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Mike Laszlo
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Mike Laszlo]]
Real name Michael Laszlo
Ring Names Slayer

The King of Controversy Mike Laszlo

Height 6'3"
Weight 237 pounds
Date of birth March 24, 1988
Place of birth Cleveland, Ohio
Date of death Still Alive
Place of death Still Alive
Resides Cleveland, Ohio
Billed from Cleveland, Ohio
Trainer Harley Race
Imperial Wrestling Federation (IWF)
Handled by Michael Laszlo
Win/Loss Record 174-125
Debut September 28, 2005 in WXWF
Retired Still Active

Michael Laszlo, formerly known to the wrestling world as Slayer (Though now using his real name.); (born March 24, 1988), is an American professional wrestler. He currently works for the Imperial Wrestling Federation.


Mike's/Slayer's training began and ended at the Harley Race Wrestling Academy. Pro-wrestling great Harley Race took personal interest in Mike/Slayer, seeing the potential that the young kid had, and boy did Harley know how to pick 'em.

Career (2005-Current) Overall Record: 185-135 [.578 Win %]

Early Career

Mike was signed after a Harley Race recommendation to Travis Sheppard and Bob Pooler, owners of the WXWF and within months under the name "Slayer" became one of the top stars competing with the likes of Trent Jacobs, Larry Linford, and Cyrus "The Virus" Cage.

World Xtreme Wrestling Federation aka WXWF (2005-2006) Record 27-10 [.730 Win %]

Mike started off in the WXWF as "The" Slayer. He quickly dropped the prefix and simply became Slayer.

His first title reign began on October 31, 2005. It was then that he defeated Cyrus "The Virus" Cage and Grimm in a triple threat match for the WXWF United States Title. He lost the title back to Cyrus Cage on November 20, 2005 in the first and only Ring of Fire match.

His next bit of success in WXWF was defeating Kenny Douglas for the Hardvision Title December 12, 2005. He lost it back to Douglas 2 weeks later December 26, 2005.

He re-focused on the United States Title winning it from Hellhound to start off 2006. He would stripped of the title later on by General Manager, Mike Lazlow, while holding both the US and Ultimate titles. That would be his biggest achievement in WXWF (holding simultaneous titles.)

He unified the WXWF Ultimate and XFWA World Titles on February 13, 2006; defeating Larry Linford. He would later lose said title to Taylor inside the 1st Elimination Chamber. In WXWF he would never reach that top title status again but would still enjoy success.

The feud with Cyrus Cage was rekindled as he defeated the Detroit native for the International Title only to lose it in a rematch an hour later.

Then it was time to conquer the one division he was never a part of...the Tag Team Division. His first of two title reigns was with Hunter Spade. The team would only hold the titles a week.

His next teammate would be his wife, Sara (See Personal Life), the two would hold the Tag Team Titles til the purchase of WXWF by HCW and would transition as the Tag Champs. Slayer would remain in WXWF history as a member of the last class of Hall of Fame inductions along with Larry Linford and Taylor.

Xtreme Fire Wrestling Association aka XFWA (2005-2006) Record: 6-1 [.857 Win %]

While in WXWF, Mike ventured into a small upstart promotion known as the XFWA under the "Slayer" name. The company lasted but 4 months, yet Mike had a great deal of success. His name known by the owners with his fame in WXWF...Mike was the inaugural International Champion and held the title the entire time of the company's existence fending off other WXWF members who made the jump such as Hunter Spade and Larry Linford.

Another WXWF roster member who also performed for XFWA was Kenny Ifrit Douglas who was the companies inaugural World Champion. His first title defense...was against Slayer. This occurred during their WXWF feud and it was Slayer winning the World Title, and after XFWA folded Slayer took the World Title to WXWF and as was stated above united it with the Ultimate Title.

Xtreme Universal Wrestling aka XUW & Life or Death Wrestling aka LDW (2006) Record: 7-0 [1.000 Win %]

Mike joined XUW and LDW as a favor to Mike Lazlow to help boost ratings. It was a short stint for both as XUW was re-named LDW which then became the developmental territory for HCW. Mike as Slayer was the World Champion until the merger.

Sharp Shooter Wrestling aka SSW (2007) Record: 3-0 [1.000 Win %]

Sharp Shooter Wrestling contacted Mike for a guest appearance as Slayer and it soon turned into a bit more. While competing in Hybrid Championship Wrestling (See below.) Slayer became the Sharp Shooter Wrestling World Champion. The promotion closed with not much under its belt and Mike focused solely on HCW.

Hybrid Championship Wrestling aka HCW (2006-2009) Record: 63-57 [.525 Win %]

Hybrid Championship Wrestling or HCW was Mike's home of choice as Slayer for a long time. He didn't stray from it in over a year and enjoyed a lot of success as the longest tenured member of the roster.

He and his wife Sara came into HCW's inception as the reigning Tag Team Champions, losing them at the first HCW Pay Per View: Decimation. It was then that the group known as "The New Dawn" broke up, though it contained the brightest stars of HCW such as Slayer and Lance Daniels along with Wrett Warren and Steven Douglas.

Slayer's next bit of success came on April 18, 2007 as he became the Pure Champion. He lost it 56 days later to Justin Vicious on a June 3rd edition of Onslaught.

A month and a half later he reunited with Hunter Spade and together teamed with Ryan Gosling, forming the trio of champions, also known as the Enterprise. Together they'd run through the competition as Gosling held the World Title and Slayer and Hunter Spade held the Tag Team Titles. The Enterprise held the Tag Titles for 63 days before Slayer left Hunter in the ring and split up the team.

The last year of HCW's existance was most profitable for Slayer becoming the World Champion on two separate occasions, each a year apart, each inside the dreaded Chamber.

HCW Closed March 11, 2009 while Slayer was recovering from a quadriceps injury suffered at the hands of "The Dark Figure."

New Millennium Wrestling aka nMw (2009) Record: 4-1 [.800 Win %]

In early 2009 Mike (as Slayer) with Hunter Spade and Bob Pooler joined New Millennium Wrestling. Slayer and Hunter, teamed as The Enterprise and won their first match and were in contention for the Tag Team Titles after a great debut. They soon defeated The Xtreme One and Joe Bradley to become #1 Contenders for the nMw Tag Team Titles only to lose their first match in New Millennium Wrestling to the Tag Team Champions, Overdrive (Mac Bane & Spike Kane). Trying to prove his worth, Slayer took on Mac Bane on the Adrenaline show and was defeated despite a run-in from Adam Knite.

Slayer soon got his revenge. His partner, Hunter Spade, was let go by the company despite the fact that he had won another shot at Overdrive and the Tag Titles. Upper Office paired him with "The Virgin" Bryan O'Lynn and in what would be considered an upset, The "New" Enterprise defeated Mac Bane and his partner Gib for the NMW World Tag Team Titles at Ignition Point: Celtic Chaos.

As a result of disagreeing with some backstage politics, Slayer resigned from New Millennium Wrestling taking one half of the Tag Team Titles with him. In an effort (A poor one at that.) To re-sign Mike, NMW management pitched an idea where Slayer would win some useless title and deem it his own "Enterprise World Title." This would later lead to a real World Title Match should Slayer choose to do so. He didn't. Instead he told NMW management to stick their offer where the sun don't shine. They told him nobody was bigger than NMW and it turned out...he may just have been bigger. Instead he vowed never to return and subsequently, NMW closed a few weeks later. Was it irony, or was he right?

Northeast Wrestling Alliance - True Championship Wrestling aka NWA-TCW (2009-2010) Win-Loss Record: 12-7 [.632 Win %]

While recovering from a Quadriceps injury, Hybrid Championship Wrestling closed its doors. Mike got a phone call from a new federation with reputable backers in the Northeast Wrestling Alliance. This was the company in which Mike had finally dropped the "Slayer" name, instead opting to use his real name.

Mike's first title shot came as a surprise as he was pitted in a battle with Christopher Nord and JS2. JS2 was beaten down by Mike and Nord before the two did battle one on one. Nord won said match and became the NWA Lionheart Champion.

Later, Laszlo regained his focus and went on a war path defeating the likes of "The Temptress" Calypso, and Kris Mystical who would then quit the company after a backstage altercation with Laszlo. He was scheduled to take on Christopher Nord and Wrett Warren in a match that should he pin one of the champions he would become a contender for their championship. The show was canceled and instead Laszlo was named #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

During this time it was also announced that there would be a merger between NWA and TCW and that whomever were the two World Champions come the August PPV "Clean Slate" would do battle to unify said titles.

He was scheduled to challenge for the title in a 30 Minute Iron Man match on the August 7th edition of Aftershock, but World Champion Wrett Warren did not compete due to an apparent "injury." Wrett was then cleared for competition and would do battle in an Iron Man Match for the NWA World Title with the TCW World Champion Gavin Fox as the referee. Wrett defeated Laszlo in the Iron Man Match after Fox prevented the challenger from punting the champion in the head that may have sent the match into overtime.

This allowed the two to do battle for the World Title knowing full well that Laszlo would be looking on. Laszlo got his shot after a series of victories over Gavin Fox. It would be a Triple Threat match in which Laszlo won and became the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. A month or so later Laszlo would lose said title to newcomer Jonathan Parks. A few weeks later NWA would be on its last leg and produced its last show. On this show Mike defeated Parks to become the World Champion for a second time. He was the only two time World Champion, and the last of the company.

Classic Wrestling Federation aka CWF (January 2010-March 2010) Record: 4-3 [.571 Win %]

Mike was recruited by his trainee Ashley Mastrangelo to join her in the CWF, and at first it seemed like Mike would reject her proposal. Then on the January 16, 2010 edition of CWF: Showdown, Mike showed up unexpectedly and announced that he had signed with the CWF and was there to "takeover." In his first official match, he was interrupted during a promo by Scorpio, only to defeat him soundly on the January 23rd edition of Showdown.

A week later he took on Leon Lonewolf and after a back and forth affair, defeated Lonewolf with his Malicious Intent finishing maneuver.

Mike defeated Randy Rage in a dark match before the Valentine Bash Pay Per View.

The streak came to an end as on the February 20th edition of Showdown Mike was defeated by returning veteran Hudson.

His next match saw Mike Laszlo up against the CWF icon Paul Blair. The match went back and forth even seeing Blair kick out of the Malicious Intent. Taking advantage of a distraction, Laszlo hit Blair with the Down Payment making the infamous Blair tap out in the center of the ring.

Despite not being 100% Laszlo took on Terry Richards. Though he had a valiant effort, Laszlo was defeated.

His next match saw him take on Heavyweight Title Challenger Yoshiru Long who defeated him. Laszlo was then beaten down by a returning star.

A rumor came to fruition as both Ashley Mastrangelo and Mike Laszlo asked for their releases from CWF and were granted said releases.

Kamikaze Fight Club aka KFC (February 2010-April 2010) Record: 2-2 [.500 Win %]

The first KFC show "Sunday Bloodshed" took place on March 7, 2010. The inaugural show showcased the entire KFC Active Roster in a series of matches in which the winners would face off the next week in a Fatal Fourway Iron Man Match to determine the new KFC International Champion (The top title in the company.)

On March 7th, Laszlo was seemingly caught off guard by the strange style of the man known as "Leaper." Leaper defeated Laszlo to enter the International Title match and then won the International Title.

After a week off due to illness, Laszlo met with the Magnificent Messiah, and was also defeated.

Next up, Lloyd Abernathy. Mike defeated Lloyd Abernathy and then went on to defeat Dan Gleebitz at the Pay Per View, "Square 1."

Kamikaze Fight Club closed in April 2010 due to personal issues with the owner.

New Championship Wrestling aka nCw (August 2011 - May 2013) Win-Loss Record: 44-38 [.537 Win %]

As of this writing, Mike Laszlo has officially signed with the New Championship Wrestling promotion on August 16, 2011, at the urging of one "The" Bob Pooler.

Laszlo won his debut match in nCw against Danny V. Daloham. The match was non-televised (a dark match) and took place before the "Nothing to Lose" Pay Per View on August 28, 2011.

In his next match which aired on the Collision Web Show, Mike Laszlo was not a part of the decision in a triple threat match between Mark Evil, Shawn Savage, and himself.

The next week there was a Fatal Four Way, Loser Leaves Town match that was later turned into a five minute Battle Royal in which all who were eliminated were let go from their NCW contracts. Mike Laszlo and Freakke were the remaining participants and therefore were retained by NCW.

On the September 17th edition of Trauma, Mike Laszlo was defeated by Caleb Lockwood.

The losing continued on the "Wired" Web Show before the NCW PPV Battle Grounds as Mike was defeated by Freakke.

A third consecutive loss would come at the hands of Ander Carvetti on October 2nd, airing on the Collision Web Show.

The losing streak ended the next week, also on the Collision Web Show, when Mike Laszlo defeated Shawn Savage October 9th, 2011.

From losing to winning, Mike gained his second consecutive victory, this time over Mark Evil on the October 15th, edition of Trauma, but was then beaten down by both Evil and Matt Jackson.

The mini-win streak came to an end at the hands of Caleb Lockwood on the October 22nd edition of Trauma.

Mike did however rebound with an impressive victory over Chris Cooper and Freakke on the "Wired" Web Show which aired before the Road to Gold PPV.

November 5th Mike lost to Jason Evans.

The following week he lost to the Ace.

He then appeared in the opening match for NCW Breaking Away and lost to Doc and Seth Evans in a Triple Threat Match.

Next week on Trauma, lost to James Novak bringing the losing streak up to 4.

Mike's Collision debut went as did his NCW debut, a victory, this time over Jackhammer.

After a hard fought battle with Ricky Johnson, Mike came out on the losing end.

He was scheduled to face Ander Carvetti for the Honor Championship, but the match was re-scheduled.

Mike did not win the Riot Match, but has set his sights back on the Honor Title.

Mike won the Honor Title from Ander Carvetti after Jason Evans caused a DQ on behalf of Carvetti. With Honor Rules, Carvetti lost the title. Evans attacked Laszlo and ended Trauma holding Laszlo's newly won Honor Title over his head.

Mike then teamed with Evans the next week against the NCW Tag Team Champions in a match where it seemed Laszlo wanted to let bygones be bygones but we soon found out that wasn't the truth as he attacked Evans before the match leaving him a victim of the Tag Team Champions.

The next week, Laszlo teamed with National Champion Ricky Johnson to take on Jason Evans and the #1 Contender for the National Title Curtis D. Kanyon. After Kanyon was pulled off a cover, by his own partner, Kanyon hit the Bang on Evans allowing Johnson and Laszlo to pick up the win.

Laszlo then defeated Jimmy Novak on the Collision Web Show.

Laszlo's first Honor Title defense came against "The Sexy One" Jason Evans at Metamorphosis who Laszlo defeated with the Malicious Intent.

Laszlo would then face the first NCW Honor Champion in a battle of first versus current Honor Champions of which he lost in a prolific hard fought battle on an episode of Trauma.

The next week on Collision Mike faced NCW Hall of Famer Falcon and again came up short. After his match, Mike was confronted by retired Hall of Famer Spike Kane who had praised him a few times on episodes of Spike TV, and tried to offer the Honor Champion some advice after his hard fought loss. Mike didn't like the advice and drove Spike into the concrete floor with a Cutter before walking off.

The next week at the Pay Per View entitled Crossroads, Mike squared off once more against Atreyu (Spike's protege) and came out on top after surprising Atreyu on the outside during the referee's ten count, spearing Atreyu into the barricade at the count of nine before slipping back in the ring as Atreyu was counted out resulting in Mike both winning the match and retaining his title.

Mike then accepted a forfeit from Jimmy Zane who simply didn't appear for their match on the March 11th episode of Collision.

Shane Hunt became victim #3 in Mike's Winning Streak since defeating Atreyu at Crossroads.

The winning streak was ended by former World Champion Xander Famularo in a hard fought battle.

Laszlo rebounded nicely with a clean victory over Joe Everyman on Collision and then later in the night distracted X-Division Champion Jackhammer, causing Jackhammer to lose to Lex Sense. This then setup a champion versus champion match at Sovereign between the two with both titles on the line, and at Sovereign.

At the Sovereign PPV, Mike defeated Jackhammer to retain his Honor Championship and win the X-Championship, making him the first person ever to hold two titles simultaneously in NCW history.

The celebration was cut short as a result of a loss to Alex Jones the following week on Collision.

The losing continued as Mike teamed with Kathy Conway to lose to Jackhammer and Amy Marshall.

A third consecutive loss to Will Washington seemed to send Laszlo downward even farther.

Laszlo then defeated Jackhammer in a rematch from Sovereign, this time a Hardcore match with both titles on the line.

Then with both men coming off a victory at the A Night To Remember PPV, Andrew Jacobsen and Mike Laszlo did battle on Collision with Mike Laszlo coming out on top.

Next week on Collision thanks to some interference by Brad Kane, Mike defeated Lex Sense via countout.

Following week, Laszlo was in a "Clash of the Champions" Collision Triple Threat Main Event with Adam Knite and Ricky Johnson in which he took the loss at the hand of World Champion Ricky Johnson.

Laszlo then lost to Charlie Velez the week before Reborn to open Collision.

At the Reborn PPV, Laszlo made sure he was the longest reigning Honor Champion for good by defeating Nathan Webb, merging both the Honor and X Title as one, ending the "Honor Title Era".

Laszlo got one of his bigger wins on Trauma this past week defeating former World Title Number One Contender, Roberto Verona in a hard fought match.

Laszlo returned home to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland on an episode of Collision and defeated Xavier Williams.

The next week would be a rematch from six weeks earlier and would see Laszlo lose to Lex Sense this time around.

Laszlo would then lose his first of two matches in a row to rival Ken Davison on Collision.

At the Pay Per View "Picture Perfect" Davison would beat Laszlo for the X Title ending the longest X-Title reign in NCW History.

On the Fifth Year Anniversary Collision, Mike teamed with Davison in a match taking on the Internationals. The rivals put their differences aside long enough to defeat the former Tag Team Champions.

One week later, he would team with Alex Jones to defeat Curtis Kanyon and Davison in a Tag Team Match.

Laszlo would take on Davison in a Pawn Shop Match at the August PPV "A New Dawn" and lose his last bid for the X Title.

Laszlo would beat Will Washington the next week, then lose to Falcon two weeks later after a well deserved week off.

The September 16th edition of Collision would see Laszlo in a Triple Threat Match against Joe Everyman and Roberto Verona in the main event of which he won.

Laszlo defeated Xavier Williams in a match at Battlegrounds 2012.

He was then entered into the Sixth Annual Road To The Gold Tournament. His first round match was suppose to be against Will Washington in the "Rising Stars" Bracket. Washington however could not compete and was replaced by Caleb Lockwood and after some exchange of words, the World Champion Andrew Jacobsen decided to join commentary. No matter though as Laszlo defeated Lockwood and moved on.

The next week Laszlo would be eliminated from the tournament by Roberto Verona (The eventual winner of the Road to the Gold Tournament.)

The men eliminated from the tournament were entered into a tag team tournament in random fashion. Laszlo teamed with Davey Ortega and due to technicality, the team was unsuccessful.

Laszlo got an opportunity to take on the World Champion a week later on Trauma in the main event but things faltered in the end and he was again on the losing end.

Laszlo and his partner Charity were a non factor in the decision of the Triple Threat Tag Match that took place on the Wired Pre-Show before Road To The Gold.

Laszlo ended his 4 match losing streak against Davey Ortega on Trauma and then defeated the National Champion Xavier Cross on Collision the next week making it two in a row.

After his match with Cross, Laszlo was interrupted by Roberto Verona on the big screen. As Verona went on and was about to reveal the new Number One Contender to his title, it was revealed that the scene was pre-recorded as Laszlo was blasted over the head with a steel chair, the assailant? Roberto Verona. It was then announced that Mike Laszlo would challenge Roberto Verona for the Worlds Heavyweight Title at Breaking Away. Laszlo required ten stitches to close the wound and had a concussion that prevented him from being booked on the November 17th Trauma or the Collision show the next night.

Mike returned with a vengenace on the Thanksgiving 2012 edition of Collision, interrupting a gathering between Adam Knite, Kelly Fox, Roberto Verona, and Xander Famularo. Leading a group down to the ring, battle was done and Laszlo's match with Verona at Breaking Away would be stipulated as Falls Count Anywhere. Laszlo would do battle with Adam Knite later in the night and end up victorious against the "King of NCW".

At the Breaking Away Pay Per View on December 2nd, Laszlo would get his first shot at the NCW World Title. The match ended in controversy as in the middle of Mike's "Heavenly Intervention" submission hold, Lex Sense interfered, stomping Laszlo's head into the concrete floor as it seemed the champion, Roberto Verona, had passed out in the hold. Sense continued to attack the challenger, eventually leaving him passed out for Verona to make the cover.

Laszlo would lose the following week to Xander Famularo on Collision. In an attempt to even the score with Lex Sense from Breaking Away, Laszlo was beaten down by Sense after being attacked from behind by Roberto Verona.

Laszlo and Verona would team up and defeat the team of Alex Jones and Xander Famularo. Roberto would then issue a challenge to Mike. Laszlo would have to jump through a series of proverbial hoops to get to Roberto and a second straight World Title match at the Mind Games Pay Per View in January. An added stipulation was a "No Contact" clause between the two until the Pay Per View. If Laszlo violated the clause he would forfeit the title match. If Verona were to violate the clause, Laszlo would be allowed to pick the stipulation in a guaranteed title match. Mike was then laid out by Lex Sense and a surprise attack once again.

The 500th edition of NCW Collision took place December 23rd from Birmingham, Alabama, and the main event saw Mike Laszlo jump through one of Verona's hoops, defeating National Champion Jake "The Ace" Conway in a Steel Cage Match, taking out Lex Sense in the process, jumping off the side of the cage, ten feet down on top of the giant. (This match would later be named Match of the Week). Kelly Fox would have the cage raised allowing the fresher giant to grab Laszlo and roll him back into the ring for what looked like another beat down. The cage was lowered and the stage was set, but thanks to the warning scream from his valet Alexis, Laszlo ducked the big man's attack and leveled him after two vicious Superkicks. Laszlo would then exit the cage and stalk the champion who begged Mike to hit him, violating the "No Contact" clause. Mike however outsmarted the champion and allowed his best friend Ray Gross to make his surprise debut in a stunning fashion. Ray would beat down Verona on the stage. Sense would intervene after the cage was raised again, but Laszlo would get the upper hand and eventually pull Sense into a huge chairshot. Laszlo, Ray, and Alexis would celebrate with the crowd as Verona looked on in anger.

The last Collision of the year would be the awards show and would feature a main event that would pit Mike Laszlo against the monster Lex Sense (Named Match of the Week by Before his match, Mike was named the "2012 NCW Rising Star" on this edition of Collision. Lex would prove his dominance later in the night though, defeating Laszlo with the "Back to the Future". After the match, Roberto would attack Laszlo, breaking the "No Contact" Clause which gave Laszlo his opportunity at Mind Games to capture the World Title.

Laszlo would name his stipulation and it would be a good one. caught up with Mike and learned that he and Verona would do battle at the Mind Games Pay Per View, in Atlanta, Georgia, in an Iron Man match. And battle they did. The two went back and forth for an hour, each earning two falls over the other. Laszlo looked to have the match won with Verona up for the Malicious Intent when Lex Sense pulled the champion out of the finishing move. After some words between Laszlo and Sense, Verona intervenes and pie faces Lex telling him to get down and not risk Disqualification, furthering the gap at the five minute mark. Lex is insensed and punches Laszlo square in the face, indeed causing the DQ allowing Mike to take a 3 to 2 lead. Verona would glare at the giant before turning his attention to the challenger, locking in the Inquisition submission hold. Laszlo though holds on through the pain until the bell rings. It seems as though Laszlo had become champion, the referee ready to hand him the title. However, due to the fact that the last fall was gained by disqualification, Verona retains his belt even though Laszlo recorded the win. (This match was also named NCW Match of the Week)

The roll would continue for Laszlo as he became only the second man in two years to defeat Xander Famularo in singles competition the next week on Collision. Later in the night, Verona would call out Laszlo after another controversial ending to their World Title Match at Mind Games. Laszlo was granted a third World Title Shot at Metamorphosis to put an end to the feud once and for all. The two would do battle at Metamorphosis inside a Cell, and if Laszlo lost, he would not be able to challenge for the World Title as long as it was held by Roberto Verona. Mike accepted and the match was booked.

The next week Mike would take on Alex Jones while Roberto did commentary. Mike would defeat Alex with the Malicious Intent causing applause from the champion.

The next week, Laszlo would take on Will Washington and Steve Awesome in a Triple Threat Match. Mike hit Washington with the Malicious Intent, but was then attacked by Alex Jones when the lights went out. Steve Awesome would pick up the pieces for the win. Laszlo would return later in the night to do commentary for the match between the Church of Thor and the team of Roberto Verona and Jake "The Ace" Conway. At the end of the match, Laszlo would slide in, looking to take advantage of the champion. He lunged forward with a Superkick but at last second, Verona ducked and rolled out of the ring, allowing "The Ace" to take the blow. The two would sign the contract for Metamorphosis later in the night making the match official.

After all the hoopla it was time for business and after a hard fought, bloody battle, Mike was unable to attain the World Title in the Cell Match at Metamorphosis, losing to Roberto Verona inside the demonic structure and thus wwas unbe able to challenge for the title again as long as it was in Verona's possession.

The next week on Collision, Laszlo announced his intent to challenge for the National Title, seeing as how he had a victory over the past and current champions. He then extended his hand to Verona, calling him the better man as he said he would do, only to be shot down by the champion. This extended the feud with a cliff hanger as Laszlo blasted Verona with a steel chair in the center of the ring which prompted a follow up attack by Verona followers later in the night that would result in a no contest in the Mike Laszlo/Andrew Jacobsen vs The Ace/Xander Famularo match.

Mike would go on the next week, cementing his claim in a National Title bid by defeating former World Champion, Curtis D. Kanyon.

The roll would continue as Laszlo would defeat another former champion in Jack Hammond. After the match "The Ace" would attack Laszlo from behind during an interview.

Laszlo and Joe Everyman would challenge the Ace for the National Title and fail in their bid as The Ace pinned Laszlo to retain at the March Pay Per View, Crossroads. Everyman would attack both Mike and The Ace with a steel chair after the match.

The next week Mike was defeated by Joe Everyman on Collision.

Three weeks, three losses as Laszlo would lose to Rob Diamond on his Birthday edition of Collision, the same night that NCW announced it would close after the 2013 edition of the "A Night To Remember" Pay Per View May 19th.

The following week, Laszlo would get on the right track, wetting everyone's appetite for the Coliseum match at the April Pay Per View Sovereign, with a Fatal Four Way victory over Alex Jones, Simon Daye, and Joe Everyman.

Mike would continue his winning ways as he defeated Shane Hunt by DQ after the other Coliseum participants got involved.

Mike's bid to become the final gladiator, hence earning him one final shot at Roberto Verona and the World Title (despite the stipulation earlier in the year) fell short as Alex Jones secured the pinfall over Shane Hunt in the Coliseum match before Laszlo could force Seth Evans to tap out at the Sovereign Pay Per View.

The next week on Collision, a tournament was started to determing who would get a high profile match at A Night To Remember. Mike defeated Caleb Lockwood in the first round.

Mike then defeated A.C. Douglas and Jackhammer to earn a spot in a high profile match at the final NCW Pay Per View, "A Night To Remember".

Mike would be a non factor in the decision of a triple threat match that saw Alex Jones defeat Will Washington.

Mike would win his last Trauma match at the Final Trauma against Andrew Jacobsen in the main event, and would then make a surprise appearance on the Final Collision that saw "Bad Luck" Chuck accept an open challenge, and get quickly defeated by Laszlo.

Laszlo's final NCW match at "A Night To Remember" was indeed memorable as he became only the second person to make Trent Helms submit with the "Down Payment" ending his NCW tenure on a winning note.

Imperial Wrestling Federation aka IWF (May 2013 - Current) Win-Loss Record: 13-17 [.433 Win %]

Mike and Spike Kane have been involved in a Twitter battle since before the inaugral IWF Sacrifice.

Laszlo teamed with Trainee Ashley Mastrangelo and the two lost a close call to Brad Kane and Tifa Heafy in the first IWF Sacrifice Main Event.

The Twitter battle became reality and it was InFamous, (Rob Diamond and Spike Kane) coming out on top over Mike Laszlo and John Rherring. John Rherring taking the pin.

Laszlo and Cross made a formidable team as together they defeated Andrew Jacobsen and Seth Evans.

Laszlo would come up short in his bid for the Heavyweight Title as it was Xavier Cross who won the Scramble match at the inaugural Pay Per View, Bloody Assizes. Laszlo would also be eliminated in the Heir to the Throne Battle Royal, but not before qualifying for the tournament by being one of the final eight.

Mike and Spike Kane put on what many consider the match of the night in the June 24th Sacrifice Main Event that sadly ended in Disqualification when Criminal Intent attacked Spike.

Mike would get two eliminations in a Fatal Fourway match on Sacrifice, but eventually lost the match to Cable Arcane.

Mike teamed with Ayla St. James in a mixed tag match where the two got the victory over Bernard de Montfort and Isabella Maldini. The win qualified Mike for the Final Four in the Heir to the Throne Tourney.

He had the week off before the PPV.

Laszlo came up short in his effort against Lex Sense and was eliminated in the Heir To The Throne tourney.

Mike took the pinfall loss for his efforts while teaming with Deathtrain at a house show.

Laszlo would team with Doc in a losing effort against Xavier Cross and Joe Everyman.

The next week on Sacrifice, Laszlo would defeat Stephen Kingsley by Submission while staring down Trent Helms. The two would have words leading to a match the next week at the Legacy Pay Per View.

Then in one of the most hard fought matches in IWF's short history, Laszlo defeated Trent Helms one on one.

Laszlo was a non factor in a loss in a Triple Threat Match in which Xavier Cross dfeated Mike Machado by submission.

The next week, Laszlo defeated Man of Steel Champion Ryan Blade in a non-title match.

Laszlo teamed with Jake Keeton to take on Ryan Blade and Xavier Cross. Laszlo looked good in the match but Keeton looked to perhaps use a loaded elbow pad to which Laszlo disagreed. Before Keeton could hit the elbow, Laszlo blasted him with a Superkick and left the ring. Blade took advantage and pinned Keeton.

Mike would team with protege Ashley Mastrangelo for the first time in months to take on IWF COO Roberto Verona and Diamond Champion Jessica Reed in a losing effort.

Then at the Extreme Endurance PPV, Mike took on Blade in a Man of Steel Title, Ultimate Submission match. Laszlo debuted a new submission move he calls Entanglement, and had it locked in looking for the tie that would take the match into overtime but it was not to be as Blade held out as the final seconds ticked away.

Laszlo would stand toe to toe with the Imperial Champion Spike Kane and take him to his limits again, but in the end was hit with Spike's Thunderstruck finisher resulting in another loss.

The losing streak ended on the 10/7/13 Sacrifice when Mike made Rob Diamond submit to the Entanglement Submission hold in a Man of Steel Match.

Mike would lose his match against Davey Ortega on the next week's Sacrifice.

Mike would lose to Killian Creed at October Revolution in a Man of Steel Match.

Later that night, Cable Arcane under orders from Spike Kane delivered a Package Pile Driver to Mike on concrete that would leave Laszlo with a concussion rendering him unable to compete the next week.

Laszlo would return to action two weeks after October Revolution in a Triple Threat against Nero Blake and Redemption in a match that saw him win by submission over Blake.

Later in the night, Alexis Caffrey would distract HonorBound member Cable Arcane leading him to the back where Laszlo would exact some revenge, leaving Cable incapacitated in the back corridors of the arena.

The next week on Sacrifice Laszlo and Arcane would do battle throughout the arena. In between Mike took on and defeated Eddie Black via submission with the Entanglement submission hold. After, Cable would appear with Alexis in his grasp by the throat. Mike would find Cable and the two would fight leading to an impromptu match that would never truly start as the two fought throughout the arena before being separated by security.

The next week a contract was signed between Cable and Laszlo. The two threatened one another and Cable exited the ring but as he stood on the apron, Laszlo blasted him with a steel chair. Later in the night, Laszlo appeared in control toward the end of what was a back and forth match between Mike and Rob Diamond to qualify for the Extinction Event at Survival of the Fittest. Cable appeared again, this time having Alexis kidnapped in the Empire locker room. Laszlo abandoned the match, losing by count out, and was subsequently beaten down by the Empire.

The match was on, the fight was here, Mike Laszlo vs Cable Arcane in a Street Fight at Survival of the Fittest that saw both men put each other through hell. Laszlo would be thrown down the arena steps from the concourse area, but as Cable went to carry Mike to the ring, Mike locked Cable in the Entanglement, using the railing of the stairs to nearly break the arm of Cable who passed out from the pain.

The next week on Sacrifice, Mike would defeat Tank Armod in a singles match.

December 9th on Sacrifice, Mike would issue an open challenge to any member of the Empire after his dispatching of Cable Arcane. Man of Steel Champion, Killian Creed would accept setting up a Man of Steel Title Match at the all male Sacrifice, the week before the all women's Diamonds are Forever PPV.

December 16th, Mike was scheduled to take place in a six man tag, teaming with Rob Diamond and Davey Ortega to take on the Empire, the match broke down and never got started, ending the show with Mike and Killian laid out in the back after an exhaustive battle and Rob Diamond and Spike Kane laying on exposed concrete after a fall from the top rope.

Killian Creed would defend his title against Mike successfully on the all male edition of Sacrifice December 23rd, but the feud wouldn't end there. Killian assaulted Laszlo, laying him out with a DDT on the title belt. As he leaned in for more, Alexis (Mike's Girlfriend) tried to stop him resulting in a back elbow to the side of her head.

It was thought that Mike wouldn't be at the following weeks House Show or Sacrifice due to the beating, but as Killian Creed was leaving the arena after the House Show, Alexis surprised him in the hall, followed by Laszlo. The two went back and forth until Laszlo got the upper hand, throwing the Man of Steel Champion through a plate glass window as the IWF cameras caught it all exclusively.

Laszlo would make quick work of Andrew Jacobsen in a Man of Steel match, one upping the Man of Steel who defeated Jacobsen a week prior.

Killian would further the feud later that night, attacking Alexis in the back by catering, throwing her over a table and dumping the table's contents on top of her. He threatened Alexis' mother, but Mike got involved before it could escalate with the cameras fading out on Mike kneeling over Alexis.

January 20th on Sacrifice, Mike Laszlo would defeat Killian Creed in a grudge match that would earn him a second shot at the Man of Steel title at Metamorphosis. Alexis would get her retribution as well as after the match she punches Killian right in the face on live TV. Killian went to strike back but Laszlo intervened and the two brawled until security separated them from one another.

The culmination of the feud is where Mike Laszlo defeated Killian Creed for the Man of Steel Championship at Metamorphosis marking his first title in the IWF.

After his Man of Steel Title win, Mike now takes on Sephiroth du Lac on the February 3rd edition of Sacrifice.

Notable Feuds

WXWF: Cyrus "The Virus" Cage, Kenny Ifrit Douglas (K.I.D.), Larry Linford, Taylor, Hunter Spade

XFWA: Kenny Ifrit Douglas (K.I.D.)


HCW: Taylor, Larry Linford, Kevin Hurts, Hunter Spade, Ken Davison, "The Dark Figure"

NMW: Davey Boone (Backstage)

NWA-TCW: Wrett Warren, Gavin Fox, Jonathan Parks

CWF: None

KFC: None

NCW: Jason Evans, Atreyu, Spike Kane, Jackhammer, Ken Davison, Lex Sense, Xander Famularo, The Ace, Roberto Verona

IWF: Spike Kane, Cable Arcane, Killian Creed

Personal Life

Soon after he began his wrestling career, Slayer had been on a trip to California and had revisited his old stomping grounds in a town called Rosamond. There he found his high school sweetheart still living in the area. He convinced her to travel with him on the road, and the two soon fell for one another again. They were married on XUW television and then later in real life in Los Angeles, CA. The two had a beautiful daughter named Britney. In late 2007 Sara was involved in a fatal car accident right in front of both Slayer and their daughter.

Slayer tried to drink and drug his way out of the depression, but soon was told to find help and did so. After a few months of rehab he rejoined his daughter and the two lived happily. the beginning of 2008 was strange.

After opening a series of gyms, he was in his Los Angeles location and a young girl was in his office. The young lady turned out to be the long lost sister of Sara, Lindsay. Slayer adopted her and took her in and she joins the family with Slayer and Britney.

Then Slayer had begun dating another school love named Raven. After a few weeks in his relationship with Raven, he found out she was only with him for the money. He dumped her andhas moved on with his life.

The majority of his time is spent in Las Vegas at the Montecito Hotel and Resort, a resort in which he owned. Depending on where his schedule takes him, he also owns homes in Los Angeles (Hollywood) and Cleveland, Ohio.

As a part of his "Community Rehabilitation" program in Cleveland, Mike was present at the trial of a young woman, the daughter of one of his business associates. The young lady's name was Ashley Mastrangelo. Her father, an influential member of the mob contacted Mike and asked him if there was anything he can do. Mike agreed to attend the trial and ended up coming up with a sentence fitting for the young lady who was acquitted of all charges other than fleeing the police. He took her in at his gym and trained her to become a professional wrestler like himself.

After setting Ashley straight, he took on a personal assistant, Alexis Caffrey. After a few months working and training, the two have decided to start a relationship.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
    • Malicious Intent (Currently Used) Mike lifts the opponent on his shoulder like a Dominator, then swings them down into a facebuster across his knee.
    • Entanglement (Currently Used) Modified Octopus Stretch (AJ Lee's Black Widow Submission)

  • Signature Moves
    • Down Payment (Currently Used) Mike comes up from behind on his opponent and hits them with a Sunset Cutter (Diamond Dust from the ground.) He then floats over and locks in a Crippler Crossface.
    • Pain and Suffering (Currently Used) Mike lifts the opponent into a Fireman's Carry, then swings the opponent off (Like an F-5). Then as the opponent lies face-first against the mat Mike transitions into a Bridging Arm Triangle Choke (Last Chancery.)
    • No Mercy (Currently Used) Mike lifts the opponent into a delayed vertical Suplex position, using a bit of strength, he twirls the opponent in the air, then drops his opponent into a 3/4 facelock jawbreaker (Stone Cold Stunner).
    • Heavenly Intervention (Currently Used) Mike lays on his back playing possum. As his opponent goes for some type of move involving his upper body, he swings his legs straight in the air, standing on his shoulders, his head laying flat on the mat, he wraps his legs around the opponent and pulls them to the mat. He grabs hold of one of their arms and locks in a Triangle Choke. If the opponent doesn't tap, or pass out this causes great pain in the shoulder.
  • No Longer Used or Rarely Used Moves
    • Shooting Star Slam (Used in extreme cases.) Mike holds the opponent similar to a Fall Away Slam then leaps forward executing a Shooting Star Press landing with all the weight crashing on the opponent.
    • Death From Above (Used in extreme cases.) Set the opponent on the top turnbuckle. He then climbed the ropes and executes a T-Bone Suplex off the turnbuckle floating into the pin.
    • Repeated Punishment (No Longer Used) Mike holds the victim on his shoulders, face down, their abdomen resting flesh against his shoulder. He then drops to his knees, utilizing a modified gut buster. He then gets back up to his feet and hits the victim with a Tombstone Piledriver.

  • Managers
    • Alexis Caffrey (Current)
    • Lilly Sparks (No Longer)
    • Lindsay Laszlo (No Longer)
    • Sara Laszlo (Deceased)
  • Nicknames
    • The King of Controversy
    • The King of Persuasion
    • Best PERIOD!
  • Theme Music
    • "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engaged
    • "Voices" by Rev Theory
    • "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour (Current)
    • "Greed" by Godsmack
    • "The Game" by Disturbed
    • "Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed

Championships and Accomplishments

  • World Xtreme Wrestling Federation (WXWF)
    • WXWF United States Champion (10/31/05 - 11/20/05) 21 days
    • WXWF Hardvision Champion (12/12/05 - 12/26/05) 14 days
    • WXWF United States Champion (2nd Reign) (1/16/06 - 2/20/06) 35 days
      • Stripped of the Title
    • WXWF Ultimate Champion (2/13/06 - 2/26/06) 13 days
    • Participated in 1st WXWF Elimination Chamber (2/26/06)(A New Era)
      • Eliminated Last by Taylor
    • Participated in 1st WXWF Pawn Shop Match (7/9/06)
    • WXWF International Champion (August 20, 2006)
      • One Hour Title Reign
    • WXWF Tag Team Champion w/Hunter Spade (10/15/06 - 10/29/06) 14 days
    • WXWF/HCW Tag Team Champion w/Sara (2nd Reign) (11/07/06 - 12/31/06) 56 Days
  • Xtremely Fierce Wrestling Association (XFWA)
    • International Title (11/15/05 - Company's End)
      • Held the title the entire period in which XFWA was open.
    • World Title (12/17/05 - 2/13/06) 58 Days
      • Unified the XFWA World and WXWF Ultimate Titles.
  • Xtreme Universal Wrestling (XUW) and Life or Death Wrestling (LDW)
    • World Title (6/6/06 - 7/6/06) 30 Days
  • Sharp Shooter Wrestling (SSW)
    • World Title (1/20/07 - Company's End)
      • Held the title for the company's entire existence.
  • Hybrid Champion Wrestling (HCW)
    • WXWF/HCW Tag Team Champion w/Sara (11/07/06 - 12/31/06) 56 Days
    • Participated in 1st HCW Elimination Chamber Match (12/31/06)(Decimation)
      • Eliminated Second to last by Kevin Hurts
    • HCW Pure Champion (04/18/07 - 06/03/07) 49 Days
    • HCW Tag Team Champion w/Hunter Spade (2nd Reign) (7/29/07 - 9/30/07) 63 Days
    • Participated in 2nd HCW Elimination Chamber Match (12/30/07)(Bitter End)
      • Won the match to become HCW World Champion
    • HCW World Heavyweight Champion (12/30/07-3/23/08) 91 Days
    • Participated in 3rd HCW Elimination Chamber Match (12/28/08)(Bitter End)
      • Won the match to become World Heavyweight Champion.
    • HCW World Heavyweight Champion (2nd Reign) (12/28/08-12/28/08) < Than a Day
  • New Millennium Wrestling (NMW)
    • NMW Tag Team Champion w/Bryan O'Lynn (03/29/09-04/03/09) 5 Days
      • Resigned from NMW as a result of backstage politics disagreement.
  • Northeast Wrestling Alliance (NWA)
    • NWA World Heavyweight Champion (09/27/09-10/25/09)
      • Defeated both Wrett Warren and Gavin Fox in a Triple Threat Match.
    • NWA World Heavyweight Champion (2nd Reign) (10/30/09)
      • This was the last match in NWA history. Mike defeated Johnathan Parks in a rematch and retired the title as the company closed.
  • New Championship Wrestling (NCW)
    • NCW Honor Champion (1/7/12 - 6/17/12) 168 Days
      • Longest Reigning Honor Champion in NCW history.
      • Won the title from Ander Carvetti via DQ after an attack from "Sexy" Jason Evans
      • Merged the Honor Title and X Title June 17, 2012 making sure nobody could eclipse his longest reign mark.
    • NCW X Champion (04/08/12 - 7-22-12) 105 Days
      • Longest Reigning X Champion in NCW history.
      • Defeated Jackhammer in a Title vs Title match, Mike's Honor Championship vs Jackhammer's X Championship to become the first man in NCW history to hold two titles simultaneously.
      • Merged X Title and Honor Title on June 17, 2012 at Reborn PPV.
      • Lost the title to Ken Davison at Picture Perfect on 7-22-12
    • 2 Time Quote of the Week
      • Week of December 11, 2011
      • Week of September 30, 2012
    • 3 Time Wrestler of the Week
      • Week of January 8, 2012
      • Week of August 12, 2012
      • Week of November 25, 2012
    • 6 Time Promoer of the Week
      • Week of January 8, 2012
      • Week of July 1, 2012
      • Week of August 12, 2012
      • Week of November 25, 2012
      • Week of December 16, 2012
      • Week of December 23, 2012
    • 5 Time Match of the Week
      • May 27, 2012 versus Lex Sense
      • December 2, 2012 versus Roberto Verona
      • December 23, 2012 versus Jake "The Ace" Conway
      • December 30, 2012 versus Lex Sense
      • January 6, 2013 versus Roberto Verona
    • 2012 Rising Star
    • # 28 on Ricky Johnson's "NCW Top 50 Wrestlers"
  • Imperial Wrestling Federation (IWF)
    • Man of Steel Champion (1/26/14 - Current)
      • Defeated Killian Creed January 26th, 2014 at Metamorphosis.
    • 5 Time Match of the Week
      • Heavyweight Scramble for the IWF Heavyweight Championship (Bloody Assizes PPV, June 16, 2013)
      • Versus Cable Arcane, Mike Machado, and Deathtrain (Sacrifice, July 1, 2013)
      • Man of Steel Match for the Man of Steel Title vs Ryan Blade (Extreme Endurance PPV, September 22, 2013)
      • 1-on-1 against Spike Kane (Sacrifice, September 30, 2013)
      • Man of Steel Match vs Davey Ortega (Sacrifice, October 14, 2013)
    • 2 Time Most Improved
      • Week of September 2nd
      • Week of October 7th
    • 1 Time Promoer of the Week
      • Week of October 7th
    • 1 Time Wrestler of the Week
      • Week of October 7th

Pic Bases

Slayer/Mike Laszlo

WXWF: Stone Cold Steve Austin/Eddie Guerrero

XFWA/XUW/LDW/SSW: Eddie Guerrero

HCW: Eddie Guerrero/Randy Orton

nMw: Edge

NWA/KFC: Randy Orton

nCw: Austin Aries/Dolph Ziggler

IWF: Dolph Ziggler

Alexis Caffrey

nCw/IWF: AJ Lee


WXWF/HCW: Britney Spears

Lindsay Laszlo

HCW/nMw: Jamie Lynn Spears

NWA: Shawn Johnson

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