Alvin Mighty
Billing information
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Height 5'11" (1.80 m)
Weight 207 lbs. (94 kg)
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Hometown Flag of Scotland Oban, Scotland
Theme music New Divide - Linkin Park
Affiliation(s) Adrian Flynn
Trent Phoenix
Federation(s) Ultimate Bebo Wrestling
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Wrestling information
Alignment Face (Rejected)
Wrestling style Technical, head strikes, submission
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Trainer Adrian Flynn
Handler Trent Phoenix
Professional career
Debut Janurary 10th 2010
Record 0-0

Calvin Dominic-Patrick McCreed (born November 24, 1977) is a Scottish professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Alvin Mighty. He is currently signed to Ultimate Bebo Wrestling (UBW), where he wrestles on the FnF brand.

McCreed had a successful amateur wrestling career in MTW, before being trained by the Levi Spyker. After his debut in May 1995, he wrestled for numerous independent promotions, and was the limelight of many. He also appeared at different events commentating. In 1999, he began working for Total Mat Wrestling (TMW), and signed a referee contract with MTW in 2003. She first debuted as a commentator on MTW late 2003, but suffered injuries, therefore lowered his activity. As a result, he had numerous surgeries and returned to MTW as a referee. While refereeing, he won many awards for what he had been through.

In 2007 McCreed returned to wrestling, but had a downfall until early 2010 when he debuted on Ultimate Bebo Wrestling (UBW) with advice from Adrian Flynn and Trent Phoenix

Amateur wrestling (1995-1999)

Refereeing and ring announcing (1995-1996)

Amateur wrestling (1996-1999)

Professional wrestling (1999-Present)

Professional wrestling (1999-2003)

Commentary and refereeing (2003-2007)

Return and tragedy (2007-2010)

Ultimate Bebo Wrestling (2010-Present)

Personal life

In wrestling

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