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Amber Keys
Keys at a live event in 2020.
Keys at a live event in 2020.
Birth name Amber Keys
Born August 23, 1983 (age 39)
Bronx, New York, USA
Resides San Francisco, California, USA
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Dirti Diva
Diva Sucia
Amber Keys
Billed height 5 ft 6 in (1.67 m)
Billed weight 135 lb (61 kg)
Billed from Bronx, New York
Trained by Tony Salazar
Debut 2003

Amber Keys (born August 23rd, 1983), also known as Dirti Diva (stylized DiRTi DiVA), is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Elite Answers Wrestling. Keys is also best known for time in the Answers Wrestling Federation. She is a former two time AWF Women's Champion, AWF Tag Team Champion with EAW chairman Mr. DEDEDE, a former Empire Tag Team Champion with Hall-of-Famer Cleopatra, and an EAW Hall-of-Famer.

Early life

Amber Flores-Keys was born on August 23rd, 1983, in The Bronx borough of New York City, to Franklin Flores and Lisa Keys. Her mother has English and Irish ancestry, and her father is of Mexican and English descent. Although her parents were never married, Keys has stated that their love both for each other and their children had a greater impact on their family than a formal piece of paper ever could. She remembers both parents working many long hours and extra shifts in order to provide for the family and to save for their children to go to college. She is the oldest of three; she has a brother named Ian and a sister named Diana.

Even with both parents working full time, Keys has said that she has lived in deep poverty, and that she’s had a hard life—before she reached the age of thirteen, she had witnessed four murders in her neighborhood due to gang violence. It was during her childhood that Keys had also struggled with a number of mental health issues. She credits watching pro-wrestling during her childhood as one of the only things that kept her grounded and even may have even “saved her life.”

Keys was accepted to Columbia University and received admission to their accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy program. However, Keys only attended one year at Columbia before deciding to leave school and instead pursue a career in sports entertainment.

Professional Wrestling Career

Training and Early Career (2002-2005)

Amber Keys as Diva Sucia in CMLL.

After deciding to leave Columbia University, Keys was encouraged by her father to develop a stronger sense of her cultural identity, as Flores is half-Mexican. With the money her parents had reserved for her college fund, she was able to arrange a year-long stay with extended family in Mexico where she would hope to get in touch with her roots, as well as seek an opportunity to pursue her doctorate degree in Mexico. She received an opportunity to study with trainers working with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in Mexico City, the oldest wrestling promotion on the globe. It was after watching the impressive displays of athleticism that she switched gears and made the impulsive decision to train at CMLL under retired lucha libre star Tony Salazar. Many officials, including Salazar, stated that Keys had the most natural ability of any woman who came through their school.

In 2003, she started wrestling with CMLL under the name Diva Sucia (stylized DiVA SUCiA), or in English, Dirti Diva (stylized DiRTi DiVA or DiRTii DiVA), a controversial character known for her vulgarity and boisterousness. It was during this time where she developed and honed her skill set while growing rapidly in popularity with pro-wrestling fans all over the world. CMLL began working closely with various Japanese female only wrestling promotions, including Universal Woman's Pro Wrestling Reina. Through her work in CMLL, Keys was invited to wrestle in Japan, where she met Ryan Adams (known as Mr. DEDEDE) of Viva La DEDEDE, a stable known for their lucha style of which Amber was a seasoned fan. Adams and Keys, drawn together by their shared love of wrestling and their hispanic heritage, began training together in Japan and became an exclusive item soon after.

Dirti Diva and Mr. DEDEDE at an SNY promotional event.

Return to the United States and Sunday Night Yahoo (2006-2007)

Established in 2006, Amber signed to Sunday Night Yahoo where she was paired up with Mr. DEDEDE and made infamous for constantly interfering in his matches. It was alongside Ryan Adams that Keys started to gain a lot of backstage heat for getting into fights with other wrestlers consistently, later attributed to her bipolar disorder. Keys recalls that a lot of female wrestlers considered Ryan Adams to be out of her league and often made remarks about their relationship, which made it difficult for Keys to keep her emotions in check. Dirti Diva stayed with DEDEDE in SNY until the company’s closing and rebranding into the Answers Wrestling Federation.

Answers Wrestling Federation (2007)

Upon her arrival to AWF in March 2007, Dirti Diva transitioned seamlessly to the main event scene on AWF’s primetime show Legacy. She was frequently featured with Mr. DEDEDE, and became notorious for interfering in his matches and cheating to win. In March 2007, Dirti Diva competed in a tournament on Legacy to crown the first ever AWF Women’s Championship and came out victorious after defeating every other female star on the roster, including Mickie Lee, Jenny Orton, and Curious Girl. Upon being awarded the title, then-boyfriend and newly crowned AWF World Champion. Mr. DEDEDE proposed he and Dirti Diva would engage in “hot, unbridled” sex in the middle of the ring the following week on Legacy. The “Live Sex Celebration” segment earned Legacy a 5.2 rating, the highest rated Legacy episode of the show’s history, leading to the duo referring to themselves as the “most watched champions” of all time.

Dirti Diva as the inaugural AWF Women's Champion.

After being drafted to War in May, Dirti Diva and Mr. DEDEDE captured the AWF Tag Team Championships from Wild4RKO. During the following weeks, DEDEDE entered a winning streak much credited to the effective management tactics of Dirti Diva, which helped DEDEDE win his first AWF Midweight Championship. In April of 2007, in the weeks leading up to AWF's Fatal War, Jenny Orton issued a challenge to Dirti Diva for her AWF Women’s Championship. Dirti Diva initially refused to compete with Jenny Orton, deeming her unworthy of a title opportunity, but she was forced to compete by general manager WWEFan or she would have been stripped of her title. At Fatal War in April 2007, Dirti Diva lost the AWF Women’s Championship to Jenny Orton.

In May 2007, during AWF’s Payday event, Dirti Diva regained the title against Jenny Orton and continued to successfully defended her championship against numerous challengers before losing the title again at Battlefront in June to Mickie Lee.

Dirti Diva (bottom) after losing her AWF Women's Championship to Mickie Lee (top).

Dirti Diva spent the remainder of the summer competing in singles competition after tag team partner Mr. DEDEDE was taken out of action due to a legitimate injury. The team was therefore forced to vacate the AWF Tag Team Championships. In July, Dirti Diva began a feud with Viva La Raza, known the "Nasty Fucking Disgrace," who made her debut in June and immediately began constantly degrading Dirti Diva during her championship reign. Dirti Diva accepted a challenged issued by Viva La Raza, however, due to the months of humiliation and being verbally berated by Viva, Dirti Diva was more concerned with doing as much damage as possible, leading up to the two competing in the first ever women's steel cage match on an episode of War, a historic milestone in Dirti Diva's wrestling career.

In September 2007, Amber Keys was released by AWF, a decision made largely in part due to unprofessional conduct with social media and backstage at events after it was revealed by Ryan Adams that Keys had real-life affairs with multiple different AWF stars.

Elite Answers Wrestling

Battleground (September 2018 - October 2018)

in September 2018, it was announced that Amber Keys had signed with Elite Answers Wrestling after being referred by former EAW Chairman Ronn Bank$ and would be returning to in-ring action on EAW's developmental show Battleground. Keys, dropping the Dirti Diva monicker, competed in her first match against Ana Somnia and Colton Petrov on October 1, 2018 and came out victorious. Keys only spent three weeks in Battleground before being called up to the Empire roster after picking up victories against members of the Empire roster, Harlow Reichert and Constance Blevins.

Empire Debut & The Queen's Court (October 2018 - February 2019)

In her first match on Empire against Daisy Thrash, Keys received assistance in the matchup from who then seemed like an unlikely accomplice, Madison Kaline, allowing Keys to win. Eventually, Keys' motivations became clear after she sided with both Cleopatra and Madison who each had their own issues with the women of the Empire locker room, as well as feelings of being overlooked for years despite their legendary statuses. Keys, along with Cleopatra, assisted Madison in overthrowing the Unified Women's World Champion, Stephanie Matsuda and proclaiming that their trio was going to do any and everything necessary to restore the women's division of EAW to its former glory.

Cleopatra and Amber Keys on Empire in November.

At the FPV Bloodletter, the team of Cleopatra and Amber Keys defeated both the team of Daisy Thrash and Astraea Jordan and the reigning Empire Tag Team Champions, the Jaded Hearts, to become the new EAW Empire Tag Team Champions, strengthening their cause and continuing to prove that the legends will reign supreme. After Bloodletter, the trio arrived on Empire to celebrate their victories and began to officially refer to themselves as The Queen's Court.

During the matchup at Bloodletter, Amber Keys suffered a neck injury after a hard bump off of a ladder, keeping her away from in-ring action for two weeks. In December, she was defeated Andrea Valentine in an Opportunity on a Pole matchup during the special FOX episode of Empire, booked by Stephon Hunte. At Road To Redemption, Amber served a valet for both of her partners during their respective matches, making it a point to interfere in both Cleopatra and Madison Kaline's matches, hoping to guarantee them a victory. During Madison Kaline's match against Raven Roberts, The Court was taken aback by the surprise return of Jael Arcana-Rosario and Chelsea Crowe, former members of The Crowe's Nest who returned to EAW in support of their former stablemate Roberts. On the January 3rd episode of Empire, The Queen's Court was defeated by The Crowe's Nest. This defeat promoted the Queen's Court to accept a challenge issued by The Nest to defend their Tag Team Championships at King of Elite. The Court was defeated by The Nest at King of Elite.

The 1% & Feud with Minerva (February 2019 - May 2019)

Keys cutting a promo on Dynasty in 2019.

Not long after King of Elite, The Queen's Court debuted on Dynasty, disguised in masks and coming to the aid of Mr. DEDEDE and Theron Nikolas. The following few weeks, the Queen's Court would take on various opponents. However, not long after their debut, Mr. DEDEDE eliminated Madison Kaline alongside Amber Keys and Cleopatra, removing her from The Queen's Court and The 1%. Keys and Cleo retained the Queen's Court name on their own and successfully defeated The Score at the Ides of March supershow. That same night, Theron Nikolas was scheduled to face Donovan Cross for the Answers World Championship, but The Queen's Court interrupted the matchup before it was able to begin, resulting in a no contest. When Mr. DEDEDE arrived to assist in delivering a beating to Cross, Theron Nikolas attacked DEDEDE with a steel chair, somewhat of a surprise to The Court. Yet, they assisted Theron in the attack on the chairman and removed him both from The 1% and from EAW Television. At the end of March, Amber was set to compete in a Streetfight against Donovan Cross; should she lose, The 1% would be banned from ringside at Theron's next title defense at Grand Rampage against Cameron Ella Ava. Despite the interference from The Score and Ms. Extreme, Amber would be victorious that week, however, Theron denied the assist from her and Cleopatra during his title defense at Grand Rampage.

Keys and Cleopatra backstage on Empire, 2019.

A few weeks prior to the Grand Rampage, Amber and Cleopatra returned to Empire to confirm that The 1% will have female representation in the first ever Women's Grand Rampage match. During their announcement, however, they were interrupted by Minerva who had a few words of her own to share regarding her own opinion of Cleo and Amber's reign on Empire. By distracting the Queen's Court with verbal back and forth long enough, Minerva unleashed gallons of black tar suspended above the ring where Cleo and Amber had been standing, embarrassing both women before leaving. The following week, Amber would secure a victory over Minerva in singles competition, with a great deal of help from Cleopatra who was at ringside. In the Women's Grand Rampage, Amber Keys would steal a spot in the match from Sian Ryder after assaulting her backstage and rushing out to the ring. Hoping to not only save Cleopatra from elimination, but to also utilize the Queen's Court's partnership to her advantage, Amber would enter the ring and go straight after Minerva with a double team assault. Unexpectedly, however, Minerva would receive backup from Constance Blevins, the woman who ironically had been confused for Minerva by members of Empire's commentary team. Together, Constance and Minerva would successfully eliminate the Queen's Court from the Grand Rampage match, one right after the other.

On the following Empire, General Manager Kendra Shamez would enter the ring, announcing that since the Crowe's Nest's departure, the Empire Tag Team Championships were vacant and in need of a new set of champions that were to be crowned at Terminus. Almost immediately, Amber and Cleo would come to the ring, suggesting that since the Queen's Court were the last champions before the Crowe's, they should be handed the titles by default. Kendra would say nothing and instead allow for Minerva to show up to the arena with the Empire Tag Team Championship belts already in her possession after recovering them from a dumpster. Minerva vowed that she would be the woman to complete the "purge" of the Queen's Court upon reaching the ring, leading to a physical altercation between all three women, with the Queen's Court having the 2-on-1 advantage over Minerva. Eventually, Constance Blevins would join Minerva in the ring to even the numbers game, clearing out the Queen's Court and making her intentions on teaming with Minerva known. At Terminus, the Queen's Court failed to recapture the Empire Tag Team Championships, as Cleopatra's actions caused Amber to be the recipient of mist from Minerva's mouth, taking her out of the matchup and allowing for Minerva to secure the pinfall over Cleopatra.

Disbanding the Queen's Court & Feud with Cleopatra (May 2019 - June 2019)

Immediately after the results of her match at Terminus, and bitter about her loss, Amber Keys would unleash an assault with a steel chair onto an unexpecting and apologetic Cleopatra. She makes a clear statement after landing a Dirti Dive onto Cleopatra, laid out on a table. That same weekend, Keys would appear at Gateway to Glory to support Theron Nikolas in his title defense, but it soon became clear that he wasn't happy with Amber after her actions at Terminus, as he was expecting both members of the Queen's Court to be at ringside. Theron went so far as to tell Amber that she only "came with Cleopatra," and his willingness to work with Amber was only a result of his trust in Cleopatra. Not taking his criticism lightly, Amber would later turn up at the end of Theron's successful title defense against Darkane, only to hit him with a low-blow from behind followed by a whipping with the Answers World Championship belt, severing her ties with Theron.

Keys and Cleopatra at Pain for Pride 12.

On the May 23 Empire, Keys would show up to the arena in a blonde wig and vintage Heart Break Boy t-shirt, dressed as Cleopatra. She successfully confused the audience long enough for them to show their cheers and support for who they thought was Cleopatra. It wasn't until they got a good look at her just before she began to speak that the audience would realize it was Keys in cosplay, but she kept the act up regardless of the booing audience. Joining Keys in the arena would be more poor cosplayers dressed as Sienna Jade, Kassidy Heart, Minerva, and Felix Hartley while Keys would criticize Cleopatra. Keys attacked the cosplayers after removing her wig, claiming she was here to "save" the helpless Cleopatra, and afterwards, proclaiming that the only reason Cleopatra was ever able to defend herself against these women in the first place was due to Keys' protection. On the following episode of Empire, Keys would set herself up in the center of the ring, reading from a book titled "Cleopatra: The First Queen of Empire." She read the book aloud, "exposing" Cleopatra for her "sham" of a career. Cleopatra would eventually interrupt Amber's segment, the women exchanged a few words before Amber challenged Cleo to a Loser Leaves Company match at Pain for Pride. Cleopatra did not accept Amber's challenge at first; it wasn't until the June 6 and final episode of Empire that Cleo would agree to the match after blindsiding and handcuffing Amber to the ring. At Pain for Pride, Amber was victorious over Cleopatra, visibly emotional after putting Cleopatra away with the Dirti Dive. Amber would approach Cleo from across the ring as the crowd showed their respects for Cleopatra's career, the two women embracing in the ring, just before Amber flipped the switch once more and hit Cleo with Major Keys.

Showdown, Reunion with Jenny Punk, & New Breed Championship Pursuits (June 2019 - July 2019)

At Pain for Pride, just as she was preparing for her match against Cleopatra, Amber was joined in the locker room by none other than Jenny Punk, her oldest and former best friend in the Answers Wrestling Federation. Amber was not at all interested in engaging with Jenny at first, but then proceeded to criticize her for the role she played in Amber's departure from AWF. Jenny would insist that the Amber in front of her was not the woman she remembered, confused about what might have brought about the change in her demeanor, and said that hopefully, she would see Amber again one day soon.

Hiatus & Feud with Mr. DEDEDE (July 2019 - December 2019)


Hall of Fame Class of 2020 and Sporadic Appearances (June 2020 - December 2020)


Return to In-Ring Action & Queen's Court Reunion (March 2022 - Present)



Dirti Diva is considered to be a pioneer for women’s wrestling, as she was one of the first female wrestlers on primetime TV to participate in a number of milestone matches: Dirti Diva was involved in the first two AWF main events featuring women. She won both matches, the first against Curious Girl on May 21, 2007, and the second against Jenny Orton and Mickie Lee in a triple-threat match on July 7, 2007. In the summer of 2007, she faced Viva La Raza in the first ever women's steel cage match.

EAW mentions Dirti Diva as "a Vixen who always kept the wrestling fanbase on their toes. Whether she was flying high off the top of a ladder or shocking censors alongside Mr. DEDEDE, the two-time Women's Champion knew how to elicit a reaction around the world."

Her Women’s Championship match against Jenny Orton at Fatal War 2007 was ranked No. 1 on the "10 Greatest Vixen Matches of All Time" list, the only match having occurred in AWF to make the list. This match is also cited as one of the most unforgettable women's division matches along with her match against Mickie Lee at Battlefront, and against Viva la Raza in a cage match on War.

In 2020, Keys was inducted into the EAW Hall-of-Fame by Mr. DEDEDE.

Philanthropy and Activism

In October 2012, Keys was named the ambassador of Mean Stinks, a campaign focused on eliminating bullying by girls. In May 2013 she was cited for her dedication as a mentor to teens and young adults with mental-health problems at a National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day hosted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration in Washington. In late June 2013, Keys announced the creation of the Flores Treatment Scholarship Program, named for her father, to pay treatment costs for mentally-ill patients.

In 2013, she received GLAAD Vanguard Award that is presented to a member of the entertainment community who does not identify as LGBT but who has made a significant difference in promoting equal rights for LGBT people.

In May 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Keys provided 1,500 free COVID-19 tests in New York City. Additionally, 1,000 gloves, masks, hot meals, essential vitamins, grocery vouchers and household items were provided. In 2021, Keys donated $6 million to the National Alliance in Mental Health, Columbia University, Sidney Kimmel Medical College, and local community-based organizations in order to provide mental health and personal wellness services to essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following her donation, she also teamed up with local organizations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Philadelphia, and Trenton to help provide resources to communities of color, including food, water, cleaning supplies, medicines and face masks.

Personal Life

Keys identifies herself as a liberal politically and has stated her support for LGBT rights and same-sex marriage on numerous occasions. Keys has also previously criticized the Republican National Convention.

Keys' hair is naturally brunette, although she has dyed it red throughout most of her wrestling career. She has a wide variety of tattoos: a three eyed green gargoyle on her upper right biceps, the word "Punk" on the inside of her lower lip, and the word "iconoclast" written in Russian Cyrillic letters on her lower back neck. In 2007, she acquired a sleeve on her left arm, featuring Mexican skulls, an homage to her father's heritage. She previously had two piercings in her tongue and another two in her nose.

In 2005, Keys began dating fellow professional wrestler and current EAW chairman Ryan Adams, better known as Mr. DEDEDE. The two met while wrestling for indy promotions in both Mexico and Japan and were inseparable until Fall 2007, ending their high profile relationship due to infidelity on Keys’ part.

In September 2007, it was revealed that Keys had been romantically involved with fellow wrestlers for several months while still in a relationship with Adams, who had been at home recovering from a torn pectoral muscle. Following Ryan Adams’ actions of repeatedly breaking kayfabe on the Internet by making all of Amber Keys’ affairs public knowledge, along with his ranting against Keys and fellow AWF star MOP, Keys was released by AWF.

Keys has bipolar disorder, and has taken medication for it since she was nineteen. In February 2009, Keys attempted suicide by taking an overdose of the anxiety medication Ativan, and as a result, spent a week in the hospital. Commenting on the event to a magazine, she said:

“I was isolating myself further and further, and the more I isolated myself, the more isolated I'd feel. I wasn't sleeping. I just wanted my head to shut off, like, I just wanted to completely stop thinking about anything at all.”

Outside of the ring, Keys has acknowledged her close friendships with Hall-of-Famers Cleopatra and Madison Kaline.

In wrestling

Dirti Diva performing a Flying Moonsault on former EAW Vixen Viva La Raza.

  • Finishing moves
    • Amber Alert (Running spear)
    • Dirti Dive (Diving frog splash)
    • Major Keys (Diving corkscrew stunner)
  • Signature moves
    • Springboard moonsault
    • Hurricanrana
    • Suciakick (Superkick)
    • Eye rake
    • Biting
    • Suicide dive
    • Diving headbutt
    • DDT
    • Flying heel kick
    • Enzugiri
    • Various chops
    • Corner foot choke
    • Diving knee drop
    • Springboard dive
  • Nicknames
    • "Diva Sucia"
    • "Dirti Diva"
  • Entrance themes
    • "Polyamorous" by Breaking Benjamin (2007-2008)
    • "Easy Target" by blink-182 (September 2018-March 2019)
    • "All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True" by A Skylit Drive (March 2019-Present)
    • "Woo" by Rihanna (with The Queen's Court)

Championships and accomplishments

Answers Wrestling Federation

  • AWF Tag Team Championship (1 time -- with Mr. DEDEDE)
  • AWF Women's Championship (2 times)

Elite Answers Wrestling

  • EAW Hall of Fame Inductee (Class of 2020)
  • EAW Empire Tag Team Championship (1 time -- with Cleopatra)