Alex Styles
TNA Essex 2008 AJ Styles 6 by Kringlebeast
Billing information
Ring name(s) Mr. Ace N Chixx, Mr. Sexy As Can Be, Pretty Boy
Height 6'4"
Weight 225lbs
Date of Birth June 10, 1987
Hometown New York City, New York
Theme music Creeping Death by Metallica
Federation(s) New Edge Wrestling
United Championship Wrestling
Previous federation(s) The Insane Asylum
United Championship Wrestling
Danger Zone Wrestling Alliance
All Action Wrestling
South Eastern Championship Wrestling
Asylum Championship Wrestling
fed National Championship Wrestling
Yahoo Impact Pro Wrestling
Wrestling information
Wrestling style Japan style wrestlin
Signature Move(s) Lightning Spiral
Last Falcolnry
Finisher Move(s) Styles Mutilation (Cattle Mutilation)
360 Shooting Star Press
Trainer Shawn Michaels, John Morrison
Professional career
Debut July 14, 2007

"Pretty Boy" Ace Styles (born June 10, 1987) is an American professional wrestler (in e-wrestling).He is known for his stints with South Eastern Championship Wrestling and United Championship Wrestling.He has made quite successful fame in both the fields of tag team and as a solo wrestler. Ace is known for his "hearttrob" gimmick, and is often praised for his high flying matches, and his ability to the work the mic really well.

Early Life and Training

Alex Styles was born in New York City to his legendary wrestling father Richard Styles.By the age of six Ace Styles has been seen in and out of wrestling arenas with his father, as they traveled around the world together.At age 11, Ace and his five other brothers all started a backyard wrestling promotion named Extreme Backyard Entertainment.As he grew up he idolized Chris Jericho,CM Punk,Eddie Guerrero, and The Miz.As Ace Styles continued to work to his goal he was trained by Shawn Michaels and John Morrison.

By 2008, Ace Styles was ranked #2 independent wrestler in the world right behind Bryan Danielson.Ace Styles conquered this defeat after only one year in the wrestling scene.After about a year and a half in the independent scene, the wrestling league G-Fed wrestling has partnered with Ace Styles and signed him to a max multi-millionaire contract as he's recognized as one of their biggest stars.

Professional career

Yahoo Impact Pro Wrestling (2008)

After a year and some months with small and local wrestling promotions, Ace finally made his break in the E-Fed world as he signed his first major contract with YIPW.Ace found sudden impact as he was seen at mostly every show putting on PPV quality matches and great promos.When it was looking as if the world champion was close to being around Ace's waist, YIPW closed down due to financial problems.

New York Society X And Others (2009)

After YIPW closed down, Ace seen himself back into the local and independent scene.He mostly stayed close to New York, as his other brothers were finding local success, and become huge and instant stars in the city.Ace wrestled with his brothers and found major success as a tag team.The Styles Brothers fraction went 17-0, undefeated whenever they competed in a 5 on 5 match.

United Championship Wrestling (2010-Present)

Ace joined UCW back in March 2010. Then the fed was being run by Mr. Ultimate, their he creeated one of the most amazing runs in E-Wrestling history.

New Edge Wrestling

On September 3, 2011, Ace Styles signed a contract with New Edge Wrestling. He lost his first match against Agustus d'Agosta in a closely contested match.

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