Total Non-stop Action Wrestling
Official logo of TNA Wrestling (circa 2011)
Founded 2000
Type Hybrid with real/original characters
Style Professional wrestling
Sports entertainment
Headquarters New York City, New York
Founder(s) Sunny
Owner(s) Sunny (2000–present)
Stormy (2011–present)
Jeff Jarrett (2011–present)
Website Official website

Total Non-stop Action Wrestling (TNA Wrestling) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2000 by Sunny. Until 2006, the company ran one show per week before splitting its roster into two brands, forming Xplosion and Impact to be produced on Sunday and Thursday evenings, respectively.

In 2011, Sunny handed the reigns of the promotion to her co-owner, Stormy. Since then, Sunny was relegated to helping the female division of the company while Stormy took over TNA Wrestling as its sole proprietor.


Brand Extension (2006)

During April of 2006, a boost in talent questioned whether or not TNA Wrestling can put their product out on the line in a one-hour time slot. Then it was made official on April 2 as TNA Wrestling decided split the roster in two and create Thursday Night Impact. Because of schedule conflicts, TNA Wrestling made it only voluntary for those that wished to move on a Thursday airing. With the likes of Ashley Blade, Kane, Mike Dimter, The Enforcer, The Game, Triple X), the Undertaker, and many more joining Stormy - the newly named "General Manager" of Impact - it made the idea turn into reality. Neilson ratings showed that Impact was even being watch by a few points ahead of its older brother, Xplosion.

Cease of Operations (2008)

In 2008, TNA Wrestling saw its temporary demise after closing operations because of actions stemming from one of the company's top-tier stars at the time, Brandon Michaels. Michaels had held the promotion in hostage after winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Ousting many key figures of the company including wrestlers and backstage personnel, the prominent staff members chose to shut down TNA Wrestling, which at that time did not see work stoppage for quite sometime.

Reopening (2009–present)

A year after ceasing operations, TNA Wrestling was rebranded with many of its predecessors returning to the promotion. With the help of Strangler, power shifted from the reigns of Sunny and co-owner Stormy to others such as Alex Murdock and Country Girl.

Backstage fallout

Over the years, TNA Wrestling has garnered the reputation of being a privately ran independent promotion with their quiet tactics of mistreating members to gain benefit for themselves to look superior amongst all the other employees of the company. TNA Wrestling has also been known to go against their sworn words previously given to their members, thus causing tension with the roster and lowering backstage morale.

Benjamin Jameson is one of the notable wrestlers to have had disputes with TNA Wrestling from reasons such as having creative differences with staffers and fellow wrestlers. But one case in 2011 made Jameson vow to never return to the company after being accused by Sunny of such allegations such as hacking the promotion's forums, tampering with the company's website, and even going as far as being the catalyst of Stormy and her hospitalization. In reality, Stormy suffered from a stomach ulcer while Jameson was under the impression of being blamed as causing Stormy to become cancerous. These ridiculous incrimination by association led to Jameson's final departure from the organization, leaving TNA Wrestling without ever losing the TNA Undisputed World Championship.

Other former employees to have gone through episodes involving a dispute with either of the owners include former stars Alex Murdock, Demon, Heather Helmsley, Kiley Summers, John Mitchell, Matt Michaels, Peter Jacobs, Terence Jackson, and Viper Blade. As of 2013, Demon, Helmsley, Summers, Mitchell, Michaels, Jackson, and Blade have all departed since their respective altercations with TNA Wrestling's staffers going back to 2006. Today, however, Murdock continues to act as a consultant for the promotion while Jacobs makes infrequent appearances for the company.

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