Amanda Cortez
Real name Amanda Cortez
Ring Names The Goddess of War
Height 5' 3"
Weight 110 lbs.
Date of birth 10-17-1984
Place of birth San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Resides LA, California
Billed from UFWA, GZWA, NYWE
Trainer Ryan Payne and his gang
Handled by 'Hess377'
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Debut October 19, 2006
Retired 03/2010 (WWH), 07/2010 (ZXWWF), 07/2011 (UFWA)

Amanda Cortez (born October 17, 1984) is a Puerto Rican-American professional wrestler currently signed to Ultimate Future Wrestling Association (UFWA) as part of the Wednesday Night Wreck roster and to Ground Zero Wrestling Alliance (GZWA) as part of the Primetime roster.

Early Life

Amanda was born at the 10-17-1984 in Puerto Rico. He father left her family right after her birth. Together with her older sister Casey and her mother she came at the age of four years to Los Angeles. But there she got lost. She was found in front of a children’s home only with a small paper with her name on it and a huge huddle bear in her arm. They kept her there and an old nanny took care of her. The nanny was really nice to Amanda and really loved her, but Amanda never talked again. That was also one of the reasons, why nobody adopted the little girl.

Eight years later, as Amanda was 12, the nanny died and she was alone again. After the funeral of her nanny Amanda ran away and nobody in that children’s home has seen her again. The next years she lived alone in the slums of LA. Her money she got from stealing and selling drugs. After a short time she became a member of a gang and these people took care for the girl. There Amanda also learned fighting. She was pretty good in fighting and after a while she made some illegal street fights which brought her a lot of money.

But one day she injured her opponent really bad with her brass knuckles and almost killed him. The police came, but Amanda was also badly injured and couldn’t run away. She got arrested and was sentenced to 6 years of jail. These years in jail a were real horror for her and she got terrorized by her cell mates and also raped a few times. But after 3 years she got released on bail. The next months she worked as a fetish model and in a S&M club.

Professional wrestling career

World Wrestling Headquarters (2007 - 2010)

At the beginning everything is totally chaotic. She get’s trouble with almost everybody around at WWH. Only Ashley Massaro is her friend, but most of the others hate her. She also has relationships to several guys and also a girl, but that’s not so important for her. After a few weeks she starts dating Daniel Hutchinson and now her life changes a bit. She still flirts with the guys, but at least she never cheats on Daniel. During this time she also gets adopted by Peter Siddorn as his sister. Now everything goes really good for Amanda. She also begins to win some matches and eventually she gets the Titan Title. But only for one week, then she loses it again. This loss seems to be the beginning of her end. She can’t even win a single fight anymore and becomes more and more depressive and frustrated. She begins to think about quitting or at least to stop wrestling. But there are a lot of people who help her, like Daniel, Peter, Mike Allen and Lance Harris. These people are the only reason why she is still here and why she hasn’t given up already. The last match against Jordan Payne she could win, although Jordan had broken her ankle before the match. It seems that the things now go better for her and she is even in a title match against Andy Rhodes at RR. But now her problems with MDDC also become worse and he even threatens her to kill her. Amanda really thinks of getting some revenge, but till now she doesn't know how she could manage it.

At the next PPV Amanda has a title shot for the Women's Heavyweight Title against Andy Rhodes. It's a Queen of the road match, a match type that should be pretty good for Amanda, because almost everything is allowed. But like usually she fails and loses the match. She is pretty much frustrated again, but the worst thing now is that her husband Daniel dumps her in public. This breaks her completely. She really is near killing herself now, but her brother Peter brings her back home and tries to comfort her. But it doesn't seem that he will have much success with this. Now everything goes wrong for her. She begins to get a serious problem with drugs and now also Adrian talks with her about this. But although she has this problems she can take a win against Amy Roucka. But Adrian now puts her into the rookie matches, so that she has the chance for a new start. The next week at DWA she can take a win against Nadia Williams. Is this now the beginning of a winning streak? In the meantime she makes a drug detoy at home and now she's stronger than ever before. Hopefully she will come back soon. The following week she is scheduled in a match against Vampire Princess. She really hates this girl, so she is really happy to get her in the ring. But before the match she meets her at the gym and tries to cripple her. Probably this will be a really bad hatred between the two now. Then at DWA she takes the win against Renee, but that's not all, she tries to injure her again. But this time she is stopped by Highlander. It's really strange, because she is totally out of control, but she sees something like a father in Highlander. So she obeys and leaves the arena together with him. Will he be able to control her a bit? We will see what happens in the future.

At COTC Amanda and Ash can take the win against Daniel and Amy. It is pretty narrow, but with Ash's help Amanda can pin Amy. She really is satisfied that they could defeat her enemies. But her hate against these two isn't over. She wants to see Daniel destroyed. But anyway, or now it's good, but maybe in the future that hatred will be continued. The following week Amanda can take the win against Danni Hunter. It seems that her winning streak goes on. But the most important thing is that she meets Aolina. They spend a really nice day together and Amanda falls in love with her. Now, as they are together, Amanda eventually finds some piece. She's happy as never before in her life. But she also decides to take a break from professional wrestling. She wants to go to Thailand, but maybe she comes back to the ring one day.

As Amanda comes back from Thailand she has a match against Darla for a shot at the next PPV. She can take the win pretty easy. She is in a pretty good mood, but then she sees that Aolina begins to fall in love with Wrath. She talks to them and the situation escalates. Aolina breaks up with Amanda and Amanda is left back heartbroken again. But now she really feels hate and she will do everything to destroy her enemies. And she will have a chance to do so soon, because she is in a tag match against Wrath and Aolina and at the PPV she is in the same match with Wrath. So it seems that these two matches really will become bloody and brutal. During this week she gets in some really bad trouble at a bar and some of the guys there begin to torture her. Eventually some people from WWH come there and free her. She agrees to become Cena's manager, but Kane wants her as a manager too. It seems that the trouble never will end, because now these two guys get a feud with each other.

At Dwa Aeolus doesn't come to the match and it becomes a handicap match against Aolina. Amanda and Renee can take the win and beat up Aolina really bad, but Amanda isn't happy with this. She really feels sorry and tries to forget all the trouble at a bar. There she meets Sofia Taylor. The two girls chat a long time and they even become friends although they are opponents at the MITB match. They even end up in bed together. At the PPV Sofia takes out Amanda then and almost brings her to hospital, but Amanda soesn't take it personal. She still sees Sofia as a friend, even a bit more. Now she concentrates on her tag match together with Harlow Michaels. She really needs this win now, because she now has planed to go for a title again. These titles will be the tag title annd the Primstar Title. A bit later he meets MDDC again and wants to talk to him about theit trouble. But she doesn't have a chance to talk, because he kidnaps her and locks her up in his dungeon. Then he begins to torture her. Hopefully she will manage it to get free.

After a long and really hard ordeal he can "convince" Amanda to become his sex slave. She can't take it any longer and agrees, but slowly she becomes control over him and he now is pretty gentle and nice to her. The situation is weird and bizarre but Amanda likes it. But she also meets Sofia again and they end up in bed. They have a really hot night and Amanda tells her that she loves her. It seems that Sofia feels the same for Amanda. So everything should be ok now, if there wouldn't be Aolina who prolly will become really jealous and Danni, MDDC's bride. The next week at DWA Amanda has a match together with Harlow Michaels against Becky and Allyson. She can take the win, but then Aolina comes to the ring and beats her senseless. Now Amanda really is looking for revenge. It seems that this rivalry slowly escalates. Maybe at the next PPV it will come to a showdown. At Showdown Amanda has a match together with Harlow against Buddy Aces and Jeff Hardy. They lose because Danni and Aolina interfer. Then they even get neaten down by the two. At the moment it really doesn't look very good for Amanda. Later as Sofia introduces her team Amanda gets attacked again by Aolina and she cuts off her hair. Then she troubles with Andy and she gets beaten down and Andy breaks her nose with a kick. So it seems tha Amanda is a complete loser again like usually. The next week Amanda is in a tag match for the title together with Harlow against Sofia and Larissa. She isn't really pleased to be in a match against her lover, but anyway, it's business. Nobody thought it, but she could win the title. Amanda is pretty surprised, but really proud and happy. Now she will go for the Titan Title, so that most of the titles are then in the possession of the Switchblade Sisters.

At Breaking point Amanda and Renee can take the win over Danni and Aolina. Amanda gets eliminated first in this humiliation tag match and ends up on a rack where she gets tickled almost to death. But then Renee takes the win over the two and frees Amanda. They leave the arena as the winners and now Amanda is really looking for some new gold. After the PPV Amanda meets Aolina again. She's really depressed and Aolina stops her from jumping from the roof of a building. Then they talk a while and can settle their problems. They even smoke a joint together. Then Amanda leaves, but she crashes with her Harley in a truck. They bring her to hospital with smashed legs and a broken back. She is in coma and it is really not sure whether she will wake up again. But at Welcome to the Jungle something happens that nobody had expected, Amanda comes back to the ring. Together with her partner and girlfriend Harlow she takes the win against Amy and Mickie James. Everybody really is happy that she is out of hospital and also that she is back to competition. And now it's also official that she is together with Harlow now. At DWA Amanda has a match together with Harlow against Darla and Renee. She can take the win pretty easy, and the Switchblade Sisters show again that they are unstoppable. But after the match they get attacked by Angela Sanchez and Jen Kassel. Amanda gets humiliated on the rack again. She really doesn't know why that had happened, but hopefully this won't lead to another feud. The next week at DWA Amanda has a streetfight match against Gracie Helmesley. She can take the win pretty easy because she is really good in the use of weapons. Now she is the no. 1 contender for the Primestar title. All her dreams seem to become truth. But after the match she gets attacked again by Angela Sanchez and Jen Kassel. They put her on the torture rack again and tickle her feet until she almost dies. It seems that the situation becomes serious for Amanda and that they really wanna destroy her now.

At Supershowdown Amanda has a match against Montana and Harlow against Boczka. They both lose their matches and are really frustrated now. But at least Amanda could escape after her match and didn't get tortured again. Now she looks forward to the PPV to get some revenge on Boczka and Montana. At Final Destination Amanda and Harlow can take the win against Chris Montana and Mike Boczka. The Switchblade Sisters showed again their dominance at WWH. Now they are booked in a match against The Hart Sisters at DWA, where they have to defeat their title. Will their winning streak go on?

Amanda and Harlow can take the win in a really hard and brutal fight. It's almost a draw and Amanda and Amy are knocked out both, but Amanda's arm lays on top of Amy, so she takes the win. After that match, Harlow and Amanda make a statement about their upcoming marriage. It seems that everything now becomes good for Amanda. She could win against one of her worst enemies and she will marry her love Harlow soon. And next week she will be in a match against Danni and Aolina. The next day she is called toi the ring and Alexis and Riley make her the new Heavyeight Champion now after Andy Rhodes is gone. At DWA Amanda and Harlow face Danni and Aolina. It's a really tough match, but they can take the win. Harlow beats up Danni completely and then they lock up Lina in a dark room with a clown. This is pure horror for Lina and they hope it drives her insane.

In the next two shows Amanda has a match against Tahti and Renee. Both are her friends and she really doesn't like that matches, but she can take the win pretty easily. Then at wargames, Harlow and Amanda defeat their title against Renee and Tahti. It's a tough match, but Harlow and Amanda take the win. Amanda also has a match for the title unification against Danni. She beats up Danni really bad and now she's the undisputed champion at DWA. But after the match she gets kidnapped by Aolina and Danni and they torture her again. Hopefully she'll be free again till her wedding next week at DWA. They let Amanda go and the next week Amanda and Harlow marry at DWA. It's a great party and then they both go on vacation for 2 weeks. At Grindhouse Amanda has to defend her title against Tina and she still is champion now. She's really proud and in a good mood and she is sure that she will hold her title for a pretty long time. After Grindhouse Amanda gets some problems with the bosses at WWH. She bitches around and eventually she gets stripped down from her Heavyweight title. Not the title is on the line again and Amanda is really pissed. We will see whether she will go for it again one day, but at the moment it doesn't look like this. Now Amanda turns pretty much to evil and it seems that her wife Harlow doesn't like that. She dumps Amanda. Amanda is a bit shocked, but she has already expected this. Now she officially gives back the tag titles. Now Harlow has no partner and loses them too. Now the war can begin. But it becomes even worse for her as her brother Peter dumps her too and forbids her to see Johnny. Now Amanda is completely destroyed. But then Amanda comes together with Storming Raven and also joins the nWo. She helps them to get the tag titles from her brother Peter and Shane. It seems that she now really turns against all her old friends. A week later Amanda marries Storming Raven and everything seems to become good now, but in some way a feud with Amanda and Lucky starts. At first it's a friendly feud, but then it escalates as Lucky's bodyguard tries to drown her. Amanda attacks Lucky and whips her, but Lucky gets her revenge at Amanda's comeback match against Bobbi Rose. Lucky and Trish beat down Amanda so bad that she ends up in hospital with Amnesia. Now she even doesn't remember anymore that she is married to Storming Raven. It takes a while and Amanda gets her memories back. Then she has a hardcore submission match against Lucky at DWA. She loses that match without having any chance and she has to submit to Lucky. Losing against Lucky was bad foe her, but having to submit against that girl is really horror for Amanda. Now she gives it up, but it seems that her hatred isn't over. In the meantime her feud with Peter escalates. He forbids her to see her nephew Johnny and Amanda kidnaps the lil boy. She is forced to bring him back, but then she hets arrested and has to go to jail. But she gets bailed out till her hearing and so she can still wrestle till then. AT DWA she beats Trish in a buried alive match and then she is booked in a match for the no.1 contendership for the Heavyweight Title against Ashley Renee.

At Adrian's Birthday Bash Amanda can take the win a really brutal match against Ashley Renee and now she's the no.1 contender for the Heavyweight Title again. But after that match she has her hearing and she gets sentenced to 10 years in jail for kidnapping a kid. She will be brought to St. Quentin tomorrow, but at WOTR she will be released for one day so that she can make her two matches. At WOTR she can take the win in that tickle fight against Jessica, but in her title match she loses again and gets a pretty bad beating up. It seems that her time is over and that she won't get a comeback again. They bring her back to jail and there she hopes that she finds a way to get released earlier, but getting the title back she has given up now. Later Trish bails amanda out of jail, but from now on she has to live in Trish's house under her sispission. At first Trish was pretty nice, but then she begins to terrorize amanda, but at least she can see her baby and also her husband and so she endures everything. Amanda is also allowed to do her matches and so she has a match against Lucky and then against Larissa for the title. Amanda wins both matches but she gets injured really bad, but at least she is the champion again.At the Survivor Series Amanda had 3 different matches she beat Peter in a Weapons filled Hell in the Cell match which drew a line under their feud, she beat Trish Stratus in a buried alive rematch. and despite extreme pain she helped Team Showdown beat Team Inner Circle. Now everything is almost normal again and the next week she will have a title match against a new girl, Kiya Thoth. Amanda can take the win against Kiya Thoth pretty easy and still is the women's champ. Now she has to defend the title against Starlight. She meets her backstage and gets threatened and also attacked by her. But soon a friendship develops and it becomes even more. They have their fun together and now they look forward to their match at Hard Drive where the loser gets crucified. At Hard drive Amanda takes the win against Starlight and then she goes on hollidays. She spends Xmas together with her brother Peter and as she comes back she talks to Storming Raven. The two get together again and everything seems to be good. Then Amanda has a match at Showdown against Kiya and Morgan. Her partner Jonna doesn't show up, but Amanda still can take the win. But now she wants her revenge on Jonna. Now the things go pretty good for Amanda. She has some more matches against several opponents and she can take the win. Then she get divorced from Storming Raven, but now sh meets Rose and they become first friends and then a couple. Amanda even tags with her and now they beat “Pride and Punishment” and the “Queen Bees of WWH”. Now they are the no.1 contender for the rag titles. But then Amanda has a match against her first rival Amy Roucka-Hart. She gets the beating up of her life and lose the match. But it comes worth and Amy threatens her that she will destroy her and end her career. Amanda also gets attacked by Marisol and Marisol breaks her ankle. Slowly Amanda gets fit again, but she is scared of Clash of the Champions where she has to defend her title against Amy in a horror match where the loser gets locked in a pillory, shaved bald, whipped and suspended for one month.

At Clash of the Champions Amanda has the match of her life against Amy Roucka-Hart and she almost loses it. But with a mean trick she can take the win and so she still is te Champion. Amy gets shaved and whipped and in some way Amanda is happy that this feud is over, but she also feels a bit sorry for her defeated opponent. But at least she can concentrate now on her problems with Marisol. A week after Clash of the Champions Amanda has her match against Marisol. She loses it and not only that. She doesn't have any chance during the whole match and gets destroyed completely. After this horror match she has a mental breakdown and they bring her to an asylum. It isn't sure whether she comes back one day. After she come back she can take the win in some normal matches, but then she has a rematch against Marisol and this time it's for the title. Amanda loses again and this time it's even worse. The loser gets her feet whipped and has to stand in hot coals during the whole show and then she gets fired. So Amanda's career is over now and she's gone from WWH. But a few weeks later they rehire her and send her to Inner Circle. She can take a few wins there, but then Inner Circle gets closed. Now Amanda is at Showdown again and she starts again in the Darkmatches. She wins, but before she comes to the main roaster she gets drafted to Demolition. There she has a match together with Rose against the Impact Players for the tag titles. Rose and Amanda lose, because it wasn't a fair match.After her match Amanda wants to visit her ex Storming Raven, but he tries to kill her and throws her from the roof of his house, so that she lands in a dumpster. Then they burn down the dumpster to kill her. But Frost comes and saves her and brings her to hospital. She spends there a few weeks till her broken arms are ok again.

At Demolition Amanda has her come back, but she has to face her love Rose in the ring. But instead of a fight with weapons they use some pillows and toys. At the end the GM stops that silly fight and Rose loses her title shot, while Mandy has to face the guy who has raped her, Chris Cane. The next week Amanda faces Cane and takes the win easily. But then Xavier comes to the ring and puts her in a handicap match against himself, Cane and Hero. If she loses she will become Xaviers slave for a week. If she wins then she will be the GM for a week. Now we will see what happens next. Amanda manages to take the win at Supershowdown and now she becomes GM for a week. She had thought of putting Xavier, Hero and Cane in a bra and panties match, but at the moment she isn't so sure whether it's worth to think about. After some trouble with all the officials and some other people Amanda gets released from Demolition at 07/22/09. It seems that her career is over. The next weeks happens absolutely nothing, but then Amanda and Rose get drafted to Inner Circle. Now it seems that it will become better and on the first show Amanda has a spot in the main event. If she wins aganst Cameron Michaels, then she ill be the no.1 contender for the Women's Heavyweight Title again.

In her first match at Inner Circle Amanda takes the win over Cameron Michaels and so she's the no.1 contender for the title. Now she will have to face Shady Layne at Summer Slam. The next week follows a tag match together with Rose against Cameron Michaels and James Steward. The match is pretty chaotic and Mandy takes the win. Now there's only one week left to get ready for her match against Shady Layne at SS, bt in some way Mandy really isn't worried. After all the crap that happened to her during her long career she really doesn't care anymore whether she has a title or not. Like everybody has expected it loses Amanda her championship match against Shady lane. She was a bit sad and frustratd, but what could she await? Sh ealways has been a loser and now she gives it up. That was the end of her career and her last great match.At Inner Circle Mandy has another match against Shanda Synyster. During the whole match she seems to be even weaker than before and can only take the win by cheating. After her match she has a breakdown and they bring her to hospital. There she gets the diagnosis and it's leukemia. Prolly she will be dead in a few weeks.

But then a miracle happens and Amanda gets healed again. Slowly her strength comes back, but she wanna stay away from the ring from now on. But then her wife Rose loses her match for the title and Amanda thinks that it's time for a comebck of the Fallen Angels. For a last time she wanna come back to the ring and this is at October the 15th 2009. She has a match together with her partner and friend Fizz against the Lead Supremacy. In a really tough match she can take the win.

At first Amanda had planed to leave WWH now, but in some way she can't do it. She can't leave the few friends she has here alone and so she decides to stay here.

A week later she is in a fatal four match against rutus Magnus, Adrianna Hal and Twin K. Twin K is to wimpy and doesn't show up, so it ends up in a triple threat match where Amanda can take the win. But she gets injured pretty bad. But that's not all. Now as she is back also the trouble starts again.

At a bar she flirts with Makayla, but then her sister Haley comes there and punishes Mandy by whipping her really bad. Then she also meets a strange girl by the name of Sin and gets problems with her. At the end Amanda ends up bloody and beaten down. It seems that there are still a lot of people who wanna see her suffer.

At Inner Circle Amanda has a match against Haley Payne and she can get her revenge. It is a paddle on the pole bra and panties mactch and this time Haley is the one who gets a really bad spanking, bu it seems that this feud isn't over

At Survivor Series Amanda has her big match against Matt Parker. It is a Hell of a fight and both get injured really bad, but in the end Amanda is the one who takes the win. She destroys this cocky bastard complete but now she really needs some time to recover. Then she will prolly go for the main title in this company, but we will see how it develops.

A week lter she has a match against Adrianna Hall and she wins it too without ny bigger problems, but then there comes a more important match, a match against Brutus Magnus, where the winner will be the new no.1 contender. Amanda can win this match and now she has to face Krow for the main title in January. It seems that her biggest dream may become true now.

Her first match in January is a tag match with Brutus Magnus against Shady Layne and Twin K. She loses this match and really doesn't look good in that match. It seems that she should have spent more time in the gym than in all these bars.

The next week Amanda has a pudding bra and panties match against Mickie James and she can take the win in this lil fun match, but right after the match she gets attacked by her ex Jason Krow. He beats her up brutally and tries to hang her, but at the end the security can save her life.

In her last match before she has to face Krow Amanda has to face Flip Fields and she can take a great victory there. It seems that she is on a winning strike again and now she's confident that she will become champion again soon.

At the Royal Rumble Amanda has her title match against Krow. Even though she's pretty violent and does her best to injure Krow, she loses that match. It seems that her performances really aren't good enough for any kind of title match, but she doesn't care much. She looks forward and is ok with performing in the second league again.

At Inner Circle Amanda has a paddle on the pole match against her wife Rose and it ends up in a draw. It's a complete fun match and so they both end up almost naked and showing their tits. Bt now Amanda has to worry about h next match. It's a Holly Inquisition match where she has planed to destroy her opponent Amelia Murder completely.

The next week Amanda has her match aganst Amelia and even though she gets tortured so bad she can take the win. But she's really injured and can't walk anymore and so she has to make a break, but at least she has reached her goal to destroy Krow's manager.

At Mania 2010 Amanda has her last big appearece at WWH- Even if she isn't allowed to do it she has a dog collar match against Amelia Murder and can take the win there. Thanx God nothing happens to her neck again, but this was really her last match and now after her 100st match she is officially retired.

ZXWWF (2006-2010)

At the beginning of 2006 she got a contract at ZXWWF after taking part of their first ever Diva Search competition. She had had some matches and performed pretty good in the ring. So everything was wonderful for her, but it shouldn’t take really long and the chaos started again. Pretty soon she got hated by almost everybody and also the fans only wanted to see her lose.

At the beginning of the year 2007 she met Kirsten and Jeff Hardy. At first she tried to steal Kirsten's man, but with no success. Kirsten forgave her that and after a short time she fall in love with Kirsten, but Kirsten rejected her and told her that she was no d**e. She also rejected Amanda as a friend and she couldn’t take that and began taking drugs and drinking again. She also started a pretty brutal feud against Kirsten and attacked almost everyone who was around Kirsten, inclusive Nicole and Jeff.

To get rid of her frustrations she had an affair with Shawn Damian, Trina Lash and Big Show.

At WM II it escalates and she attacked Kirsten during a title match, but she was taken out. After this attack she lost against Nicole and Justine and also lost her title. Since then she is seeking for revenge and trying to get her title back regardless of anything.

AT Condemned Amanda reached her highest goal and won the Vixen Championship from Kirsten. Now she has reached almost everything she wanted to have and also got it that Kirsten had lost everything, her title, her boyfriend and most of her friends, like she has promised it before. But she is not really happy with that and doesn’t know why.

The next week at Livewire she gets it to defend her title against Kirsten, but although she attacks Kirsten before the fight and tries to break her shoulder, she almost got knocked out and only wins the match b/c Sheena helps her out. This makes things getting worse for her b/c nobody believes that she can defend the title alone and she is totally frustrated. But now her goal is it to show all the others that she is worth to be a champion.

Before her match at Livewire she has a long conversation with Gabe and they come closer. After the match they go together to his apartment and he manages it to calm her down a bit. She falls in love with him and becomes almost will-less, but she feels safe and happy when he’s around. She tries to do everything to please him and she begins to like her new role. She even tries to clear her problems but with no much success, but eventually she can get a hardcore match in a steel cage against Kirsten, now full of hope to prove that she is worth to be the Vixen Champ.

Before her title defense Amanda talks to Kirsten and they decide to stop their feud. There will be no more matches Amanda vs. Kirsten in the near future. After Amanda has successfully defeated her title in a steel cage match against Kirsten she hopes that she will be accepted more. But the situation has become worse and a lot of people are more hostile than before.

After the situation with Kirsten had become better she offers Kirsten to fight with her in a tag team so that they can get the chance for a title fight. Their first match was pretty successful but at Redemption they have a match against Nicole and Justice and Kirsten saves her sis and they lose the match.

Amanda is frustrated and really disappointed because of this betrayal. She wants to hurt Kirsten and decides to injure Nicole really bad in a match. So she asks for a Buried Alive Match at Livewire against Nicole. After she got an covenant from Steph for that match she talks again to Kirsten and becomes some remorses. Amanda becomes more depressive and even thinks about quitting, but Kirsten gets it to conform her. Cause of gratitude and to do Kirsten a favour she asks the GM to make it a title match so that Nicole will have the chance to become Vixen Champion. But she is still willing to hold her title as long as possible. And she is also sure that there is no possibility to lose against Nicole.

Amanda got it to win the buried alive match against Nicole, but only with some help of the Punk Princesses. Although she’s happy that she still has the belt, she’s also pissed that she couldn’t bury Nicole.

In the meantime Gabe asks her whether she want to become his wife and she accepts spontaneously. She even sells her apartment to help him out with that money and to live with him together. Her private life seems to be ok for now, but at the arena it escalates again.

It seems now that not only Kirsten wants to have the title back. Raven comes up to Amanda and challenges her for a fight for the title at Livewire and Amanda accepts.

At XHE Last Stand will be a new match Amanda with a team of two girls against Kirsten with her team. Amanda decides to take Sheena and Trina Lash in her team, while Kirsten will take Sunny and Raven. But the worst thing in that match is, that the diva who makes the final pin will be the new Vixen Champ. So it will be more like a Battle Royal and Amanda is really pissed. But she’s still confident to win, b/c she thinks that Sunny can’t wrestle and so it will be a handicap match with Amanda & Sheena & Trina vs. Kirsten & Raven.

Then later, after some trouble with Sunny, Amanda and Sheena want to organize a match Sunny against Chyna. But Steph decides to make a different match, Sheena and Amanda vs. Chyna. At first Amanda has no problems with that match. She gets too big for her boots completely and also tells around that she would have no problem to beat up Chyna. But later in the Gym she meets Chyna and the things look a bit different after Kirsten has told Chyna what Amanda has said about her. Chyna threatens her and Sheena and Sheena attacks Chyna, but gets beaten down. But also Amanda can’t keep her mouth shut and tells Chyna that she can’t even wait to be in a match against her. Chyna throws her out of the gym, but Amanda has the guts to come back. Chyna beats her down again and now Amanda isn’t so sure anymore whether that match was a good idea.

Now she’s really scared and even admits it to her enemy Kirsten. Against her expectations Kirsten shows sympathy and reassures her a bit. Now Amanda decides to do even more extreme matches if she will win against Chyna.

With the interference of Sable Sheena and Amanda get it to win against Chyna, but for a really high price. Now Chyna wants to have them all in singles matches after LS.

At XHE Last Stand Amanda loses the title to Trina Lash. But the worst thing is that Kirsten had taken her out. Amanda is totally frustrated and broken b/c of that lost and b/c of XHE will be shut down. The only good thing for her is that Sunny was eliminated earlier and that she now hopefully realizes that she can’t wrestle. Now Amanda doesn’t care for a title anymore, she is only seeking for revenge.

After XHE Last Stand XHE gets shut down and Amanda is drafted to Mayhem. She’s not very happy with that decision, but at least her to-be husband Gabe and her friend Sheena are also drafted. Now as she has a new goal: To become the new Woman’s champion and to defeat Trish.

Then Amanda meets Mistress Amy, a former dominatrix who got a contract at ZXWWF. She’s fascinated by Amy and they become friends and Amanda gets “enslaved” by her. But she really likes her new role as Amy’s new “pet”

At Mayhem Amanda now has a first blood match against Chyna. She is really scared to face Chyna in the ring, but at least she fights her. She loses the match and Chyna even hits her more after she is defeated and she gets really bad injured. They take care of Amanda in hospital and she has to stay there for about five weeks. Her wounds heal pretty fast, but Amanda has a big hematoma in her spine and can’t move her legs anymore. She tries it again and again, but with no success. She gets checked again and again, but anatomical everything is ok again, her spine is ok and also the nerves, so it may be something psychological. Amanda is totally frustrated and gives up. She doesn’t do her therapy and terrorizes the whole hospital.

But then one day Justice visits her, throws her out of her bed and forces her to crawl back to the bed alone. Later she also forces her to stand alone and it works. At first Amanda hates Justice, because she feels like being tortured, but later as she has some success she becomes really thankful. Amanda makes really fast progresses, but it isn’t clear till now whether she will be able to perform again in the ring one day. But now she has a new goal, she wants her comeback in the ring and her revenge from Chyna for getting crippled.

A few days after Amanda is allowed to leave the hospital, she marries Gabe and everything seems to become ok. The only thing is that Gabe doesn’t want her to visit her “friend” Amy, but Amanda agrees. Then later at Livewire she announces that she will fight instead of Amy against Chyna at Patriotic Punishment.

Just before the show starts, Amanda breaks her promise and visits Mistress Amy to borrow a whip from her for humiliating Chyna at the PPV with it. But there happens something more and they “test” the whip. Gabe sees the marks on Amanda’s back and becomes really disappointed and jealous. They get really trouble, but they can solve their problems a bit, but Gabe seems to be still angry.

At the PPV Amanda fights Chyna and almost gets it to get the win. She beats Chyna, but after the match is finished she continues choking Chyna and almost kills her. The referee declares Chyna as the winner of the match, but Amanda doesn’t care. At least she got it to send Chyna to hospital with her brutal attacks.

Now, after the problem Chyna is solved, Amanda looks for some new goals. She also sees that these hardcore fights are her specialty and thinks about concentrating mainly on such matches. Now she looks for some new opponents and doesn’t care whether they are stronger and bigger than her or not.

The next week Amanda has a match at Livewire against Sable. But this match doesn’t happen and she is in a no DQ match against Mary. Although she tries everything, she has no chance and loses the match. After the match her opponents want to injure her again, but she is rescued by Justice, Nicole and Kirsten.

Amanda is thankful, but also a bit puzzled about that help, and thinks about how to return the favor to them. But maybe there will be a chance in the next weeks, as it looks like Sable and the Golden Girls won’t stop terrorizing the other divas at ZXWWF.

At least this time she didn’t get too bad injured and will be able to be back at the show next week. She tries everything to get Sable in the ring now for some pay back, which will hopefully happen soon. But it would also be a satisfaction for her to face one of the others.

But now she also knows that she will need a lot more training when she has to face Mary again and when she wants to have a chance to survive such a match without ending up in hospital again. But she’s willing to do everything for her revenge.

Amanda meets Gabe backstage and he talks some strange things. Then Matt C appears and wants to talk to Amanda alone. She’s a bit scared of him, but as Gabe tells her everything is ok she goes with him. Matt C locks Amanda up in a locker room and makes a kind of brainwash with her. As she leaves the locker room she feels pretty normal and can’t remember anything, but she begins to act a bit more friendly than usual.

A few days later Gabe tells her that it was his plan to brainwash her and Amanda is first shocked and disappointed that he had let Matt do that to her. But she calms down pretty fast and forgives him. But there is still this thing with Amy between them and Gabe is still jealous.

A bit later Amanda meets Kirsten and thanks her for the help at Livewire. They talk a while and com to the conclusion that somebody has to stop Mariah, Marlena and Mary from terrorizing all the other divas. They plan to make an alliance together with Justice and Nicole against them and they will try to get them back. Amanda even visits Sunny, who also got injured by Mary, in the hospital and tells her about her plans.

At Mayhem Amanda then has to face her friend Amy in the ring. She is shocked and believes that Gabe organized that match, but then she realizes that it was Sable and that Matt C has something to do with it. She fights Amy and can almost take the win, but Matt C interferes and prevents her to hurt Amy. Amanda is puzzled but she is also happy that she didn’t hurt Amy too bad. At least now between Gabe and Amanda everything is ok again.

Amanda’s plans now are still to get Sable in a match and then to stop the Golden Girls from injuring all the other Divas at ZXWWF.

The next week Amanda is booked in a match against Marlena at Mayhem. But she attacks Marlena at the hotel and tries to take her out before Mayhem. But this time she isn’t efficient. Marlena can leave the hospital pretty soon, and they have their match at Mayhem.

Amanda wins, but then she sees a video where Mariah and Mary cripple her best friend Amy backstage. She tries to get them, but it’s too late. The next day she meets Marlena at the lounge and attacks her again, but she gets kidnapped by Marlena’s bodyguards. Marlena, Mariah and Mary then beat her down with a dark kiss and lock her up in a crate. Eventually she gets freed by Trina Lash and Shawn Damian.

At Livewire then she tries to attack Sable as a revenge for ordering the Golden Girls to injure Amy, but with no much success. She gets arrested and is brought to jail. But now she has some luck and Gabe pays the bail for her. He locks her up in her hotel room so that she can’t cause any chaos anymore. Now she is free, but isn’t certain that she doesn’t have to go back to jail after her trail.

At the Saturday Night Slaughter Amanda has a match against Mary and can get the win. This time she doesn’t get attacked by the Golden Girls. Now only Sable is missing in her list for her revenge. But it doesn’t look like she will get a match against her.

Although Amanda has won her last matches she becomes more and more neurotic. She begins to suffer under persecution mania and is also really scared that she has to go back to jail. One day at the lounge, as she is really drunk, she tries to suicide by cutting her wrists, but Kirsten saves her again. Her husband Gabe is really worried about her and tries to forbid her to stay around alone at the arena, but with no much success.

At the Day of Reckoning Amanda is the manager for Angelic Insanity. She can help them to get the title back from the Golden Girls. But the best thing is that she also has the chance to get Sable back after that match and that she can humiliate her a bit together with Sunny.

At Monday Mayhem Amanda hears that she will have a match against Sable at the next show and that everybody is banned from the ringside. Now as she has the chance to destroy Sable in a solo match she’s really happy and can’t even wait till the fight starts. She’s willing to do it as bloody as possible so that Sable will never forget that fight and hopefully never come back.

Amanda wins against Sable and hopefully she will never see her again. The following weeks she also has a match against Mariah and Lacy. Thanx to her training with Mistress Amy she takes then out without any problems and can take the win. Then at Pick your Poison Amanda and Amy are in a match against the Golden Girls and Blond Ambition. They win and now have a title shot against Angelic Insanity.

After Pick your poison Matt and Mistress Amy attack Gabe and injure him pretty bad. Amanda is shocked that her "friend" Amy did that and she wants to get her back. She beats down Amy really bad at the gym. It seems that these two now really have big problems. But they still fight as a tag team to get the title and Amy is still Amanda's manager. But it seems that Mistress Amy now has to look for another pet, because Amanda still wants some more revenge.

The next week Amanda and Amy can take a win in the title shot and they win the tag title. But it's only for one week, because Amanda breaks the stable with Amy and gives the title back. She also attacks Amy again backstage and humiliates her really bad. But then at Mayhem Amy gets her revenge on Mayhem. She defeats Amanda and almost chokes her to death. Only the referees can stop Amy and Amanda is brought to hospital. But she will be back to the Halloween Slaughter and waits for her revenge.

Then at Halloween Slaughter it escalates completely. Amanda is in a first blood match against Mistress Amy. It's a really hard fight and eventually she manages it to get Amy to bleed as she attacks her with a spiked brush. She injures Amy so badly that Amy has to be taken to hospital and is blinded on one eye and now has a really big scar in her face. Amanda is really happy with the result of the match and has no remorse. that she crippled her former best friend.

In the following weeks Amanda has to matches to become the No 1 contender for the title, but she has no success. Amanda doesn't care much. At the moment she is more focused on getting a relationship with Magnum. But he doesn't want her.

Then she has a tag match with the Golden Girls and Emily against Kirsten, Angelic insanity and Blond Ambition. At first she doesn't wanna fight with the Golden Girls, but ZX makes her drunk and she comes to that match. But the Golden Girls leave her alone and she gets awfully beaten up by Kirsten and Angelic Insanity. But that's not enough, the Golden Girls attack her too and humiliate her totally after that match. Now Amanda freaks out completely and is willing to kill the Golden Girls and her former friends Kirsten and Angelic Insanity.

Amanda attacks Mariah backstage and beats her up really bad. Then the next week at Mayhem the Golden Girls say that they want to apologize to Amanda, but it escalates again. Amanda wants to attack them, but then they say that they have a video of her where she has sex wit a lot of the superstars of ZXWWF and show it to Gabe. Amanda is totally helpless and they force her to do everything they tell her from now on. It begins with her outfit and that she isn't allowed to have sex otherwise she has to wear a chastity belt and Gabe gets the key. Amanda has no choice if she doesn't wanna lose Gabe, so she obeys.

Amanda has a small affair with Magnum. She thinks he really loves her, but she is wrong. Now at Mayhem the Golden girls present her in a totally new outfit, with blond her and dressed nice. Then Gabe comes to the ring and tells her that he forgives her everything. Amanda really thinks that this nightmare is over now, but then Mariah tells Gabe that she also had something with Magnum,

Now Gabe dumps her and Amanda is totally broken. She still loves Gabe, but she knows that it's too late to undo anything. Later she meets Magnum and he tells her that he doesn't wanna have a relationship with him. Amanda isn't really surprised and also knows that she can't love anybody anymore. But they stay friends and Magnum teaches her the use of some more weapons she can use for her revenge on DMC.

At DMC Amanda apologizes to Gabe and then wants to leave the arena, but he holds her back and tells her that he still loves her and takes her back. Then later that night Amanda defeats Mariah in her streetfight match. Then she proclaims that she will retire from professional wrestling and will stay here from now on as Gabe's manager. We will have to wait whether she'll come back one day.

The End (for now. Lol)

The first appearance of Black Shadow

After the first show in 2008 a mysterious kunoichi appears for the first time at ZXWWF and helps Gabe in his match by knocking down Dean Madoxxx, so that Gabe wins the XC title. The person is pretty small and petite, dressed in dark clothes and is masked. Nobody has seen her before and after the match she disappears without saying a word.

The next week at Mayhem the kunoichi attacks again Dean Madoxxx. It isn't really clear why she hates him so much and what her goals are, but it seems that she will make his life to hell and she will do everything that he doesn't win. After the show someone writes the letters BLACK SHADOW on his door. Is this the name of the mysterious kunoichi? We will keep you informed.

At the next show Black Shadow approaches Dean Maddoxxx after his match. She challenges him and now also tells him her name. At least he knows now who his opponent is. But before he can do anything she disappears again. Noe Gabe really is a bit in trouble because he wanna prove that he can fight alone and that he hasn't anything to do with Black Shadow. It seems that the whole situation will end up in a fight soon.

At Mayhem after Maddoxxx's win Black Shadow comes again to the arena. She threatens him again and also talks to Gabe that he should care more for Amanda. But thistime she isn't careful enough and gets almost caught by Dean, but she can escape again. Now we will see whether she will have such a luck the next time she appears at ZXWWF.

At Riot Control Black Shadow has her debut in the 20 Superstars Riot where also Maddoxxx has a spot. But she gets eliminated pretty earls by AJ and Big Show, so that she doesn't have the chance to put her hands on Dean again. She isn't disappointed that she lost so early, but she really would have loved to face her rival Dean in the ring.

The next week at Mayhem Dean Maddoxxx can take the win in his match, but that doesn't help him much. He gets attacked by Black Shadow pretty brutal. She also cuts a promo where she threatens him more. It seems that it now becomes honest and that she won't stop attacing him. She makes everything to reach her goal and hold away all the others from that title that Gabe has at the moment.

Then Black Shadow has a singles match against Samoa Joe. It works pretty good for her, but before she can kick him down Maddox appears and she has to run away. So she loses by ring out, but it's not a real problem for her. Now she knows what she wants. She wanna see Gabe as the champ and she wanna have Madoxxx in the ring soon.

At Nowhere to Run Black Shadow doesn't have a match. Dean and Gabe have there match, but then she appears again and interferes. To her surprise they both attack her and only Annerley can save her. So Gabe takes the win, but Black Shadow disappears pretty much shocked that the guy whom she helped so much now turns against her.

The next matches Black Shadow loses against Dean Maddoxxx and slowly she really becomes a bit pissed. She couldn't reach her goal to take out Maddoxxx till now. Slowly it becomes frustrating, but now she's looking forward to Mania. She is sure that she will have success then.

At Mania III Black Shadow and Annerlay can take the win ahainst Maddoxxx and Gabe. But then it happens and Dean's manager Sunny demasks her. Now everybody sees that she is Amanda. Amanda is in shock and wants to explai it to Gabe, but at the show she doesn't have the chance to do it. Later she cuts a promo where she says that she will go for the XC title herself.

Amanda's Comeback

At Livewire (05-02-08) she has ger official comeback in a match against Raven. She can win this match, but only because the Unholy Cabinet has interfered. Then at Mayhem she has a match for the XC Title against Dean, Gabe and Annerley. Amanda wins this match because Gabe lets her win and shows her how much he loves her. Amanda is so happy and proud to be together with him and that she is the first Diva in ZXWWF history who became the XC Champion.

At Mayhem Amanda, Gabe and Annerley lose against Dean and his team. Amanda isn't really disappointed, but that Dean pinned them all together is really humiliating and frustrating. Now she really looks for some revenge and she also wanna show that she is worth to have that title.

Now at Livewire Amanda has to face the first of Dean's partners in a singles match. It's Rey Mysterio and Amanda loses the match. Now she really is frustrated that he could take the win so easily. But she is also willing to show Dean what she and her team can do in the ring at the upcoming PPV.

But at this PPV they lose again and Amanda gets the beating up of her life. Slowly it becomes frustrating for her, but she doesn't give up. She's so much full of hate now. But she gets another problem. Now also Gabe is a bit annoyed and doesn't wanna protect her anymore when she acts like that and only is interested in that title. Amanda is heart broken, but she doesn't give up. The next week at Xplosion Amanda and her team loses again against Dean's team. After that match she even gets attacked by her former friend and mentor Justice. This is too much for Amanda now and after Xplosion they bring her away in an asylum. At the moment her mental condition is really bad and it's not sure whether she becomes normal again and whether she can leave the asylum so soon.

Amanda is allowed to leave the asylum for one night, so that she can defeat her title against Dean and Justice at Xplosion. There she loses like usually. Now it's too much for her, losing her hubby and now her title too. She freaks out completely and they bring her back to the asylum. This time they keep her there and it doesn't seem that she will be released again.

In her match against Justice and Dean Amanda loses her title against Dean. Now she breaks down completely and they bring her back to the asylum. She can escape one more time, but they catch her again. Now they give her downers and lock her up and it seems that she has to spend the rest of her life there.

After spending a few weeks in the asylum Amanda gets a visit from Justice and they can clear their problems. Then the masked ninja Black Shadow comes too. Amanda has no clue who she is, but she has the chance to get out of the asylum now, so she takes it. From now on she is under the control of Black Shadow.

At the next PPV Amanda manages it to unmask Black Shadow and she sees that it is her friend Raven. She is completely puzzled and doesn't know what all this means. Then at Explosion Mariah tells her that she is her sister and now everything becomes good for Amanda. She still is a bit strange, but now she has at least a family.

But in the meantime her feud with her ex Gabe escalates. Amanda and Mariah lose in a tag match against Gabe and Kirsten. But eventually Amanda gets a match against him at the next PPV. It will be a buried alive match and now we will see who will end in a grave.

At Redemption it comes to the great showdown and Amanda faces Gabe in a buried alive match. She can take the win and before she throws him in the grave she tells him again that she still loves him, but it seems to be too late for the two. Amanda has remorse now, but at least she has her memories back, but the whole thing really changed her. It seems that she will never be the old Amanda again.

Later Amanda has some random matches and in her last match she gets injured by Mary. Her shoulder gets dislocated and she has to do a surgery. Now she's out of action for a longer time and it's not sure when she will come back.

In 09 Amanda has her comeback, but it seems tht this wasn't a very good idea. Her losing streak goes on and she loses every single match se has. The she meets one of the new girls, MsChif. They really can't stand each other rom th very first beginning and a really bad hatred starts, but it's like usually and Amanda is on the receiving end of the beating up.

At the rumble at Riot Control Amanda has her last great match, but she performs as crappy as usually and so she gets eliminated pretty fast at the beginning even though she has a high entrance number. It really seems that her time is over now, but we will see, maybe she comes back to the top with lil surprise one day.

The next weeks become pretty interesting for her. she meets one if the new girls MsChif at the arena and soon a feud develops. It begins with MsChif beating he up, but then it becomes even worse. One day MsChif, Chyna and Mary kidnap her and hold her hostage. During this time they torture her really bad and humiliate as much as possible, but eventually Amanda gets freed by her sisters. Now she is looking for revenge and first she can beat chyna in a handicapmatch together with her sisters and then MsChif. So now only Mary is open, but she will get it too.

In her last match, a tag match Amanda performs pretty good, but the other team can take the win, but she isn't really disappointed. At least she had had had a good comeback and now she will try it again to gor for another title.

At Mania Amanda and her sisters can get the win against MsChif, Mary and Chyna. Amanda first wanted to destroy MsChif completely after her match, but then she didn't do it. It seems that this feud fially came to an end and that Mandy has different plans now.

A week later Amanda hears that her sister Mariah gets drafted to VWA. At first she is completely in shock, but then she also hears that she will get a title shot against Jericho. Now it seems that ll her wishes become truth.

At Xplosion Amanda bats down Jericho before the match even starts. It was a mean cheating, but she takes the win and so she doesn't give a fck. From now on she is wiling to do everything to eah her goal and this goal is holding the title soon.

Now the things go pretty good for Amanda. She stays away from trouble and prepares for her great match at condemned. But there she loses again, because of an attack of the High Rollers. Now she looks for some revenge, but the most important thing for her is getting this title. She will never give it up. And there's one more thing, after this attack her former enemy MsChif has saved her and now she really doesn't know what to think. Maybe this girl will be a good help when she tries it to go after the main title again.

At Xplosion te miracle happens and Amanda wins th main event. Even though nobody has expected this, she is the no.1 contender for thetitle now. This gives her so much confidence and power and now she is willing to show all the fans that she is relly tha greatest wrestler here at ZXWWF

The next weeks are followed with some matches between Amanda and Jericho where she isn't really successful, but at OPatriotic Punishment she makes a Hell of a fight for that title. The whole thing ends with a double KO and the title is on the line again. Amada isn't really happy with this decision, bt a least she can't go now and prolly she'll give it another try as soon as it's cleared what happens to the main eventers. Another reason is also that she is looking for a revenge at ZX who dumped her sister Mariah.

Amanda and the Resistance get the chance to face ZX in a handicap match toget their revenge but he doesn't fight back and so they all look pretty laughable there. That really wsn't the result they wanted to have and it seems that they lost their war even though they took the win.

At Xplosion Amada has to face her "friend" Justice and she loses that match. It shows her again that she really isn't worth to be in a main event, ut Justice's promo before her match hurts her so much more. Now she knows that her "friend" never had really cared for her.

At Summmertime Suffering Amanda and her team the Resistance lose against ZX's team. If they would have taken the win they would have been back in the main events, but now it's really not clear how it goes on. In someway it's a bit frustrating, but at least her sis Mariah seems to be back and so at least one good thing happened at the PPV.

Draft to VWA

After her draft to VWA Amada had hr first match there and could take the win, but it seems that she is out of the title run again. Not very happy about this she attacks the Undertaker and challenges him to get some attention. This acting had some success ad she got her match is she passes a test where she has to injure Maryse. Amada has no problem with this and at the next show she cripples Maryse. Not it seems that he will have a new enemy, Maryes's boyfriend Morrison.

But at least Amanda gets her match against Undertaker and now she loses in a tag match together with Chyna against Undertaker and Kane. But after this match both ladies take out the two guys and so Amanda also could get some revenge on Kane who caused Amberz miscarriage earlier.

A week later Amanda has a match against Morrison, but the match ends up in a draw cuz the Undertaker intrferes. Then she is in a tagmatch, but also there she can't take the win, but as the Undertaker has his championship match she attacks him and so Morrison stays champion. Now Amanda will have to face the Undertaker at the PPV in a last ride match.

At Dead or Alive Amanda has her great match against the Undertaker and even though Mariah tries to help her Amanda loses that matc and is the one who ends up on that stretcher. She wants to say some last wors, but she can't anymore. So now we are curious what it could be, but already some rumors are eard. But for now she ends up in hospital with a really bad concussion, but at the beginning of January she wil be back.

Her first match in January is a bid success. Amanda is in the main event together with Suicide against Justice and Morrison and they can take the win. So she is pretty happy with the start of the year, even though she stil is a bit sad that the Undertaker left the company before she could tell him what she feels for him. But at the moment she has other problems. She tries to focus on the title, but that disgusting chick Cheeka came in her way and it seems that they don't get along with each other.

The next weeks were pretty quiet. Amanda was in a match becoming the no.1 contender for the title, but she fails. Then Cheeka kisses her sister Mariah ad they get in trouble again. Chee admits that she likes Mariah and Amanda isn't happy about that. She beats Chee up and ties her half naked to a pipe. But it isn't over and Cheeka looks for revenge. At the PPV Amanda has a last chance to come in the title match, but Chee interferes i her match and so Amanda is out of the run and all her dreams are ruined. She also has problems with an old injury of her back agin and so it doesn't look too good for her. But she hasn*t given up completely. At least she wants her revenge on Cheeky now.

At VWA Amanda has a fatal four match and gets pinned by Edge in a pretty humiliating way. She wants revenge, she wants th etitle, but it seems that er skills aren't enough to reach ay of her goals. Her self cofidence slowly goes away completely.

The next week Amanda has to face Edge in hardcore match and with a sneaky attack at the beginning she manages it to take the win. Now she injures him and gets her revenge for the disgusting loss a week ago. Later she meets Cheeka at the mall and they get in a fight agai. This time they get both arrested but they release Amanda after a few hours and Chee stays arrested. Amanda doesn't know why, but at least she's free again and maybe her sis will help her to understand what happens.

At VWA Amanda and Mariah have a tag match against Edge and Cheeka. Cheeka strays away and doesn't help her partner so tha Amanda and Mariah can take the win. Later Amanda celebrates her victory wither friend Maryse and it seems that hey become a bit closer now.

The next week Amanda doesn't have a match, but she comes to the ring to attack Edge and Cheeka. But this time she doesn't have success and gets beaten down by Edge. So now she should be really mad at them and we will see what she has in mind for Cheeka in their Hardcore match at Riot Control. Later his evening she comes with Brutus Magnus to the ring and even kisses him. Then she is also seen as she comes to his locker room after his match.

Rise of The Goddess of War

Riot Control is Amanda's great day. Even though it starts bad cut she sees Magnus help her sister Casey and she becomes really jealous, it turns out to ne a great day. Not that she can defeat and destroy Cheeka, she also wins the rumble and so she can chose who her opponent at Mania will be. Amanda has proved again that she is still a force and she is proud and happy as never before.

Now it even becomes more confusing. It seems that Amanda is together with Brutus Magnus, but she also promised her sister to take care for Katrina. So she lets her live in her house and it seems that they get along with each other. Now Amanda will take care that Edge doesn't do anything to Katrina and it may be possible that she will face him in the ring again. This week Amanda will be in a tag match against Brutus Magnus and so this wil be the first time where she has to face her great love. Hopefully everythig will get good now.

Amanda's team wins that match and Amada manages it successfully to avoid Brutus during this match. So it sems everything is ok between them and now they are always seen together. Amanda follows him like a bodyguard and it seems that she's really happy now. Now it wil be interesting what she will do when she has to face him for the title one day. In the meantime Katrina gets hurt by Edge and now she lives at Amanda's house, so that Amanda can take care for her. At the moment they really get along with each other. But Amanda's friend Maryse now is together with REdge and Amanda has threatened her that she shall never come near to her again.

At VWA Amanda and Brutus are commentators during the match for the no.1 contendorship. It seems Amanda isn't very interested who wis. All she has in mind is to get some revenge on Edge and so she distracts him and costs him the win. She really isn't worried about any of these guys and she knows that she wil do everything that Brutus will keep his title. Later Amanda is seen backstage as she meets one of the new divas, Poison Rose. It seems that these two really get along with each other and that they like each other. Amanda takes her as her protege and wants to help her to come to the top of this company.

Like expected Amanda and Brutus can't take the win at VWA against Big Show and Talia, but Amanda couldn't care less. She is more busy with Edge and her goal of ecoming champion, so that a loss in a random match can't ither her much. But she is worried what happened to her sister Mariah at Xplosion.

This weeks VWA doesn't go very good for Amanda. At first Edge talks about Mandy's relationship to her new student Rose nd then her boyfriend Brutus loses his match even though Amanda tries her best to protect him and show her loyalty. And at the end of the show Amanda gets beaten down by her own sister Mariah. It seems thhat everything goes wrong. The next days Amanda trains with Rose and they meet Maryse at the gym. Maryse tells Rose that Amanda only uses her and as Mandy gets in a submission hold Rose tortures her by tickling her so that she admits everything, but Mandy stays strong and says till the end of her ordeal that she loves Rose more than everything else.

The whole situation escalates even more and Amanda and Rose break up completely. Mandy tries to talk to her, but che has no success. At the end she visits Rose at home and gives her some drugs. Then they wake up i bed together, but nothing had happened. But Rose doesn't believe it and she throws Mandy out and Amanda gets arrested, but later Rose bails her out. Now it seems that the two talk with each other again.

At VWA Amanda has a match against Maryse. Maryse knows that Amanda has an ols back injury and she tries to cripple her, but Amanda can almost take the win. But at the end Rose interferes and like usually Amada loses her match. She is pretty shocked that Rose did that, but it even comes worse. Rose wants Amanda in a match and it will be a handicap submission match with Rose and Maryse against Amanda. So it's pretty clear that Amanda will lose again and that her losing streak doesn't end. Amanda is a bit worried and she also doesn't know how she should ever manage it to win in a title match.

Like expected, Amanda loses her match against Rose and Maryse. They tickle, humiliate and oin her, but the worst thing is that Maryse also hurts Rose and so Amanda really wants her revenge. But first she has to deal with Edge at the upcomig PPV.

In the meantime Amanda joins ISM, but only to help her friend Cena and so she gets in trouble with Ivory too. But the strangest thing is that she seems to get along with her hated sister Casey now and that she offered her help to support her against Ivory.

At the PPV Amanda has her match against Edge and with the help of Maryse and Katrina she get beaten up and humiliated like never before in her life. They even use th efact of her injured back against her and she gets completely destroyed. She has never looked that bad in a match and now she doubte whetehr it makes any sense to go on with er career. But it even comes worse and she comes to hospital because of her injuries. The doctors tel her that she isn't allowed to go back to the ring again and the result of her last match doesn't make that decision hard for her. Now she has to stay for 2 weeks in hospital, so that she has enough time to think about what to do with her title shot at Mania.

Amanda's surgery was a success and she get released from hospital. Now she really wants to leave, but she gets in trouble with Maryse and Serena again and this time Rose saves her. Now Amanda is pretty insecure how to continue. She wants to get rid of Maryse and Serena and she also still has that title shot at Mania, but she also isn't very motivated to come back to the ring.

After Amanda is out of the hospital she comes with Rose to the ring as her manager. Rose loses and Amanda gets in a brawl with Maryse. But now Rae, who manages the show now, comes to the ring and puts amanda in a handicap hardcore match against Maryse and Serena right now. Amanda gets the beating up of her life and at the end she gives up by submission.

The next week Amanda was banned from ringside as her love Rose has a match. Mandy wanted to wait in her lockerroom, but Maryse and Serena break into her room and drag her to the stage. This time they don't injure her, but they humiliate her by stripping her and then by spanking and tickling her until she begs for mercy. It seems that Amanda really has to find a way how to get rid of her enemies.

After the show it becomes beter for Amanda. Now she moves to Rose and lives with her and so her private life really is ok. But at ZXWWF it becomes more chaotic. She begins to trouble with Rae, the new GM and it seem that Rae wanna make her life to Hell now. But Amand also becomes friend with Ivory and Ivory helps her to train and to get her self-confidence back. At VWA she can be the referee in a match between Rose and Maryse and there she helps Rose to take the win and there she also gets her fingers on Maryse, so eventually she has a lil revenge for all that terror of the last weeks. Later that night she has a surprise match against Brutus and Tyler. She can knock out Brutus, but Tyler smashes her through a table and so she gets pinned.

The next week Amanda has no match, but she is Rose's manager in Rose's match against Eve and Serena. It looks like it will be a handicap match, but Amanda has taken care that this won't happen. To everybody's surprise Chyna is Rose's partner and so Serena and Eve get their assa kicked.

The next week Amanda has no match, but she is Rose's manager in Rose's match against Eve and Serena. It looks like it will be a handicap match, but Amanda has taken care that this won't happen. To everybody's surprise Chyna is Rose's partner and so Serena and Eve get their assa kicked. Later Amanda is the official in the contract signing for the title match. It seems that she has something in mind again.

At Mana Amana's biggest dream becomes truth and she becomes the new VWA Champion. Now her life is completely ok again, she found her love Rose and eventually she has the main belt of VWA. Now as ZXWWF closes she will leave as the champion and so it's a great end for her career. All in all her life at ZXWWF has been awsome and she already misses the shoes and all the people.

~Amanda~ Adios folks ...Adios ZXWWF, I already mess you and I will never forget you

The End (at ZXWWF)

Ultimate Future Wrestling Association (2010-present)

d the cheering of the fans. So at Jul 5, 2010 she decides to join in a freshly opened wrestling federation which is run by Kirsten and Rae.

At first everything is pretty peacefully, but then the things change. Amanda still has planed to go for the main title again, but then she gets in trouble with Rae and it sems that Rae will really try to make it hard for her. But Amanda is stronger than before and tis time she isn't willing to give up and fights back. {C}She also made a deal with her former enemy Maryse to take out Kelly for her. As a reward Maryse and her friends will stay away from Amanda and Rose.

A few days after signing her contract Amanda meets Rae and she wants to talk about her plans, but everything goes wrong. It escalates completely and Amanda attacks Rae and tries to choke her, but she gets arrested and ends up in jail again. Some days later Rae visits her there and even though they trouble again Rae bails her out so that Mandy can be at the first show of UFWA. {C}Amanda has hoped to get a match in the first show where she could become the no.1 contender for the main title, but Rae hasn't forgotten her trouble and so she is in a mystery match now. fter some mind games it's clear that Rae is tis mystery opponent and with some mean tricks she manges to defeat the stuoid Amanda. After this match Rae and an unknown masked person beat up Amanda completely. {C}Now Amanda's situation really isn't good. Rae had promised her that she would come into the title match if she wins, but she failed and now she even has trouble with two persons and she doesn't even know who this mystery person is, but Amada doesn't give up so easily.

In the first Wreck show Amanda is in the main event, but she has a match against three opponents of Rae's choice. With some problems she can win against the first two, but then Rae attacks her and then her last opponet, Vipera, kicks her against the head so hat she is knocked out. It was a great match, but against three opponents she has no chance. Amanda isn't too sad about the result, but Rae's actions slowly go on her nerves and she desperately looks for a way to end this chaos and endless humiliating.

The next two weeks doesn't happen much. Amanda stays away from the arena most of the time, but she has a match against Vipera where she can take the win. In the following week Amanda and Ryan Payne have to face Rae and Rhino in a tag mach. They lose because Amanda ges in a submission hold by Rae and has to tap out. Bu it even gets worse cause Rae doesn't break the hold after Amanda gave up and so Amanda almost got injured again. ow she is really looking for revenge.

At the first PPV Amanda has a match against Vipera again. To her surprise it is a steel cage match and Rae is the referee. Even though Amanda now has to fight Vipera and Rae she can take the win and also can get her hands on Rae. Now she really is happy and hopes it so much that she will get her title match, but she still isn't very confident that this will happen. But at least she could prove that she is one of the best wrestlers at UFWA. {C}But there also happened something more. Ivory, Cena and Justine beat up Amanda's friend Ryan Payne. Amanda isn't really happy about that and she tals to Ivy about it. Ivy says that it's only business and that she would never go against Mandy, but then Amanda sees that she and Ryan is in a handicap match against Cena, Justin and Vipera with Ivory as the guest referee. Now Mandy sees it really as personal and she breaks her friendship with Ivy. Now she only wants revenge. At Wreck Amanda and her team can take the win wth the help of Amanda's love Rose. Amanda is pretty happy with the result especially as she had another chance to piss off Rae.

But the next week at Wreck it doesn't go good for Amanda. She is in a main event, but there Rae pronounces that she is stripped of her title match and also that Rose and Ryan are fired. Amanda is completely in shock, but before she can do anything she is in a match against Rhino, who will be the new no.1 contender. At first it doesn't look too bad for Amanda in this match, but then Rae interferes and she gets beaten up and loses her match. Amanda really isn't happy with tis result and now she is looking for a plan to get her revenge and her friends back to Wreck.

The next two weeks amanda doesn't has any matches and she feels ignored completely. She still thinks abot a way to get her revenge and to et Rose rehired. Then she knows what to do. Before the show starts she kidnaps Rae and will hold her hostage until Rose gets a new contract and until she gets her title match.

At the next PPV Ivory tries to convince Amanda to let Rae go, but without success and so Amanda ends up in a match together with Rose against Jayden and Vipery. Jack Ace attacks Rose during this match and so Amanda and Rose lose their match, but Amanda still isn't willing to let Rae go.

At the joint show Amanda has to face Jaydan and she can take the win, but later she gets attackes by Jack Ace in her locker room and he hurts and humiliates her. Now she's really pissed and she looks for a revenge now.

At Wreck Amanda has a match to become the no.1 contender again and it's a battle royal. She focuses mostly on Jack Ace and can eliminate him, but at the end he attacks her and she gets thrown out of the ring too. So her chances for getting the title are gone.

The next week Amanda is booked in a match against Rhodes and Ace, but instead of taking part in the match she only attacks the two before the match. Then she leaves the ring.

Now Amanda is booked in a match against Jack Ace. Before her match she offers Ivy a deal that she will let Rae go if she gets her title match at the PPV. Now instead of her match against Jack, Ivy comes to the ring and tells her that she won't have a match this week, but that she will face Ace at the PPV. In some way she will also get involved in the title match, but the whole thing is a bit confusing.

At the PPV Amanda can take the win against Jack Ace and so she would be happy. But then somethong happens. She offers to let Rae go for a title shot, but she gets screwed again. Jayden overpowers her and drags her away, so Rae is free and amanda doesn't get her title shot. Now she's completely in rage and now she also doesn't see Ivy as her friend anymore. The only thing she wants now is revenge.

Now Amanda really is in trouble, Ivy keeps her locked up for a whole week and she is scared that she could get punished for her actions, but nothing happens. Ivy juz leaves her alone with her fears and she is really scared. Bit at the joint show they let her go and she has a match against Del Rio, Rhodes and Magnus. In a hard fight she can take the win and now she will focus on her main goal, Getting the main title, again. But she still is a bit worried with Rae free and Ivy as her enemy.

The next week at Wreck Amanda has a match against Lita. Normally she would have lost it, but with some interference she can steal the win and so her winning streak goes on. Now she really hopes that she will get her title shot one day.

At the next PPV Amanda is booked in a tagmatch, but she refuses tohelp her team until she can face Brutus Magnus in the ring. But then everything goes wrong and she gets beaten up and pinned without her team coming to save her. So she loses, but Amanda isn't interested much anymore.

The next week Amanda has an interview with Ivory. It all starts pretty hostile, but then it seems that the two becomes friends again. But then, as Amanda hugs Ivy, she beats her up completely and tells her that she can do with that title whatever she wants and that she isn't interested in getting it anymore.

At Day of Awakening Amanda and Rose have a tagmatch against Blood Prince and Cody Rhodes. Even though Amanda gets the match she has requested, an inferno match, she can't take the win and loses. Now she's pretty frustrated and sees her chances to get the main title slowly fade away.

At the first Burnout show Amanda has a match against HBK. With the help of her new friend Tina Amanda can take the win. So this is really a good start at the new show and Amanda gets confident that she comes back into the main event scene soon.

The next week Amanda doesn't has so much luck, she's on a best os three match against Shawn Michaels and it's a submission match. Like expected not even Tina can help her and she loses this match. She's not happy with this result, but she's still confident to come back to the top again.

The last Burnout show before the PPV Ananda faces Shawn again in a steel cage match. With the help of Mel and some cheating she can take the win. now she is pretty confident that she will be able to destroy the legend Shawn Michaels at the PPV. Amanda is willing to do everything to come back to the top and to get the main title.

With the help of Mel Amanda can defeat Shawn Michaels in her last match in the best of three series at the PPV. Now she proved that she is worth to be back on the top of this company. Amanda is pretty satisfied with her success.

The next week her winning streak ends as she's in a match together with Swagger against Storm and Michaels after she accidentally knocks out Swagger. But they don't only lose, after the match Swagger knocks her out and together with Austin they put Amanda in a double ankle lock and almost break her ankles. Amanda has no choice and has to beg for mercy, but now she wants revenge.

Now Amanda's winning streak is really over. Amanda and Rose have a match against Swagger and Angle. They take out Angle before the match so thT it's a handicap match bit Swagger almost breaks Rose's ankle in an ankle lock so that they lose their match. Now Amanda is more worried for Rose than for getting the title.

At Burnout Amanda has no match, but she proclaims that she gives up the war against Swagger and the title hunt, but Swagger attacks her and challenges her at the next PPV. Now it seems that Amanda has no other choice than to fight back again.

At the next show Amanda can defeat Swagger in a really hard match and can escape without getting injured again. She is pretty satisfied now and the best thing is that she will be in the main event the next weel.

Amanda had planed to have a fair match against Melissa, so that she can show anybody that she's worth to be in a main event or to fight for a title, but it seems that everythin went wrong again. Her worst opponent, Swagger, interferes and also Storm, so that the match ends without a winner. Anyway, Amanda is pretty satisfied with the result, especially as she looked good in the match. The only thing that worries her is her ankle that got hurt really bad again. Hopefully she will be able to have her title match against Swagger soon.

At the PPV Amanda has her title match and it's a submission match. Nobody expects her to win and exactly this happens. But she doesn't only has to submit against Swagger, later, in the main event, she interferes and gets the beating up of her life from Sting. She's pretty bad damaged and broken, but now she really wants revenge. But it's not only the revenge she wants, she also still wants that title and now she wants it more than anything else.

At Burnout she has a match with Storm against Swagger and Melissa. At first it doesn't look too good for Amanda, but then she can attack Swagger from behind and cost him the win. So she could prove again that she still isn't out of the title run.

At the next show Amanda has another title match against Swagger and this time it's a last man standing match. She really hopes that she can win it, but then Swagger breaks her ankle with his ankle lock and so she loses again. In hospital they tell her that she will have to do a longer break till she will be able to perform in the ring again and so she buries her dream of becoming the champion here.

At the PPV Amanda is still injured, but she gets attacked backstage by Johnny Curtis and Derrik Batemen. They beat her down and humiliate her. But later at the show she interferes in their match and costs them the win. So it seems that a new war begins now.

At Burnout Amanda is the guest commentary, but she can't resist and interferes in the match so that Curtis and Bateman lose their match. Not it seems that they are really pissed and that they want their revenge now. So the war has began now.

The next week Amanda has a match against Curtis with Batenan as his manager. She has still problems with her ankle and the try to hurt and injure her again, but with sone lil tricks she can take the win. She's pretty satisfied now, but she also has to worry about a revenge now.

Curtis and Bateman leave the company, but instead Vince and Connor continue the feud. At Burnout Amanda and Rose have a match against them, bit they lose. Amanda is pretty pissed and not willing to give up so easily, even though it seems that her time is slowly over.

At Burnout Amanda has a singles match against Vince and even though it's pretty hard for her, she can take the win. She had planed to defeat them one by one and so this here is her first success.

At the PPV Amanda has a parkibglot brawl against Connor and after a Hell of a fight, she can take the win. Amanda is really happy that she could win her feud, especially as it was her last match in her long career. It ended like it began years ago, with a hardcore match and so she is really happy. She could end her career with one of the best matches of her life and at a really great show, but in some way she is also sad to leave. But maybe she will come back one day.

Ground Zero Wrestling Association (2010-present)

Amanda spends a while at UFWA, but she misses some people there, especially her family Mariah and Amberz. So she talks to them on phone and they tell her that her former boss ZX has opened a new place. Amanda becomes curious and so she decides to join there even though she still is signed at UFWA. She has some more reasons to do this, but she isn't so sure whether all her dreams will become truth, but at least this way she can be with her family.

Amanda met her sisters and also her lil nephew Dash and now everything is really so great for her. Lofe couldn't e beter and she also gets involved in the events here. She cut a promo where she offered her help to the Undertaker for the upcoming main event and now she really hopes that he will take her as his partner in that match.

Much to her surprise the Undertaker choses her as his partner and so Amanda's debut match at GZWA is the main event. The match is a bit chaotic and Amanda doesn't do everything he wants, but they take the win and so she is really happy. But it seems that she has also pissed him off a bit and so she doesn't celebrate her first win. Instead she flees from the ring, but she is willing to team up with him again. All this really fits good to her plans.

Slowly everything becomes a bit complicated. Amanda's private life is juz wonderful now as she found her real love, but at the show it begins with trouble again. Now she is booked in a match against Chyna, one of her oldest feuds. But that's not all, the Undertaker and Kand will be lumberjacks in that match. Amanda still doesn't know whether the Undertaker will help her and she knows that Kane hates her after she offended him in a promo. And now she also has pissed off Paul Bearer, so it really could become interesting. Now she only is happy that none of them knows her weaknesses. So she still is pretty confident that she will be the winner at the end and maybe also get the chance to go for the title soon.

The next week Amanda has a match against Chyna with the Undertaker and Kane as lumberjacks. During the match it looks pretty good for her, but then a monster appears and attacks them both. So the match has no winner. But to Amanda's surprise this monster seems to belong to the Undertaker in some way. She thought that he would help her, but it seems that she was pretty wrong. Does she have him as an enemy now?

At the following show Amanda isn't booked in a match, but she takes part in the main eventas Undertaker's manager. In this match the Undertaker and Nemesis have to fave Chyna and Kane. Even though Amanda is only the manager she has some lil surprises in mind and hopes that she can help the Undertaker to take the win.

But at Primetime everything goes wrong. Amanda tries to interfere in the match, but then she gets distracted by Justice and so Chyna can beat her down. Kane and Chyna kidnap Amanda and then they torture her by tickling her almost to death till she breaks and is willing to become Kane's property and slave. Will she get saved again and will she help Kane? Who knows?

Amanda is stil held hostage by Kane and they torture her to make her help them against the Undertaker, but she can stay strong. At least she manages it to send a message with a cry for help and she also says that her sisters shall stay away from this trouble. Now hopefully someone will come and save her before she breaks.

At Devils may Cry Amanda gets eventually freed by Jimmy Jacobs after she has spent more than 4 weeks in the clutches of Kane. Jimmy brings her to the arena and Amanda challenges Kane there. Kane accepts and the fight begins. With Jimmie's help Amanda can take the win and she can also take the urn from Bearer. Now she forces Kane to apologize and later she also brings the Undertaker under her control by using the urn. Then she beats down the Undertaker too and humiliates him. Now her revenge for getting tortured and humiliated so bad is complete and she is back in business. From now on she will focus on the title again.

At the first show in January Amanda doesn't has a match, but she will get the chance to talk about her reasons for her acting at Devils May Cry. Then she is also booked as Jimmy Jacobs manager in the main event and hopefulls she will have the chance for some actions there.

The next week Amanda explains at Primetime why she destroyed the Undertaker and Kane, but then she gets attacked by Serena Dent. At first she ignores it, but at the main event where she is Jacobs manager Serena beats her down again. It's understandable that she isn't pleased and looks for revenge now. She will try to find a way to take out Serena completely now.

At Primetime Amanda and her new girlfriend Vespertine have a match against Molly Holly and Serena, but it didn't go very well and Amanda gets pinned and so they lose. Later she comes to the ring with Jimmy Jacobs but she gets attacked by Serena again and Serena takes her out with a steel chair. Now it's really a bit too much for Amanda. She wanted to be more nice and friendly, but she doesn't wanna be the victim all the time. So it's time to change the tactics again.

The next week Amanda is booked in a fatal four match with Vespertine, Molly Holly and Serena. Now it will be interesting how things will develop as she has to face her worst enemy Serena again. But this time it's even a bit more difficult cuz she also has to go against her girlfriend Vespertine. Will this cause trouble between the two?

At Primetime Amanda gets attacked by Molly Holly before her match and so she is already damaged before it begins. Then she proclaims that she breaks with Vespertine and so the match becomes almost a three on one match. Amanda gets beaten up by Serena with a steel chair and then humiliated and spanked by Vesoer and at the end she gets pinned and loses her match. But then Chyna comes to the ring and saves her before it gets even worse for her. Noe Amanda really wants somwe revenge before she turns her attention to her main goal, the title.

The next week at Prinetime Amanda gets attacked by Vesper and beaten up pretty bad. But later that night, in her tag match Amanda, Chyna and Laura can take Vesper, Molly and Porscha, but after their match they get attacked again and beaten up. Now it's really time to end this war, even if it gets bloody and brutal.

At the next PPV Amanda, Chyna and Laura have a steelcage match against Vesper, Molly and Porscha. It is a pretty brutal match, but at the end Amanda manages it to escape the cage with the help of Chyna and so her team can take the win. So her first match at the PPV is a really big success. Her second match at the PPV is the girls rumble. After helping out Mariah Amanda eliminates herself and leaves the ring. Later she says that she isn't interested in the girls title and that she wants to go for the main title. In the rumble Amanda only has a short appearance and can't really convince, but at least she could show that she can fight the guys too. She os a bit disappointed that she couldn't reach her main goal, but she can live with it. And she has pissed off Big Show pretty bad so that it seems that her dream of becoming champion is over now.

But a lot of things happen after the PPV, that keep Amanda busy. At first she meets Rae and Justice and they talk for a really long time. It seems that they can solve their problems and that they might team up in the future. Then Amanda gets attacked again by Kane and also by Big Show and they beat her up really bad. Amanda loses this fight, but she isn't willing to give up. Now she meets a guy called Carnage and she asks him to help her out in this war. It seems that he is willing to help her out and Amanda should be satisfied, but this guy is a bit scaring and so she isn't so sure whether this was a good decision. Later she also meets Justice and tries to be friendly to her. After Justice had helped her so much in the past, she really likes her, but this time Justice is really mean to Amanda, so that she is really hurt and frustrated.

At Primetime Amanda is eventually in the main event and she's pretty proud now. She and her team can take the win against Big Show, Chyna, Kane and Sting and so it seems to be all ok. Now nothing can stop her anymore on her way to the top.

The next week Amanda is in a match where alsi JJ takes part. At first he helps her out, but then she gets beaten down cuz of his fault and so she isn't that happy. But there's something more, he tried to kiss her during the match, but as a Goddess she doesn't want that. She prefers to be together with Laura and so she is pretty pissed now.

At the next show Amanda is in a match against JJ, Mariah and her new protege. Accidently she spears her partner Laura and then they lose the match. Now Amanda really isn't that happy and is looking for some revenge on JJ and Mariah.

Next week Amanda has no match, but she comes with Laura to the ring and so she can help her to take the win. But during the match she gets knocked out by her own sister Mariah and after the match is over JJ and Laura both take care for her. It becomes too much for Amanda and she flees. But it even comes worse. At the PPV will be a match with JJ vs. Laura and Amanda will be the price. Now the whole love triangle will prolly come to an end, but the cute Goddess really isn't happy with this decision.

At the PPV Amanda is locked in that cage and all she can do is watch the match. At the end Jimmy takes the win and frees her, but now Amanda rejects them both. She doesn't wanna be a price and she wants them both to show their love. So we will have to see how it goes on.

At the next show Amanda has a handicap match against Laura Jackson and Jimmy Jacobs. At first it goes pretty good for her, but then she ends up in a submission hold and has to tap out. But Amanda doesn't care about this loss. After her match ahe makes her stable "The Fallen" official. The members are Amanda, Allison Wonderland, Laura Jackson, Jimmy Jacobs and Andre Holmes.

NYWE (2011-present)

In 2011 Amanda got invited to join at NYWE by the owners Pat and Mel and after thinking about it for a while, she did it. Right after she joined NYWE she met CM Punk and the two got in trouble. They organized a match and if Amanda would lose, she had to join the Nexus and become straightedge. Now in her first match against Punk she can take the win and so she has a great debut and is more than happy. She could show everybody what she can do in the ring and proved again that she is the real Goddess of War.

Her rematch against CM Punk Amanda loses and now she has to become a member of the Nexus. Now she really has to find a way to get out of this stupid situation and she isn't willing not to drink and not to smoke. But there also happens something good and that is that she will have a title match against Ted diBiase at the next PPV.

At the PPV Amanda has her title match against Ted DiBiase and even though anybody awaits it, she can take the win. Now she is a member of the Nexus, but at least she has fulfilled one of her dreams and is the new NYWE Word Xtreme Campion.

BSW (2011-present)

At the beginning of 2006 she started her official wrestling career by joining ZXWWF where she stayed till the place closed in 2010. She had held all titles there. At 2010 she joined UFWA and GZWA where she is still active and in July 2011 she went to BSW.

A week later Amanda has her first match and can defeat her opponent. Now she will have the chance to go for the women's title soon. Even though she isn't very interested in having a title, she is pretty satisfied with the result.

In Wrestling

General Description:

Amanda mostly uses Luchadore moves and kicks but she also loves he ue of weapons during her matches. She is known for being in really brutal matches where she mostly freaks out completely and almost runs riot. But she has also performed in a lot of kinky fun matches. All n all she doesn't care much what kinda match she has as long as there is a lot of action and as long it entertains the fans. In all federations it has been her main goal to get the main title there, but she also gets involved in a lot of trouble all the time. She fights both, guys and girls and is pretty successful in doing this.

  • Finishing Moves
  • #1 Stunna (Stone Cold Stunner)
  • Fade to Black (Spear)
  • Signature Moves
  • Clothesline from Hell
  • 619 Body Splash Pin
  • Signature Weapons/Foreign Objects
  • Brass knuckles
  • Moveset
  • Object Specialist
  • Possum Pin,
  • Kip-Up,
  • Springboard Dives,
  • Strong Strike,
  • Resiliency

Strike Attacks
  • Elbow Smash 1,
  • Thrust Kick,
  • Spinning Back Kick 3,,
  • Flying Mayorana,
  • ECW Feint Wheel Kick
Strong Strikes
  • Strong Enzuigiri 2,
  • Strong Knife Edge Chop
Kick Reversal
  • Reversal Windmill,
  • Reversal Sweep,
  • Reversal Belly to Belly,
  • Reversal Mule Kick 1
Quick Grapple
  • Knee Lift 1,
  • Throat Thrust 5,
  • Back Elbow,
  • Fireman's Carry 2
Quick Grapple from behind
  • One Hand Bulldog 2,
  • Head Smasher,
  • Chop Block 2,
  • Bulldog 3
Royal Rumble Quick Grapple
  • Gauging
  • Shoulder Thrust 3,
  • High Kick,
  • Back Chop 6
Grapple Moves
Collar & Elbow
  • Grapple Knee Strike,
  • Crossface,
  • Shoulder Block 3,
  • Trouble in Paradise,
  • DDT 20,
  • Swing Neckbreaker 1
Side Head Lock
Grapple Knee to the Head,
  • Anaconda Vise 1,
  • DDT 4,
  • Throat Thrust 9,
  • Drive-by Kick 1,
  • Enzuigiri 1
Wrist Lock
  • Grapple Mddle Kick,
  • Chin Lock,
  • Paydirt,
  • Extreme Makeover,
  • Knee Strike 2,
  • Hurricanrana 3
Rear Wrist Lock
  • Grapple Drop Kick,
  • Full Nelson,
  • Crucifix,
  • Dream Street,
  • Flashback 3,
  • Hurricanrana 7
Strike Attacks
  • Woman's Stomp 2,
  • Elbow Drop 2,
  • Angry Stomp
Grapple Moves Facing Up
  • Knee Drop 6,
  • Handspring Splash,
  • Knee to Groin
Grapple Moves Facing Down
  • Corkskrew Axekick,
  • Facecrusher 6,
  • Calf Stomp
Submission Grapple
  • Dragon Sleeper,
  • Camel Clutch 3,
  • Hells Gate
Submission Match
  • Dragon Sleeper,
  • Camel Clutch 3,
  • Boston Crab
Strike Attacks
  • Flying Clothesline 4,
  • Koronko Buster,
  • Mysteronko Buster
Grapple Moves
  • Diving Front Dropkick 1,
  • Flying Clothesline 3,
  • Cornerflip Armdrag,
  • Blockbuster
Grapple from Behind
  • Ninja,
  • Spider,
  • Deadly Dog,
  • Toss into Ring Post
Sitting Corner Grapple
  • Foot Choke
Groggy against Ropes
  • Double Chop 3
Springboard Atacks
  • Springboard Spinkick 1
Outside Springboard Attacks
  • Springboard Dropkick 2
Strike Attacks
  • Hook to Ring,
  • Kick to Ringside
Springboard Attacks
  • Vaulting Body Press 4,
  • Springboard Back Elbow 2
  • Apron Hotshot 1,
  • Apron Hotshot 2,
  • Apron Backbreaker,
  • Apron Pulling down 1,
  • Apron Pulling down 2
  • Apron Stomping,
  • Apron Choke
  • Apron Clothesline,
  • Apron Running Elbow
Diving Attack vs. standing Opp.
  • Diving Hurricanrana,
  • Missile Dropkick
Diving Attack vs. downed Opp.
  • Diving Corkskrew Body Pin,
  • Leap of Faith
Running Strikes
  • Corkskrew Forearm Smash,
  • Flying Wheelkick
  • Neckbreaker & Punch,
  • DDT 19
Grapple from behind
  • Throw Back 2,
  • Crucifix
Ground Strikes
  • Elbowdrop 3,
  • Running Leg drop
Irish Whip Rebound
  • Jumping High Knee,
  • Armtrap Neckbreaker,
  • Arm Drag 8,
  • Reversal Throat Thrust,
  • Ducking
Tag Team
Standing Tag Team
  • Double Gut Buster 2,
  • Double Russian Leg Sweep,
  • Knife Edge Chop,
  • Lift up Heel KIck
Corner Tag Team
  • Double Back Body Drop,
  • Double Back Elbow,
  • Aided Shoulder Block,
  • Drop Toe & Elbow Drop
Tag Team Finishers
  • Chin Lock & Kenka Kick
  • Entrance Music
  • "Feuer Frei!" - Rammstein

Championships and Accomplishments


  • Titan Title
  • Women'sTag Team Title
  • Women's Primestar Title
  • Women's Heavyweight Title
  • Women's Champion
  • Bombshell Title


  • Gen-NeXt Champion (1 time)
  • Vixen Champion (1 time)
  • Women's Tag Team Champion (1 time; w/ Mistress Amy as part of Bad Behavior -- forfeited titles after a week)
  • Diva Tag Team Champion (1 time; w/ Jungle Queen as part of Beauty & The Beast -- 1st team to hold Championship)
  • VWA Champion (1 time; Last person to hold it before ZXWWF's close)


  • none atm


  • none atm

Personal Life

Outsides of the ring Amanda is a nice and friendly girl. She is really sensitive and it's easy to make her sad and to hurt her. Her violent side is only for the shows on TV and when she is at the arena. Friendship and love means so much to her and without she can't live. She hates it to be alone and she is also a bit neurotic and gets scared when she is alone in small dark rooms.

Most of her time she spends together with her girlfriend Rose at home. There they kill their time with hanging around in Rose's garden or with having some kinky fun. Even though Amanda is so dominant and aggressive in the ring she is at home a bit submissive. She loves it to get tied up, getting hr feet pampered and she also loves some soft S&M, especially getting tickled by her girlfriend Rose until she almost fants.

Pretty often she is also seen spending her time at the beach with surfing and windsurfing. She is pretty good in this and also has some photo shootings for some surf magazins. One of her dreams is it to open a surf school when her wrestling career is over.

All in all Amanda is a really nice girl and it's really fun to hang around with her. She is mostly in a cheery mood, loves it to laugh and juz enjoys her life even if it's a it hard from time to time.

Known Relatives:

  • Mariah; eldest sister (from father's side)
  • Amber Torres; younger sister (from father's side)
  • Casey Cortez; younger sister (from mother's side)
  • Poisn Rose (her girlfriend)
  • Leon Torres (Brother-in-Law)
  • Dash Torres (Nephew)


  • Fighting
  • Trouble, chaos, blood
  • Sex, S&M
  • Gothic music
  • Pudding (chocolate)
  • foot rubs
  • Laughing
  • Getting tickled
  • Alcohol, drugs
  • her Harley
  • her brass knuckles
  • tattoos


  • Wimps
  • All other wrestlers (not really :P)
  • being sad

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Amanda Cortez Tron

Amanda Cortez Tron

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