AWC Fresh!
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Show Name Fresh!
Federation Atlantic Wrestling Club
Frequency Every Tuesday
Previous names None
Show debut May 2005-
Owner(s) George Cassidy

Truth Waters DOOOOOBLIN DAVE~! Hans Heinemann Miguel "The Midget" Rodriguez

Based in North America, Central America and Europe
IC Show Controller David "Pearl" Harber
Website (Federation) Click here

Fresh! is the weekly show of the e-federation Atlantic Wrestling Club. The show takes place every week on a Tuesday, and is the only show which consistently takes place on such a basis (with pay-per-views roughly every 6-8 weeks, and Fresh!burst taking place only on the week of the PPVs).

Fresh! takes place around the world, on both sides of the Atlantic. The commentators for each event change depending on the location of the event, with George Cassidy and Truth Waters commentating at events on the west, and the trio of DOOOOOBLIN DAVE~!, Miguel "The Midget" Rodriguez and Hans Heinemann commentating on the east.

Fresh! debuted on May 10, 2005 and has taken place in every week since, with the exception of the show scheduled for May 31, which had to be cancelled when FREDROCK~!, AWC's janitor supreme, posed as Entertainment Manager David Harber in a phone call to the Wachovia Arena and annulled AWC's booking.