Underground Wrestling Federation
Official logo of UWF (circa 2012)
Founded January 2, 2012
Defunct March 16, 2012
Type Hybrid with original characters
Style Professional wrestling
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Founder(s) Lenny Cross
Parent National Wrestling Alliance
Formally NWA Underground

Underground Wrestling Federation (UWF) was an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2012 by Lenny Cross. Based out of San Francisco, California, UWF ran biweekly events throughout the region of northern California with a two-day tape delay on local television stations across the western portion of United States. Instead of a separate name for their shows, UWF promoted each event in numerical order and, on occasion, a tagline following the name of the card (e.g. UWF 1: The Pilot for the first show).


In late-December of 2011, an idea of running a wrestling promotion came to the mind of former wrestler-turned-trainer, Lenny Cross. At the time, he was serving as a mentor to numerous wrestlers who came across his Northern California ranch, dubbed the Underground Wrestling Compound, to work their way into the industry. More importantly, the training facility was an affiliate for many promotions tied to National Wrestling Alliance throughout northern California. Cross ultimately chose to expand his school, thus conceiving the plan to create his own promotion. The affiliation with NWA, however, deceased when Cross chose not to have his new-found promotion under the NWA umbrella. Within the ensuing weeks, Cross carried out the process of starting his own wrestling company.

On February 17, UWF held their first show on the University of San Francisco campus inside the War Memorial Gymnasium in front of a crowd of almost 2,000 audience members.

On the night of March 16, the day after holding the company's third show, it was ultimately decided to shut down the promotion due to the lack of revenue and horrendous backstage atmosphere as majority of the scheduled wrestlers on a card ended up no-showing for their matches.

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