Jake Burkin
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Real name Jacob Dukeston Burkin
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Height 6' 1"
Weight 250 lbs
Date of birth 19 March 1975
Place of birth Oneida, NY, United States
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Resides Syracuse, NY, United States
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Trainer None
Handled by Hans XXXXXX
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Debut 19 March 2005
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"The Advocate" Jake Burkin - Is the former owner of AWR and is a current veteran member and administrator of PRW.

The AWR Owner

Jake Burkin, then known simply as Advocate, started his own efed, Advocate Wrestling RPG (or AWR) in March of 2005; close to his 30th birthday. He was involved in a lot of things; from the move to another board, to an extensive feud with "The One" Chris Roberts over the AWR's prize championship. He was involved in a lot; unfortunately, AWR would meet its untimely demise just after its one year anniversary.

PRW Tenure

Advocate had a brief stint as General Manager of Professional RPG Wrestling (or PRW). But it was found that he was doing things he was not to be doing and was immediately stripped of all power he had and was fired. About one month, he was hired to the active roster.

He at first wasn't doing to well; until someone by the name of Andy Varsity recruited him into the Fraternity of Excellence, which he captured the PRW Tag Team Championships in one time. Soon after, he was booted from the group for allegedly being "never being one of them. being a joke". But Jake Burkin would get the last laugh and beat Varsity in a Frat House Brawl.

Jake then brought his brother Jack (once a referee of AWR) into PRW and they became a Basham Brother-esque tag team known as the Burkin Brothers. They climbed the ranks in the PRW Tag Team Division and eventually after months of hard work, captured the PRW Tag Team Championships.

But, then a power struggle ensued and Jake Burkin aligned himself properly, something that fellow PRW superstar Matt Caje did not take so kindly to. Thanks to Caje, his brother got injured and got screwed in their Tag Team Championship defence. This set up a Submission Only Steel Cage match, which Jake Burkin emerged victorious from thanks to a submission called the King Cobra Hold. The Power Struggle Ensues to this day.

Career Accomplishments

AWR World Heavyweight Champion (1)
AWR Owner
PRW Cyanide Champion (3)
PRW Tag Team Champion (2) (Once with Andy Varisty; Once with Jack Burkin)
PRW Double Champion
PRW General Manager


Trademark Finishers:
Syracuse Cutter (Modified Osaka Cutter)
The Burkin Clutch (King Cobra Hold)

Signature Moves:
Complete Shot
Scatter Shot (STO)
Running Superkick
Inverted Powerbomb
Various Submissions
JB Spinebuster (Spinning Spinebuster)

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