Richard Garcia (born ???, 1990) is an Australian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name Richard Garcia. He is currently employed with the Australian promotion known as Blood Thirsty Action and the Universal Wrestling Federation. Richard Garcia is the son of legendary Australian wrestler, 'The Pitbull' Eddie Garcia.

Richard Garcia
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Real name Richard Garcia
Ring Names Rich Garcia
Richard Garcia
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Date of birth 1990 (age 19)
Place of birth Victoria, Australia
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Resides Victoria, Australia
Billed from Victoria, Australia
Trainer Eddie Garcia
Blood Thirsty Action (BTA)
Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF)
Handled by Dean James
Win/Loss Record Current: 1-0-0
Overall: 1-0-0
Debut April, 2010
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Blood Thirstry Action (April - Present)

Richard Garcia is currently employed with the Australian promotion known as Blood Thirsty Action. He has been employed with Blood Thirsty Action since late April, 2010. Richard Garcia made his official in-ring debut on the 21st of May when he faced off against BTA wrestler, Madman Mick in a victorious encounter.

Universal Wrestling Federation (June 2010 - Present)

Evolution Championship

Dean James; the Chairman of both Blood Thirsty Action and Universal Wrestling Federation took a shining to Richard Garcia quickly and signed him rather quickly to a UWF contract. Dean James had been, at one stage, training Richard Garcia with his father, Eddie Garcia, but later took up the sole roll of training him when Eddie Gacia passed away. Dean James knew the potential Richard Garcia had and most definitely knew the legacy he came from and it's safe to say this is one of the reasons why he called Richard Garcia up to the UWF promotion so quickly.

Richard Garcia made his first appearance on UWF television in a dark match at their biggest pay-per-view of the year; The Ultimate Showdown. He was involved in a Triple Threat Match to determine the final competitor in the Stairway To Heaven Match that would occur later on. Richard Garcia was billed under his full name rather than a nickname and lost to Desmond Helms in his debut match. The former UWF X-Treme Champion; The Bearded Avenger, was also involved in the match.

Later on that night Richard Garcia appeared again, this time live on pay-per-view, to induct his father into the UWF Hall Of Fame alongside Matt Harrison; a former protege of Eddie Garcia and friend of Dean James.

It was announced that UWF would be debuting a new concept, they were expanding and creating a second brand based more on indy, underground style of wrestling for the development talent of the UWF to work on their craft. The show was to be named Generation Next and would take place on a Sunday night, a day before UWF's main show; Underground. Richard Garcia was booked in the main event of Generation Next in a 12-Man Battle Royal to determine the first ever UWF Evolution Champion and after great effort he would reign successful in the match and stand tall as the first ever UWF Evolution Champion, capturing his first ever championship in his short wrestling career.

Returning From Injury

It was reported April 26, 2011 on in an interview with Richard Garcia that he was cleared by the doctors to return to action in the coming weeks after suffering a concussion, among other injuries, that nearly put an end to his young career. It wasn't quite clear, however, when Richard Garcia would return.

Richard Garcia returned to the UWF and qualified for the Stairway To Heaven match for The Ultimate Showdown 2011 but failed to capture the briefcase and the guaranteed title shot.

Vignettes began playing in which promised that a revolution is coming to the UWF, a revolution that would be revealed at The Ultimate Showdown after Dean James lost to Rick O'Shea in a World Championship match. Richard Garcia made his way down to the ring after the match and approached Dean James in the ring and it was there where an alliance was formed between the two.

The following week on Underground it was revealed, despite Dean James' supposed interest in an alliance, that he in fact wasn't always for the idea of forming a team with Richard Garcia. However, Richard Garcia convincd him to form a team and it all went down at The Ultimate Showdown. Richard Garcia announced that their team name was Reign Of Fire and that very soon, they would take the tag team division by storm.

Later that night Dean James and Richard Garcia teamed up for the first time in a six man tag alongside Kashed Up to take on the team of Rick O'Shea, Danny Stone and Jamie O'Hara which went to a no contest after the referee lost control of the match. The following week Dean James and Richard Garcia once again teamed up in a losing effort to Rock n' Cock Revolution which left Dean James questioning his decision to team with Richard Garcia.

Kings Of Wrestling Tournament

The losing efforts of Reign Of Fire didn't not halt Richard Garcia's rise to success from his return. Richard Garcia entered the Kings Of Wrestling tournament with a supportive Dean James by his side, beating Danny Stone to qualify and defeating the current reigning Heritage Champion, Venom to advance to the Semi Finals of the Kings Of Wrestling tournament at Clash Of The Titans 2011. The success did not last long however as he lost to Joey McArthur in the Semi Finals at Clash Of The Titans, the man in which went on to win the entire tournament.

Beat The Clock Challenge

Richard Garcia finished the year with little to no memorable moments which dug at his heart strings. Richard Garcia intended to return to make a huge splash and as of yet, had failed to do so. With the new year approaching UWF decided to book a Beat The Clock challenge tournament that would last the course of January and would involve six of UWF's finest stars all competing for a chance to face off for the World Championship. The basis around the tournament was to defeat your opponent of the week in the quickest possible time, each week you would be faced with a new challenger in which you had to defeat as quick as possible to give yourself the best chance to qualify for the final challenge in the tournament, a contendership match at New Year's Retribution. All times would be averaged and the two wrestlers with the lowest average would make it into the final challenge.

Richard Garcia took the tournament by storm, going through the entire tournament completely undefeated and defeating some of the top talents UWF had to offer. Richard Garcia finished the tournament on top with the lowest average and faced Boris Neshkabov at New Year's Retribution with contendership on the line. After a hard fought encounter and a tremendous match Richard Garcia stood tall as the winner of the Beat The Clock challenge and the number one contender to the World Championship, the title in which Dean James, his Reign Of Fire partner, currently held.

World Championship Journey

With contendership in his front pocket, Richard Garcia was set to face Dean James for the World Championship at the up-coming pay-per-viw event; Cross Roads 2011.

In wrestling

'Finishing Moves'

  • 'Reign Of Fire (Lightning Spiral followed by a quick pin attempt)'
  • 'Star-Crossed Prosperity (Shooten; Modified Helluvator)'

'Signature Moves'

  • 'Wasted Sacrifice (Sit-Out Spinebuster)'
  • Diamond Cutter
  • Silence The Cacophony (Dead Sea Drop)
  • Moonsault
  • Kansas City Missouri Crab
  • Dragon Suplex
  • T-Bone Suplex
  • Stunner (Without the kick)
  • Armbar
  • Superkick To Ribs
  • Full Nelson Leg Lock
  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Missile Dropkick

Entrance Music

  • "Live To Win" - Paul Stanley

Championships and Accomplishments

'Universal Wrestling Federation'

  • UWF World Champion
  • UWF Evolution Champion
  • UWF X-Treme Champion x3
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