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2008 (MMVIII) was a leap year in which commenced on Tuesday. This article contains information on notable e-wrestling events that happened in 2008.

Notable 2008 E-Wrestling Events

Notable 2008 births and deaths

  • January 2 - Patrick-Avery Morrus; First child of wrestling couple, Stef Morrus and Alice-Ruby Lee.
  • January 7 - Elle Rachel Williams; First child of wrestling couple, Jay Williams and his wife Amy-Skye Williams.
  • May 16 - Johnny Bravo and Tamara Hayes die in an automobile accident
  • June 18 - Kimberly Morgan Hardaway; First child of wrestling couple, Kevin Hardaway and his wife Angelina Hardaway.
  • July 20 - Alex Mason's grandma had passed away of a heart attack

2008 Handler Births/Deaths

Notable 2008 events

Joel Williams neck injury, provoked at an autograph signing.

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