Victor Xidis
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Height 5'11"
Weight 260 pounds
Date of birth May 5th, 1960 (age 48)
Place of birth Chicago, Illinois
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Resides Chicago, Illinois
Billed from Chicago, Illinois
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Debut August 1999
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Victor Xidis (born May 5th, 1960) is an American professional wrestling promotor, manager, and commentator. He is most known for being the creative force behind True Champion Wrestling, where he was also a commentator.

Professional Wrestling

Pier 6 Wrestling

Victor Xidis debuted In Pier Six Wrestling with wrestler Alex Norton, who went by the ring name of Azrael. Norton grew increasingly annoyed by the treatment of his character, and Xidis, a small promotor then, discussed with him creating a new federation, where in-ring skill would be the focus, rather then a look or gimmick. Norton agreed, and the two began to turn the wheels of what was to become TCW.

True Champion Wrestling (2000-2001)

In late 1999, TCW opened its doors, and quickly began signing a slew of different wrestlers, covering the spectrum of pro wrestling. TCW also acquired two of Pier 6 Wrestling's biggest names in The Green Weasel, and Chris O'Neill. Xidis quickly looked to the future of the sport, creating matches that were viewer friendly, yet innovative. He worked closely with all the wrestlers, making sure they were happy, and also worked heavily on storylines that kept the original house shows sold out, and the internet buzzing about TCW. TCW debuted Lockdown on January 31st, 2000. The show ran on WCIU in Chicago, Illinois for its first couple of months, but then went global by signing with ESPN 2, where Xidis was a color commentator next to friend and sports analyst, Shane McEnroe. The shows were constantly sold out, and Xidis kept acquiring new, young talent to fill the roster. Xidis then signed Aaron Bell, a young kid from Canada, who was spotted by Chris O'Neill while TCW was on tour there. Xidis saw something special in Bell, and often referred to Bell as the "future of TCW." But, like all good things, TCW closed its doors in 2001, when Xidis decided to leave due to increasing pressure from the stock holders wanting to make TCW more like the WWE, and pull away from talent and more toward flashy, good looking stars as the main focus. When Xidis left, he took the name of TCW, and sold the rights, licensing, and footage to the superstars that wanted it, and closed the doors in late 2001.

Hybrid Championship Wrestling (2007)

In 2007, Xidis returned to television as a manager of Aaron Bell. He became the mouthpiece of Bell's Team Chaos, which consisted of Bell, Ava Grainger, and Xidis. But Bell became injured, and Xidis had personal issues to deal with, and left HCW after only 2 months there.

The Return of True Champion Wrestling (2009)

In early 2009, a report came out that Victor Xidis was deciding to reopen TCW. Victor was quoted as saying, "Don't believe everything you hear, a rumor is a rumor for a reason." However, two days after Wrestlemania, a press conference was held where Victor discussed the reopening of TCW. "It was something that I loved that was ruined by the politics of this business. I created TCW to be something great, and it was. But the investors wanted to tone our style down, and I refused to water-down such a great product. Now, once again I am rebuilding TCW. But this time, I am the sole owner, with no investors, and no political bull$*** to stop me. I will make TCW bigger, better, and more badass then ever before!"

In Wrestling

  • Managed
  • Alex Norton

  • Theme Music
  • "Back In Black" by AC/DC
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