"The Viper"
Aaron Blaize Wiki 2017
Given Name Aaron Ryan James
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 232 pounds
Birth Date July 7, 1980
Hometown Houston, TX Flag of the United States
Alignment Heel
Wrestling Style Technical Submission Artist
Finishing Moves “Eternal Sin,” “Trail Blaizer"
Trained By Dylan “Gamr” Scott
Current Federation Rising Sun
Debut 2008

Aaron Blaize, (born Aaron Ryan James July 7, 1980) is an American born professional wrestler. He currently works in Japan for Rising Sun, but was most recently under contract for Boardwalk Wrestling, and a United States based global company Alpha Entertainment, and has also worked for an independent Canadian company (SCCW) and Revival Wrestling. He also had stints in UCW and IWX. He was a member of The Syndicate in UCW and leader of The Dynasty in IWX and its re-incarnation in SCCW. In his career, Aaron has been referred to as "The Most Dangerous Man in SCCW," "The Antithesis," and "The Viper". A Knee injury took him out of commission back in March of 2015. As of August 19th, 2016, Blaize broke his silence, stating that the injury once thought to have taken him out was now overcome, and he was medically cleared to wrestle once more. He joined Rising Sun shortly thereafter, joining up with Corey Grant and Toshihiro Yuugito to form AntiEstablishment.

Personal Info

  • Blood Type: B
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Eye Color: Deep Blue
  • Hair: Jet Black (Short, Slicked back)


Parents: Patrick & Marcia James
Siblings: Adam James (Brother), Alexandra "Alex" James (Sister)
Wife: Rachel Watts
Daughter: Michaela Rose (w/ Rachel Watts)

Aaron James' passion was always professional wrestling. His father, Patrick James, was a legendary promoter for several indy wrestling scenes, and Aaron would oftentimes tag along whenever he could. Learning the ways of "the industry" at a young age, Aaron took to idolizing several of the wrestlers behind the scenes. At the age of 17, Aaron would graduate high school with honors for wrestling in Houston, Texas. He attended UCLA, where he would become all-pro, and later, all American. He graduated college at age 23 with a degree in business. It was here that Aaron would find Dylan Scott, a legendary performer for the OUW Wrestling promotion.

Under Dylan's tutelage, Aaron would then break into the independent scene at age 24. He enjoyed moderate success in his time there, holding tag team and several mid-card titles. Dylan would continue to teach Aaron (now known as Aaron Blaize) throughout his time in the independent scene until Dylan's supposed death in January, 2008. A few short months afterwards, Aaron was contacted by Ultimate Championship Wrestling and would ink a contract with them, wrestling his first official Monday Night Mind Games match on May 12, 2008.


Alexandra James

On February 26, 2010, Aaron's girlfriend, Rachel Watts, gave birth to their baby daughter, Michaela Rose, expanding their family even further. Plans have been arranged for a wedding, as Blaize has proposed to Watts, and they are now officially engaged (as of March 7, 2010). After losing his Heavyweight Championship at Bunkhouse Brawl on August 30, 2010, Aaron and Rachel's relationship has been strained, mostly due in part to Blaize's new mindset. The status of their engagement is now up in the air. After regaining his Heavyweight Title, Aaron has been seen seeking psychiatric help. He claims to be "over" Rachel, but those close to him feel that he's just in denial. As of this moment, many believe that Aaron is ready to move on from Rachel... but not his daughter, Michaela. In early 2011, the two would bury the hatchet, move on, and get married, starting a true family. Since leaving SCCW and moving to ALPHA, Blaize and his family live in Los Angeles, California once more, very close to the Santa Barbara base of operations. Since Blaize's seeming departure from wrestling, the two have been living a happy life together with their daughter.

Adam Blaize Promotional

Adam James

Since coming back to Revival in October 2012, some shocking facts and truths have been revealed about Aaron James, the man. It was revealed that Aaron had a hand in the orchestration of the plane crash that Dylan Scott was on, hoping to succeed him and BECOME the new Blue Eyed Demon. This is also the same plane crash that took Hessingstock out of the game, and allowed Blaize to move in close on Rachel Watts, his current wife, but at the time, was Hessingstock's wife. How things will fall out from here is unknown, as now, even Aaron's brother Adam has gotten involved. Things got heated within the family for a while, but since has calmed down, shortly after Blaize's departure from Revival. Since his departure from the wrestling scene, he and Rachel have been fairly reclusive, opting to remain out of the public eye to raise their daughter, who just recently turned 4 on Feb. 26th. Aaron and his brother are closer than ever, and are said to be seen training together quite frequently. Most recently, Aaron, his brother Adam, and his sister, Alexandra (Alex) have been spotted together. As of January, 2015 - Aaron has taken Adam under his wing directly, getting him in shape for his ring debut. When and where this will happen is still up in the air, but both Aaron and Alex are very optimistic about Adam's future.

"My brother is ready and raring to go. I'm here to help guide him on his path, whatever path that may be. I can only love and support him, as he done for me in MY career thus far." -Aaron Blaize

Since then, Adam James has a brief stint in Fight One Wrestling, where he would wrestle for the promotion's top prize, the Fight One Championship. He would not win, and then would vanish into thin air, not being heard from again.




Blaize faces off with Stardust in UCW

Making a Name

Aaron Blaize would debut in the UCW on May 12, 2008 in a triple threat match against Thaddeus Rains and Randall Raines. After a hard fought battle, Aaron would pick up the win over Thaddeus Rains via his finisher, The Swallow Dive. The following week, Aaron Blaize was teamed up with UCW Legend, Stardust to fight off the newly formed team of Thaddeus Rains and Ricker. At Collision Course 2008, Aaron wound up on the losing team after Stardust was attacked by a masked man, costing him the match. Now, Aaron is gunning for not only Stardust, but for anyone else that wishes to stand in his way on the path to greatness in the UCW. During the 6-2-08 edition of Mind Games, Aaron was approached by Damien Kahn and Steve Marlay of 'The Syndicate.' They asked Aaron to join, and left him thinking. Later that night, Aaron would defeat Stardust with the help of Damien Kahn in the form of Brass Knux. The following week on Mind Games, Blaize would approach 'The Syndicate' before Mind Games, stating that their help was unanted, and that he would create his own impact on that very night. Little did the UCW know, Aaron Blaize would keep his word, and then some. First off, in a Contention Elimination Match for the UCW Television Championship, Aaron Blaize would face down Chris Cade and Mikey Holloway (Stardust was reported missing and was eliminated as well). Aaron would win this match and eliminate Chris Cade by making him tap out to the Ego Breaker. Finally, in the same night, after a Tag Team match involving Damien Kahn and Greg Venom, Aaron would brutally attack Greg Venom with a steel chair, finally accepting the invitation into 'The Syndicate.' Now, Aaron faces Mikey Holloway in a #1 Contender's Match for Joe Chamber's UCW Television Championship, with the champ himself acting as special guest referee.

The Next Step?

After a quick match, both Aaron and Mikey Holloway were both deemed winners of the contnetion match after both men connected Super Kicks. The following week would see Aaron Blaize and Damien Kahn team up as 'The Syndicate' to take on UCW World Heavyweight Champion, Doctor Ian and UCW Intercontinental Champion, Patrick McCarthy. After a grueling match, 'The Syndicate' picked up a HUGE win over the champs of UCW. Also, Aaron has secured himself a shot at Joe Chambers and the UCW Television Championship. After a war of words between Aaron and his fellow contender for the TV Title, Deigo Estrella, the three men would finally meet in the ring at Revolution. After a hard fought battle, it looked as though all was lost for the Syndicate member. However, Aaron's never say die attitude allowed him to reverse out of Diego's finisher and turn it into an Ego Breaker. After a while of torture, Estrella tapped out, making Aaron Blaize the NEW UCW Television Champion. Also, in a stunning move, Micheal Valens, "Captain Credible," was succeeded by Paul Cain as Co-Owner of UCW. However, Cain was acting on behalf of a group, who was then revealed to be 'The Syndicate.' Now that 'The Syndicate' controls a portion of the UCW, will chaos be the order of the day?


Blaize after decking Ian S. Garner over the head with the TV Title

The Era of Aaron

Aaron's first order as UCW Television Champion was to sort out a #1 contender for his Television Title, and on a monumental night of Mind Games, Aaron would get both a contender in the form of Randall Raines, and a HUGE win over the Intercontinental Champion, Patrick McCarthy. This victory, however, would come after a vicious backstage assault left McCarthy immobilized. Furthermore, McCarthy was drug to the ring by Damion Darkside and his minions, and was forced to watch his valet, Lindsay Loveless get beaten to a pulp. After this incident, Aaron would capitalize on the fallen McCarthy and score a win via The Swallow Dive. On July 25, 2008, Aaron's life would take another unexpected twist. Mere nights from his match against Ian S. Garner on Mind Games, Aaron receive a phone call from his manager, Steve Rantz. He would fly to California to discover that his former mentor, Dylan Scott, was still very much alive. After a confrontation with Dylan, Aaron would realize that he was played and cast him aside, also casting aside all of Dylan's teachings. Aaron would then fire his manager, Steve Rantz, for holding out on him as well. Now alone, Aaron lost focus and, due to interference, was defeated by Ian Garner on Mind Games.

The Antithesis

With a new mindset, Aaron is intent on showing the world why he exists for all the wrong reasons. Claiming to be vilified by the masses, he stated that he would give them what they wanted as he, as the "face of The Syndicate," would bring in a new Era of criminality and injustice to the UCW. During this time, Aaron would rid himself of the "scars of the past," including his relationship with his estranged fiancee, Sara Scott, sister to his former mentor, Dylan. After defeating Abriella DeLucas on Mind Games, Aaron learned he would defend the UCW Television Championship against long time rival, Ian S. Garner at the next PPV, Civil War. At Civil War, the two rivals would square off for the gold. After many attempts at a pinfall, Aaron would deck Garner over the head with the Television Title to retain his gold whilst taking a loss.

IWX - Independant Wrestling X



Aaron Blaize takes on Myke Adams at IWX's Honorbound

Return of Blaize

Aaron was inked a deal with IWX through his new manager, Mark Callum. Before joining, he was also paired up with the massive Jonathan Pane, who serves both as a friend of Blaize and his bodyguard. In Aaron's debut match, he defeated both Jeff Young and Nails Turner. The following week, Aaron would face off with Axle Vengeance, scoring yet another victory while finding out more about the going ons of his estranged fiancee, Sara Scott. After taking possession of her cell phone, Aaron opened the door to a wealth of information regarding something important. After confronting his estranged fiancee about certain events, Aaron claimed that his path was not set. Afterwards, he faced down Myke Adams on Warzone in a truly epic match, where he was marginally defeated by the Suicidal Superman. The final week before IWX's biggest event, Honorbound, Aaron Blaize teams with Myke's brother, Justin Rose, against Myke himself and Thaddeus Rains in the penultimate Tag Team match before the PPV. Can Blaize reclaim the victory he should have gained over Adams, or will he suffer the same fate?


On the final episode of Warzone before Honorbound, Aaron Blaize and unlikely tag team partner, Justin Rose claimed victory over Myke Adams and Thaddeus Rains. Having accomplished this, it's now written in the stars, for Aaron, that is. His destiny lays bare before him at Honorbound, where he faces off against Myke Adams and Justin Rose for the IWX World Heavyweight Championship. At Honorbound, in an epic match, Aaron would take advantage of Myke Adams and Justin Rose's aggression towards one another, and turn it into his avenue to the gold. After punting Rose in the temple, he would make Adams submit via The Eternal Sin, despite Rose's best efforts to come back and aid his brother. What lies ahead for the IWX now that Aaron is the World Champion?


After weeks and weeks of speculation, Samuel Hessingstock called out his wife, Rachel Watts, to confront her about a secret being kept from him. In this same moment, Aaron, who had intercepted messages from Sara Scott, Rachel's best friend, came out as well. Just as Rachel was to reveal the secret, Blaize would drive her head into the mat and then finally reveal that Rachel was in fact, NOT pregnant with Hessingstock's child, it was only a ruse. A few weeks later, Blaize called out Myke Adams for a match for the IWX World Championship. On this night, by DQ, Blaize would retain against Adams with the help of Dynasty (Justin Rose and Jonathan Pane). Hessingstock would then meet Blaize for the title at the following PPV and fall to the arrogant superstar. Shortly thereafter, IWX would close its doors.

SCCW - Simcoe County Championship Wrestling



Blaize after soundly defeating Rex Masters

Return of The Antithesis

After quite an absence, Aaron Blaize would return to the wrestling world on the August 24th, 2009 edition of Monday Night Aggression (at the behest of Justin Rose) and attack Samuel Hessingstock and the former All Barrie Champion, Sydney LaRoux with a pair of vicious Punt Kicks. He would then proclaim over a fallen Hessingstock that he was back. His debut match would follow a week later against Rex Masters, a match where Aaron would force Masters to tap out to 'Eternal Sin' and not relinquish the hold until Rex Masters called him 'God.' The same night, Aaron was scheduled to be on an episode of 'The Scorpion's Den' with long-time nemesis, Samuel Hessingstock, but Hessingstock stated he wanted to drop it all and forget about Aaron, also citing that the next time Aaron attacked himself, Sydney LaRoux, or SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Myke Adams, this would NOT be forgotten. The following week on Monday Night Aggression, Blaize would once again soundly defeat his opponent (recent fan favorite, Justin Brooks) by tapout by having to lock in Eternal Sin twice.

The Wheel of Fate

After Blaize's victory against Brooks on Aggression, it was announced that he would go one on one with Samuel Hessingstock's running mate, Sydney LaRoux on the next show. On the 9/14/09 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Aaron Blaize would finally face down Sydney LaRoux. In what many in attendance at the show are now calling heinous and disturbing, not only would Blaize make LaRoux tap to the Eternal Sin, but after the match, after being literally ripped off of LaRoux by refs and security, he would execute a VILE punt to the skull, leaving the twisted form of Sydney LaRoux in the ring. Blaize would saunter off, and SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Myke Adams and an already bloody Samuel Hessingstock (ambushed by Justin Rose backstage) would appear to tend to the injured LaRoux. In a backstage interview, Aaron hinted that this was only the beginning of what's to come for SCCW. The following week would see Aaron compete in a triple threat match against Blade and Samuel Hessingstock. Before the match, Blaize would run into SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Myke Adams, backstage during an interview with Anita Naylor. During the match, Blaize would dominate Blade and trade massive blows and finishers with Hessingstock. Hessingstock would win the match by pinning Blade after Blaize punted Blade in the temple, and Sam disposed of Blaize with The Flipside.


Blaize smirks after the Triple Threat match involving Hessingstock and Blade

The Monster Reborn

Swearing vengeance, Blaize will finally get Hessingstock in the ring, one on one on the September 28th edition of Monday Night Aggression. What will happen now that these two competitors and HATED rivals can FINALLY go at it one-on-one? As Aaron would prepare to face down Samuel Hessingstock on Aggression, he would stew over his inability to pin Hessingstock in the previous Triple Threat match. This would consume Blaize, allowing Rachel Watts, his pregnant girlfriend, to steal away, calling her best friend, Sara Scott, Aaron estranged fiancee. After hearing Rachel crying, Aaron would eavesdrop on the conversation, finding out that she was talking with Sara, and it had something to do with the baby, and Samuel taking up a temporary residence with Aaron's ex-mentor, Dylan Scott. Aaron would use this to bring the fire, and a new, more wicked side of himself, into his match with Hessingstock. After the two tore each other limb from limb (including a referee casualty), Aaron would latch on "Eternal Sin" to Sam. Sam, however, would lurch forward with the last of his strength, as Sam would pin Aaron as Sam would tap out to the "Eternal Sin." Another ref was summoned, but both men had their hands raised in victory, resulting in a tie, yet another un-wanted outcome for the self-proclaimed avenger. Aaron next prepares to take on two tag teams, one of his hated rival, Samuel Hessingstock & Fred Debonair, and the other team being "Sudden Impact (Malicia Savage & Adam Houston)." Aaron teams with a man he took down four weeks ago, Justin Brooks... an odd pairing, to say the least. On the 10/5/09 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize found himself without a partner in the triangle tag match, but that didn't stop Blaize from dominating. He and Hessingstock would battle outside of the ring, preventing them from paying attention to the match in question. Adam Huston would then pin Hessingstock's partner, Fred Debonair, to get the win. Blaize would escape still undefeated, and would live to fight another day.

AllBarrie Blaize

Blaize captures the All-Barrie Title at War Games

Preparing for War

Aaron Blaize stated that he was ready to move on, setting his sights on a much BIGGER target than Hessingstock, his first title within SCCW (It was later announced that he would face SCCW All-Barrie Champion, Greg Venom at SCCW's arena event, War Games). In order to make a statement, Blaize has been teamed with the number one contender for the SCCW Heavyweight Championship, Galactix. Their opponents, Patrick McCarthy and Scarlett Willis, S&M. On the 10/12/09 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize would have a candid one on one monet after chasing off Anita Naylor. He said that tonight, he would send a clear message to Greg Venom as it pertains to their match at War Games. In the main event, S&M and Blaize & Galactix fought in a heated contest. In the end, with the help of Jay Jerzey, Aaron would get the pin fall over Scarlett Willis, upsetting the crowd in Simcoe. On 10/19/09, Blaize will team with Damion Darkside in order to face down a duo of champions in the SCCW All-Barrie Champion, Greg Venom, and the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Myke Adams. On that episode of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize and Darkside would defeat Adams and Venom. Darkside and Adams would brawl on the outside of the ring while Blaize would send a message to his opponent at War Games, Greg Venom, by punting him in the skull. Adams would dispose of Darkside on the outside, but not in time to stop Blaize from pinning Venom in the ring. After the match, Adams (who was checking on his good friend, Venom) and Blaize would have a stare-down as Blaize retreated to the back. Aaron Blaize is still scheduled to face Greg Venom at War Games on 10/26/09 for the All-Barrie Championship. No word has been received yet on the condition of Venom.

The Era Begins Anew

At SCCW War Games on October 26, 2009, Aaron Blaize faced down a returning, albeit rattled, Greg Venom for the All-Barrie Championship. This hotly contested match showed that not only did Greg Venom possess the heart to try and outlast Blaize, but wanted to be sure he hurt his foe in any way possible. Blaize, however, ended the match by prematurely ending Eternal Sin to drop Greg Venom with a Trail Blaizer (Falling Cutter) to become the NEW All-Barrie Champion. After the match, Blaize had a confrontation with a livid Myke Adams backstage, where Adams was trying to defend Venom... but left Aaron, claiming he wasn't worth the effort. In a post-War Games interview with Anita Naylor, Blaize stated that he might take up residence at ringside on the next episode of Monday Night Aggression, where Myke Adams will face Patrick McCarthy, in an effort to see who is "truly worthless." On the 11/02/09 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize would come out just before the match between Adams and McCarthy would begin, joining Wilkins and Antonelli on commentary. After solid back and forth action between McCarthy and Adams (and after both were grounded), Blaize slunk into the ring, winding up for a punt to the skull of the Heavyweight Champ. Patrick McCarthy, however, would see the attack coming, diving in and taking the punt for Adams, effectively saving Adams. Adams would then chase off Blaize, tending to his fallen comrade. Myke would stare on in hatred, screaming out after Blaize as he left with McCarthy in tow, refusing the assistance of the EMT's. Next week, Blaize and Adams will meet in the ring, champion vs. champion. One thing is known for sure... given their storied past, things are JUST getting warmed up between the All-Barrie Champion, Aaron Blaize, and the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Myke Adams.


Champion vs. Champion - MNA 11/9/09

A Budding Rivalry Renewed

On the lead-up for the 11/9/09 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize had fumed about what he and Adams had gone through in the past, leading to this moment in time, the moment he would, supposedly, put out Adams once and for all. Before their match, he thought of how he would end it, either by submission, or by a punt. Finally, the moment came, and the two heated rivals laid it all out in the ring (and out!). However, before the match could reach its conclusion, Galactix and Kirsta Lewis assaulted Adams, resulting in another Title opportunity for Galactix next week. Blaize managed to escape during the assault on Adams, leaving the Heavyweight Champion behind to receive his "fate." One thing is clear... despite the outcome of their contest, Blaize left unsatisfied. Many people fear that this will not end until either Myke Adams or Aaron Blaize has fallen. On the 11/16/09 edition of Aggression, Blaize was first seen assaulting Adams in the back after his VERY brief interview with Anita Naylor. Still seething from the interruption last week, he made sure the "Suicidal Superman" felt his wrath, one way or another, with vicious stomps that culminated in Blaize smashing Adams over the skull with his own Heavyweight title. Later in the night, Blaize retained his All-Barrie title against Riflewilly. In the same night, Adams lost his Heavyweight title to Galactix. While nothing has been heard from Blaize yet on this matter, sources close to him have reported his demeanor as "overjoyed," hard to imagine from one such as Aaron Blaize. Next week, Blaize takes on Patrick McCarthy in a one-on-one, non-title bout. In this bout, Blaize and McCarthy would tear it up. However, after Blaize latched on the Eternal Sin, McCarthy inches forward with a sly roll-up in order to pin Blaize. After the match, and in an exclusive post MNA Web Feed, Blaize would be interviewed by Anita Naylor. She would be accosted by Blaize, where he would state the victory was a fluke, and that he was going to punish Patrick's Gal (Scarlett Willis) in their match next week on Aggression. With tension mounting, and a new challenger on the horizon in the form of "The Wildcard," Matt Michaels, what will the diabolical Blaize do next?


Blaize taunts the fans during his match with Scarlett Willis.

Challenge of "The Wildcard"

11/30/09's edition of Monday Night Aggression would prove a busy night for Aaron Blaize. After a solid match up with Scarlett Willis, Aaron was able to capitalize with a shot to the face of Willis with his All-Barrie Title after the ref was stunned, pinning Willis (with the assistance of the ropes as well). After the match, Blaize looked to send his message to McCarthy by punting Willis in the skull. However, he was interrupted by Matt Micheals, who plowed into Blaize, resulting in an all-out brawl, requiring security to break them up. Backstage, before an interview with Anita Naylor, Blaize would again be attacked by Matt Micheals. Blaize, however, would turn this around, assaulting his opponent at Atonement. He was prevented from doing any further damage by the timely arrival of Styled Fusion (Myke Adams and Sydney LaRoux). Aaron left the scene shortly thereafter. On the next edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize will team with Sally Screw to face down the team of S&M (Scarlett Willis and Patrick McCarthy). On the 12/7/09 edition of Aggression, en route to his match against Dexter Sommers, "The Wildcard," Matt Michaels was viciously assaulted by Aaron Blaize. Blaize didn't stop until his own desire was satiated, and Michaels was left in a bloody heap. As Aaron retreated, Sommers watched on in glee. Later in the night, Blaize teamed with Sally Screw to face down Patrick McCarthy and Scarlett Willis. For the second time in a row (and the third time total), Blaize leveled Willis with a Trail Blaizer, while Screw sat atop a wrecked McCarthy, forced to watch Blaize make the fall for his team. It seems Blaize has the number of Scarlett Willis, the number one contender for Galactix's SCCW Heavyweight Championship, and the ire of an enraged Patrick McCarthy. The following week (on the 12/14/09 edition of Aggression), Blaize was seen confronting Justin Rose in his office. Blaize adamantly stated that he didn't want to wait until Atonement to pummel down Michaels, and even offered to pony up the All-Barrie title in order to face him later in the night. Rose, with his hands tied, told him no, it had to wait until Atonement. Rose was then choked out by Blaize, who then left to "take control." Later in the night, Blaize appeared in-ring, running down the fans of Simcoe and giving them a "preview" of what's to come at Atonement as it pertains to Michaels and his health. Aaron also left with a puzzling statement. He said that after Atonement, he and his Era of Aaron will become unstoppable. What does this mean, and how will it affect Matt Michaels in his quest to capture the All-Barrie title, let alone the rest of the SCCW Roster?

Punk champ

Blaize retains his gold at Atonement after a vicious attack on Michaels.


On 12/21/09 at Atonement, Aaron Blaize kick-started his night with a vicious victory over his challenger, "The Wildcard," Matt Michaels. In typical Blaize fashion, he wouldn't be content with just any victory, as he brutalized and humiliated Michaels in the center of the ring, hitting four Curb Stomps and finishing him off with Eternal Sin. This was not all that was seen of Blaize on this night, however, as after the SCCW Heavyweight Championship was decided (with Scarlett Willis claiming a SHOCKING victory over the former champ, Galactix), Justin Rose would create a diversion in which Aaron would sneak attack both Willis and Galactix. Blaize then brutally assaulted the pair of former foes, alongside Chris Champion and Lauri Verne. After yet another violent display, Blaize would state that this was his new Dynsaty, Justin Rose, Chris Champion, and Lauri Verne. What can we expect now that Dynasty has been reforged in a new light? Can SCCW survive this new form of power? What repercussions will this unprovoked attack on Galactix & Willis hold in store for Dynasty? We hope to find out more, as Monday Night Aggression returns in the new year. On the 1/11/10 edition of Aggression, Aaron Blaize would be seen multiple times. First, Aaron (alongside Dynasty) would come out and run down the new SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Scarlett Willis. Later in the night, Myke Adams made his official Hall of Fame acceptance speech. Justin Rose would interfere, allowing Chris Champion to try and get the jump on Adams. Adams would see it coming, but not Verne, as she dropped Adams with the Best Kick Ever. Aaron and Justin then stormed the ring and belittled Adams, saying that his induction meant nothing, and that his career would shortly be over. Adams managed to fight back, brawling with Aaron and downing Verne and Champion once more. Finally, Rose would low blow Adams, and then Adams would be dropped with a Trail Blaizer. Aaron would then set up a punt kick (with Adams held down by Verne, Champion and Rose), but it would be interrupted by Scarlett Willis and Joseph Cole. Later in the night, Blaize would DQ Adams in his title defense against Cole by attacking and laying out both men. Finally, Aaron would defeat Alexander Steele to retain the All-Barrie Championship. Aaron will next defend his All-Barrie title against Joseph Cole next week on Aggression, a plan set in motion by Myke Adams, seeking to punish Blaize for what he's done. On the 1/18/10 edition of Aggression, Aaron would face off with Cole for the All-Barrie title. After a heated match-up, Aaron looked to have the match in the bag, with the help of Justin Rose. However, Myke Adams would turn up and reverse the fall again, allowing Cole to pin Blaize and capture the All-Barrie title. After the match, in a backstage interview, Blaize would interrupt Adams as he spoke with Anita Naylor, stating that he would "make him suffer like he's never suffered before." Finally, to end the show, Adams would be sidlined in the parking lot (escorting his ex, Becky Delounge and step-son, Ian DeLounge). Rose would create a diversion, brawling with Adams while Blaize disposed of Becky and kidnapped Ian. Myke was left in a bloody heap as Aaron and Justin would speed off with both Ian and Becky in tow. What's going to happen next, now that Blaize is in possession of both Becky and Ian DeLounge, both of who had finally started to make amends with Myke? As an update, during a candid interview with SCCW play-by-play announcer, Johnny Wilkins, Aaron stated that he will tell the world just why he did what he did LIVE in front of Barrie on January 25's edition of Aggression. One thing is for certain, with sparks already flying between Blaize and Adams, all hell is sure to break loose.

Adams Blaize

Blaize stares down a "defeated" Myke Adams (1/25/10).

At War with "Superman"

On the 1/25/10 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Aaron Blaize (alongside Dynasty members Justin Rose, Jay Jerzey, and Chris Champion) woul come out before Myke Adams' match against fellow Dynasty member, Lauri Verne. Blaize would taunt Adams with both Becky DeLounge and Ian DeLounge, stating that if Adams didn't do as he said from this point on, he wouldn't be able to guarantee the safety of little Ian. Adams would lose his match to Verne, in part from being unfocused and pre-occupied. Rose would then approach Adams later in the night, signing a match for next week, where Adams would defend the SCCW BARBARIC Championship against Blaize. Finally, Blaize would face off against Galactix in one on one action. After soundly defeating 'Tix, Blaize would call out Adams, and urged him to obey his words, "like an obediant dog." Finally, Blaize stated that during theit title match next week, Adams could NOT use any of his signature maneuvers or finishers, or else he would be forced to do something he may not regreat. After feigning a handshake and slapping Adams across the face, Aaron left Adams alone once more, with nothing more than a bitter taste in his mouth. Can Adams retain against Blaize next week, or are the odds too much for even a "superman" to overcome? Not much was seen or heard from Blaize or Adams on the 2/1/10 edition of Aggression, that is until Adams had a run-in with his good friend, Samuel Hessingstock. Sam tried to give some advice to Adams, but Myke would give Sam the cold shoulder, something very uncharacteristic of "The Suicidcon." Adams would brush Sam off, and then run into Aaron, where he would taunt Adams with Ian, saying that his actions towards Hessingstock were "perfect." He also wished him good luck in the main event. During the main event (where Adams was forced to defend his BARBARIC Title against Aaron), the SCCW fans were treated to a small measure of vengenace at the hands of Adams, as he would pummel Blaize throughout the match, venting his anger and frustrations. In the end, however, Aaron utilized his leverage over Myke by promising physical harm to Becky and Ian... making Adams get back into the ring and remain on his hands and knees. Becky cried out in anguish, and Myke said "I'm sorry" before Blaize hit the Blaize of Glory to become the new BARBARIC Champion. On the 2/8/10 edition of Aggression, Blaize was out of action, but would be seen twice during the night. First, he was spotted backstage with Anita Naylor, where he stated that Adams was not coming back after the "Blaize of Glory" he received last week. Finally, Blaize entered to Adams' music, duping the crowd before the main event. He would then get in the ring and announce himself as the new face of Simcoe County, having cut Adams free of the strings that the crowd used to control him. He would leave, but after the main event, Adams would show up and use the "unspoken rule" in order to get his rematch for the BARBARIC Championship. This match will not happen next week, as Blaize teams with fellow Dynasty member, Chris Champion to take on the team of Myke Adams and the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Scarlett Willis.


Blaize and Adams battle it out in tag action.

The BARBARIC Savior?

On the 2/15/10 edition of Aggression, Aaron Blaize would be seen with Dynasty in the back, talking about team unity. Both Lauri Verne and Chris Champion would bot hpledge their loyalty, something that would change by night's end. In the main event, the BARBARIC Champion, Blaize, teamed with Dynasty temmate, Chris Champion, to take on Blaize's nemesis, Myke Adams, and the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Scarlett Willis. After some high flying, daredevil action on the part of Willis & Adams, Blaize would once again use leverage against Adams, making him walk out on his tag partner in exchange for the safety of his family. As the match was coming to a close, Blaize was revving up for a Blaize of Glory punt kick, but would be betrayed by Chris Champion, after taking part and watching Blaize's actions over the past weeks. After the attack, both Verne and Rose would storm the ring and assault Champion, later joined in by Blaize himself. Blaize and Verne debuted a new tag finisher, the Dynast Clutch, a vile combination of the Eternal Sin and Detroit Cloverleaf. Blaize would finish Champion off by punting him in the skull, before Dynasty was chased off by Adams and Willis. Next week, Blaize has been forced to face Myke Adams in a rematch for the SCCW BARBARIC Championship... and this time, no leverage will be used... and pinfalls will count! On the night of Blaize's title defense (2/22/10), Aaron would be seen backstage with fellow Dynasty member, Lauri Verne. The two would exhange game plans for the night, hoping for the best. Before the main event, Myke Adams would come out and talk to the fans of Simcoe, apparently not the same broken man he was before. After a grueling match, where Blaize dominated Adams throughout, Adams would take advantage of Blaize's argument with the ref to score a roll-up pin from behind, winning back the BARBARIC Title. Blaize was livid as he chased Myke from the ring, separated by hordes of security. The following week, Dynasty would be given full control over Aggression, as Justin Rose was given more control by SCCW Owner, Jim Diamond. Throughout the night, Dynasty would take out talent, "crucifying" them in order to "purge them from sin." Later on in the night, after Myke Adams' victory over NEW NeWA Television Champion, J.T. Cash, Blaize would appear with Myke's family in tow, forcing him to make a choice due to his disobedient nature as of late. He would either punt Ian or Becky in the skull. Myke chose neither, and slapped Blaize across the face. Blaize would then drop Myke with a Trail Blaizer falling cutter, and announce that next week, they would face-off once again for the BARBARIC Championship, contested under Submission Rules!!

Blaize Champ

Blaize taunts the fans before his match w/ Champion.

The Road to "Glory"

On the 3/8/10 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize would not make his presence felt until the main event, where he went on to face Myke Adams for the BARBARIC Championship contested under Submission style rules. After a whirlwind match-up, Adams looked to have Blaize out cold on the timekeeper's table. He looked for a Swanton, but Blaize scouted the move, sending Myke crashing through the table himself. Blaize would then lock on the Eternal Sin, and make Myke pass out to become BARBARIC Champion for a second time. After the match, Becky DeLounge would knee Justin Rose in the groin, and assault Blaize for what he did. Blaie would then drop Becky with a Trail Blaizer falling cutter, and leave with Rose, leaving the broken lovers sprawled out in the wreckage of time keeper's table. Next week, it has been announced that Blaize will face the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Scarlett Willis, one on one in a "Champion vs. Champion" match. What presence (if any) will Myke Adams play? The first interaction Blaize had on the 3/15/10 edition of Aggression would him coming out to gloat in front of the Simcoe faithful. This, however, would be disrupted by the shocking return of an injured Myke Adams. He would storm the ring and try and rip through Dynasty's security to get to Blaize, who still holds his boy. Adams would be detained, and later in the night, issue a last ditch challenge to Blaize... putting everything and ANYTHING on the line to get his boy back. During the main event, Aaron faced down the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Scarlett Willis to a No Contest. The finish would see Blaize kick the ref out, before Verne would storm the ring as well. After chaos ensued, Adams attempted to deliver a last ditch Swanton to Blaize outside of the ring, but thanks to Rose's cunning, Myke ended up hitting Willis instead. Blaize escaped without giving Adams an answer. Next week, Blaize faces former Dynasty member, Chris Champion. Will he also come with an answer for Adams, or is Adams not even worth his time anymore? Myke Adams would start off the 3/22/10 edition of Monday Night Aggression by calling out Blaize for his answer. Blaize no-showed, and Myle brawled with Dynasty security. Later on in the show, Blaize stated that he would give his answer to Adams when he was "good and ready." Later yet, Blaize would control Chris Champion throughout their match, but would then walk out on him, stating that, like Adams, he simply wasn't worth his time. Blaize's final appearance would come after Adams defeated Scarlett Willis in the main event. He would ridicule Adams, and then state that if he wanted to throw it all away, he could do so at Blaze of Glory - by facing him in a LADDER MATCH for the SCCW BARBARIC Championship. Afterwards, chaos would ensue, resulting in a BLOCKBUSTER main event, one week removed from Blaze of Glory. Next week, it will be Adams & Willis vs. Blaize & Verne! On the penultimate episode of Monday Night Aggression (before Blaize of Glory), Aaround would first be seen in a contract signing, where after feigning to shake hands, he drove Myke Adams through the contract signing table. Later on, he would approach Becky DeLounge backstage, tipping her off to her son's location, stating that he was feeling a little "under the weather." Finally, in a hotly contested main event, Willis and Adams would win via DQ when Justin Rose would assist Blaize and Verne with a beatdown on Scarlett Willis and Myke Adams. Becky re-appeared with an injured Ian in tow, and Adams snapped, introducing a ladder into the fray. After a beat down on Blaize, Adams would divert his attention to Verne, and that's when Blaize would strike with a Trail Blaizer falling cutter to the ladder, before then "branding" Adams in the chest with the Dynasty seal to cap off the evening. What's going to happen at Blaize of Glory now between two bitter rivals, when they clash for the SCCW BARBARIC Title in a Ladder Match? Can Myke Adams stop Aaron Blaize before he goes too far, or is it already too late?

Adams v Blaize

Adams sails down towards Blaize atop the announce table at Blaize of Glory.

Enraged Antithesis, Emerging Viper

At Blaize of Glory, Aaron Blaize and Myke Adams would put each other through hell in their SCCW BARBARIC Championship Ladder Match. The Molson Center could barely contain their excitement as these two anger-feuled warriors would put it all on the line, just to come out victorious over the other man. Myke set the pace early on, but thanks to the introduction of the ladder, Blaize would strike back with force, suplexing and battering the Suicidal Superman with the object he himself had introduced. After getting Adams' hair tangled in the rungs and hinges, Blaize would then RIP out Adams' hair as well, causing a fire to be lit within Adams. Myke would then fire back, incapacitating Blaize, and rolling him over the announce table. Myke would then look to hit his famed Swanton from atop a ladder in the ring, to Blaize... but at the LAST SECOND, Blaize would send Adams crashing through the table. Afterwards... Blaize would climb the ladder, only to have a bloddy and battered Adams fight his way back up as well. Adams would grab onto the title as Blaize hit a Trail Blaizer Falling Cutter, taking Myke off the top of the ladder, but also, taking the title down with Adams. Adams would ultimately win the match, but that wouldn't stop Aaron from going berserk over a fallen Superman. He wrapped him in Eternal Sin, but thanks to Scarlett Willis (who had retained her SCCW Heavyweight Championship against Aaron's partner, Lauri Verne earlier in the night), Aaron would back off, as she brought a bat out to chase him off. What happens next between Aaron and Myke, and what repercussions will Scarlett's actions have, if any? On the April 19th edition of Aggression, Aaron Blaize would open the show, stating that the next time the SCCW fans would see him... he would reinforce just how strong his Era was, and give them a glimpse of the future. Little did the fans know, that night... would be later on, after the main event. Both Scarlett Willis and Myke would fight to a no contest, after Adams would display some shocking actions towards his friend and confidant, Scarlett Willis. Both men, and seemingly hated rivals would meet in the center of the ring, only to have Adams back away, allowing Blaize to level a reeling Scarlett Willis with his Trail Blaizer. Blaize would then grab the SCCW Heavyweight Title and a mic, stating that it was only a matter of time before Blaize took the coveted strap from Willis. Now that the course has been set, when will the newly emerged viper strike against Willis... and will his strike be not only fatal for Willis... but for the entire region of Barrie? On the 4/26/10 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize was seen backstage, accosting SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Scarlett Willis. After a brief interview with Anita Naylor, Blaize would pin the champion against the wall, stating that it was only a matter of time before he would capture the SCCW Heavyweight Championship. He would then leave Willis wondering when and where he would strike, as he said it would happen on his terms, and his terms only. Next week, Blaize faces off with an old enemy in former SCCW Legacy Champion, Joseph Cole.

Devious Blaize

A smile from the Sadistic Viper as he assaults Scarlett Willis.

A Sadistic Viper

On the 5/3/10 edition of Monday Night Aggression, Blaize would first be seen lounging in Justin Rose's chair, breaking news on Lauri Verne and Justin's own brother. Blaize would then berate and belittle Verne, stating that she never truly understood his vision. Blaize then left Rose deep in thought, citing that he thought Rose understood as well... that it was always THEM versus the world... and no one else. Later on, Blaize faced down Joseph Cole in a rematch from last January. After getting the ref involved, Blaize would pick up the win by DQ, after dropping Cole with a Trail Blaizer. After the match, Blaize looked to inflict more punishment, but his plans were thwarted by Scarlett Willis. Willis would get Aaron on the ropes, but would miss with a clothesline, instead hitting the already reeling Cole. As Scarlett would check on her fallen comrade, Blaize would level the champ with a knee lift, and then Cole once more with a Trail Blaizer. After hitting a FINAL Trail Blaizer on Willis, Blaize would set up a vile Blaize of Glory, but would stop short before connecting the vile maneuver, stunning the crowd in attendance. On his exit, Blaize would verbally assault Scarlett... saying that it was only a matter of time before she fell before him, and that he would take her title on his terms, and his terms only. On the 5/10/10 edition of Aggression, Blaize wouldn't be seen until the main event, where in the end, after plenty of hard-hitting action, he would get the pinfall for his team (his partner being the NeWA Television Champion, J.T. Cash) over Galactix. After the brutal match, as Scarlett Willis was recovering, Blaize would rattle her with a Trail Blaizer, before then latching her within the Eternal Sin. He wouldn't release the hold until referees, stangehands, EMTs and trainers would literally pull him from her. As he exited the arena, Blaize wiped Scarlett's blood upon his face, perhaps signalling the end for the current reigning SCCW Heavyweight Champion. On the 5/17/10 edition of MNA, Blaize would start his night off with his match against Justin Giomazzo. In the end, Scarlett would distract Blaize, allowing Justin to score the roll-up victory. After the match, Blaize, in a fit of rage, would level the official with a Trail Blaizer. Later in the night, after Scarlett was victorious, Blaize wuld appear, and brawl with her after some words. Blaize would look to hit the Blaize of Glory punt kick, but would be stopped by officials and trainers. On the 5/24/10 edition of MNA, Blaize would team with SCCW Legacy Champion, Hannah Rickman and Sydney LaRoux to take the team of The Chompions (NeWA World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Champion and Eaton Gore) and the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Scarlett Willis. During the match, Blaize would get in sporadic offense, which would then culminate in his domination of former Dynasty member, Chris Champion. He'd then get the pin-fall over Eaton Gore to pick up the win, but due to Sydney LaRoux's outside usage of a steel chair, the decision was reversed, and Willis and the Chompions came out with the win. Post match, Blaize and Willis would get in an altercation, resulting in Willis using the same steel chair to batter down Blaize, something not normally seen of the Heavyweight Champ. She'd then poise to leap atop the turnbuckle through Blaize on the announce table, but she stopped for reasons unknown. She would then state that she was no longer afraid, and that come Monday at Day of Reckoning, she would shut up Blaize once and for all. Blaize retorted by saying that Willis was no longer worth saving... and that he was going to erase her from the face of SCCW altogether. What will happen at the One Year Anniversary Show, known as Day of Reckoning, when Scarlett Willis WILL defend her SCCW Heavyweight Championship against "The Sadistic Viper," Aaron Blaize? Can Scarlett shut down the Era of Aaron once and for all, or will Blaize ascend to the top in his quest to become the Savior that SCCW "needs?"

Blaize HW Champ Resize

Aaron Blaize - SCCW Heavyweight Champion.

*YOUR* SCCW Heavyweight Champion

At SCCW's One Year Anniversay Show (Day of Reckoning) on 5/31/10, Aaron Blaize would finally face down Scarlett Willis for her SCCW Heavyweight Championship. The two would battle back and forth fiercely, trading blows and hitting high risk maneuvers. Aaron would hit a Trail Blaizer falling cutter, looking for the end of the match early, but Willis would kick out, much to his dismay. After more greuling maneuvers, Scarlett would look to put Aaron away with her patented Blurred Vision. Blaize, however, would get his foot on the ropes, breaking the fall. As Blaize would recover, he would rail Willis in the eye with an elbow shot, before then hitting the deadly Blaize of Glory punt kick to the skull. A short three count later, Aaron Blaize was crowned the NEW SCCW Heavyweight Champion. Johnny Wilkins would then get in ring and present Aaron with the BRAND NEW SCCW Heavyweight Championship belt. After he handed it off, Aaron would drop the play-by-play announcer with a Trail Blaizer. Ryan Antonelli, Wilkins' partner, would check on him, but would be left alone by Blaize, who only had this to say: "Welcome... to the Era of Aaron!" On the 6/7/10 edition of MNA, Blaize would appear, walking throughout the arena (including up by the merchandise and concession stands - and even through the crowd coming to the ring), berating and belittling the fans, stating that they were the true poison of Simcoe, not the wrestlers themselves. For too long had he tried to save THEM, tried to save the talent of Simcoe County. Now, Blaize stated he was out to save one person, and one person only, HIMSELF. Calling out anyone to step up to the challenge, he ended his tirade by stating that no one would be able to pry away the SCCW Heavyweight Championship, unless it was from his "cold, dead fingers." He would state that one by one the challengers would line up, and one by one the ywould fall, just like dominos before the "Era of Aaron." Later in the night, Chris Bond was conducting an interview with Anita Naylor. After a few weeks of calling out Blaize for his "heinous actions," the Heavyweight Champion himself decided to grace Bond with his presence. Blaize would accept a challenge from Chris Bond, and now, the two will meet in a one-on-one non-title match on the 6/14/10 edition of MNA. Will Bond be able to silence the "Era of Aaron," or will the diobolical Blaize put down the last remaining SCCW Original and self-professed "Living Legend"? 6/14/10 on Monday Night Aggression would be a night neither Chris Bond, nor Simcoe County, would EVER forget. Moments before their encounter, Chris Bond spoke to Anita Naylor about being prepared for anything Blaize had to offer him, and that, in theory, he should have him beat. What Chris Bond didn't count on, was the very vile nature of Aaron Blaize himself, having made a change towards the even more vile. After hitting a Trail Blaizer over the top rope (Bond's head would crack off the apron, breaking his orbital bone, his nose, and giving him a mild concussion), Blaize would rip Chris back into the ring, hitting a Blaize of Glory punt kick to finish him off. After the match ended, the tenacious Bond got back up, flipping Blaize the bird. Blaize would snap, and punt Bond in the skull a second time. As Bond was being taken to the local hospital on a stretcher, Blaize would approach him one last time, telling him to "never step up to me again." What lies in store for Simcoe now that one of its guiding lights has seemingly been extinguished? In a Day of Reckoning rematch next week, Scarlett Willis has a chance at redemption when she faces Aaron one-on-one in non-title action. Can Willis redeem a darkened Simcoe, or will the Dark Ages that are the "Era of Aaron" continue to burn on? On the 6/21/10 edition of MNA, Blaize was first seen backstage, where he attacked Rex Masters and then left with Justin Rose. Later on, he offered Rose one last chance to join him in his battle against Simcoe County. Rose, however, show Blaize down, stating that for too long, he had allowed the inmates to run the asylum. Rose shoved Blaize backwards, and Blaize snapped, viciously attacking Rose. Myke Adams would then show up and stop Blaize, before then laying waste to his brother himself. An unimpressed Blaize left Adams shortly thereafter. In the main event, Aaron Blaize would defeat Scarlett Willis in her rematch from Day of Reckoning with a vile Trail Blaizer. After the match, Blaize left as The Faction laid waste to Willis even further. Next week, YOUR SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Aaron Blaize will team up with The Faction's J.T. Cash (who is also the SCCW Welterweight Champion) to take on the SCCW Heritage Tag Team Champions, Chris Champion and Eaton Gore in non-title action. On the 6/28/10 edition of MNA, Blaize fought the Chompions alone (as J.T. Cash was nowhere to be found). He ended up walking out on the match, demming it not worth his time and efforts. Later on, during the main event, Katy (Chris Bond's girlfriend) came out to let the crowd know that he was still on medical leave, and wasn't allowed to compete. Myke Adams would confront Katy, and shoved her down, Joseph Cole came down, and the two brawled through the crowd to the back. This, however, left Katy open, and Blaize appeared, dropping her with a Trail Blaizer falling cutter. He screamed out that Bond was still nothing. Next week, on MNA's 50th show, Blaize takes on Sydney LaRoux in non-title action.

Blaize Ring

The Viper glares on as his three opponents enter (MNA 7/19/10).

Aaron Blaize vs. SCCW

As the days went by leading to MNA 50, Aaron Blaize's hatred for Simcoe County, Canada, and all the fans he refers to as "sinners" grew exponentially. He has now set out on a crusade against Simcoe County itself, citing that the only person he can truly save now... is himself. On MNA 50, Blaize fought LaRoux in a brutal contest. In the end, Blaize showcases his wanton disregard for Simceo once more by low-blowing the ref, causing his own disqualification. Without any care, Blaize collected his SCCW Heavyweight Title and left LaRoux in the ring. Next week, Aaron Blaize faces Griffin Hawkins in one on one action. One has to wonder what Blaize will do now that he, quite simply, doesn't care. Will anyone rise up to stop the tyrannical Viper before he levels all of Simcoe County beneath his scaly boot? During the night of MNA 51, Rose and Bond would meet backstage, little did anyone know, they'd show up later. After Blaize defeated Griffin Hawkins, he was ranting about how Simcoe would never see the light. Justin Rose came out and interrupted Blaize long enough for Bond to try and get the jump on him. Blaize leveled Bond outside the ring, and before he could set his sights on Rose, JIM DIAMOND came to the stage, announcing that he was Blaize's partner in crime for hacking the SCCW website. After distracting Rose, this allowed Blaize to level him with a Trail Blaizer, and then hit a Blaize of Glory. It was announced shortly after this that Blaize would face Daniel Prophet, Paul Cain, Jace Parker Davidson, and Thomas Watson in a Gauntlet Match the following week. On MNA 52, Blaize would first appear, stating that no matter what happened tonight, he would walk out of Studio A still YOUR SCCW Heavyweight Champion. During the match, Justin Rose interfered after Blaize delivered a devastating Blaize of Glory to Daniel Prophet. Rose would then set up a Three on One Handicap Match... a match in which Blaize would get himself DQ'ed by beating Jace Parker Davidson over the head with his SCCW Heavyweight Title Belt. After choas busted loose, Blaize stood in the center of the ring as Rose's plan fell around him. He stated that nothing could stop but, but he was ambushed from behind by Chris Bond once again. After a firm beating, Bond was looking for the Distortion, but Blaize thumbed him in the eye and made a hasty retreat, taunting Bond all the way to the back. On MNA 53, Blaize would enter before the Chris Bond vs. AC Thunder contest, joining Wilkins and Antonelli on commentary. After the match was deemed a no contest due to an attack by Hannah Rickman, Blaize entered the fray and hit Bond with a Trail Blaizer. Afterwards, he would get on the mic, insulting both Bond and Thunder, and then getting in the face of "Miss Rickman," claiming his Era was "untouchable." Next week, Blaize faces Jack Cydel (of The Anarchist Movement) in one-on-one action. On MNA 54, Blaize would first be seen facing The Anarchist Movement's Jack Cydel in one-on-oe action. After a "Blaize paced bout," Cydel looked to get back into it, but as Cydel went for a high risk maneuver, Blaize would get Cydel caught in the ropes, making him collapse in a heap in the ring, picking up the victory. Later in the night, after Myke Adams got himself disqualified against Chris Bond, Blaize would come out and get involved between the two, hitting Bond with a Trail Blaizer. Adams would then hit a Perdition Plunge. Before Blaize could hit a Sadistic Trail Blaizer, Chris Champion, Jack Cydel and Colton Monroe would rush the ring. Blaize would bail as the Movement attacked Adams. After bailing as well, Justin Rose set up a MASSIVE Tag Match for next week's MNA 55. Chris Bond and Chris Champion will team up to take on the interesting pairing of Myke Adams and the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Aaron Blaize. Can these two co-exist, or will Blaize and Adams have yet another meltdown? On MNA 55, Blaize would first be seen talking to Myke Adams backstage, stating that he had better pull his weight, and that tonight, they would stand united for ONE NIGHT ONLY. He then went on to say that by the end of the night, no one would ever confuse them as allies ever again. In the main event tag match, Blaize and Adams would dominate Bond and Chris Champion. Aaron would win the match after Bond was unable to answer a three count after being locked into the Eternal Sin. After the match, Blaize and Adams would beat down Bond and Champion some more, before Blaize would then rip Adams to the ground with a Trail Blaizer. On MNA 56, Blaize would only be seen during the main event, where he decked Champion over the head with his Heavyweight Title, and gave Chris Bond a Trail Blaizer after being Special Ref for their match against Ascended Supremacy. On MNA 57, Blaize would open the show, giving some candid comments about the upcoming Bunkhouse Brawl, where he said he was unfairly forced into defending the SCCW Heavyweight Championship against all of Simcoe. Later on, he would face Legacy Champion, AC Thunder in a hotly contested match, where he would make him tap after an Eternal Sin. After the Main Event, Blaize would take part in a multi-man brawl in the ring to gain momentum heading into the Bunkhouse Brawl. With only one week left until the BRAWL, will Blaize be able to keep his Heavyweight Title, let alone any and all momentum he has in his war against Simcoe County?


Blaize puts down some opposition at Brawl '10.


Blaize gets ready for action on MNA 58.

Life After the Brawl - The Monster

Before the Bunkhouse Brawl, Aaron Blaize would talk once more to his mentor, Dylan Scott. Scott seemingly opened up another side of Blaize, as he became distant, uncaring, cruel. At the Brawl, Blaize would enter 3rd from last. As he entered and Eliminated Justin Giomazzo, the rest of the competitors would turn on Blaize, enacting a beat down of the Heavyweight Champion in the center of the ring. Myke Adams would then emerge, 'saving' Blaize, allowing him to escape. After a bit of planning, Aaron would grab his trusty sledgehammer (inherited from his mentor, Dylan Scott) and would enter the ring again, tossing Chris Champion over the top rope. After a bit of back and forth, he would then eliminate Chris Bond with a Trail Blaizer, and a toss over the top rope. It came down to Blaize and Adams, and as Adams was trapped in the wire, Blaize would grab his seldgehammer, and charge the helpless Adams. Adams would escape, and Blaize would fly over the top rope to the floor, making Adams the NEW SCCW Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Hannah Rickman and JT Cash would emerge, attacking Adams for his disobedience earlier in the night, and in the Brawl when he eliminated Rickman herself. After a chair shot, Blaize would snap, blasting Cash in the back with his sledgehammer. Cash would then reach out to a horrified Hannah Rickman, still in the ring, and Blaize would crush his hand under the weight of the sledgehammer once more. Blaize would then assault Cash evem further, stomping the life out of him, and puching him into a near un-recognizable form. Rickman would bolt, unable to watch any further, and Adams would look on, shocked. Blaize was about to use the sledgehammer on Cash's head, but security rushed the ring, forcing Blaize to latch on the Eternal Sin gogoplata hold. As Brawl ended, Blaize was unable to be pryed off of Cash. Who, if anyone, can stop this new, ruthless Blaize, now that he has absolutely NOTHING to lose? The following week, on MNA 58, Blaize would do battle in a fatal four way match against Hannah Rickman, Chris Bond, and Chris Champion. In the end, after a grueling contest, Blaize put Champion away after a brain-rattling Trail Blaizer. What happened after the match, however, would shock SCCW. Jim Diamond, the owner of SCCW, would appear, stripping Myke Adams (who was at ringside on commentary) of his SCCW Heavyweight Championship, citing unfair bias against Blaize by Justin Rose,therefore awarding the title BACK to Blaize. He demanded that Adams hand the title over to Blaize personally, which Adams did not. Blaize then hit a Trail Blaizer on Adams, and after a brief rant, stated "why wait for War Games?" He then grabbed his sledgehammer, assaulting the Bunkhouse Brawl winner. What happens next? Will Myke Adams be in any condition to respond to the events that have transpired? What will Blaize do now that he's once more the SCCW Heavyweight Champion? What's more, next week on MNA 59, Blaize teams with his hated rival, Chris Bond to take on the team of Chris Champion and Hannah Rickman in an un-easy allies tag team match. What will happen when these two unstable teams collide on MNA? On MNA 59, Blaize would first be seen in an interview with Craig James, who asked what Blaize thought of his detractors, and what he did to Adams. He bashed the detractors, and asked who Myke Adams was. He then left James behind, steamed. In the main event, Blaize and Bond would lose to Rickman and Champion after Champion nailed Blaize with a vicious spear, and Rickman pinned Bond for the three count. After the match, Blaize snapped, locking Bond into the Eternal Sin Gogoplata hold. Shortly after, a masked man would enter through the crowd, assaulting Blaize, carrying a black bag. This man was none other than an injured Myke Adams... and the contents of the bag? SHEARS!!! Adams then shaved the SCCW Heavyweight Champion bald in the center of the ring, much to the delight of the fans. Aaron was livid as MNA 59 went off the air. Now that Adams has struck back, what will Blaize do now that he's hair free? What consequences will Adams face, if any?


The Viper glares on after defeating Colton Monroe (MNA 9/27/10).

The Road to War

After MNA 59, Aaron Blaize was seen roaming the offices of Simcoe County Championship Wrestling's HQ, looking for an audience with Jim Diamond concerning the actions of Myke Adams. On MNA 60, Myke Adams would first be seen taunting Blaize, stating that this time, there was no leverage, no friends, family, nothing. He mused what Blaize was going to be able to do now. Later in the show, Craig James had an interview with Adams, which saw Blaize step in, mocking Adams after he stated his actions were of the old addage, "an eye for an eye." Blaize then stated that Myke was nothing more than a broken, drugged up man with serious issues, lying to himself, the fans and even Blaize as it concerned Adams' loyalties. After Adams tossed some of Blaize's old hair in his face, the two would brawl, blocked off by security. What happens next as these two old enemies march on towards their match at War Games on November 1? On MNA 61 on September 27th, Aaron Blaize would face-off with one half of The Movement, Colton Monroe. Both men wuld put on quite the display, but when Monroe missed a kick, hitting the referee in the process, Blaize would drill Colton in the head with the SCCW Heavyweight Championship before then dropping him with a TrailBlaizer for the win. Blaize wouldn't be seen again until after the main event, where Myke Adams would fall to Hannah Rickman in battle. As Myke was recovering in the ring, Blaize would taunt Adams on the mic, stating that they would meet at War Games in what could be their final match, their final battle. He wondered what type of match it would be, leaving Adams confused in the ring. Blaize would then appear, dropping Adams with a TrailBlaizer. He would then pin Myke down and state that a one on one match would be too easy. He then locked Myke in the Eternal Sin gogoplata, making Myke bleed from the mouth. Even that wouldn't be enough, as Blaize would then signal to the rafters, a STEEL CAGE dropping over both competitors. Blaize would then announce that he would defend his SCCW Heavyweight Championship against Myke Adams at War Games in a Three Stages of Hell Match! The first fall; one on one. The second; Submissions only. The final fall? A STEEL CAGE MATCH! What will happen next now that Adams knows the time, the place and the type of he and his hated rivals' final encounter... and what can we expect out of these two as they're both in action in a tag match next week on MNA 62? On MNA 62, Aaron Blaize would start his night off interrupting Chris Bond in the ring, when he was beckoning for Hannah Rickman. Blaize would run down Bond before Bond would issue a challenge to Blaize for a match. Blaize shot Bond down stating that he wasn't worth it, and left. In the main event, Blaize fought to victory with his partner, Thomas Watson, after special referee Chris Champion would spear the SCCW Legacy Champion, AC Thunder. Blaize would pick up the pin fall, and get involved in a post match altercation with Thomas Watson and Myke Adams. After Blaize delivered a TrailBlaizer to Watson, Myke Adams would capitolize, hitting Blaize with an Egoshredder, and then a Swanton to end the show on a high note. The following week on MNA 63, Blaize battled Chris Bond in a grueling contest, one that would see Blaize emerge victorious once more. The following week on MNA 64, Blaize would bee seen backstage, passing by Chris Champion. He wouldn't be seen again until his match with Colton Monroe, where the two competitors would fight to a double count out. On MNA 65, Blaize would face-off with Hannah Rickman and Chris Bond in a triple threat match. After a demanding match-up, Blaize would dispose of Rickman from the ring, pinning Chris Bond for the victory. After the match, Myke Adams would emerge from the crowd, battling Blaize to the back, and even into the parking area. The two would come to blows on top of an SUV, where Adams had a reeling Blaize ready to be chucked from atop the vehicle. Blaize would turn it around, gouging Adams with a shard of glass before tossing him from the top of the SUV with a vile looking face-breaker with his knee. We're only one week away from the collision of a lifetime, as Blaize and Adams look to settle the score, once and for all at WAR GAMES. It'll be Three Stages of Hell for the SCCW Heavyweight Championship. Can Adams put down the Viper once and for all, or will Blaize make good on his promise to erase Myke Adams from SCCW history forever?

127 CM Punk

Blaize debuts his new look against Colton Monroe (MNA 12/20/10).

Post War Games, The End of an Era?

In Blaize and Adams' final meeting at War Games, Aaron Blaize would capitalize on Myke Adams's moment of "showboating" in order to retain his Heavyweight Title. In the following weeks, however, a new challenger would emerge in the form of Hannah Rickman, one of SCCW's brightest up and comers. In the subsequent weeks, Blaize's fire would diminish, and he began to become very quiet, almost too quiet. He would put up a few valiant showings here and there, but would ultimately lose to Colton Monroe on MNA 71. Following the holdays, MNA would return with episode 72, in which the main event would feature Aaron Blaize defending his Heavyweight Title against Hannah Rickman herself. After a spirited bout, Rickman would punish Blaize, pinning him for the victory, and the SCCW Heavyweight Title. In a bold move after the match, Blaize would raise the hand of Rickman, telling her congratulations. As he extended his hand to her, Rickman blasted Blaize in the face multiple times with her newly won gold. As the dust settled on MNA 72, we saw a victorious Rickman glaring at a down and out Aaron Blaize. What does the future hold for "The Sadistic Viper," and when, if at all, will he gain vengeance on Hannah Rickman? On MNA 78 on February 28, 2011, Myke Adams would face off with Lauri Verne and Thomas Watson in a two on one handicapped match. After Adams won by DQ, Verne and Watson would assault Adams post match, brutally beating him down and even seeing Verne hit Adams with his own Swanton Bomb. As Watson was about to gloat and strike once more, however, the lights went out, and when they came back on, Watson was out, and a man clad in black with a hood hovered above him. Verne would catch his face and look to him with glee, but the man would lash out hitting Verne with a punt to the face. The man then revealed himself to be none other than AARON BLAIZE! Blaize would look down over all the carnage in the ring before leaving a stunned crowd in a mixture of confusion for the returning Blaize. After weeks of speculation, many had thought that Blaize was the help Adams was speaking of, but his actions CLEARLY say otherwise. Blaize is not scheduled to compete at MNA 79, but rumors are running rampant that he WILL be in attendance to "set the record straight." What are the true motives behind the Sadistic Viper's quick and brutal attacks on all involved in the Main Event? Only time will tell.

25 CM Punk

Blaize looking back at the destruction in the ring (MNA 78).

The Return

Aaron Blaize is BACK! After a few quick and violent messages sent on MNA 78, people are buzzing. Why did he attack Lauri Verne and Thomas Watson? Why didn't he touch Myke Adams? Is he the "help" that Adams has been talking about? What about Hannah Rickman and the SCCW Heavyweight Championship? Aaron Blaize has promised to be at MNA 79 to answer all the questions for the so-called "cretins" of the SCCW Nation. On MNA 79, Lauri Verne and Thomas Watson would storm the ring, demanding that Blaize show up and give an explanation as to why he assaulted them both. Before Blaize could show, Myke Adams would appear, verbally running down Verne and Watson, before finally promising to reveal his new tag team partner. The lights went out, and Rev Theory's "Justice" hit, heralding the arrival of Adams' new tag partner, none other than AARON BLAIZE. The two had finally forged a unit, called Anti-Establishment, to fight down the combined forces of Verne and Watson and their reign of terror over SCCW. Blaize stated that, love him or hate him, he didn't care, as the newly reformed "Anti-Hero," it was his mission to save the SCCW from them. After the main event, which saw Verne win over Adams viz interference by Thomas Watson, Blaize would appear from the crowd, nailing Watson outside the ring with a TrailBlaizer. He would follow suit to Lauri Verne inside the ring, and would then help Adams up so he could nail the Perdition Plunge over a prone Verne. Next week, Anti-Establishment takes on Verne and Watson, the "Order of the Blind Wolf." What will happen next in this shocking tandem known only as Anti-Establishment? On MNA 80, Blaize and Adams would gel as a team, but would ultimately fall to some devious tactics employed by a referee "hired" in by the Order. Adams would be seen outside, locked in a submission, not tapping, but the match would be ruled a submission. After the match, Blaize would rip the referee down to the floor with a TrailBlaizer falling cutter as the Order would backpeddle up the ramp. The following week, on MNA 81, Myke Adams would go one on one with Thomas Watson. Before the match, Chris Bond would show up, questioning why Adams chose Blaize. Blaize would enter and dispel all myths, much to the chagrin of the injured Bond. Going into Adams/Watson, the stipulation was that the winning team gets to pick the match type for their tag team rematch at Violence Is Glamour in April. Adams would win with some help from Blaize, taking out, once again, the "biased" ref. After the match, Blaize would announce that the two teams would compete at Violence Is Glamour in a Tag Team Steel Cage Match! The following week on MNA 82, Blaize would first be seen backstage with Myke and Meglyn, where the three were chatting before Blaize left to get ready for his match with Watson. That's when Watson and Verne attacked, leaving Myke down and out. Blaize came back and looked on, furious. Later in the night, Blaize fought against Watson in another stunning contest. After some hesitiation, referee Tom Kenson, who had earlier in the night been bribed by the New Order ref, counted three for Blaize after a hellacious TrailBlaizer set to Watson's skull. After the match, Watson and Verne would double team a vulnerable Blaize, until Adams emerged and help battle Verne and Watson back. Next week on MNA 83, Blaize gets a measure of revenge when he faces SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Hannah Rickman in a non-title one on one match!


Blaize faces off with Miss Rickman (MNA 83).

Glamorous Violence?

On MNA 83, Aaron Blaize would have a very busy night. First of all, he would be seen talking backstage with Myke Adams and Justin Rose, where Blaize would make a quip about the mental well-being of Rose before he and Adams would go back into their locker room, seen being blocked back in by a man on a forklift. That man was none other than Thomas Watson. After Rose lost to Watson, and he was subsequently beaten down in the ring in heinous fashion by The New Order of the Blind Wolf, Blaize and Adams would re-emerge, chasing Verne and Watson from the ring. They would then help Rose to the back. Adams left to punish the New Order, while Blaize stayed behind, simply stating as he glared down at an incapacitated Rose:

"Justice, old friend. They'll find it..."

In the main event, Blaize would take on Hannah Rickman in one hellacious contest, resulting in a double count out when the two brawled at ringside. After a fake-out by Blaize, he would rush the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, laying into her with lefts and rights. The show would end with security separating the two, and with an enraged Blaize looking onward. On MNA 84, Blaize and Adams get to take on Ascended Supremacy in a non-title match. Once MNA 84 rolled around, Myke Adams would be seen roaming the halls, when he would be confronted by the SCCW Heritage Tag Team Champions and NWA Tag Team Champions, Ascended Supremacy. The ywould verbally run Adams down until he was ready to strike, but Blaize entered and stopped him, allowing Jace Parker Davidson and Tara Michaels to run HIM down as well. They let the anger fester as they then walked away. Later in the night, they faced down Ascended Supremacy in a non-title match, and won in thrilling fashion after Blaize hit a TrailBlaizer, and Adams followed up with a Perdition Plunge on Tara Micheals for the win. After the match, an angered JPD would suffer an EgoShredder superkick, followed up by yet another TrailBlaizer. Later on in the night, the New Order of the Blind Wolf would defeat The Interminable in tag team action. After the bout, Lauri Verne would get on the mic, only to have it cut off in mid sentence. A steel cage would then crash down from the rafters over Verne and Watson, heralding the arrival of Anti-Establishment on the entryway. The two teams would stare down in anticipation for their Steel Cage Tag Team Grudge Match in two weeks come Violence is Glamour. At Violence is Glamour, Blaize and Adams would face down Verne and Watson. After one hellacious contest, Blaize would rip down Thomas Watson with a TrailBlaizer, and scream out for Adams. Adams would then plunge off the top of the cage, hitting the prone Watson with his Purdition Plunge high risk move. Blaize would then feign a turn, but would then rush in, connecting flush with Verne's skull, a Blaize of Glory, as she was dragging Watson to the door to escape. Blaize would then grab up his tag team parter, wounded from his high risk maneuver, and would escape the cage through the door together to win the match. After the match, Aaron Blaize was granted his release from SCCW, along with his tag team partner, Myke Adams.

ALPHA - Alpha Entertainment



"The Viper" is enraged as he assaults Myke Adams (AGM#2).

The Viper Moves to Any Given Monday!

After getting his release from SCCW, Aaron Blaize signed on with Alexander Kraven and Justin Rose as a part of the Alpha Entertainment roster. What his goals are, and what he hopes to achieve within Alpha are unknown at this moment... but one thing is assured. Once Aaron Blaize arrives on Alpha soil, no one will be safe. It's been made official!!! Aaron Blaize will team up with his tag team partner, Myke Adams to take on the team of Rian Valiant and Ben Hanson on the very first installment of Any Given Monday on May 30, 2011! On the breathtaking premiere of Any Given Monday, Aaron and Myke would fight a hotly contested match against Rian Valiant and Ben Hanson. In the end, after grounding Hanson, Myke would attempt to risk it all with a 630 Splash (Perdition Plunge) in lieu of tagging out to partner, Aaron Blaize. In the end, Myke would fail, sailing to the mat, where he would then be pinned for his efforts. Blaize would then shake his head in disgust and walk off on Adams. In two week's time on Any Given Monday #2, Blaize and Adams get to right their wrongs as they face off with Johnny Zero and Chris Hunter. Will the two foes turned allies put aside their differences and be able to get the job done?


"The Viper"'s new Match Marquee picture.

The Establishment Crumbles

On AGM #2 in Alpha, Aaron Blaize would team with his tag team partner, Myke Adams to face down the team of Johnny Zero and Chris Hunter. Adams would be seen backstage, defending his partnership with Blaize to Chris Bond, who was leary of their union. During the match, the two would gel together, almost creating a moment. Adams would then leap up to perform his Perdition Plunge (630 Splash), but would get ripped down in mid-air by his own tag team partner, Aaron Blaize. Hunter would scramble, getting the pinfall, before hightailing it from the scene. Moments after the match, Blaize would go to seemingly apologize to Adams, stating that he lost his cool, and they were cool. Adams would hug Blaize, only to be bashed in the skull with the microphone. Blaize would then viciously assault his former partner, before going to punt him the skull with a Blaize of Glory. However, Adam James, Aaron's own brother, would step between Aaron and Myke. Blaize would halt his attack, slapping his brother across the face before leaving a decimated Adams to be taken away by EMTs. Now that Blaize has turned his back on the Alpha Nation, AND his tag team partner, what happens next? Sources close to Blaize say that he will be in Portland, OR for Any Given Monday #3. What he will do remains to be seen, but one has to imagine that whatever "The Viper" has up his tatted-up sleeve next is sure to be malicious. As predicted, Aaron Blaize, while not competing, would make his presence felt, heard, and even feared on AGM#3 in Portland, Oregon. Earlier in the night, Blaize would run down the history between himself and Myke Adams, his former tag team partner and "best friend." He would go on to say that Adams had once again allowed the fans to seep into his mind, making him soft and malliable, the Alpha Nation's plaything. He stated then that if he couldn't save Myke Adams, then he'd kill their so-called "Superman," stating that later in the night, "Superman would be dead." In the main event, Myke Adams faced down Rian Valiant with Ben Hanson, his pupil, at ringside. Before the match would begin, Aaron Blaize would sit at ringside, viewing the match. After a back and forth battle, Ben Hanson would cost Myke Adams the match, allowing Valiant to pin him for the victory.


After the main event of AGM#3 in Portland, Oregon, Myke Adams would be assaulted by both Rian Valiant and Ben Hanson. However, Meglyn, Myke's support and girlfriend and indy legend, Chris Bond would rush the ring, aiding Adams. This was short lived, however, as Blaize would join the attack, pummeling down Bond from behind, dropping him with a TrailBlaizer. Adams would surge back, only to be triple teamed. This would signal the coming of sYn, a fierce female competitor in Alpha. After teasing that she was going to eliminate Blaize, Valiant and Hanson, she would then target both Meglyn and Myke Adams, decimating them both in the ring in a stunning pledge of allegiance to Aaron Blaize. Blaize would then direct traffic, as Valiant and Hanson would decimate Chris Bond and Myke Adams even further. Valiant and Hanson would then hold Adams down to the mat, and Blaize would rush in with a devastating Blaize of Glory Punt Kick, signaling the end of Myke Adams. After the heinous attack, Aaron Blaize would drape a red highlighted "Z" armband over the fallen Myke Adams (the calling card of the dominant sYn up until this point), and then would join Rian Valiant, Ben Hanson and sYn by putting the armbands on their arms, forming the new power group known as Zenith. Shortly after the formation of Zenith, Alpha would close it's doors, and Blaize would slowly disappear into the shadows.


Blaize's CHANGE graphic that has been popping up in early 2012.

A 2012 Return?

Rumors have been swirling lately that Aaron Blaize has gone into seclusion and has been training "very feverishly." It is unknown what he's training for, or what his intentions are, but sources close to Blaize say that he may be gearing up for a 2012 return to professional wrestling. When and where, if at all, is anyone's guess... but one thing IS known for sure... whichever federation he does land in, IF he returns, is in for a rude awakening.




Blaize soars through the air as he takes on Clay Summers on Violence #3.

Change Has Come!

Violence #2 emanated on HBO, and after a stellar main event featuring Myke Adams and Revival Rookie, Clay Summers, the lights in the arena would go out. The tron would illuminate in bright white, with red and black electric bolts. Suddenly, the word CHANGE appeared, and just like that, so ushered in the appearance of one Aaron Blaize. Blaize would make his way to the ring, where he would then viciously attack Clay Summers alongside Myke Adams. This move confused most, as the last time we saw these two, they were at odds in Revival. The broadcast ended with a beaten Summers, and a re-united unit in the Anti-Establishment. On Violence #3, Clay Summers would have his chance at vengeance when he took on a returning Blaize one on one. Before the main event, Blaize and Adams would ruthlessly attacking Greg Samuel in the back. Blaize would then be seen laying another ruthless assault down in the ring, when he would viciously beat Clay Summers. After the match, he would brutalize the rookie some more, and have himself showered in trash in the ring. On Violence #4, Blaize is not scheduled to compete, but, knowing the Viper, he will not be kept silent for very long. On Violence #4, Blaize DID remain silent, that is until just before the night's main event. Blaize would come to the ring, entering into a malicious diatribe about his re-emergeance and his plans. As he outlined these, he would be interrupted by Revival's Commissioner, Rian Valiant, having taken offense to some of the words Blaize said about him. Blaize stated that he had gone soft, opting for a desk job versus taking his actions out in the ring. He then asked Valiant to do something about it, even going so far as to urge him to fire Blaize. After some deliberation, Valiant slapped Blaize, and in response, Blaize ripped the Commissioner down with a vile TrailBlaizer falling cutter. Blaize would then disappear, emerging once more after the main even to beat down talent. After Violence aired, Rian Valiant would sign a match for the forthcoming PPV event, Ascension, where Blaize will face a debuting British Bomber in a No-DQ, No-Holds-Barred match.

CM-Punk-vs -Dolph-Ziggler

Blaize takes on Bomber at Ascension in a No DQ, No Holds Barred match.

Ascension to CHANGE

It is know known at Ascension, Blaize will face off with The British Bomber. What will happen when these two forces lock horns in the ring with no rules, no regulations, and pure chaos? On the eve of Ascension, Blaize and Adams, Anti-Establishment, would rule the night. They would first be seen laying waste to Lucas Young in the locker room area, decimating him and leaving him in a pool of his own blood. They would leave with a cryptic message, anyone that would cross them would suffer the same fate. Later on, Maria Giordano would be discovered bloodied in her locker room by Commissioner, Rian Valiant. Given the history between Anti-Establishment and Valiant, many would guess that they got to her, as well. Later on, Blaize would do battle with The British Bomber. In a hottly paced contest, Blaize would get the better of Bomber, dropping him with a TrailBlaizer from out of nowhere. After the match, he would lock Bomber into his Eternal Sin hold, not letting go until four security guards pryed him away. Blaize would be seen later in the night, after his partner in crime, Myke Adams, would lose to Kerry Windsor in a Ladder Match. Blaize and Adams would lay waste to Windsor, security and more. Valiant then appeared and FIRED Myke Adams. Blaize took offense and dropped Valiant with a TrailBlaizer. They battled with more security before Valiant then fired Blaize, as well. What happens now that both Blaize and Adams are GONE from REVIVAL? How long can the prideful duo hell-bent on change be silenced? Only time will tell...

Blaize Anger

Blaize, mere moments away from punt kicking Valiant in the skull on Violence #5.

The Era of Anti-Establishment Begins

After what seemed like the firing of both Myke Adams and Blaize, the Revival Nation was rocked at the mere sight of both men when they arrived on the scene at Violence #5. Both men would come down to the announce table, where they would spectate the hot contest between The British Bomber, and new Revival World Heavyweight Champion, Kerry Windsor. After a great match, Blaize and Adams would insert themselves into the fray. Blaize would distract the ref while Adams would prepare an Egoshredder superkick aimed at Windsor. Kerry would drop and it would smash into Bomber, instead. Blaize and Adams would then go back to the announce table, where they would reveal that they blocked Commissioner Rian Valiant into his office with a fork truck. They would then sit at ringside for the main event, a five way battle for the Revival Legacy Championship. After Sydney Meleoli-Laroux would retain, she would be accosted by Anti-Establishment in the ring. She would wisely flee after some words, leaving Blaize and Adams to voice their opinions. Blaize would state that they were not going anywhere, and that they would treat Revival Wrestling with the proper respect and honor it deserved. They would then go on, destroying the ring and the set, leaving no stone unturned. Valiant would then appear with security, all of which were beaten down by Blaize and Adams. Valiant himself would then get involved, falling to Anti-Establishment via their vile and vicious Trail to Perdition finishing combo. Just as Blaize was ready to punt Valiant in the skull, The British Bomber and Kerry Windsor would hit the ring, taking the fight to both Adams and Blaize, respectively. After an altercation between Bomber and Windsor, they would be dropped by Anti-Establishment, and locked into their submission holds, Blaize latching Windsor in his Eternal Sin gogoplata hold, and Adams wrapping up Bomber in his Warp Asylum. After this much carnage, who or what can stop Anti-Establishment now? More importantly, who hired them back? On Violence #6, Anti-Establishment would face down the team of Kerry Windsor and The British Bomber in tag-team action. After a hot contest, Adams and Blaize would hit the Trail to Perdition on the World Champ, Kerry Windsor. Blaize would then take care of Bomber at ringside while Adams picked up the win for the team. It was also known from earlier in the night that next week, on Violence #7, Anti-Establishment, at the behest of the Revival Board of Directors, would face Rian Valiant in a two on one handicap match! Can anyone stop the ultimate change from happening, or, will Blaize and Adams have their way with the Commissioner, and truly rule Revival?


Blaize punishes Valiant in their 2-on-1 Handicap match - Violence #7.

Anti-Establishment SEIZES Control!

On Violence #7, Anti-Establishment would be seen backstage taking strategy, when Rian Valiant would interrupt, stating that their match, while sanctioned by the B.O.D., could still be changed. He then announced it to be a Lumberjack match. Blaize and Adams would sneer, stating that this still wouldn't stop the end from coming, for both him and his precious "Revival Nation." Before the main event got underway, the lumberjacks made their way to the ring. They were Kerry Windsor, The British Bomber, Ben Hanson, Sydney Laroux, Jackson Ford, and Sullivan Aimes. The match would then begin, seeing Blaize hammer away at Valiant with a vengeance. Myke Adams would be knocked from ringside by Valiant in the fray, getting teamed upon by Windsor, Bomber, and Hanson. Blaize would battle back, as would Adams, both men taking advantage of the chaos caused by the Lumberjack brawl at ringside. They would crush Valiant with the Trail to Perdition, and Blaize would count the pinfall. Afterwards, Anti-Establishment would retreat to the back, but Rian Valaint would not be far behind. Seething and fuming, Valiant would give chase to the parking lot, and play right into their hands once more. Blaize and Adams would then devastate Rian Valiant by driving his head through a windshield before then fleeing once more, stating that Revival was now theirs! On Violence #8, Blaize, Adams, and new Anti-Establishment supporter, Jackson Ford, would open the show. They would state that now, Revival was theirs. Blaize wouldn't be seen until the Main Event, where both he and Adams would interrupt the finish to Sullivan Aimes vs. Kerry Windsor. In the fracas at ringside, Anti-Establishment would take out The Drake, an associate of Aimes, while he watched, leading many to believe that he was a member/supporter as well. On Violence #9, Blaize, Adams and Ford would be seen decimating The Butcher, Matthias Grey, and Riflewilly before they had a chance to compete in their last chance match. Later on in the night, Blaize would take on Alyx St. Croix in a draw due to the chaotic turn the match took towards the end. Blaize would then drop the ref with a TrailBlaizer as Croix would look on. Blaize would come out to aid Adams after his match, taking a sledgehammer to the forehead of The Drake, and fleeing before any harm could come to him at the hands of Kerry Windsor and The British Bomber with Trey Jordan. Later on, after Jackson Ford was taken out at the hands of Kerry Windsor, both Aaron Blaize and Myke Adams would corner Sheree Washington, an interest to both Kerry Windsor and Ben Hanson. Windsor could only look on as Sheree would slap Blaize across the face, forcing him to almost strike. Ben Hanson would then intervene, but would be beat down by both Blaize and Adams. Adams would grab a hold of a fleeing Sheree Washington, forcing her to watch as Blaize punt kicked Hanson with a Blaize of Glory. On Violence X, Blaize faces The British Bomber in a Leather Strap Match, an Ascension rematch! Will Bomber get his revenge, or will "The Viper" strike yet again, taking down the Bomber once and for all?


Blaize, moments after his loss at Glory, the last time he was seen in a Revival ring.

The Rise and Fall?

Blaize would take out Bomber, and after that, wind up towards Glory, where he would face then World Champion, and at the time, running mate in Anti-Establishment, Myke Adams, former champion, Kerry Windsor, and Ben Hanson in a Fatal Fourway for the World Title. As the weeks lead on, Aaron and Myke grew separate, and finally, the week before Glory, the two would come to odds. Aaron forced Myke to face his lover, Sydney Laroux in a one on one contest. Myke would refuse to face Syd, and would kiss her in front of Blaize, even flipping him off in the process. Blaize would then beat down both of them, puncuating his point. It wouldn't matter, however, as he would come up short in his bid at the title at Glory, taking a Swanton from Adams as Ben Hanson would then score a pinfall over Kerry Windsor to win the title. Since then, Blaize has not been seen in a Revival ring. Speculation has been running rampant that he has given up, and has gone rouge after failing to take the title. Sources close to Blaize say that he doesn't care about Revival, and someday hopes to rid himself of the "fettid promotion," once and for all. He HAS been vocal on Twitter, however, openly seen mocking the talent and the management for their poor choices and predictable writing. What does the future hold from here? No one knows. On 9/28/12, more sources close to Blaize say that he was, in fact, attempting to re-negotiate a contract with Revival Wrestling, but as of now, things are "not looking good."


Blaize is ready to punish Joe Johnson on Violence.

Keeping it REAL

Blaize would remain silent until Any Given Sunday, where he would re-appear for Revival Wrestling, attacking both Fagan Ballantine and The British Bomber after a hellacious Legacy Championship match. After the attack, Sullivan Aimes, Trey Jordan and Garret Wolfcastle would then join in arms with Blaize, as he now had the backing of Pollitically Incorrect. Later on in the night, the gang would assault Myke Adams, where Blaize would reveal the reason of his return. He hated the notion that others were named the best while he was forced to "choke on leftovers." He was back for one reason, and one reason only, to become the BEST and capture the World Heavyweight Championship. He would start with Adams, and go from there. On Violence XXI, Blaize would face down Sydney LaRoux, who was hell bent on getting revenge for Myke, inside of a steel cage. The match would go to a draw, and afterwards, Sullivan Aimes would be found assaulted backstage. Next week, a tournament begins to crown a new Revival World Heavyweight Champion. Aaron faces down Joe Johnson in a first round match. In the first round match, Blaize would defeat Johnson, getting one step closer to the World Heavyweight Championship. After the holiday season, Revival would close its doors.


Blaize, looking for a return?

A 2013/2014 Return?

After Revival's closing in 2012, Aaron Blaize remained eerily silent... until now. Sources close to the viper are stating that he's looking to return "sooner, rather than later." Another source says that if he does return, perhaps he may be winding down his run as a professional wrestler, and that he would make his last run, wherever it may be "one for the ages." More info as it comes. In Revival's latest iteration, many had thought that Aaron Blaize was linked to the invading force known only as Zenith (as it shared a name with his faction back in Alpha), but when Blaize himself was contacted about the rumors, he only offered this comment:

"Zenith? Please... apparently people want to make a dime off of my ideas. Don't ever insult me with stupid questions like that ever again."

Any word on a possible return is still very much up in the air. All rumors of a return from that point onward have resulted in nothing noteworthy. It HAS been noted, however, that Aaron himself loves to tease his fans, stating that he's returning in some fashion or another. This went on all of 2013 and into 2014. In a very rare public appearance with both his brother, Adam, and his sister, Alexandra (Alex), he was caught up with and asked if he ever still feels the itch, truly. His response was as follows:

"I get this all the time. Look... I'm 33 years old, I am in the prime of my life, why would I want to go back down that road? Maybe someday, if the timing is right, if the situation is right. But now, man? I don't know. Look at this guy, my little brother, Adam. He's training. And her, my sister, Alex? She's already on the independent scene. We'll have to see, I won't promise anything."

The question was asked on April 10th, 2014 at LAX when the sibling trio was spotted boarding a flight, destination unknown. In July of 2014, it was broke on Alpha Entertainment that Aaron Blaize was officially signed to a contract.

ALPHA - Alpha Entertainment 2.0


Return to the Sadistic Side

August 11th, 2014 would mark the very first Any Given Monday (AGM) for Alpha since its return. The main event would feature three heated rivals duking it out in a triple threat Alpha eXtreme Rules match. Aaron would face down long time rivals Myke Adams and Chris Bond. Before the contest, however, Blaize would be seen backstage, running down all who would challenge him, stating that while it has been said that a sword can cut the head clean off of a snake, he has never seen a sword powerful or capable enough yet. The main event itself was a fantastic display of offense for all members, but the brawl would spill onto the stage, where Adams would attempt a risky Perdition Plunge from atop the Alpha tron. Blaize would move and Adams would sail down over Bond, before Aaron would then shove Myke away, picking up the victory. After the match, Blaize targeted a reeling Myke Adams for some extra violence, but thanks to Mac Bane and a sickening DDT, Aaron's revenge would be cut short. How will "The Sadistic Viper" react to Bane's insertion? In one week, we'll find out. Plus, Blaize is set to face "Godly" Ken Davison, who has been very vocal about Blaize's actions back in Portland on that fateful day. Shortly after these event, Alpha 2.0 would close their doors, leaving Blaize's future in question. To add to this, Blaize had compounding Knee and body issues he needed cleared up. He went under surgery to repair damages, and his future looked even MORE uncertain. He then took to twitter to announce that he wasn't done yet. Since then, he has been seen sparking interest within Boardwalk Wrestling's ranks, inciting attention from 1% members Aiden Morag, Mac Bane, and Myke Adams.



222 CM Punk

Blaize's reaction after being asked to "get rid of Barnes" on Live.

The Viper Strikes Atlantic City

On January 26th, 2015 - Boardwalk Wrestling held their Annual Crowning Achievement iPPV. The opening bout pitted both Myke Adams and Mac Bane against The Carrington Dynasty. After defeating The Dynasty, Adams and Bane would have their attention drawn to the crowd, where none other than Aaron Blaize himself stood. The two would look as if they had seen a ghost before they retreated to the back. Later in the evening, the Atlantic City Championship was on the line, as Tony Savage defended against a member of the 1%, Sean Fuller. After Fuller defeated the Champ, securing the belt, the 1% would appear en masse, and look to attack the defenseless Savage. Aaron Blaize would emerge once more, and come to Savage's aid, enraging both Myke Adams and Mac Bane. The two would confront Blaize, Bane urging Blaize to "make a move." Blaize would then drop a recovered Savage with a Trail Blaizer. Apparently, Aaron Blaize had aligned himself with Myke Adams, Mac Bane, and the 1%. On February 5th, 2015, he makes his in-ring debut on Thursday Night Xtra, when he takes on veteran Arsan Ayers! In his debut match, he would handily defeat Arsan Ayers. Blaize would next be seen on Monday Night Live, where he, Myke Adams and Mac Bane would tease dissention between themselves after they were tasked with getting rid of Andrew Barnes from the ring by then Atlantic City Champion, and "de-facto leader" of the 1%, Sean Fuller. Later on, and throughout the night, Blaize, Bane and Adams would make their intentions clear. They answer to no-one. What's next for the Viper? He's answered the call to enter the Anarchy Title match on Xtra, and will face newcomer, Al Envy next week on Monday Night Live!

Time to RISE

On February 12th's edition of Thursday Night Xtra, Aaron Blaize first appeared in the Anarchy Title match, nailing Jaiden Michaels with a reverse DDT to become Anarchy Champion. He would then fall to Eliza Lovecraft. Later in the same match, he would pin Aiden Morag after nailing a dropkick to the face off of the steel stair railing through the crowd, becoming a two time Anarchy Champion. He would fall to Eliza Lovecraft once more, and not return until later, driving a forklift. He would use the forks to pin Aiden Morag down, and pin him once more, becoming a three time Anarchy Champion. He was then knocked out cold with a punt kick from Eliza Lovecraft yet again. However, after the main event, Blaize would appear alongside Adams and Bane, the trio forming a deadly alliance known as "The Ris3n." Together, they would decimate Gary Mac, leaving the crowd in Atlantic City to wonder what's next. Blaize would face down Jared Black shortly after that, but fall short in a valiant effort. Aaron would quietly retire from wrestling on March 3rd, 2015. He has decided to leave the future in the hands of his younger brother, as he feels he is ready to "make a statement." As to why Aaron decided to retire? We reached out to him for answers.

"Simply put, my body couldn't handle it anymore. I thought that once I came back from my surgery, I would be one hundred percent after the rehab. I found out during my match with Jared Black on Monday Night LIVE that I was wrong. I need to re-focus on what's most important to me right now, and that's my family. I have a wife at home, and a little girl who misses her daddy. I will miss this, for it was what I was born to do. But, sometimes in life, one has to re-evaluate on how to move on and create a better quality of life for his family. I am SUPER proud of my little brother, Adam. He's going to soldier on. He's going to continue on the legacy in his own way. Whatever he does, wherever he lands, I will support him all the way."

After a year plus of radio silence, Aaron broke his silence over a twitter conversation, stating that as of August 19th, 2016, he was now medically cleared to wrestle once more. What does this mean for "The Sadistic Viper" now that he's able to do what he once loved with all his heart? Only time will tell if and WHEN the coiled Viper will strike once again.



Intercontinental Viper

After weeks of cryptic messages, Rising Sun Heavyweight Champion, Corey Grant would finally make good on his promise to bring change to Rising Sun by introducing the fans to a new form of AntiEstablishment. After Grant would face down Jordan Raines in a one on one contest, the lights would go out, and "The Viper," Aaron Blaize would appear, destroying the downed form of Raines alongside Grant. "Wild Card," Toshihiro Yuugito would then run down for the save, only to join in on the attack of the downed Raines. Finally, Nomura, Ishi'i and Fujitami would arrive on the scene to chase away the group, but not before Blaize and Grant would spell out their intentions. They, the AntiEstablishment, have ARRIVED, and the entire nation of JAPAN would be put on notice! Blaize has since faced down Daisuke Nomura in a one on one contest, and teamed with Yuugito in a tag match, both leading them to victory. On February 12th, his AntiEstablishment cohort Corey Grant would defend his Rising Sun Heavyweight Championship against "Demonic," Nagato Ishi'i. With both Blaize and Yuugito at ringside, the numbers game would prove too much for Ishi'i, and he would fall to the arrogant champion. One thing is for certain at this point, AntiEstablishment is more cohesive now than ever, and with the promise of more change to come, who can possibly rise up to stop them? On February 23rd, Blaize would have a singles match against "Ace of Japan," Daisuke Nomura, on behalf of his running mates in AntiEstablishment. Blaize would walk out of the match, but would be seen again in the main event, when Corey Grant would defend his Rising Sun Heavyweight Championship in a rematch against "Demonic," Nagato Ishi'i. Nomura would accompany Ishi'i, and both he and Blaize would brawl at ringside when chaos would ensure. "The Kahului Beast," Vin Wesley would then return and level Ishi'i in the center of the ring, joining AntiEstablishment! What happens next is anyone's guess... but things between Blaize and Nomura seem FAR from finished.

More to come...

Career Highlights

Career Championship Highlights

  • UCW Television Championship (x1)
    • Defeated Joe Chambers and Diego Estrella in a Triple Threat Match
  • IWX World Heavyweight Championship (x1)
    • Defeated Myke Adams and Justin Rose in a Triple Threat Match
  • SCCW All-Barrie Championship (x1)
    • Defeated Greg Venom to become Champion
  • SCCW BARBARIC Championship (x2)
    • Defeated Myke Adams to become Champion (x1)
    • Defeated Myke Adams in a Submission Match (x2)
  • SCCW Heavyweight Championship (x2)
    • Defeated Scarlett Willis to become Champion (x1)
    • Awarded back the title by Jim Diamond (x2)
  • Boardwalk Wrestling Anarchy Championship (x3)
    • Defeated Jaiden Michaels (x1)
    • Defeated Aiden Morag (x2)
    • Defeated Aiden Morag (x3)

Total : 10 in all. 0 Tag Team championships. 10 Single's championships.

Other Career Highlights

  • Runner Up in the Bunkhouse Brawl 2010
    • Survived by Myke Adams
  • Leader of Dynasty & The Dynasty
    • Dynasty - SCCW
    • The Dynasty - IWX



  • Eternal Sin (Gogoplata/Hell's Gate)
    • Gogoplata... odd name, but I trust you've all seen it performed. Specifically, it is usually executed from a "rubber guard," where the legs are held very high, against the opponent's upper back. The fighter then slips one foot in front of the opponent's head and under his chin, locks his hands behind the opponent's head, and chokes the opponent by pressing his shin or instep against the opponent's trachea.
  • TrailBlaizer (RKO/Falling Cutter)
    • This move is very sudden and spontaneous in its execution. It is also modified for use in almost any situation as well. Brutal in impact as well, as the opponent's head bears the brunt of the impact off of whatever surface it is being driven into.

Wrestling Style



  • Blaize of Glory
    • Orton Punt Kick
  • Blaizing Combo
    • Thai Kicks, Backhands, Punches -> Irish Whip w/ Lariat -> Running Bulldog
  • Sadistic Trail Blaizer
    • Tower of London
  • Blaize of Agony
    • Fireman's Backbreaker
  • Brain Damage
    • Second Rope DDT (Opponent's feet rest on the second ropes and their head is driven into the mat from the elevated height)
  • The Curb Stomp


Standing Strikes:

  • Knife Edge Chops
  • Toe Kick
  • Back Chop
  • Enzuigiri
  • Elbow Smash

Standing Grapples:

  • Leg Sweep
  • Wrist & Arm Wrench
  • European Uppercut
  • Headlock Takeover
  • Knee Breaker
  • Armbar
  • Neckbreaker
  • Jumping Armbreaker
  • DDT
  • Complete Shot
  • Side Effect
  • Hurricanrana
  • Backbreaker
  • Samoan Drop
  • Drop Toe Hold
  • Hip Toss
  • Dropkick to Knee
  • Senton

Rear Grapples:

  • Backslide Pin
  • Rear Neckbreaker
  • Sleeper w/ Scissors
  • Russian Leg Sweep

Ground Attacks:

  • Stomps
  • Elbow Drop
  • Grounded Dropkick

Ground Grapples:

  • Armbreaker
  • Knee Drop
  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Figure 4 Leglock
  • Leg Drop
  • Boston Crab

Corner Strikes:

  • Shining Wizard
  • Turnbuckle Dropkick
  • Clothesline

Corner Grapples:

  • Monkey Flip
  • Rope Stretch Chicken Wing
  • Springboard DDT
  • Springboard Dropkick
  • Toss into Ringpost (Shoulder First)
  • Mule Kick
  • Double Axe Handle
  • (When Sitting in corner)Turnbuckle Dropkick

Rope/Rebound Attacks:

  • Springboard DDT
  • Springboard Spinning Kick
  • Springboard Moonsault Pin

Outside of the ring Attacks (Dives & Rope):

  • Vaulting Body Press
  • Rope Flip

Diving Attacks (From Top Rope):

  • Double Axe Handle
  • Missile Dropkick
  • Shooting Star Press
  • Diving Leg Drop

Running Attacks/Grapples:

  • Clothesline
  • Running Calf Kick
  • Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Sunset Flip Pin

Notable Match-Ups/Feuds




  • Myke Adams (9x)
  • Greg Venom (2x)
  • Patrick McCarthy (2x)
  • Scarlett Willis (8x)
  • Samuel Hessingstock (2x)
  • Riflewilly
  • Galactix (2x)
  • Chris Champion (4x)
  • Joseph Cole (2x)
  • Justin Giomazzo
  • Eaton Gore
  • Sydney LaRoux (2x)
  • Chris Bond (7x)
  • Hannah Rickman (4x)
  • Colton Monroe (3x)
  • Thomas Watson (2x)
  • Lauri Verne


  • Rian Valiant
  • Ben Hanson
  • Chris Hunter


  • The British Bomber
  • Kerry Windsor
  • Rian Valiant
  • Ben Hanson
  • Myke Adams
  • Sydney LaRoux

Boardwalk Wrestling

  • Boardwalk Roster (w/ The Ris3n)

Tag Teams and Alliances

  • The Syndicate (alongside Steve Marlay, Damien Kahn, and Paul Cain) [UCW] -Alliance-
  • The Dynasty (alongside Justin Rose and Jonathan Pane) [IWX] -Tag Team-
  • Dynasty (alongside Justin Rose and Lauri Verne) [SCCW] -Alliance-
  • Zenith (alongside Rian Valiant, Ben Hanson, and sYn) [ALPHA] -Alliance-
  • Anti-Establishment (alongside Myke Adams) [SCCW/ALPHA/REVIVAL] -Tag Team-
  • Politically Incorrect (alongside Sullivan Aimes, Trey Jordan, and Garrett Wolfcastle) [REVIVAL] -Alliance-
  • The Ris3n (alongside Mac Bane and Myke Adams) [Boardwalk Wrestling] -Alliance-
  • AntiEstablishment (alongside Corey Grant, Toshihiro Yuugito, and Vin Wesley) [Rising Sun Wrestling] -Alliance-

Entrance Themes

  • "Let Go" by Red *UCW*
  • "The Undertaker's Thirst For Revenge is Unquenchable (The Final Battle)" by Chiodos *IWX - SCCW*
  • "Your Betrayal" by Bullet For My Valentine *SCCW*
  • "Ten Ton Hammer" by Machine Head *SCCW*
  • "Justice" by Rev Theory *ALPHA/REVIVAL*
  • "Last of the Real" by Stone Sour *REVIVAL/ALPHA 2.0*
  • "Lights Out" by Breaking Benjamin *SCCW/Boardwalk*
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