True Champion Wrestling
Federation Name True Champion Wrestling
Abbreviation TCW
Shows Lockdown (Weekly Show; Date: TBD)
Established 2000
Reopened 2009
Owner Victor Xidis
Based in USA
Federation type Hybrid
Pay-Per-Views One Per Month
Website TCW

True Champion Wrestling (also known as TCW) is currently re-opening its doors after an 8 year hiatus. It is once again under the ownership of Victor Xidis, one of the original co-owners.

History of TCW

In The Beginning (1999)


The original TCW logo in 1999.

The history of TCW is storied, to say the least. TCW first opened its doors in late 1999, co-owned by Victor Xidis and Shane McEnroe. The two had a passion for the business, with Xidis being a former manager, and McEnroe a sports analyst, and lifelong fan. The two had a plan to make a small federation blossom by scouting and signing the best talent they could find. And since Xidis was hired by Alex Norton to be his manager in the now-defunct Pier 6 Wrestling, Alex Norton made the jump to TCW as well as two of the top superstars in P6W, in The Green Weasel, and Chris O'Neill. TCW scoured the indy feds, and signed some high-caliber talent in Jack "Bengal" Tyler, Nytemare, The Joker, Aaron Bell, and many others to round out their roster. Then the two owners began to search for a name to their weekly show, and by fate, McEnroe got arrested for a misunderstanding, and the two came up with 'Lockdown,' due to the situation. TCW took off, and was immediately popular with the fans. More and more people tuned in, and more and more wrestlers were trying out to become a mamber of the TCW roster. The owners were in heaven, and that's when they decided to take the Lockdown house show, public to television.

Welcome To The Machine

Xidis quickly looked to the future of the sport, creating matches that were viewer friendly, yet innovative. He worked closely with all the wrestlers, making sure they were happy, and also worked heavily on storylines that kept the original house shows sold out, and the internet buzzing about TCW. TCW debuted Lockdown on January 31st, 2000. The show ran on WCIU in Chicago, Illinois for its first couple of months, but then went global by signing with ESPN 2, where Xidis was a color commentator and McEnroe was play by play. The shows were constantly sold out, and Xidis kept acquiring new, young talent to fill the roster. Xidis then signed Aaron Bell, a young kid from Canada, who was spotted by Chris O'Neill while TCW was on tour there. Xidis saw something special in Bell, and often referred to Bell as the "future of TCW." But he also never said anything bad about any of his talent.

McEnroe Wants Out (2001)

As the company grew, so did the demands of the shareholders. McEnroe wanted to pander to the shareholders, and Xidis begged him to hold his ground, until the two had built up such an animosity toward each other that finally McEnroe offered Xidis his shares of the company. Xidis bought the shares, and then immediately closed the federation. In one year, they had seen their dream crumble in the hands of those who would've rather made a profit, then a great product.

TCW Reopens (2009)

In early 2009, a report came out that Victor Xidis was deciding to reopen TCW. Victor was quoted as saying, "Don't believe everything you hear, a rumor is a rumor for a reason." But, a viral marketing campaign took place, showing a sleeker, more streamlined TCW logo, and the words "I still believe" underneath it. A buzz began to surface about True Champion Wrestling, but again, Xidis stated it was just a rumor. However, two days after Wrestlemania, a press conference was held where Victor discussed the reopening of TCW. "It was something that I loved that was ruined by the politics of this business. I created TCW to be something great, and it was. But the investors wanted to tone our style down, and I refused to water-down such a great product. Now, once again I am rebuilding TCW. But this time, I am the sole owner, with no investors, and no political bull$*** to stop me. I will make TCW bigger, better, and more badass then ever before!"

Pay-per-view Schedule

TCW is currently working out a deal with the pay-per-view providers to do a once a month event.

On-Air Personnel

General Manager

  • Robert Lawson


  • Thomas Shaw (play-by-play commentator)
  • Victor Xidis (color commentator)

Backstage Interviewers

  • Alicia Gaines
  • Damien Christian
  • Greg Ford
  • Jennifer Edwards
  • Juliet Rose

Other Staff

  • Victoria Xidis (ring announcer)


TCW Titles

Current Titles

Championship Current
Date Won
TCW World Championship TBD
TCW United States Championship TBD
TCW Xtreme Championship TBD
TCW Tag Team Championship TBD
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