Thiago Alves
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Real name Thiago Alves d'Araujo
Ring Names The Protector of the Rocinha Favela.
Brazil's Golden Child.
Muay Thai wrecking machine. Thiago "The PitBull" Alves
Height 5 ft 9
Weight 171 lb
Date of birth February 14 , 1988 (24 Years Old)
Place of birth Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
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Resides Fortaleza, Brazil
Billed from Fighting Out Of Fortaleza, Brazil By Way Of Rio De Janerio
Trainer Cung Le
Master Wong
American Top Team
UFC, Ironheart Crown, Absolute Fighting Championships, King of the Cage, PRIDE, Ultimate Fighter
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Win/Loss Record 59-0
Debut 2002
Retired N/A

Thiago Alves d'Araujo II (Portuguese pronunciation: [tʃiˈaɡu ˈawvis]; born February 14, 1988) is a Brazilian mixed martial artist currently competing as a welterweight in Cage Fighting Supremecy. He started training in Muay Thai when he was 15 and mixed martial arts at 17.[1] He is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been described as a "Muay Thai wrecking machine".

EarlyAfter beginning his fight training at the age of 8, Alves won his first professional bout at just 15 years old, defeating a 25-year-old by unanimous decision. At 19, Thiago relocated from Brazil to Coconut Creek, Florida to train full-time at the prestigious American Top Team camp Life

Early Life

Thiago was born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil,the youngest of four children of Rosita Alves and Thiago d'Araujo. At the young age of four years old, Alves's mother was killed by a local gang(Rocinha Ginetes). Shortly after that tragic incident, Thiago II began practicing Muay Thai, vowing to be strong enough to protect his family from thugs. {C Alves' father also passed away, only six years after. This forced Alves' older sibling to take care of him. Thiago began hanging with a bad crowd at the age of 10, going to school with Tyson DeSilva. Still studying in Muay Thai, Alves began studying in Brazilian Jui Jitsu, which would help him win the Rio De Janiero Cage Fighting Tournament. During this time Alves alongside Tyson DeSilva had to deal drugs (ecstasy and marijuana) to make ends meet to stay in his home with his family. During an exhibition matchup, Alves was scouted by a legendary MMA fighter; Cung Le. Le took the young Brazilian boy away from the street's of Brazil and put him in his training camps around the world, from places like; China, Japan (Where he met Yasei Hikotori), Cambodia, Veitnam, Isreal, and Thailand. Picking up on tons of different fighting styles to add onto his already known Brazilian Jui Jitsu, and Muay Thai through his travels such as; Krav Maga, Bokator/Pridal Serey, Kung Fu(Wing Chun), Kickboxing, Sanshou, Taekwondo, Judo, Wrestling, and Pankration. Thiago returned back to Brazil with Cung Le to continue practice there.

Amateur Career

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Cung Le toured the world with Alves, helping the youngster sharpen his skills in all aspect of the sport. In 2003, where, at the age of fifteen, trainer Cung Le felt that Thiago was indeed ready to showcase his skills. In his first ever Amateur match, he won the 150-pound weight division with a perfect 1-0 record. This time, being noticed by UFC President, Dana White who immediately signed Alves to a developmental contact stating that he will fight the UFC's Amateur Circuit and participate in Reality TV Shows that UFC hosted.

2004 - 2006 UFC TV Publicity

In 2004, Thiago Alves had made a name for himself being overworked in the Amateur division making short work of most other fighters. This brought in a huge fanbase for Alves. With all of this fan support, they voted Thiago onto both UFC promoted shows; PRIDE, and ULTIMATE FIGHTER. With the will to never lose, and with his skills being far passed the other contestants he won both competitions, landing himself with two huge contracts for UFC. By the end of both shows in 2006, Alves had just finished celebrating his eighteenth birthday when Cung Le, and Dana White called and told him he was finally able to compete in UFC.

Professional Career

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In January of 2007, Thiago Alves realized that Brazil was not going to be good to stay in with his new acclaimed status, so Cung Le flew Thiago out to the United States for good. Le had sent Alves to Coconut Creek, Florida to train full-time at the prestigious American Top Team camp. Finally Thiago made his UFC debut at the age of 18.

UFC career

After beginning his career in smaller organizations such as the Ironheart Crown, Absolute Fighting Championships and King of the Cage, Alves, with a record of 12–0, received an invitation to make his UFC debut at Ultimate Fight Night 2 against fellow UFC newcomer Spencer Fisher, The fight would take place on Alves' nineteenth birthday.

Despite having early success in the bout, especially on the ground, Alves fell victim to a dramatic triangle choke late in the second round. Being able to break loose from the choke, Alves began dominating the match on the ground giving him first big win.

Thiago returned to action on the undercard of UFC 56, defeating previously-undefeated Ansar Chalangov by TKO due to punches just 2:25 into the first round.

At UFC 59, Thiago was matched up against Derrick Noble. The two fighters were both aggressive in a fight that took place on the feet, Noble had some success, hitting with a flurry, forcing Alves to cover up & backpedal until his back was against the cage. Looking to capitalize, Noble rushed in when Alves caught him with a perfectly timed counterpunch that won him the bout.

At Ultimate Fight Night 5, Alves was matched up against fellow up-and-comer Jon Fitch. In a match-up of two future top welterweight contenders, Alves defeated Fitch by TKO started by a successful upkick to the head of Fitch 4:37 into the second round.

Alves continued to his winning ways at Ortiz vs. Shamrock 3 - The Final Chapter, defeating veteran John Alessio by unanimous decision.

"Pitbull" completed a busy 2007, during which he fought four times. At UFC 66, he dominated Tony DeSouza, knocking out the jiu-jitsu black belt with a knee in the second round. Following his victory, it was announced that Alves tested positive for a diuretic, spironolactone, which he supposedly used to help him lose water weight in order to make the 170-pound limit.[4] As a result of the failed drug test, Alves was suspended eight months by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and fined $5,500.[5]

Alves returned at UFC Fight Night 11, where he knocked out Japanese fighter Kuniyoshi Hironaka with a punch and knee in the second round. Less than two months later, Alves faced off against veteran contender Chris Lytle at UFC 78. After an exciting stand-up battle, doctors halted the bout at the end of the second round because of a cut above the eye of Lytle—declaring Alves the winner by doctor stoppage.

In his first bout of 2008 at UFC Fight Night 13, Alves faced his biggest test to date, as he was matched up against welterweight contender Karo Parisyan. After resisting any attempts to grapple but failing to amount any significant offense during the stand-up exchanges throughout the first round, "The Pitbull" scored a knee to the head of Parisyan, knocking down the judo expert before finishing him on the ground with strikes.Leaving Alves' record an unblemeshed 23-0!

With a record that had not been matched in UFC, Alves began second guessing management as to why he has not gotten a title shot yet. Management agreed to a shot, but only in the 2009-2010 year. Alves did not like the agreement and decided to walk out of his contract with UFC getting fined for $10,000 for breech of contract.

CFS Career

Thiago had left UFC, and within the next day companies began calling and emailing Alves non-stop. Alves finally settled to join Cage Fighting Supremecy. After his debut match with CFS, management considered him for a title match. Alves felt it was to good to be true, but was only required to win his next bout. Easy enough said the Brazilian native like his first fight in CFS, won his second boosting his overall career record to an outstanding 25-0 placing Alves as the number one contender for the Welterweight title.

Welterweight title shot
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With his impressive victory over Koscheck, Alves was on a 25-fight win streak, dominant performances against Parisyan, Hughes and Koscheck, CFS Management announced that Alves had earned a title shot against the winner of the welterweight title-fight at CFS 94. After Rodney St. Pierre defended his title at UFC 94, Alves entered the ring to congratulate him. St. Pierre said that he was looking forward to facing Alves in the cage.[11] Thiago Alves fought Rodney St. Pierre for the welterweight title at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas on July 11, 2009 at CFS 100. [12] During the fight, Alves was taken down and everyone thought the fight was going to end soon. St.Pierre seemed to have the fight in his hand, but Alves and his Brazilian Jui Jitsu prevailed, putting St.Pierre into a traingle choke causing RSP to tap out in the third round.

CFS 2012 Career And Retirement

Thiago had been on a role since gaining the title with an overall record of 59-0 . With an unblemeshed record, Thiago Alves is currently preparing for his final MMA fight. Thiago spoke of becoming a professional wrestler to join up with old friends Tyson DeSilva and friend met through the MMA business Cody Taylor. The oppoent for the final title defense is still to be announced.

Personal Life


During his down time, Thiago loves to train, play with his dogs, and loves to go out to the beach near his home in Fortaleza, Brazil. Thiago also has shown major interest in a wresling company World Elite Wrestling. Thiago Alves is currently single but, is looking at a beautiful woman named Sarita Mendez. Sarita is the smallest Mendez sister of their family.

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