during her Lethal Specialist Championship match against Jocelyn Sky. On the August 27 episode of Monday Night LAW, Jaxon interrupted Song's in-ring segment to say that she would "end" her.

Other Media

In January 2016, Jaxon signed with Roc Nation Sports, becoming the first professional wrestler to do so. She also became a Tapout spokeswoman that same month. She began modeling for Beyoncé's Ivy Park activewear line in April 2016, and became the first professional wrestler with a CoverGirl contract in May 2016. In July 2016, several female Elitists were the inspiration for a collection distributed by MAC Cosmetics, with a "Pink Lemonade" palette being marketed for Jaxon. She has appeared on the covers of the July 2016 issue of Muscle & Fitness Hers and the June 2017 cover of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. She was also was featured in the August 2016 issue of GQ.

She was a cast member and executive producer of True Vixens and competed on season one of EAW Presents: The Trial. In July 2016, it was reported that she had been cast as the female lead in the EAW Studios film Married & Miserable, which was released in February 2017. She also produced episodes of Playmakers, of which she is the host, Home Sweet Home, and Prank'd

Jaxon appeared in three EAW video games, making her in-game debut in EAW 2K16 (DLC) and returning in EAW 2K17 and EAW 2K18 (where she was one of the cover stars). She has so far appeared in two OWA video games, OWA 2K19 (where she was one of the cover stars) and OWA 2K20.

In July 2017, Jaxon became one of several female Elitists who had a Barbie doll modeled after her through a partnership between EAW and Mattel.

Jaxon took on several more acting roles after signing with OWA, due in large part to the company's working agreement between Netflix and the OWA Network streaming service. Beginning in the fall of 2018, she played a leading role as professional basketball cheerleader Sabrina Devereux on Swish. She was also cast as Katrina Tyson in Honor Among Thieves and Britney Carter in Payday, two different miniseries. Beginning in August 2018, she was credited as an executive producer and showrunner of Odyssey, OWA's women's brand. In January 2019, Jaxon was named the Chief Brand Officer of OWA, marking her first time holding an executive position.

Since March 2019, Jaxon has been the president of her own production company, 1942 Productions. She has received production credits on Goddesses, Inc., OWT Embedded, and Blackout, among others.

In April 2019, Jaxon became a spokesmodel for Fenty Beauty.



Year Title Role Notes
2017 Married & Miserable Nia EAW Studios film


Year Title Role Notes

2016 - 2018

True Vixens Herself

Main Cast (Season 1 - 2) Executive Producer

2016 EAW Presents: The Trial Cast (Season 1)
2016 - 2018 The Nas & Mstislav Show Recurring Cast (Season 1 - 2)
2017 EAW Cruise Control

Season 1, episode 2

2017 - 2018 Playmakers Host
2017 Home Sweet Home Season 1, episode 4
2018 - present Swish Sabrina Devereux Main Cast (Season 1 - present)

Personal Life

Jackson-LeBeau lives in the Hollywood Hills, and owns homes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tokyo, Japan, and her father's hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. She speaks Louisiana Creole French and admires Beyoncé, who played her to the ring at Pain for Pride X and Final Destination I. She enjoys comic book media, video games, and anime, having worn ring attire inspired by Sailor Moon, Lady Kitana, Black Panther, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, Katana, and Venom. Jackson-LeBeau is also a fan of the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Dodgers. She identifies as a Christian.

She is known for dying her hair, which has been described as "an important part of her branding and in-ring persona". In December 2014, Jackson-LeBeau dyed her hair red. In January 2016, she dyed it hot pink. In October 2017, she dyed it electric blue in honor of longtime friend Brody Sparks; she also began wearing a black armband with Sparks' logo on it during matches. Sparks was an avid fan of the alternative metal band Deftones and had the band's White Pony logo tattooed on the nape of her neck; in memory of her, Jackson-LeBeau got the same tattoo on her left shoulder blade. In March 2018, she briefly dyed her hair black. In April 2018, she dyed her hair purple. In February 2019, she reintroduced the hot pink hair color, which she considers her "signature shade". In August 2019, she dyed her hair dark blue. In addition to the tribute tattoo to Sparks, she has three additional tattoos: a portrait of her late maternal great-grandmother, Drusilla Rubin, on the inside of her right forearm, an Aquarius symbol on the right side of her ribcage, and "elle croyait qu'elle pouvait alors elle l'a fait" (French for "she believed she could, so she did") on the inside of her left forearm.

Jackson-LeBeau began dating Aren Mstislav in March 2016. In July 2017, it was revealed that the couple became engaged on June 24, 2017, and they were quietly married in January 2019. Chantal LeBeau is her cousin and Gia and Sarita Cervantes are her sisters-in-law. She describes herself as being "really, ridiculously close" with CM Nas and Stephanie Matsuda, and also maintains friendships with Keelan Callihan, Finnegan Wakefield, Jeff X, Scott Oasis, Kenny Drake, Nate Cage, Natalie Cage and Julianna DeMarco. She cites Jackie Cruz, Miss Manami, Cameron Ella Ava, Brian Daniels, and Jaywalker as her chief inspirations in wrestling.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • 187 (Reverse STO, followed by a Koji Clutch)
    • California Crush (Diving or springboard corkscrew stunner) -- rarely used
    • Midnight Zero (Running, jumping, diving, or springboard cutter transitioned into a dragon sleeper)
    • Royal Blue (Bicycle superkick, sometimes using a wrist-lock transitioned into a close-range version)
  • Signature Moves 
    • Back handspring tilt-a-whirl-headscissors takedown
    • Diving hurricanrana
    • Double-knee facebreaker, to a rope-hung opponent
    • Double-knee backbreaker, to a rope-hung opponent
    • Grounded wrist-lock, accompanied by kicks to an opponent's face
    • Guillotine choke DDT, followed by punches
    • Hair-pull curb stomp
    • Kneebar, sometimes transitioned from a rolling single-leg slam
    • Kneeling figure-four leglock, followed by elbow strikes to a trapped opponent
    • Matrix evasion
    • Moon Twilight Flash (Hurricanrana driver)
    • Multiple kick variations
      • Bicycle toe, followed by a leaping clothesline
      • Galactica Cannon (Springboard super)
      • Penalty
      • Roundhouse
      • Running split-legged Yakuza
      • Scorpion
      • Spinning heel
    • Multiple knee strike variations
      • Absolute Monarchy I (Step-up jumping, sometimes preceded by a running start)
      • Absolute Monarchy II (Hip toss)
      • Grounded
      • Sliding, to a seated opponent's back or midsection
    • Multiple suplex variations
      • Butterfly, transitioned into a cross armbreaker
      • Sliding German
      • Snap dragon
    • Rope-hung triangle choke
    • Sling Blade
    • Sparks Fly (Diving somersault neckbreaker, from the top rope) -- adopted from and used in tribute to Brody Sparks
    • Tilt-a-whirl, transitioned into a back kick, facebuster, or Fujiwara armbar
  • Nicknames 
    • "The Princess of Killafornia"
    • "The Empress of Elite" (as the tournament winner)
    • "The Queen (of OWA/of Omega/of the Gods/of SSW)"
    • "The California Dream"
    • "The First Lady of Voltage"
    • "The Face of Empire"
    • "The First Lady of The Phantom Troupe"
    • "Your Husband's Favorite Wrestler"
    • "Hera Incarnate"
    • "Maboroshi no joō" (Japanese for "(The) Phantom Queen")
    • "The Phantom Goddess"
    • "The Ruler of Kingdom"
    • "Member #1"
    • "The Titan Killer" (as the Clash of the Titans winner)
    • "Kaizoku joō" (Japanese for "(The) Pirate Queen")
  • Managers
    • Stephanie Matsuda
  • Wrestlers managed
    • Stephanie Matsuda
    • Aren Mstislav
    • The Nas & Mstislav Connection (Nasir Moore & Aren Mstislav)
  • Wrestlers trained
  • Entrance themes
    • "Partition (Dave Aude Remix)" by Beyonce (July - August 2015)
    • "Independent Women, Part II" by Destiny's Child (August 2015 - February 2016)
    • "Formation" by Beyonce (February 2016 - March 2018; February 2019 - present)
    • "Run the World (Girls)/I Am the Best" Mashup by Beyonce feat. 2NE1 (March 2016 - July 2016; used as a member of Formation)
    • "Wreak Havoc" by Skylar Grey (September - November 2016; used as a member of The Sirens)
    • "Freedom" by Beyonce feat. Kendrick Lamar (SSW; March 2018 - October 2018)
    • "Riot" from Hunter x Hunter OST (March 2018 - June 2018; used as a member of The Phantom Troupe)
    • "Carnage" by contRoVersy (July 2018 - December 2018; used as a member of The Phantom Troupe)
    • "Sweet Dreams" by Beyonce (OWA; July 2018 - January 2019)
    • "Let's Go (The Royal We)" by Run the Jewels (December 2019 - present; used as a member of The Phantom Troupe)

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Elite Answers Wrestling
    • EAW Women's World Championship (1 time)
    • EAW Vixens Championship (1 time)
    • Empress of Elite (2015, inaugural) 
    • Young Lions Cup (1 time)
    • EAW Awards (5 times)
      • Female Elitist/Vixen of the Year (2016, 2017)
      • Match of the Year [Female Elitist] (2017)
      • [Female Elitist] Promoer of the Year (2017)
      • Women's Champion of the Year (2017)
    • Most Valuable Elitist (47 times)
      • Most Valuable Elitist (2 times)
      • Vixen/Woman of the Week (14 times)
      • Match of the Week (7 times)
      • Champion of the Week (3 times)
      • Promoer of the Week (8 times)
      • Beef of the Week (12 times)
      • Segment of the Week (1 time)
    • Empire Eight (5 times)
      • Number 5 (2 times)
      • Number 6 (3 times)
  • Omega Wrestling Alliance
    • OWA World Championship (1 time)
    • OWA 24/7 Championship (1 time, current)
    • Clash of the Titans (2019, inaugural)
    • Omega Weekly Awards (11 times)
      • Alpha of the Week (2 times)
      • Goddess of the Week (2 times)
      • Match of the Week (5 times)
      • Promoer of the Week (1 time)
      • Promo Battle of the Week (1 time)
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