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AWeR Wrestling
Awer wrestling background.png
Acronym AWeR or Hour
Establishment 2011
Owner(s) Sean Dean
Staff AWeR Staff
Formerly n/a

AWeR contains Highflying, Technical, and the most Powerful wrestlers on Earth to make the most badass wrestling show in the US today, AWeR!


Tag Team Division

The Tag Team division explains itself. Tag Teams in contention for the AWeR World Tag Team Championship.

Heavyweight Division

The Heavyweight division has wrestlers who are in contention for or is AWeR World Champion.

Textreme Division

The Textreme division consists of Lightweights, Extreme or Technical wrestlers in AWeR in contention for the AWeR TV Championship.

AWeR Championships

Championship Holder Notes
AWeR World Triple H n/a
AWeR TV Reckingball n/a
AWeR World Tag Team Wolf & Mr. P.I.M.P n/a