Mike Fox
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Height 5'6"
Weight 201 Lbs.
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Billed from Vicco, Ky
World Fed. Of Wrestling
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Debut 2006
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Born in Kansas, Fox has moved around most of the younger years. He never got to make a decent friend til he got older. This led him to be an outcast. This has continued in he WFW career. But with his Parter H-bomb ( both are the members of Rated-X) and his alliance with Iason, makes him an even more dangerous threat.

In the beginning

His heated feud with Lethal Charge has many to believe that his will be one of the fastest rising wrestlers in the E-Fed. Winning the new comers battle royal at ROA doesn't hurt either. What is in the future for this rockstar character

In Wrestling

Fighting style

He is a Hardcore Lunatic

Signature & Finisher Moves

I wont See You Tonight Pt1 (Cripler Crossface)
I wont See You Tonight Pt2 (Tazzmission
Missile Drop Kick
Using the Weedeater

Signature Weapons

Light Tubes
Weed Eater

Other Things

  • He watches videos of CZW and Old ECW to get ideas of way to bring pain to people.
  • His idols are Samoa Joe, Undertaker, Mr Kennedy Cm punk and Sick Nick Mondo.
  • His Myspace is [For everyone too add. Last name Lyttle]
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