Ana Somnia
Somnia in 2015
Birth name Anastasia Westen
Born (1992-06-02) June 2, 1992 (age 27)
Dallas, Texas
Resides Miami, Florida
Family Clark Westen (father)
Anna Westen (mother)
C.J. Westen (brother)
Clarice Westen (sister)
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Ana Somnia
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 130 lb (58.97 kg)
Billed from Dallas, Texas
Trained By Brian Church
Aldrik Goldwyn
Emil Goldwyn
Trish Stratus
Shawn Hunter
Abram Oliveira
Kla P̄hū̂ tī
Artem Ivanov
Sora Yutani
Debut February 23rd, 2012

Ana Somnia is a professional e-wrestler who currently competes for International Brutal Wrestling (where she is the current IBW World Champion, Nike Pro Combat (where she was the longest reigning NIKE PRO Women’s Champion of all-time), and ALPHA Wrestling (where she was the inaugural ALPHA Women's Champion and the current Goddess of War, as well as current ALPHA Women's Champion), and she is a retired MMA fighter. She is best known for her time in Pro Wrestling Revolution, where she is a two time PWR Women's Champion, New Era Wrestling, where she was the first and only NEW ERA World Heavyweight Champion, and Premier Wrestling Federation. She is also known for her time in Motor City Wrestling and SupremePRO Wrestling. Somnia also won the competition in the Professional Wrestling season of Survivor, hosted by IBW. She is well known for her submissions, acquiring 10 recorded submission victories in her MMA career, a specialty she translated to professional wrestling, as well. She is best known in her MMA career for her time in FIGHTCORE International, where she was FIGHTCORE International Women’s Bantamweight Champion, and COMBAT Cagefighting, where she was undefeated and the COMBAT Women’s Bantamweight Champion.

Early Life

Anastasia Westen was born on June 9th, 1992 in Dallas, Texas. She was the first woman in her maternal side of the family to be born outside of Russia, with her younger sister becoming the second four years later. From a very young age she was involved in self defense and combat classes, as was the rest of her family. She excelled in multiple styles, with the earliest being Muay Thai.

She became a fan of professional wrestling at nine years of age after watching Trish Stratus win the WWF Women's Championship for the first time at the 2001 Survivor Series. This prompted her to take more wrestling-oriented combat classes like Judo.

From 2008 onward, even while still being a professional wrestling from 2012 onward, Westen worked as a Fitness Model, garnering sponsorships from Nike, MuscleMilk, and Reebok Russia.

Professional Wrestling Career (2011-2012)

Generation Next Wrestling (2011-12)


In June of 2011, Westen began training in GNW, or Generation Next Wrestling. She worked under veterans of the industry, primarily Aldrik Goldwyn, Emil Goldwyn, and Brian Church. She, too, worked with Trish Stratus, her childhood hero, outside of GNW. During her time in this training, she proved to be a very quick study, learning the ins and outs of wrestling faster than nearly every aspiring wrestler the company had seen prior. She became well known for her athleticism and flexibility, as well as her talent in selling and taking big bumps. Compared to many of the other female wrestlers she trained with, she was considered a bit of a "spot monkey," looking for big maneuvers even at the expense of her safety. That being said, she was one of the Goldwyn's star pupils. She graduated from GNW in January of 2012 after defeating Sage Reynolds. She would not be without a job for very long, however.

Motor City Wrestling (2012)

Debut and MCW Women's Championship Pursuit

On February 23rd, 2012, Somnia debuted against Lise Starr, a legend in women's wrestling. Most assumed it was a foregone conclusion that Starr would win the match, but Somnia surprisingly came out on top following her Rolling Stunner finisher, called Sleepless in Seattle at the time. Four days later, she would defeat Sara Del Ray with the same maneuver. Continuing the trend, she would defeat the debuting Arika Suzuki by pinfall. In the week leading up to the March 8th show, Somnia would find herself entering into a relationship with fellow MCW superstar, Shawn Hunter. On the show on the 8th, she would team with Hunter against his rival, Adam Valentine, and his girlfriend, the MCW Women's Champion, Chloe Adams. Hunter and Somnia would pick up the win when Somnia distracted Valentine in a provocative manner, allowing Hunter to hit his finishing maneuver. The 4-0 start for the young woman would garner the attention of MCW management, who would book her in a Number One Contendership Fatal Four Way against Kira, Alice Heart, and Arika Suzuki. Somnia would obtain her fifth consecutive victory on the March 15th show. She would then be booked to face Chloe Adams for the MCW Women's Championship at MCWMania. However, before the match could take place, Somnia voided the remainder of her contract and left the company with a perfect 5-0 record.

Federal Wrestling Association (2012)


On April 2nd, 2012, Somnia debuted for the FWA's flagship brand, Monday Night Electrification, fighting Eve Torres to a double disqualification no contest. Before Somnia would have the chance to compete again, the company folded.

Mixed Martial Arts Career

Anastasia Westen
Born (1992-06-02) June 2, 1992 (age 27)
Dallas, Texas
Other names The Headhuntress
Nationality American/Russian
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
Weight 126.5 lb (57.38 kg)
Division Bantamweight
Style Muay Thai, Judo, Sambo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Team CQC Fighting Club
Abram Oliveira Academy
Sora Yutani Dojo
P̄hū̂ l̀ā Muay Thai
Mixed martial arts record
Wins 12
By knockout 2
By submission 10
By decision 0
Losses 2
By knockout 1
By submission 0
By decision 1
Draws 1

In late April 2012, Westen announced via social media that she signed with FIGHTCORE International, a global mixed martial arts promotion based primarily in Europe. She underwent further training with many of her instructors from her time training in various combat forms prior to her foray into professional wrestling, and eventually constructed her camp from trainers from each. Artem Ivanov represented her for the CQC Fighting Club out of Moscow, Abram Oliveira represented her for his Academy, Sora Yutani for his Dojo, and Kla P̄hū̂ tī for P̄hū̂ l̀ā Muay Thai. She went on to accrue an 8-2-0 record in FIGHTCORE International, winning and subsequently holding the FIGHTCORE International Women's Bantamweight Championship for over a year (379 days) with three successful defenses. After finishing her contract with FIGHTCORE International, she signed with COMBAT Cagefighting, another international mixed martial arts promotion. She went on to accrue a 4-0-1 record in the promotion. She also won and subsequently held the COMBAT Women's Bantamweight Championship for over ten months (311 days) with three successful defenses before she vacated the title and retired from active MMA competition on October 13th, 2015. She later announced via social media that she was retiring from MMA to return to professional wrestling. Westen received critical acclaim internationally for her footwork, her pacing, and her composure. Anastasia was also well-known for often dominating control time in her fights despite the overwhelming majority of her division rivals outweighing her. In keeping with this, rumors circulated that Westen would receive contract offers from the UFC. She has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors at any point since. In an interview in 2018, Westen revealed that she would love to be able to return to MMA and hopefully have her first professional MMA fight in America at some point in the future. In 2019, she revealed via social media that she intends to return to MMA before she settles down to start a family. Her professional wrestling contracts prohibit her from competing in MMA while active in professional wrestling.

FIGHTCORE International (2012-2014)

To Be Added.

COMBAT Cagefighting (2014-2015)

To Be Added.

Fight History

Res. Record Opponent Event Method Date Notes
Win 12-2-1 Si-Yeon Kim COMBAT Fight Night 69 Submission
(Rear Naked Choke)
August 23rd, 2015 This match was for the COMBAT Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Champion’s Third Defense.
Fight of the Night.
Performance of the Night.
Submission of the Night.
Westen later vacated the title and retired from active competition.
Win 11-2-1 Stephanie Clark COMBAT Fight Night 66 Submission
(Rear Naked Choke)
May 10th, 2015 This match was for the COMBAT Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Champion’s Second Defense.
Westen was originally scheduled to face Si-Yeon Kim but Kim dropped out due to injury in April.
Draw 10-2-1 Emilia Rudolph COMBAT Fight Night 63 Draw (Split)
(46–48, 48–46, 47–47)
February 22nd, 2015 This match was for the COMBAT Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Champion’s First Defense.
Fight of the Night.
Win 10-2-0 Elizabeth Copeland COMBAT Fight Night 61 Submission
(Triangle Choke)
December 7th, 2014 This match was for the COMBAT Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Fight of the Night.
Win 9-2-0 Morgan White COMBAT Fight Night 58 KO
September 21st, 2014 This was Westen’s COMBAT debut.
Loss 8-2-0 Sofia Oliynyk FIGHTCORE International 43 Knockout
(Elbows and Punches)
July 6th, 2014 Lost the FIGHTCORE International Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Champion’s Fourth Defense.
Fight of the Night.
Win 8-1-0 Yuna Yutani FIGHTCORE International 40 Submission
(Standing Rear Naked Choke)
April 20th, 2014 This match was for the FIGHTCORE International Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Champion’s Third Defense.
Fight of the Night.
Performance of the Night.
Win 7-1-0 Jordan Collinson FIGHTCORE International 37 Submission
(Tony de Souza Guillotine Choke)
January 26th, 2014 This match was for the FIGHTCORE International Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Champion’s Second Defense.
Submission of the Night.
Win 6-1-0 Sasha Ivanov FIGHTCORE International 35 Submission
(Rear Naked Choke)
November 24th, 2013 This match was for the FIGHTCORE International Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Champion’s First Defense.
Performance of the Night.
Loss 5-1-0 Alexandra Brockbank FIGHTCORE International 33 Decision (Split)
(30-29, 30-29, 29-30)
September 8th, 2013 This was a special attraction exhibition fight.
Fight of the Night.
Win 5-0-0 Sarah Reiss FIGHTCORE International 30 Submission
(Arm-Triangle Choke)
June 23rd, 2013 This match was for the FIGHTCORE International Women's Bantamweight Championship.
Fight of the Night.
Win 4-0-0 Selma Johansson FIGHTCORE International 28 Submission
(Rear Naked Choke)
April 7th, 2013 Performance of the Night.
Submission of the Night.
Win 3-0-0 Suda Saae-Li FIGHTCORE International 25 Knockout
(Flying Knee)
January 6th, 2013 Westen was originally scheduled to face Selma Johansson but Johansson dropped out in late November.
Win 2-0-0 Danni Santos FIGHTCORE International 22 Submission
(Rear Naked Choke)
October 7th, 2012
Win 1-0-0 Heather O’Reilly FIGHTCORE International 19 Submission
(Rear Naked Choke)
July 1st, 2012 This was Westen’s professional MMA debut.
Fight of the Night.
Performance of the Night.

Professional Wrestling Career (2015 - Present)

Professional Wrestling Revolution (2015)

Debut and PWR Women's Championship Pursuit

On November 1st, 2015, Ana would make a surprise return to the ring to defeat Alexandra by submission on PPV. On that week's show on the 5th, Somnia would defeat the Number One Contender to the PWR Women's Championship, Blake Knighton, with her Shining Wizard finisher. On the 12th, she would defeat reigning Women's Champion, Danielle Shelley, with her Sleepless in Seattle finisher, forcing her way into the championship match at the next PPV. On the show on the 19th, she would pin Jessica Ryan with a small package rollup. A week later, the 26th would feature an over-the-top-rope battle royale starring the entire women's division. Somnia would notch her fifth consecutive victory after sending both herself and Blake Knighton over the top rope, though Knighton's feet would hit the ground first. On November 29th, Somnia would win the PWR Women's Championship in a triple threat with Shelley and Knighton after forcing Knighton to submit to her Koji Clutch. On December 10th, Somnia would announce that she would be leaving the company to travel, train, and "find herself." Knighton would come out to the ring and challenge her to a match, saying that it would be "disrespectful to the title" for her to leave as champion. Ana would accept, only to be pinned when Danielle Shelley attacked her while the referee was distracted, allowing Knighton to hit her Knightfall finisher to win the championship for the first time, also giving Somnia her first ever loss. Following this, she would embark on six months of global travel and training.

SupremePRO Wrestling (2016)

Return to the Ring


Somnia's SupremePRO debut was much-awaited.

Ana Somnia would return to the wrestling on June 2nd, 2016, signing a contract with SupremePRO Wrestling, the company in which her boyfriend, Shawn Hunter, worked. In her first match after six months of traveling the globe, training, and discovering herself, Ana would lose via disqualification to the reigning SupremePRO Women's Champion, Ariana Jaxon, after the latter's rival, Rima, would attack her with a steel folding chair, all of which occurring on the 15th. Later on in the evening, after her boyfriend had defeated his bitter rival in Mike Stokes, Somnia would hit the ring to join in on the attack on Stokes, herself wielding a steel folding chair to assault the aforementioned. On June 17th, Somnia would defeat Gothic Chick with the Rolling Stunner. Ten days later, Ana would pin the Groupie following her Shining Wizard.

Feud with Yoshino Nakano


Somnia advertisement for SupremePRO

On the 29th, she would defeat Yoshino Nakano via countout after delivering a Baseball Slide Dropkick as Nakano was attempting to reenter the ring. This would spark a bitter hatred between the two. On July 6th, Somnia would team with Pan Meredith to defeat the team of Yoshino Nakano and the Groupie, seeing Somnia pickup the pinfall victory following her Rolling Stunner. Exactly two weeks later, Nakano would exact revenge by defeating Ana with her Spinning Heel Kick finisher, the Hirukikku Kick. One week after, Nakano would interfere in Ana's match against the Groupie, hitting the latter with a Bicycle Kick to give Ana the disqualification loss, much to Somnia's dismay. On August 4th, she would be defeated again by Nakano, succumbing to the Hirukikku Kick, crowning Yoshino as the Number One Contender. Three weeks later, Somnia would team up with Gothic Chick to defeat the team of Yoshino Nakano and the SupremePRO Women's Champion, Ariana Jaxon, with Somnia picking up the pinfall victory over the champion. On September 23rd, Somnia would brutalize April Divine, barely, if at all, allowing the latter to get any offense in whatsoever. This would turn out to be her last wrestling match for the company, as it would soon close its doors.

Return to PWR (2016-2017)

Surprise Return

After another month of traveling the globe and training, Ana Somnia would make a surprise return to PWR on October 16th of 2016, attacking reigning PWR Women's Champion Blake Knighton after her successful title defense against Charisma Craven at Burnout IV. The following week, Somnia would defeat Craven via submission, prompting Blake Knighton to appear and challenge Somnia to a rematch at the next PPV, Sinner Take All V. The following week, Knighton and Ana would be booked alongside one another in a strange bedfellows tag team match, defeating the Head Bitches in Charge with simultaneous deliveries of the Rolling Stunner and the Knightfall. Two weeks later, Somnia would defeat former three time PWR Women's Champion Danielle Shelley via submission, leading to a brutal post-match beatdown. When Knighton came to the ring to make the save, Somnia would hit her with a Busaiku Knee Strike and leave the ring with the PWR Women's Championship in hand. On the go home show on November 17th, Knighton would end up on top after Ana defeated Kristen Kross with a Curb Stomp. During her post-match assault, Knighton would come out and reverse the Rolling Stunner into the Knightfall. However, at Sinner Take All V, Somnia would regain the PWR Women's Championship and obtain her eleventh victory in PWR, defeating Knighton with the Go to Sleep. After the match, Blake Knighton's best friend in Stephanie Connors would come out to the ring to help even the playing field, as Somnia looked to add insult to injury, or injury to injury more aptly. However, Nikki Summers would appear and aid in Somnia's beatdown, hitting the Nikkick on Knighton while Somnia hit Connors with the title belt.

Alignment with Nikki Summers


Somnia and Summers during a PWR photoshoot.

For the next two weeks, Somnia and Summers would remain at ringside for one another's matches, usually getting involved to guarantee victory. Somnia defeated Ashley Mason on the 24th via submission and Natalie Nixon on December 1st via the Slavic Stunner. The champion would next compete on the 15th in a tag team match with Nikki Summers against Georgia Golden and Serena Silver, which they would win after a Nikkick to Silver. On the go home show on the 22nd, Nikki Summers would attempt to attack Somnia's Number One Contender, Stephanie Connors, only to find herself on the receiving end of a chair shot to the head from Blake Knighton, setting up a match between the two at Endgame V. Connors, having escaped the attack, would go on to defeat her opponent later in the evening and stave off an attempted post-match beatdown from Ana. At Endgame V, on December 18th, Ana successfully defended her championship against Connors via countout following a powerbomb through the announcing table.

Continued Defenses

On the 21st, Ana would be on the receiving end of an offscreen beatdown by an unknown attacker. A segment on the show would see Nikki Summers tending to the downed champion while calling for help. After repeatedly calling her "baby," Summers would later on in the show reveal that she and Somnia were in a relationship (kayfabe). This storyline would begin with Summers viciously beating her opponents and continuing to beat them down after the matches, even having one of the match decisions reversed. On the show on January 11th, Somnia's attacker was revealed to be a debuting Maya. Maya would stave off an attempted attack from Nikki Summers, sending her through a glass door backstage. This would lead to the booking of Somnia's next title defense. At Rise V on January 22nd, Somnia successfully defended her championship in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match against Maya, Stephanie Connors, and Nikki Summers. Maya eliminated Connors first. While Maya dominated the majority of the rest of the match, the combination of Somnia and Summers was too much for her and she was eliminated second. When Somnia and Summers came face to face to realize they would be facing one another one-on-one for the title following Maya's elimination, Somnia said, "I love you. I'm sorry." With that, she hit her girlfriend with a Buzzsaw Kick to retain her title. On the 25th, Somnia came to the ring to explain her actions only to see Summers come to the ring with a black eye. The two kissed and made up. On February 1st, Ana Somnia defeated Iona Williams via submission after Williams struck Summers outside the ring, sending Somnia into a fit of rage where she would hit her Buzzsaw Kick finisher before submitting her foe with her Go to Sleep maneuver. After the match, Maya came to the ring and attacked both before hoisting the title high over head. On the February 8th show, Maya would face Summers one on one. When Ana attempted to interfere to assist her girlfriend, Maya hit her with a Uranage off of the apron to the floor outside. Summers was unable to defeat Maya on her own, eventually succumbing to a Camel Clutch. The following week, on the 15th, Maya would suffer a broken ankle during a match against Iona Williams.

Storyline Alterations and Departure

With the storyline PWR had planned for Somnia and Maya moving forward now scrapped, they required a new storyline. The same night, Somnia would successfully defeat former champion Blake Knighton via submission. After the match, Somnia would be confronted backstage by the debuting Molly Bolt, who came off as flirty, which would lead to a small argument later on in the night between Ana and Nikki Summers. In the main event of the evening, Summers would lose to Molly Bolt by DQ after taking her frustration out and continuing to strike her after the referee had instructed her to stop. After the match, Summers would push Ana out of the way to hit her Nikkick finisher on Bolt. Somnia left the ring angrily and without her girlfriend. On the go home show on February 22nd, Summers would accidentally knock Somnia out during a scuffle with Molly Bolt. Bolt, however, would take advantage of this by beating Summers down and closing the night by kissing the unconscious Ana Somnia. At Adapt VI on February 26th, the past few weeks of buildup would lead to a physical confrontation between Summers and Ana, finishing with Summers storming off. At the PPV, Somnia was booked to defend her title against Molly Bolt. However, when Nikki Summers came to the ring before the bell had been rung to apologize, Somnia would turn on her girlfriend and attack her with Molly Bolt's help, eventually hitting her former girlfriend with her Rolling Stunner finisher. The match would never officially get underway, and Somnia would continue her reign as champion. On the March 1st episode, when Somnia came out to explain herself with Molly Bolt in tow, she revealed that she was now romantically involved with Bolt and had planned the entire betrayal. Summers would come to the ring to exact her revenge, but Bolt and Somnia's numbers made it impossible, and she was eventually hit with Somnia's Hunted finisher. Later on in the night, to appease the rule about title defenses, Somnia would successfully defend her title against Valerie Valkyrie. On March 8th, Somnia would be booked against LeDasha Rayne, winning by disqualification when Nikki Summers returned and attacked Ana, escaping from the ring before Bolt could come to Somnia's aid. On March 15th, Somnia would not compete, but would interfere on Molly Bolt's behalf, defeating Maya via pinfall. On March 22nd, Ana would team with Bolt against Summers and Maya, coming out victorious after subduing Maya outside the ring using the ring post and double teaming Nikki with Molly. However, Somnia would suffer an injury during a match for WWH and would be forced to relinquish the PWR Women's Championship on the March 29th episode, the go-home show for the Evolve VI Pay Per View. Her contract would run out in mid-May.

World Wrestling Headquarters (2017)


On Wednesday, January 18th, Ana would be signed to a contract on the Showdown brand for World Wrestling Headquarters. She would be added as a late competitor in a tag team match alongside Megan Andrews against the husband and wife tandem of Jeremiah and Harlow Hardin, the match set for the 19th. In the match, she and partner Megan Andrews would work surprisingly well together, leading to a pinfall victory in Ana's debut contest. The following week, Somnia's performance would have garnered enough attention from the powers that be that she would be booked in the upper midcard against one Marie Jones. The match, though entertaining, came to a close when Somnia hit Jones with her Hunted Shining Wizard for the pinfall victory. The following week, on the February 2nd edition of Thursday Night Turmoil, Somnia would be booked in the main event against Caleb Foster. However, she would come down with a sickness a few days before the show and it would cost her, as she fell to Foster in her first and only loss in WWH (or 2017, for that matter). The following week on the February 9th edition of Showdown, she would be booked against one Ashley Tierney, whom she would defeat via pinfall following her Hunted finisher. On the February 16th edition of Showdown, Somnia would defeat the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, Kat Jones, handedly, pinning her following the Hunted. Her next contest would be set for the March 9th edition of Showdown against the "Black Dragon" Alex Jones. Their back-and-forth contest would come to a conclusion when Somnia hit Jones with her Pila Udar finisher. After the match, Jones would attack Ana with a chair, setting up a feud between the two. On March 23rd, Somnia would compete in a six-man intergender tag team match, featuring Kat Jones, Keegan Ryan, and Mongoose against the team of Randy Fields, Caleb Foster, and Ana Somnia. Somnia would be pinned in the match after seemingly injuring her left shoulder. She would not compete again for the company and would bide out the rest of her contract on the injured reserve.

Nike Pro Combat (2017)


In mid-June, after rehabbing her injury, Somnia would sign a contract with Nike Pro Combat, who already sponsored her. She would be the first Knockout to sign with the company. On the June 21st episode of Wednesday Combat, she would debut for the company by defeating fellow Knockout in short order via pinfall following the Pila Udar. As a result of winning the match she will have the opportunity to next week compete for the Number One Contendership for the Nike Pro Knockout Championship. However, prior to being able to do this, Nike Pro Combat would close its doors.

Premier Wrestling Federation (2017)


On July 7th, 2017, Westen would sign a contract with Premier Wrestling Federation, a budding promotion with great promise. Despite not competing for the first two editions of Monday Night Mayhem, on the July 31st episode, the go-home show leading up to the first PPV, SummerBrawl, she would debut against Camille, whom she would defeat via pinfall with her Hunted finishing strike. The same episode, she would be reunited on screen for the first time in almost a year with her former boyfriend, Shawn Hunter. Over the next few weeks, the two would continue to interact, often suggestively in nature. On September 4th, Somnia submitted Veda Scott following her Go to Sleep submission finisher. Following a backfire on interference in one of Hunter's matches, Hunter publicly berated and spurned Somnia, though upon her revealing that she was behind Paul Heyman's giving Hunter a second title opportunity, the two reconciled and began accompanying one another to the ring and to other events. Somnia would go on to defeat Miri via pinfall after the Slavic Stunner. However, before long, PWF would be forced to declare bankruptcy and Somnia would find herself unemployed.

Sporadic Appearances (2018)

Legacy Wrestling Alliance

On August 26th, 2018, Somnia signed a contract to begin competing for LWA. After being involved in what was described as a problematic encounter by multiple sources, Somnia was booked to compete on the October 16th episode of Friday Night Dynasty against Mysti Jones. However, before she could compete she voided her contract to focus on ALPHA Wrestling.

Elite Answers Wrestling

On September 15th, 2018, Somnia signed a contract to begin competing for EAW, where she will compete for their Battleground brand. Her on-screen debut is set to take place on October 1st, where she will compete against Amber Keys and Colton Petrov in a Triple Threat. During the match, she injured Petrov's nose, necessitating his removal from the match. This, however, turned out to backfire as Somnia was then pinned by Amber Keys. She was then booked for the next episode of Battleground in a multi-man elimination match worth five points. Before she could compete in this match, she voided her contract to focus on ALPHA Wrestling.

ALPHA Wrestling (2018-Present)

Debut and ALPHA Women's Champion


Somnia delivers a well-known promo from her balcony in Boston.

On June 23rd, 2018, Westen signed a contract with ALPHA Wrestling. Due to an incredibly small women's division, Somnia filed a request to be eligible to compete against the male superstars as well. After winning a match during a house show, Somnia teamed with former SupremePRO coworker Tyler Morgan in a mixed tag team match against Timothy Myers and Erin Stone on the July 18th episode of ALPHA Wrestling. During the match, she dominated Stone and forced her to submit to her Go to Sleep finishing hold. She's next slated to compete against Kailee Brooke on the August 1st episode of ALPHA Wrestling. After defeating Kailee Brooke via the Hunted, she'd be booked for a triple threat with Kailee and Victoria Mitchell, wife of the ALPHA World Heavyweight Champion. During the match, she'd control the upper hand until Samantha Taylor debuted by taking out all three women with a steel folding chair. Somnia is slated to compete against Taylor one on one on the August 22nd episode before competing against all of the Women's Division for the ALPHA Women's Championship at The Mighty Don't Kneel. On the 22nd, Somnia defeated Taylor by pinfall after delivering the Dallas DDT. Somnia remained undefeated heading into the pay-per-view, and it showed as she pinned Victoria Mitchell after the Hunted to become the inaugural ALPHA Women's Champion.

ALPHA Women's Champion

After The Mighty Don't Kneel went off the air, Somnia crossed paths with ALPHA World Heavyweight Champion Landon Mitchell. The two had an interesting exchange of words before Somnia went off to celebrate her win. On the August 29th episode of ALPHA Wrestling, Somnia attacked Victoria Mitchell after serving her what was revealed in an interview later in the night to be divorce papers. She later aligned with Landon Mitchell, declaring that they are the King and Queen of ALPHA Wrestling and that champions should "stick together." During the same interview, Ana announced that on the September 5th episode of ALPHA Wrestling, Somnia will put a title shot on the line against Victoria's contract with the company in a singles match. Despite a hot start from Mitchell, Somnia defeated her soundly after being warned to end the match before the official could call for a stoppage by Mitchell passing out in her Wanderlust finisher. Her new number one contender, Samantha Taylor, prevented any further beatdown after Landon delivered his finishing maneuver to his ex-wife in the post-match period. The following week, Somnia attacked Taylor after she and Athena Veronica defeated the team of Yoshino Nakano and Alice le Blanc. On the September 12th episode, Somnia betrayed Landon Mitchell, revealing herself as part of her trainer, Brian Church's larger plot to assist Kai Stevens in winning the ALPHA World Heavyweight Championship. With Somnia's help, Stevens defeated Mitchell, allowing Church to be present at ringside at From the Ashes. Somnia is booked to compete against apparent ally Kai Stevens's girlfriend, Athena Veronica, on the September 19th edition. On September 19th, Ana defeated Veronica via pinfall after her Hunted finishing maneuver. After Samantha Taylor interrupting Ana's attacking Athena after the match, Somnia came down to the ring after Taylor's victory over Yoshino Nakano, where they had a quick dialogue and brawled. The fight came to a close when the two dragged one another off the stage and through tables beside the stage.

Championship Defenses

At From the Ashes, Somnia hit Taylor with the title when the referee was incapacitated and pinned her after her Hunted finishing strike, remaining undefeated. On the September 26th episode, Somnia teamed with former rival Yoshino Nakano to defeat the team of Samantha Taylor and Athena Veronica after Ana submitted Athena with her Wanderlust submission. During the show, the Commissioner announced that Somnia would defend the Women's Championship against Samantha Taylor one last time at State of Emergency in a Ladder Match. On the October 3rd episode, Somnia revealed that she had assaulted Taylor's younger sister, Hailey, during a tailgate for the Oregon Ducks versus Cal Bears football game, breaking a bottle of vodka over her head. On October 10th, Somnia teamed with her boyfriend Shawn Hunter to defeat the team of Drake Young and McKenzie Valentine by pinfall when Somnia pinned Valentine after her Yumekirā finisher. On the same show, Hailey Taylor gave into Samantha's begging her not to press charges, asking only that Sammy make her "pay." Somnia then attacked Taylor after her tag team loss and delivered the 'Zver Bomb through an announcing table. She was then slated to open the go-home October 24th episode against Harvey Rupert Punch, or the Jester, in an intergender singles match. As of Friday, October 19th, Somnia's reign as Women's Champion officially became the longest title reign of any kind in ALPHA Wrestling history at 54 days, surpassing Landon Mitchell's 53-day reign as ALPHA World Heavyweight Champion. On the October 24th episode, Somnia emerged from the first-ever ALPHA Wrestling Intergender Match as the winner over Harvey Rupert Punch, after forcing him to tap out to her Wanderlust finishing maneuver. On the same show she revealed that she had large individuals kidnap and torture Samantha Taylor's sister, Hailey, including the breaking of her thumb on live television. After the show, Somnia was attacked by Taylor when she learned her sister was finally freed, having her head thrown through a limousine window. She will defend her eleven victory-long undefeated streak and title against Taylor in a Ladder Match at State of Emergency. On October 28th, Taylor defeated Somnia to end her all-time reign and undefeated streak at eleven. She sustained broken ribs during the match.

Miss Malicious


Somnia suffered her second defeat in ALPHA Wrestling.

Westen returned to the ring after making a verbal splash during the Roundtable pre-show segment with Faye Evans, on November 14th, when Somnia pinned Alice le Blanc in a one-sided contest. In subsequent televised appearances, Somnia reiterated her new role in the company as that of a woman playing prizefighter. As such, she has managed her boyfriend in Shawn Hunter for his matches without competing in many of her own. Her next scheduled appearance in the ring is in a singles match on the December 5th episode against Lola Cosma, whom she defeated with ease after her Slavic Stunner finishing maneuver. Somnia later defeated Jinny via submission at a house show on December 11th. On December 22nd, 2018, Somnia was announced as the winner of the following 2018 ALPHA Wrestling Year End Awards: Feud of the Year (vs. Samantha Taylor) and Villain/Heel of the Year. At Day of Reckoning, Somnia submitted Alexa Newell in an impromptu match, demanding something new from the Commissioner after doing so. During a backstage interview on the special December 27th episode, Somnia revealed that she will be facing Yoshino Nakano at Ground Zero. The same night, Somnia defeated Sara Daniels with her Dallas DDT finishing maneuver. On the January 9th episode, Somnia defeated Daniels and Lola Cosma after pinning Cosma. She called out Yoshino Nakano after the match and was subsequently struck with the Hirukikku. Rumors began circulating that Westen and her boyfriend, Shawn Hunter had broken up after they were overheard arguing backstage. At Ground Zero, Somnia was defeated by a roll-up to give her her second career loss. On the January 23rd episode, Somnia's team was defeated in a six woman tag team match when Hayley Webb pinned Samantha Taylor, her first televised lost in her time with the company. On subsequent shows, Somnia and Nakano continued their rivalry by agreeing to a Street Fight at Break or Be Broken. The two exchanged knockouts strikes, typically finding Nakano laughing at the sight of her own blood. On the February 6th episode, Somnia will compete in a Pick Your Poison match, facing an opponent of Nakano's choosing. Her opponent was revealed as her ex-girlfriend, Nikki Summers, whom she defeated by submission with her Wanderlust finisher. After the match, Somnia beat down Summers with two other finishers before locking the submission in again and requiring security to separate her. On the go-home February 20th episode, Somnia teamed with le Blanc in a tornado tag team match against Nakano and Summers. The match ended in a draw when Somnia and Nakano submitted the other two women at the same time. At Break or Be Broken, Somnia overcame interference from Summers and le Blanc and a back-and-forth contest that was one of the most violent in recent memory in the company, submitting Yoshino Nakano with the Wanderlust with production cables around her throat.

NEW ERA Wrestling (2019)

World Heavyweight Championship Pursuit

Somnia made her debut on the first (February 2nd) episode of NEW ERA Wrestling by submitting Andrew Cross with her Wanderlust finisher to advance to a world title match at the first Pay-Per-View event. She was subsequently booked for the February 11th episode against her world title opponent, Zakk Swann, where the winner decides the stipulation for the main event of the first PPV. The matchup was back and forth, but Somnia emerged victorious with a roll up pinfall victory, extending her record in the company to two wins and no losses or draws. On February 26th, after being announced as the first overall pick in the brand split draft, Somnia defeated Swann in a First Blood match to become the inaugural NEW ERA World Heavyweight Champion. On the first episode of Tuesday Night Voltage on March 5th, she lost via roll-up to then-NEW ERA Internet Champion Nick Shane. The same week, Mr. Love earned the Number One Contendership to Somnia's title. On the ensuing March 19th episode, Somnia teamed with Victoria Salinas to face Mr. Love and Abigail Nicole Stone. Somnia intentionally got her team disqualified after striking Mr. Love with the title belt. At NEW's inaugural PPV, Destiny, Somnia successfully defended her title in a Falls Count Anywhere match, pinning Mr. Love with her Hunted finishing maneuver. The company faced financial trouble and shut their doors before Somnia could compete or defend her title again.

ALPHA Wrestling (cont.)

Feud with Sara Daniels

On the ensuing March 6th episode, Somnia lost, though indirectly, in a triple threat including Sara Daniels to Samantha Taylor. This sparked further rivalry between Somnia and Daniels, as evidenced on the March 13th episode when Somnia overcame Daniels's interference in a Handicap Match to emerge with a win over Violet Lisa Sombra and Olivia Grace Lawson via submission upon the latter. On the March 20th episode, Somnia teamed with Yoshino Nakano in a victory over the team of Sara Daniels and Lizzie Brooks. Ana is scheduled to open the Ragnarok PPV event in a singles match against Daniels. At the PPV, Somnia pinned Daniels with her Dallas DDT finishing maneuver. On the March 27th episode, Somnia failed to earn the Number One Contendership in a fatal four-way, as Yoshino Nakano submitted Lizzie Brooks. On the April 10th edition, Somnia teamed with Nakano in a victory over the team of Daniels and ALPHA Women's Champion Hayley Webb after Somnia rolled Daniels up. On the go-home April 17th episode, Somnia teamed with newcomer Ace Healy in a losing effort to Daniels and newcomer Ivar Ragnarsson when Ivar pinned Healy. As made official two weeks prior, Somnia faced Daniels in a No Holds Barred match at Fall of Kings in London. Daniels pinned Somnia after delivering her finishing maneuver into the exposed concrete typically covered by ringside floor mats.

Championship Pursuit

Somnia returned to the ring at a house show on May 10th, where she teamed with her former protégé, Ella Ripley in a losing effort against Rima and Yoshino Nakano. Somnia was not pinned in the loss, but the loss is still attributed to her record. She won her first match since April 10th on the May 16th house show, where she submitted Gothic Chick with her ‘‘Wanderlust’’ submission in short order. At Ascendance in her hometown, Somnia demanded a rematch for the title, prompting Rima, Nakano, Samantha Taylor, and Io Ishimori to come out to the ring. The Commissioner then announced a Termination Chamber for the ALPHA Women’s Championship at Gods Among Us. Somnia then teamed with Rima and Nakano to defeat the other three women in the Chamber in a six-woman tag team match on the May 29th episode. She’s next scheduled to compete on the June 12th episode in a singles match against Samantha Taylor. Somnia and Taylor were guests on the opening segment of the episode, hosted by Vanessa Scott, a segment which devolved into a short brawl. During their match, Somnia bloodied Taylor before forcing her to pass out in her submission finisher. At Gods Among Us, Somnia began the match in the ring with Samantha Taylor and was later eliminated first after eating three consecutive finishers. She is next scheduled to compete in the first round of the Goddess of War tournament against Skye on July 24th. Somnia defeated Skye by submission in quick order, forcing her to tap out to her Wanderlust finisher. On July 31st, Somnia defeated Sienna Ward in the Quarterfinals by forcing her to pass out in her Wanderlust submission. The win earned Somnia the first slot in the Semifinals, later being joined by Io Ishimori. In the Semifinals, Somnia defeated Yoshino Nakano to advance to finals against Samantha Taylor. On the final show before the Finals, Somnia teamed with Graham Baker in a three-way tag team match against the teams of Aaron Arkham and Io Ishimori and the eventual winners of the match, Arata Asakura and Samantha Taylor.

Goddess of War

At The Mighty Don’t Kneel, Somnia defeated Samantha Taylor in a Last Woman Standing match to become the first-ever Goddess of War and the new number one contender to the ALPHA Women’s Championship. She will face Rima at Storm The Throne for the title. On the August 28th episode, Somnia defeated Hayley Webb by pinfall. After the match, she called out the Champion and they brawled, using the title as a weapon and leaving one another bloodied. Somnia is to team with Liz Karlson on the September 4th episode to take on the team of Rima and Samantha Taylor. During the tag team match, Rima pinned Karlson, leading to a confrontation backstage ending with Rima leaving Somnia laid out. She is next to compete on the September 11th episode against SOFIA. On the September 11th show, Somnia defeated SOFIA by forcing her to submit to her Wanderlust finisher. After the match, Rima attempted to attack her again, but Somnia was expecting it and turned the tides, leaving her and her accomplice bloodied and unconscious on the ramp beside her ally, Sara Daniels. At Storm The Throne (2019), Somnia was defeated by Rima when the Champion rolled Ana up for a surprise pinfall. Somnia’s first loss since the Termination Chamber preceded another loss, as Somnia would team with Ravage in a losing effort to the team of Rima and Jimmy Venom when Ravage was pinned by Venom. On October 2nd, Somnia would lose her third consecutive matchup with the company when Samantha Taylor defeated Ana Somnia for her first victory over Ana since State of Emergency (2018). Somnia was subsequently added to the title match at State of Emergency (2019), making it a triple threat. On the October 9th episode when this was announced, Somnia attacked Rima and used her Wanderlust submission to black the Champion out. She was involved in a brawl on the October 16th episode in which Samantha Taylor knocked her out of the ring with a sledgehammer before destroying the title belt.

Two-Time ALPHA Women's Champion


Somnia won her second title in Melbourne, Australia.

At State of Emergency (2019), Somnia won her second ALPHA Women's Championship by pinning Samantha Taylor after knocking Rima out of the ring with her Hunted finisher. She is the first woman in company history to hold the title twice. After Yoshino Nakano earned Contendership by defeating Vanessa Scott on the October 23rd episode, though it was not publicly announced for days, Nakano broke into Somnia’s apartment after the show, destroying multiple walls, doors, and other pieces of furniture before leaving the unconscious Ana in a broken glass coffee table. In the days leading into the next show, Somnia had Sora Yutani pose as an agent for a record label and lured Nakano into a trap, where she choked her with production cables and knocked her out. On the October 30th episode, Somnia confronted Nakano after the latter defeated Sienna Ward, leading to a brawl where Somnia put Yoshino through the commentary table with her Zver’ Bomb maneuver. Nakano then appeared during an IBW event during one of Somnia’s matches on November 1st, getting removed from the arena for disrupting the event. After this, Nakano then attacked Somnia on the November 5th installment of Nike Pro Combat’s Aviator Invitational Tour. Somnia is next slated to compete in singles competition on the November 6th episode against Samantha Taylor. On the 6th, Taylor attacked Somnia’s ally, Sara Daniels, with a sledgehammer before their match. Somnia came to the ring and subsequently defeated Taylor by forcing her to pass out in her Wanderlust finisher. After the match, a segment revealed that Nakano had stolen Somnia’s War Crown during the match. When Somnia pursued Yoshino, she beat her way through eight security guards and found her Crown broken in Nakano’s locker room. She fell into a trap as she left said locker room, however, and was left unconscious. On the November 13th episode, the two confronted on another in the ring, leading to Andrew Kaelin announcing they would face off in the first-ever Women’s New Age Deathmatch at Death Before Defeat. At the PPV, Somnia submitted Nakano to win the second stage and won the final stage by strangling Nakano with chains to retain her title. Io Ishimori would soon be announced as the next contender to Somnia’s title, leading to Somnia attacking Ishimori during an in-ring promo on the November 27th episode. On the December 4th episode, Io attacked Ana and delivered her finishing maneuver into Somnia’s title belt, leaving her unconscious. After Ishimori defeated Sara Daniels following Noah Washington interference, Somnia attack Io and the two brawled until separated twice by security. At Day of Reckoning (2019), Somnia successfully defended her title once more by pinning Io Ishimori.

Continued Defenses


Somnia during her second reign as champion.

On the December 18th episode, Somnia demanded her next challenger’s presence, was led to Sheridan Müller walking down to the ring and surprise attacking Somnia, repeatedly locking her into an Armbar. After they were separated, the following show Somnia teamed with Yoshino Nakano and Sara Daniels in a losing effort against Sheridan’s team with Ruri Amano and Lexi Gold when Ruri pinned Nakano. On the January 1st episode, Somnia will team with ICW Ares Champion and ALPHA Empyrean Champion Ravage against Müller and Kyle Boe before defending her title against Sheridan at Ground Zero (2019). During the match, Boe pinned Ravage to cost Somnia the bout. At the PPV, Somnia defeated Müller via pinfall after a hard fought match. The two shook hands afterward and Somnia’s next challenger was confirmed as Ruri Amano after Ruri defeated Yoshino Nakano earlier in the evening. On the January 29th episode, Somnia defeated Lexi Gold by submission before delivering a scathing tirade against Amano. The following week, a pre-recorded interview between Faye Evans and Amano ended with Somnia interrupting and brutalizing Amano, even ripping apart the one photograph Ruri had left of her deceased father and her mother and stepfather together. She will defend her title against Hana Nakajima in the main event of the February 19th episode.

International Brutal Wrestling (2019)


Somnia officially signed a contract with IBW on April 25th, to compete on Friday Night Collision as a prizefighter. Her company debut is scheduled for their May 3rd pay-per-view event, Death Trap, where she faces Addison Rayne in a 2 Out of 3 Falls Match. After earning the first fall with a vicious knee strike, Somnia was rolled up for a quick three count, leading to a tie. Somnia broke the tie soon after being pinned by forcing Rayne to submit to her Wanderlust finisher, earning herself her first win with the company in impressive fashion. She is scheduled to make her television debut at Collision 120 on May 31st against Denis Cercel. In the weeks leading up to this match, Sara Daniels signed with the company and publicly invited Somnia to get drinks with her. At Collision 120, Somnia defeated Cercel quickly with her Yumekirā finisher. At Collision 121, Somnia came to the ring during a segment involving the EWF United States Championship and a series of potential challengers, announcing her intention to compete for the belt. She was then announced for MorrisMania, the next PPV event, in which she will compete in a Fatal Four-Way Falls Count Anywhere match for the title against the Champion, Haruto, Dunedin Bradley, and Jake Morgan. She lost the match indirectly when Morgan pinned the Champion. She will next compete at Collision 122 against EWF World Heavyweight Champion Nikolai Sinclair. At the event, she was announced as part of the 8-person round robin-styled tournament Survival, carrying that momentum into the first main event in the tournament against Sinclair, whom she defeated by forcing him to pass out in her Wanderlust finisher. Her next contest will be against Dunedin Bradley in the Survival Tournament at Collision 123. Somnia defeated Bradley by pinning him with the Сука Silencer. Her next contest will be against Seize and will be the final round of the Survival tournament. She pinned Seize with her Yumekirā finishing maneuver to advance to the pay-per-view for a chance at the repackaged IBW World Heavyweight Championship. At Survival (2019), Somnia will take on Sara Daniels in the Semifinals. At Survival, Somnia defeated Daniels by pinfall to advance to the Finals later the same night, where she defeated Armageddon to earn a title match at Heart of Wrestling (2019). At Collision 127, Somnia earned her eighth win with the promotion by pinning Bang Roivas with her Сука Silencer maneuver. At Death Chamber (2019), Somnia teamed with Jon Jrygin in a Winner-Take-All situation, defeating Robert William Kendricks and Ayden Starr to successfully retain their NIKE PRO World’s Championship and NIKE PRO Women’s Championship. At Collision 129, Somnia teamed with Daniels and Ahmya Nakanishi to defeat the team of Daniel Dream, Nikolai Sinclair, and Jon Jrygin after Sara and Somnia delivered a tag team finisher to Dream. This was Somnia’s tenth victory in IBW without being pinned or submitted. At Season’s Beatings on December 13th, Somnia suffered her first loss after Richard Rutherford interfered in her match with Ahmya Nakanishi. On the December 27th edition, Collision 132, Somnia defeated Nikolai Sinclair after pinning him with her Сука Silencer maneuver. She will face Daniel Dream for the IBW World Championship in the main event of Heart of Wrestling (2020) on January 10th, 2020.

IBW World Champion

On January 10th, 2020, Somnia defeated Daniel Dream to become the IBW World Champion for the first time. After the event, Somnia accepted a challenge by Graham Baker to face him in the main event of Collision 134 for the FNC Championship. If Baker wins, he will receive a shot at Somnia’s IBW World Championship.

Nike Pro Combat (2019)

Women’s Division

On June 1st, 2019, Somnia signed a contract with Nike Pro Combat to compete in their Women’s Division. At COMBAT I: A Tour de Force, Somnia failed to earn the contract guaranteeing a Championship Combat for the NIKE PRO Women’s Championship at COMBAT II: Vox Populi, losing a Ladder Combat to Liz Karlson alongside Samantha Taylor, REVY, and Ayden Starr. She was subsequently entered into the interactive fan poll to determine Karlson’s opponent at COMBAT II: Vox Populi. After losing the poll, she was booked to face Starr and REVY in Three-Way Combat to determine the next Number One Contender. At COMBAT II: Vox Populi, Somnia defeated Starr and REVY by submitting REVY, earning contendership to Liz Karlson’s NIKE PRO Women’s Championship. After Karlson won the title later in the night, Somnia’s ally Sara Daniels debuted by attacking Karlson. At CROWNING GLORY: Karlson v. Daniels, Somnia defeated Samantha Taylor after interference by Daniels. Later in the show, Karlson defeated Daniels and Somnia attacked her in the aftermath. This prompted Shane Holliday and Jon Jrygin to hit the ring and involve themselves, leading to the announcement of Tag Team Combat at CROWNING GLORY: St. Louis, with Holliday and Karlson taking on Somnia and Jrygin. Somnia and Taylor won the Fight of the Night award for their Combat. At CROWNING GLORY: St. Louis, Somnia’s main event tag team Combat never actually began, as all four combatants brawled before the bell could ring, leaving each other laid out. At CROWNING GLORY: Asakura v. Jrygin II, Somnia signed a contract for her Championship Combat for COMBAT III: Best in the World. Her opponent would then attack her, put her through a table, and use the pen Somnia had signed with to cut her open so Karlson could sign her name in Ana’s blood.

NIKE PRO Women’s Champion


Somnia became the NIKE PRO Women’s Champion at COMBAT III: Best in the World.

At COMBAT III, Somnia defeated Karlson to become the NIKE PRO Women’s Champion. She would then successfully defend her title against Karlson at COMBAT IV: A Declaration of War when they reached a time-limit draw. After the event, Somnia would be awarded the Midseason Fight of the Year award for her Championship Combat at COMBAT III. Following an online dispute, Somnia would find herself booked to defend her title outside of the NIKE PRO world, teaming with Jon Jrygin in a Winner-Take-All situation at IBW’s Death Chamber (2019), defeating Robert William Kendricks and Ayden Starr to successfully retain their NIKE PRO World’s Championship and NIKE PRO Women’s Championships. On November 5th at the final Aviator Invitational Tour event, Archibald Rensselaer announced Somnia would compete in a non-title Singles COMBAT+ at COMBAT V: Got Your Six on November 24th against Hana Nakajima, Ayden Starr, and Samantha Taylor. Following the announcement, Somnia attacked Taylor, who had just attacked the other two women. After leaving Taylor unconscious, Somnia was attacked during a backstage interview by Yoshino Nakano. At COMBAT V: Got Your Six, Somnia was unable to prevent Hana Nakajima from pinning Ayden Starr, in turn earning Hana a singles shot at the title at COMBAT VI: Earned, Not Given.

Revenge Tour


Somnia lost her title to Hana Nakajima.

At the event, Somnia lost her title when Hana rolled her up to counter a finishing maneuver. Somnia will next face Stephanie Steele on the January 7th installment of the Homecoming Tour. On the January 14th episode, Somnia was involved in a conversation with Archibald Rensselaer and Liz Karlson in which it was declared that the two women would face one another at COMBAT VII: Pelear Hasta le Muerte to determine the Number One Contender heading into COMBAT VIII: Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em, the finale. The bout was shifted to No Holds Barred via NIKE PRO’s official Twitter.

KINGDOM Pro Wrestling (2019)

Slavic Steel

Somnia debuted at Episode II, where she indirectly lost to Kandi Washington, who she then attacked after the match. While Somnia was advertised for Episode IV, she voided her contract before she was able to compete.

Ice’s Coalition of Wrestling (2019)

Best Professional Wrestler in the World

At the first-ever ICW Summit, Somnia teamed with Sara Daniels in a winning effort over Sienna Ward and Io Ishimori when Somnia submitted Ward with her Wanderlust submission.

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (2020)

World Heavyweight Championship Pursuit

Upon the return of EHWF, Somnia debuted on-screen at their first PPV, Starting Point, by rescuing EHWF Champion Zoe McDraven from an attack by the four hundred and fifty pound Emilio Gonzalos. On the first edition of Saturday Night Mayhem on January 11th, Somnia defeated Gonzalos soundly and earned the opportunity to compete in a multi-person contendership bout. At the end of the show, Somnia once again rescued McDraven, this time from multiple attackers. However, Ana Somnia would end up laying out everyone involved and hoisting the title high overhead to close the show. On the February 1st episode, Somnia will face Thea Nefeli to crown the Number One Contender to the EHWF Championship. On the February 1st episode, Somnia pinned Nefelia to earn the Number One Contendership and her one hundredth career victory in professional wrestling.

Other Media


As part of Somnia's contract with New Era Wrestling, she entered into IBW's Survivor: Professional Wrestling competition. With NEW's financial issues, the competition was reformatted and Somnia was assigned to Team Puka Puka alongside Ayden Starr, Trent Johnson, Starla Asher, and Dregan Black. Puka Puka won their first competition and earned immunity. Somnia's performance was lauded. The second and third competitions were both won by Team Bikal, leading to the elimination of Black and Asher from the team. Heading into the fourth competition, the two teams were merged to leave seven total survivors. In the fourth challenge, Somnia earned immunity by ranking first. She narrowly escaped elimination in the fifth challenge despite a strong performance. Somnia again earned immunity in the sixth challenge. She won immunity for the second consecutive challenge and the fourth time overall. She also found the hidden Immunity Idol and played it to save Sebastian Oberg. She again earned immunity as part of the final three, earning the ability to vote out either of her opponents in the subsequent Tribal Council. She elected to vote out Starr, leading to the finals of Somnia versus Oberg, whom she saved with the Immunity Idol previously. Somnia went on to win the contest, earning it by a 4-3 margin through the jury.


Year Title Role Notes
2019 IBW Survivor Herself Winner


Year Title Role Notes
2018 "Vicious" by Halestorm
Official Music Video
Herself Cameo

Personal Life

Westen is of Russian and American descent and is the middle child of Clark and Anna Westen. Her older brother is named Clark Jr. and her younger sister is named Clarice. She speaks three languages fluently, being English, Russian, and Italian. Her mother was a victim of a sexual assault prior to Anastasia's birth and her entire family was raised taking self defense courses and other combat classes, which Westen has referenced as one of the driving forces in her decision to pursue professional wrestling. She is a legitimate black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a Shodan in Judo. She earned her black belt in 2010 after twelve years of training, having begun her studies at the age of six. While being raised in Dallas, Texas, Somnia and her family moved to Russia when she was seven.

As Westen references quite often, she has spent a good portion of her life (nearly four years, in fact) traveling the globe and training in many different disciplines. In her travels, she spent considerable time in Thailand, Japan, Italy, Africa, Russia, Budapest, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (including Great Britain). Within these countries she accomplished many feats, such as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, which she often cites as pivotal in her development in terms of fitness. While abroad, she studied in the combat arts of Judo, Muay Thai, Sambo, Savate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, all of which she employs to complement the American combat styles she learned in her youth.

Throughout her life, Westen has spent time as a fitness model and spokesperson in addition to continuing to pursue education and professional wrestling. She obtained a sponsorship from Nike before becoming a professional wrestler and has continued to endorse the product throughout her wrestling career, even going as far as wearing Nike Pro Combat gear in the ring. Since embarking on said wrestling career she also obtained sponsorships from MuscleMilk and Reebok Russia. She attributes her victory in IBW Survivor to her history with fitness.

During Anastasia's time in GNW, she was romantically involved with Leon Goldwyn, the youngest of the Goldwyn Lineage. However, the two split up in early 2012. From 2012 to 2016 she was romantically involved with fellow professional wrestler Shawn Harris, better known by his ring name of Shawn Hunter. However, the couple broke up around the same time that SupremePRO Wrestling, the company they both worked for at the time, went bankrupt. The couple reunited throughout their simultaneous tenures in PWF, but broke up in early 2018. Despite initial rumors, Westen and Sydney Summers (Nikki Summers) and Amelia Renssalaer (Molly Bolt) were confirmed to have been legitimately romantically involved. In September 2018, Westen and long-time boyfriend Shawn Harris revealed they had gotten back together. Westen and Harris split once again in January 2019. In 2019, Westen became on-screen involved with Sara Daniels, and it is currently not known if their relationship is legitimate.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Maneuvers
    • Wanderlust (Rear Naked Choke)
    • Hunted (Shining Wizard)
    • The Сука Silencer/Dallas DDT (Fisherman’s Lift released into a Spiked DDT)
    • Yumekirā/Slavic Stunner (Rolling Cutter/Stunner)
  • Signature Maneuvers
    • Ana-hilation (Running Low Angle Basement Dropkick to an Opponent hung in the Tree of Woe)
    • From Russia With Love (Diving Elbow Drop, usually to a supine opponent on the apron)
    • Go to Sleep (Pop-Up Knee Lift, sometimes done from a Fireman's Carry)
    • Hammer and Sickle (Jumping 540º Rolling Elbow)
    • Kettō (Double Underhook Facebuster)
    • Peruvian Necktie (Tony de Souza Guillotine Chokehold)
    • Pila Udar (Buzzsaw Kick)
    • Raspyatiye (Cross-Armed Iconoclasm rolled into a Cross-Armed Headscissor)
    • Scorched Earth (Uranage Backbreaker)
    • Texas Tornado (Butterfly Kick)
    • Udusheniye (Koji Clutch, usually used as a counter to a pinning attempt)
    • Uzel Lock (Sambo Leg Knot, often preceded by an Imanari Roll)
    • Zver' Bomb (Powerbomb - sometimes through a table or Sit Out)
  • Common Maneuvers
    • Americana
    • Bridging Back Suplex
    • Collorotto (Rope-Hung Swinging Neckbreaker)
    • Diving Moonsault
    • Dragon Suplex (sometimes transitioned in mid-air into a Crucifix Driver)
    • Elevated Double Chickenwing Spinning Wheelbarrow Facebuster
    • Gamengiri
    • Hammerfists
    • Inverted DDT
    • Inverted Frankensteiner
    • Izvestnyy (Knee Drop Bulldog)
    • Jiu Jitsu Achilles Lock
    • Kimura
    • Muay Thai Clinch Choke
    • Multiple Judo Maneuvers
      • Harai Goshi (Sweeping Hip Throw)
      • Ippon Seoi Nage (One-Armed Shoulder Throw)
      • O Goshi (Full Hip Throw)
      • O Soto Gari (Major Outer Reap)
      • Tai Otoshi (Body Drop)
      • Throw of the Queens (Uchi Mata)
      • Uki Goshi
      • Utsuri Goshi
      • Utsuri Goshi into a Swinging Side Slam
    • Multiple Knee Strikes
      • Busaiku
      • Diving
      • Jumping High
      • Running
      • Running to an opponent draped over the top turnbuckle
      • Step-Up
    • Multiple Muay Thai Strikes
      • Khao Khong (Repeated Curved Knees, often preceding the Dallas DDT)
      • Khao Loi (Flying Knee)
      • Khao Trong (Straight Knee)
      • Sok Ngad (Uppercut Elbow)
      • Sok Klab (Spinning Elbow)
      • Sok Ku (Muay Thai Double Elbow Counter)
      • Sok Sab (Chopping Elbow)
      • Sok Tad (Horizontal Elbow)
      • Sok Ti (Slashing Elbow)
      • Switch Kick
      • Switch Knee
      • Tae Kod (Repeated Low Roundhouse Kicks to an opponent in/seated in the corner)
    • Multiple Sambo Maneuvers
      • Inside Single-Arm Spinning Throw
      • Sambo Leg Throw
      • Sambo-Styled Face-rake Armbar
      • Sambo-Styled Wrist-Clutch Modified Scoop Slam
    • Multiple Savate Strikes
      • Chassé Bas (Low Piston-Action Kick)
      • Chassé Figure (High Piston-Action Kick)
      • Chassé Médian (Medium Piston-Action Kick)
      • Manchette (Horizontal Forearm)
      • Soupesse Lateral (High Lateral Kick)
    • Northern Lights Suplex (Sometimes while Bridging)
    • Omoplata
    • Reversed Neckbreaker
    • Reversed STO (Sometimes into the middle turnbuckle or following a Uranage Backbreaker)
    • Russian Legsweep (Sometimes into the barricade)
    • Russian Roulette (Suicide Dive)
    • Sleepless in Seattle (Curb Stomp to an opponent slumped forward on the apron)
    • Slingshot Hurricanrana
    • Slingshot Small Package
    • Spinning Back Elbow
    • Spinning Bulldog
    • Step-Up Spinning Hurricanrana
    • Sunset Flip (Sometimes with a Leg-Trap)
    • Superplex
    • Surfboard/Dragon Sleeper Combination
    • Systema Ballistic Strike (Often done multiple times in a row)
    • T-Bone Suplex Powerslam
    • Triangle Chokehold
  • With Nikki Summers
    • Total Knockout (Simultaneous Buzzsaw Kicks to the front and back of an opponent's head)
    • Powerbomb (Somnia) and Diving Lariat (Summers)
    • Double Bridging Back Suplex
    • Double Reversed STO
    • Double Hair-Pull Reverse Curb Stomp
  • With Molly Bolt
    • Rubyfruit Roulette (Boltcutter (Bolt) and Electric Chair Drop (Somnia))
    • Moscow Molly (Ana-hilation to an opponent hanging from Bolt's shoulders (Somnia), followed by the Rubyfruit Driver (Bolt))
  • With Sara Daniels
    • See You Next Tuesday (TBI (Daniels) and From Russia With Love (Somnia), sometimes done to the outside and into the exposed concrete)
    • To Be Named (Bucklebomb (Daniels) followed by the Hunted (Somnia))
    • Hammer and Sickle (Somnia) into the Ol' Reliable (Daniels)
    • Leg-Trap Sunset Flip Powerbomb (Somnia) and a Roaring Elbow (Daniels) as the opponent's head rises
    • Cross-Armed Iconoclasm (Somnia) into a Powerbomb Lungblower (Daniels)
    • Reversed STO into the middle turnbuckle (Somnia) and simultaneous Rolling Big Boot (Daniels) to the back of the head
  • Nicknames
    • The Goddess of War
    • Miss Malicious
    • The Huntress
    • The Survivor of the Fittest
    • Slavic Steel
    • The Best Professional Wrestler in the World
    • The Slavic Submission Specialist
    • The Dallas Dime
    • The Martial Artist
    • The Slavic Stunner
    • The Texas Tornado
    • The Bantamweight Bruiser
    • The Bitch Incarnate
    • The Queen of Wednesday/Friday/Sunday Nights
  • Managers
    • Shawn Hunter (2012, 2017-2018)
    • Nikki Summers (2016-2017)
    • Molly Bolt (2017)
    • The Somnia Camp (2012-2015, 2019)
    • Sara Daniels (2019-Present)
  • Wrestlers Trained
  • Entrance Music
    • "So What" by P!NK (2012)
    • "Beggars (feat. Diskord)" by Krewella (2016-2018)
    • "BITCH OF THE YEAR" by Krewella (As ALPHA Women's Champion, 2018)
    • "Vicious" by Halestorm (2018 - Present)
  • Career Record and Statistics
    • 100-30-4
    • .761 Winning Percentage

Championships and Accomplishments

Professional Wrestling

Mixed Martial Arts

Other Accomplishments

  • IBW Survivor
    • Earned Immunity (5 times)
    • Finalist
    • Final Three
    • Final Four
    • Located Hidden Immunity Idol (1 time)
    • Winner (2019)
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