Billing information
Ring name(s) O'Rion
Mercutio (Former)
Andrew O'Rion (Former)
Height 6 ft. 1 in.
Weight 235 lb.
Born {{{born}}}
Hometown Flag of Canada Halifax, NS
Theme music "Young Cardinals" by Alexisonfire
Federation(s) Full Metal Wrestling
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Previous federations
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style •Technical
Finisher(s) {{{finisher}}}
Will • Cheat
• Do anything to win
Won't • Lose
Trainer Nova Scotia Championship Wrestling
Handler Robb Clarke
Professional career
Debut Full Metal Wrestling 1.1
Record 28-7 (Ignition 9.1)
Accomplishments FMW Unstable Champion
FMW Tag Team Champion
Full Metal Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2009



Primary Finisher

  • Crossed Wires - Snap suplex into turnbuckle. Opponent's back hit the turnbuckle, their body is inverted, landing on their head.

Secondary Finishers

  • The Blackstone - Sets opponent up for stalling suplex. Walks opponent to the ropes, drops their body (back) onto the ropes, then bouncing it back into the air. He then turns away from the ropes, converting into an Evenflow DDT.
  • Closure - Modified Canadian Destroyer.


Nova Scotia Championship Wrestling

The debut of "The O'Rions" was a huge to-do for NSCW as it featured the debut of three hometown boys. Andrew and Alex, the twins, and their younger brother Adrian, all made their debut the same night in an outdoor event on the Halifax waterfront. The O'Rions narrowly defeated their opponents that night and quickly rose to the top of NSCW. The twins, Andrew and Alex would later go on to capture the NSCW Tag Team Championship in front of a hometown crowd in Halifax.

The Birth of Full Metal Wrestling

Hearing word of a new wrestling promotion starting up, the three brothers sent in a video portfolio to General Manager Jason "Jaro" Roy. Roy was impressed with their work and offered them a tryout match. The three knocked his socks off and were offered a spot on the debut roster for the company. All three brothers debuted the same night in the first FMW show, each winning their matches. Alex defeated John Derrick, Adrian defeated James McDaygo, and Andrew defeated Red Dragon in the main event. With those victories the three advanced in the Road to Glory tournament to crown the first ever Full Metal Champion.

In the third show, Alex and Andrew would advance by defeating Suki Mi Wang and Jackie Test, respectively. Adrian, however, lost to RAMPAGE!. Andrew and Alex rose to the top of the Road to Glory tournament and actually faced each other in the semi-finals. Andrew got the upper hand and defeated his twin brother. In the finals, however, Andrew lost to Ethan Black. At that point, The O'Rions vowed to get the title out of the hands of Ethan Black.

Adrian's Attack

When the brand split happened in FMW and the roster was split between FMW Alchemy and FMW Anarchy, the three brothers began to drift apart. Adrian had been sent to FMW Anarchy while the twins went to FMW Alchemy. On FMW Anarchy, the younger Adrian didn't have the protection of his old brothers and was quickly brainwashed by Ethan Black. In an effort to take out Andrew and Alex, Ethan convinced Adrian to turn his back on his brothers and as a result, he viciously attacked Andrew with a baseball bat, temporarily ending his career.

The Rise of Mercutio

Seemingly out of nowhere at FMW Alchemy 3.3 a new wrestler debuted with Harlequin, defeating King Guiomar and Guybrush Threepwood. His name was Mercutio. Pairing himself with Harlequin, the two formed the tag team of Commedia Dell'Arte and quickly rose to the top of the tag team division. During this time, Mercutio went on to win Escape From New York 2 and a briefcase of $1,000,000. For a short period of time, he renamed himself "Million Dollar" Mercutio, a nickname later adopted by Dalby Sound. As time progressed, hints were dropped that Mercutio was actually a previous roster member...

Mercutio Revealed to Be Andrew O'Rion

At FMW Alchemy 4.4 after the main event match between John Derrick and RAMPAGE!, a match where Alex had been the special guest referee, Mercutio and Harlequin came rushing down to the ring. It was at this time that Mercutio was revealed to be the one and only Andrew O'Rion. The next week at Ultimatum, Andrew would be injured after a tag team championship match and would take some time off from the company.


At FMW Alchemy 6.1, Andrew O'Rion made his return to the ring, defeating Slegnadamus in singles action. He rekindled his friendship with the now heel Harlequin and reformed Commedia Dell'Arte, defeating his estranged brother Alex and new partner Dante Jones at FMW Alchemy 6.2. During this time, the happy-go-lucky Andrew was transformed. His best friend Harlequin had convinced him to turn his back on his twin brother and come to the dark side. At 6.2, Andrew made the final turn as he aided in the beating of his brother, Alex.

At FMW Alchemy 6.3 it was revealed that Harlequin and Mercutio had joined forces with Syanide to form the group known as HavOc. Their whole purpose is to cause "Ruinous Damage" to Full Metal Wrestling. At Anxiety 6.3 it was revealed that Andrew and Syanide would be teaming up for a chance at tag team gold at Supremacy.

Deep in the psyche of Mercutio, Andrew O'Rion's personality was starting to bubble to the service. The personality which Harlequin had so eagerly created was starting to fall to the wayside as Andrew regained strength. It was during this time that Mercutio found out that the consumption of alcohol quieted Andrew, leaving Mercutio in control of the body.

The Rise of O'Rion

After winning the Television Championship from Mass Caesar at FMW Anarchy 7.4, Mercutio held a celebration for himself with the rest of his stable, HavOc. During the celebration he was severely burned, leaving him in the hospital. While there he was heavily sedated. It was during this time that Andrew's personality vowed to regain control of the body from Mercutio. An inner battle raged on in Mercutio's psyche between the two. Ultimately, Andrew was shot and seconds later so was Mercutio. Both were confused as neither had pulled a trigger. A third personality emerged, one that had laid dormant for years. O'Rion's personality removed both Andrew and Mercutio from the equation, leaving him in complete control of the body.

At Catalyst, O'Rion's personality made his in-ring debut in two title matches, one for the Television Championship which he defended successfully against Chris Kelson, the other for the Tag Team Championship with his tag partner, and HavOc stablemate, Syanide which he successfully won on his own after Syanide was unable to compete. At FMW Anarchy 8.1, he defended the Tag Team Championship with Harlequin against Drew Michaels and Nick Bryson.

Legal Dispute With Chris Kelson

At FMW Anarchy 8.2 he defended the Television Championship against Slegnadamus. It was revealed at this show that Chris Kelson was suing O'Rion and FMW because he did not defend his Television Championship at FMW Anarchy 8.1. O'Rion countered this by pointing out that the belt does not need to be defended at every show, citing FMW Anarchy 5.1 as precedence but Kelson continued to take legal action. At FMW Anarchy 8.3 he defended both the Television Championship against The Celt as well as the Tag Team Championship against Hostyle and Chris Kelson. After the match, O'Rion carved "TV at U2" into Kelson's chest, signifying that he was shutting him up by awarding him his title shot at Ultimatum 2.

The Return of Erin

At No Holds Barred it was revealed that O'Rion had found his high school sweetheart whoring herself out on a street corner. He kidnapped her and abused her to make her pay for her sins. She broke his heart in high school and now she was a prostitute, this was something that he didn't handle very well. O'Rion would decide to let her live, going against Harlequin's wishes. At Ultimatum II O'Rion put Erin to use using her skills as a whore. He had her tie up Chris Kelson's lawyer thinking that it was part of the S&M that he secretly loved. O'Rion would later come into the motel room and kill him. This led to an envelope being delivered to the Silver Pistols with Kelson's name on it. Confused, the Pistols would deliver the envelope to Kelson which would later result in a tussle between the men. At Ultimatum II O'Rion would defend his Tag Team Championships with stablemate Jack Eastwood in a Unification match against the Silver Pistols involving their Television Tag Team Championships. O'Rion would also defend his Television Championship against Kelson.


On August 31, 2009, O'Rion announced his retirement from the world of e-fedding and subsequently forfeited the Unstable Championship and one half of the Undisputed Tag Team Championships. August 31, 2009 was the date that officially became the longest reigning (single run) Tag Team Champion in FMW history. Upon his retirement, he was the longest reigning Unstable Champion at 231 days and the longest reigning (single run) Tag Team Champion at 204 days.

Various Trivia

Entrance Music

  • Alexisonfire - Young Cardinals
  • Smashing Pumpkins - Fuck You (An Ode to No One)
  • Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up to Boston
  • Metallica - It's Electric
  • Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell

Known Associates


In-Ring History

FMW Match History

Result Record Streak Winner(s) Loser(s) Event Date Promo Score Notes
zWin 28-7 Wins: 13 O'Rion Mass Caesar Igntion 9.1 27, August 2009 6.00 If Caesar wins then he received an Unstable Championship shot at Ignition 9.2
zWin 27-7 Wins: 12 O'Rion Chris Kelson Ultimatum II 24, July 2009 8.45 Television Championship (4th defense) - Double Duty with World Tag Team Championship - Post match the belt was renamed to the Unstable Championship
zWin 26-7 Wins: 11 O'Rion & Jack Eastwood (HavOc) Michael James & Robert Pearson Ultimatum II 24, July 2009 8.45 World Tag Team Championship and TV Tag Team Championship unification match. (3rd defense) - Double Duty with Television Championship
zWin 25-7 Wins: 10 Hannibal Frost Jaro, O'Rion, Harlequin, Jack Eastwood, Drew Michaels, Tromboner Man & War Machine No Holds Barred 2009 16 June, 2009 8.25 House of HavOc Match - If a single HavOc member wins then all of HavOc wins.
zWin 24-6 Wins: 9 O'Rion & Hannibal Frost (HavOc) Hostyle & Chris Kelson FMW Anarchy 8.3 25 May, 2009 8.23 World Tag Team Championship (2nd defense) - Double Duty with Television Championship
zWin 23-6 Wins: 8 O'Rion The Celt FMW Anarchy 8.3 25 May, 2009 8.23 Television Championship (3rd defense) - Double Duty with World Tag Team Championship
zWin 22-6 Wins: 7 O'Rion Slegnadamus FMW Anarchy 8.2 23 April, 2009 8.04 Television Championship (2nd defense)
zWin 21-6 Wins: 6 O'Rion & Harlequin (HavOc) Drew Michaels & Nick Bryson FMW Anarchy 8.1 20 March, 2009 8.28 World Tag Team Championship (1st defense) - Television Champion O'Rion and Ultraviolent Champion Harlequin retained their belts by defeating C-4 Division Champion Drew Michaels and Full Metal Champion Nick Bryson
zWin 20-6 Wins: 5 O'Rion Matt Dunn FMW Catalyst 9 February, 2009 8.43 World Tag Team Championship - Match was originally a tag team match but both partners were unable to compete, leaving O'Rion and Dunn to do battle in singles competition.
zWin 19-6 Wins: 4 O'Rion Chris Kelson FMW Catalyst 9 February, 2009 8.43 Television Championship (1st defense)
zWin 18-6 Wins: 3 Mercutio Mass Caesar FMW Anarchy 7.4 12 January, 2009 7.85 Television Championship
zWin 17-6 Wins: 2 Mercutio The Celt FMW Anarchy 7.3 26 November, 2008 7.81 None
zWin 16-6 Wins: 1 Mercutio & Syanide (HavOc) The Celt & Pure Extremist FMW Anarchy 7.1 22 September, 2008 8.05 Irish Pub Brawl
zLoss 15-6 Losses: 1 Mortus & Cactus Sam Mercutio & Syanide, King Guiomar & Guybrush Threepwood, They Spruance & Calvin Xavier Supremacy 21 July 2008 N/A World Tag Team Championship
zWin 15-5 Wins: 3 Mercutio Mass Caesar FMW Alchemy 6.3 12 June, 2008 7.64 Mt. Vesuvius Qualifying Match
zWin 14-5 Wins: 2 Mercutio & Harlequin Alex O'Rion & Dante Jones FMW Alchemy 6.2 21 May, 2008 N/A None
zWin 13-5 Wins: 1 Mercutio Slegnadamus FMW Alchemy 6.1 1 May, 2008 N/A Returned from hiatus.
zLoss 12-5 Losses: 1 Korran Halycon & The Sublime Mercutio & Harlequin Ultimatum 7 November, 2007 N/A World Tag Team Championship
zWin 12-4 Wins: 4 Mercutio, Harlequin, Sheepster, King Guiomar and Janus Flare Korran Halycon, The Sublime, Hostyle, Neutron Star and Dalby Sound FMW Alchemy 4.4 19 October 2007 N/A 10 Man Elimination Tag Match
zWin 11-4 Wins: 3 Mercutio & Harlequin Nick Lion & Matt Dunn FMW Alchemy 4.3 24 September 2007 N/A None
zWin 10-4 Wins: 2 Mercutio Harlequin, Matt Dunn, Orochi, Steven Taylor, Tempest, The Celt, Gabriel Lance and Adema Aeries FMW No Holds Barred 28 August 2007 N/A Escape From New York 2
zWin 9-4 Wins: 1 Mercutio & Harlequin Korran Halycon & The Sublime FMW Alchemy 4.1 6 August 2007 N/A None
zLoss 8-4 Losses: 1 Dr. David Diabolical & Adrian Mercutio & Harlequin, Sheepster & Jaro, Alex O'Rion & RAMPAGE! FMW Anarchy 3.4 22 June, 2007 N/A None
zWin 8-3 Wins: 1 Mercutio & Harlequin King Guiomar & Guybrush Threepwood FMW Alchemy 3.3 12 June, 2007 N/A Formation of Commedia Dell'Arte
zLoss 7-3 Losses: 1 Ethan Black Andrew O'Rion, Alex O'Rion, RAMPAGE!, X, SoL and War Machine FMW Lethal Injection 7 April, 2007 N/A Full Metal Championship and Elimination Chamber Match
zWin 7-2 Wins: 2 Andrew O'Rion & RAMPAGE! King Guiomar & Guybrush Threepwood FMW Anarchy 2.4 16 March, 2007 N/A None
zWin 6-2 Wins: 1 Andrew O'Rion Dr. David Diabolical FMW Alchemy 2.3 13 February, 2007 N/A Beat the Clock Match to determine entrance into Elimination Chamber at Lethal Injection
zLoss 5-2 Losses: 1 RAMPAGE! Andrew O'Rion FMW Alchemy 2.2 23 January, 2007 N/A None
zWin 5-1 Wins: 1 Andrew O'Rion & Alex O'Rion Jackie Test & GLS Full Metal 2.1 20 December, 2006 N/A None
zLoss 4-1 Losses: 1 Ethan Black Andrew O'Rion FMW Death Row 5 December, 2006 N/A Full Metal Championship
zWin 4-0 Wins: 4 Andrew O'Rion Alex O'Rion FMW Death Row 5 December, 2006 N/A Road to Glory Tournament Semifinals
zWin 3-0 Wins: 3 Andrew O'Rion RAMPAGE! FMW Death Row 5 December, 2006 N/A Road to Glory Tournament Quarterfinals
zWin 2-0 Wins: 2 Andrew O'Rion Jackie Test Full Metal 1.3 2 November, 2006 N/A Road to Glory Tournament
zWin 1-0 Wins: 1 Andrew O'Rion Red Dragon Full Metal 1.1 9 October, 2006 N/A Road to Glory Tournament and first ever FMW Main Event

Special Match History

Match Winner Finished Event Date Promo Score Notes
Mount Vesuvius II TyranT 17th of 30 Circus Maximus II October 16, 2008 7.88 None
Mount Vesuvius Drew Michaels 11th of 30 Circus Maximus May 14, 2007 N/A None


  • Wins - 28
  • Losses - 6

As of Igntion 9.1

Championship Reigns



  • Champion of the Month - May 2009
  • Champion of the Month - June 2009
  • Tag Team of the Month - July 2009
  • Anarchy Wrestling of the Month - July 2009

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