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Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Federation Name Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Abbreviation ACW
Shows ACW Breaking Point (Weekly Show on Saturday)
Theme: Do You Call My Name? by Ra,

ACW Underground (Tri-monthly Supercard)
Theme: What If I Lost It? by Bloodsimple

ACW Aftershock (Pre-Recored & Recap Show)
Theme: "Shout" by Black Tide
Established 2005
Owner SiC &Trips
Executives Arch & Dude
Graphics SiC, & SychoSide
Based in USA
Federation type Hybrid
Pay-Per-Views 9 annual PPV Events
Website ACW Forum
Wikia Updater SychoSide

Anarchy Championship Wrestling (also known as ACW) is an hybrid e-fed. ACW is hosted on the Foreverwrestling Forum, which is an active wrestling forum that have been open since 2001.

As of January 2011, SiC and Trips are the owners of ACW.

The history of ACW is however a little shorter. ACW first opened its doors in March 2005. Co-owned by Nightwing and SiC it took on a roster full of misfits that would have it thrive.

ACW runs one weekly show and one Pay-Per-View per month. It has two weekly shows the first being Breaking Point which is the card on almost every week. Roleplayers are not asked to post their roleplays for each week however they are asked to send their promos into the ACW account and the show is posted combining the promos and matches for that weeks show to make it appear as if its a full professional wrestling show as you would see on television.

History of ACW

ACW opened in March 2005 by Nightwing and SiC being the two out of character co-owners and founders. On its very first Breaking Point show three champions were crowned with Nathan Drake winning the Xtreme Championship, the tag team of Maniac and J.D. Austin, team name of The Asylum, won the Tag Team Championships and Spinegrinder won the International Championship. Later in the month at its first Pay-per-view, ACW Unsanctioned, Lampstand became the first ACW World Champion.

Changing of Ownership

Former Co-Owner: Nightwing

  • Founded ACW along with SiC on March 30, 2005. Helped cordinate matches/angles. Also posted Breaking Point/Pay-Per-Views. Stepped down as Founder/Booker on August 21, 2006 and gave full ownership to SiC.

Former Co-Owner: SiC

  • Founded ACW along with Nightwing on March 30, 2005. Helped cordinate matches/angles as well as post shows and cards. Stepped down as Founder/Booker on September 1, 2007 and gave full ownership to The Legend.

Former Owner: The Legend

  • Stepped down as Owner/Booker on October 28, 2007.

Former Co-Owners: SiC & Magnes Drachen

  • As of December 2, SiC once again took back ownership of ACW and has relaunched it in December. Opening it for new superstars to sign up and old superstars to resign with ACW. He brought along this time around Magnes Drachen as his co-owner and head booker.

Former Owner: SiC

  • Up until his leave of absence in 2009, SiC was the solo owner of ACW.

Former Owner: Trips

  • After the absence of SiC, Trips took over ownership of ACW.

Current Owner: SiC and Trips

  • In January 2011, SiC returned to ACW and is now the co-owner alongside Trips.

2011 ACW Pay-per-view Schedule

Date Show Location
January 9, 2011 ACW EndGame The Sprint Center in Kansas City, KS
February 27, 2011 ACW Chaos Theory The MGM Grand Aera in Las Vega, NV
March 27, 2011 ACW Dawn of Existence Petco Park in San Diego, CA
April 24, 2011 ACW Unsanctioned Scotiabank Place in Ottawa, ON
June 26, 2011 ACW Bloodline 7 Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY
July 31, 2011 ACW Maximum Overdrive '11 The Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA
August 28, 2011 ACW Forsaken VI The Pepsi Center in Denver, CO
October 31, 2011 ACW Anarchy Rising The Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, JA
December TBA, 2011 ACW EndGame The United Center in Chicago, IL

Current Roster

The follwoing is a list of talent signed to ACW. Wrestlers are categorized in alphabetical order by their last names. If their character name only has one name, they will be listed under the first letter of their name. The table will also show their alignment of either Face (good guy), Heel (bad guy), or Tweener (shows mainly signs of heel, but also show signs of face and are usually supported by the fans.)

If a wrestler is injured or hasn't been active in over 30 days, that will be listed under Notes, along with if they are a current champion.

Currently, ACW has 15 employeed active wrestlers on their roster.

Name Alignment Notes
Evan Donovan Tweener
Magnes Drachen Heel
Jay Erickson Face
Zack Fame Heel
Draven Frost
Tweener ACW World Champion
The Great #1 Face ACW Primetime Champion
Trevor Houston Face
Kris Irvine Tweener ACW Xtreme Champion
James Matthews Face
Mark Newcastle Heel
Damien Paige Tweener
Simon Quinn Face
Tyson Sincade Tweener
SiC Face
Luke Wellington Heel ACW International Champion

TRW Developmental Talent

  • Zack Arroyo
  • Jason Cinelli
  • Jason Cold
  • Alyx Creed
  • Hazard
  • Cain Michaels


Name Type Client
Kristi  Valet Draven Frost
Electra Valet Trevor Houston
Holly Wood Valet Zack Fame
Lindsey Hammond Valet The Great #1
Victoria Samuels Valet Kris Irvine


Former Talent/Recent Departures

  • Kat Rohling (Departed July 4, 2009)
  • Peter Gilmour (Released July 11, 2009)
  • Mason Blackhart (Departed August 3, 2009)
  • "The Redeemer" Kris Style (Departed August 22, 2009)
  • The Replicator
  • Rob Dillinger
  • "Firebolt" Joseph Goode
  • Ryan Phoenix
  • Travis Alloy
  • Spazvicious (Released January 14, 2011)
  • David Lee Townsend
  • Johnny Johnson

On-Air Personnel

General Manager


Backstage Interviewers

Other Staff

ACW Titles

Current Titles

Championship Current
Date Won
ACW World Championship Draven Frost June 5, 2011
ACW International Championship Luke Wellington March 6, 2010
ACW Xtreme Championship Kris Irvine May 14, 2011
ACW Primetime Championship

The Great D

June 5, 2011

Defunct Titles

Championship Last Champion Date Retired
ACW Television Championship Michael Tron October 28, 2007
ACW Tag Team Championship The Prophecy (Magnes Drachen & § ï Ç) September 24, 2006
ACW Cruiserweight Championship Aaron Andrews August 8, 2006

Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champions

There are currently only three wrestlers in ACW to become Grand Slam Champions by holding four or more titles in ACW. Only five have become Triple Crown Champions by holding three titles, this includes the three Grand Slam Champions.